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The Office

Season 6 Episode 20

New Leads

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2010 on NBC
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Seeing that Sabre's policy of putting salespeople first has gone to the sales staffs' heads, Michael makes them jump through hoops to get access to a new set of leads sent from corporate. Meanwhile, the sales team looks to make amends to the rest of the office for their recently inflated egos.


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  • New Leads + new jerks

    When Dunder-Mifflin was bought by Sabre, a new policy was put in to help salesmen sell more by having no cap on commissions. If the idea of this episode was to make the whole sales staff (even Jim) jerks, then bravo by the writers and producers doing it. At least Jim didn't have the ego that the other salesmen did and Andy was nice to Erin. The rest of the staff ego was so big that it made me almost not watch this episode. Even Phyllis who is normally so docile was bit of a jerk as well. I applaud Michael for not not giving the leads to sales staff. One of the reasons this episode wasn't that good was because the time between Michael and Dwight wasn't that entertaining. Yes their relationship has changed and you saw signs of it but this still could've been done differently. Even when they resolved things, it didn't have the usual humor. Dwight's comment about the dump was pretty funny. I enjoyed how Erin helped Andy finds his leads. The best part was the first kiss between Erin and Andy even though it was at the dump. Yes there is not much to like about this episode and ranks in my not top ten.moreless
  • New Leads.. Leads to a turn around

    Overall this season has been a complete roller coaster ride and followed only some of the character that the show has had in the last 5 seasons. The pranks were there sometimes and the rivalries seemed to be renewed with Jim returning to the sales floor and Michael retaining his manager position. Angela and Phyllis butt heads again which is something we haven't seen since the party planning committee days which was a nice change. Daryl is up in the office which is awkward and strange, but that's what happens when there isn't a lot of story lines left in the imaginations of the writers. Although he brought out a "That's what she said" joke that seemed to be missing from the show.

    Michael takes back the office and puts his foot down (by not giving the gang the leads for free) which is also something that the show has been missing since "Did I Stutter".

    Good episode, welcome back Michael. Welcome back rivalries. Exactly that.moreless
  • 620

    Even though we've got great interactions from the supporting cast, this plot wore very thin, and most of it was rather unsettling and not funny. We did see a whole lot of improvement since the last episode, but it still wasn't enough for this to be a "good" episode of The Office.

    The only enjoyable part was the split between sales and the other co-workers, and the clever ending with the other employees just accepting the breakfast as an apology instead of getting 2 percent of the sales commission. Andy & Erin continue to be quite annoying even though they did kiss in the end, it was just uninteresting. The worst part of this episode would definitely have to be the interactions between Michael & Dwight, it was just annoying seeing them fight like 12 year olds.

    A mediocre episode of The Office tonight, not the best episode, but not as bad as the last episode.moreless
  • A surprisingly decent episode.

    Yes, I know most of you do not think it is a good score for The Office (a 5) but right now, at this point in show history, that is as good as the show is going to get from me on a regular basis.

    There were some funny moments here, and I actually liked the supporting cast getting some time tonight, but Michael was good as well. As I have said in the past, Steve Carrell is funny when he plays the bad cop in the office, but yet the show only occasionally features him in that role. The opening scene, with Michael's idea for a fourth Pirates movie being that they should do one, was actually good, something I haven't said about the cold opening in a long time.

    This show is still not great, but this was an improvement over what we are used to getting.moreless
  • When Michael hides Sabre's new, prized, leads havoc occurs in the office.

    This episode, while unremarkable, and sometimes boring, brought back the office dynamics during the beginning of the episode, without plot, but without being a filler, much like the first four seasons of the show. The dump was used with a green screen (which was done horribly, by the way) and the whole plot at the dump was the worst part at the episode. But the salesmen trying to come up with an idea and everyone in the cast getting a time to shine made up for the fact, mostly. As for the Andy/Erin coupling, I don't care about them. Bring us more Creed, Oscar, Kevin, Angela, Phyllis, Toby, Kelly, Ryan, ect; it will be much better than this couple, which has gotten way to much screen time this season.moreless

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