The Office

Season 6 Episode 4

Niagara (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on NBC

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  • The wedding of Jim and Pam

    For some people this was years in the making. There was a lot of buildup and it didn't disappoint. This site made the choice to split into two episodes but if you watch, it's best to watch as one episode. This episode was good even with some weird things happening. Dwight as a ladies man? Yes you read that right. The women (a friend of Pam) was normal. Only one other time a women was interested in him (season 5 Valentine's episode) and Dwight showed none interest at all. It was even weirder that she wasn't turned off by Dwight's ways. I loved Dwight's choice of shirt. It was a shout out to The Hangover. I also wish that at least some of the wedding party was shown. That could've been a whole new episode. This being Jim and Pam I can understand.

    Even with all of that there was much more good then bad. Kevin's hair piece was pretty funny as well as his I also liked that Pam's sister thought Kevin was Oscar's boyfriend. Speaking of Kevin and Oscar, they were really great in this episode. Another good thing was Andy. It was very amusing that he injured himself. It was nice to see Erin helping him out. The dance off remained me of the Cafe Disco episode. The scene with Jim, Dwight, Michael, and Pam's friend was also very good. I loved the speech Jim made about Pam. It might have been the best speech he has made. It didn't lose any luster when he accidentally revealed that Pam was pregnant. It was one of the few times Jim screwing up was funny. Great choice to play Pam's grandma. There were many other great parts to this episode but the best might have been the ending. Normally a dance number wouldn't work for this show but this one was done wonderfully. I really loved that the wedding was done at Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist but at the same time the church wedding was done. It was a nice mix of the two weddings. The ending was simply perfect.
  • 604

    Part one of Pam & Jim's wedding, definitely a hilarious episode, and I am very impressed with season 6 so far, season 5 pales compared to this. The cold opening was one of my favorites of The Office. Everyone starting to the throw up almost seemed unreal but hysterical. I felt like I was watching an episode of Family Guy rather than The Office in the beginning, but it was still hysterical regardless.

    Not only did this episode offer hilarity, it offered development and emotion that I'm sure got everyone at least almost tearing up. The development of course was Jim & Pam getting ready for their wedding, but then Jim blows it when he is giving a toast. Everyone is trying to keep a secret from Pam's grandmother, that she is pregnant.

    Everyone expected Michael to blow the secret, but Jim eventually does it. The grandmother was surprisingly hilarious, everything about this episode was funny, a really great episode. Jim's toast to Pam was the sweetest and it really tied together all of those "little moments" Jim & Pam have shared over the years.
  • The wedding - part 1

    I am actually happy for the show right now. The previous episode was a good, part 1 of this 1 hour run was pretty darn good.

    I was actually disappointed after watching the cold open. Not only was the whole serial vomiting gross, it was a straight rip off from Family Guy. But the ones following the commercial kind of counterbalanced the incident. The scenes where Oscar gets offended after Pam's sister thinks he and Kevin are a couple, and Michael remarking that a queen-sized bed would be bad idea for Stanley and his girlfriend, are just the kind of jokes Office needs to produce. A lot of scenes were quite funny. Ok, off to part 2.
  • This had the highest expectations from me- and it delivered!

    This was about as perfect an Office episode as I could ask for.

    I'll start by saying I wasn't the biggest fan of Jim and Pam as a couple. I always enjoyed the will-they/won't-they relationship drama, which unlike most TV shows, played more realistically and natural here than on any other show I'd ever seen. Making them a couple broke a few rules of television; i.e. dragging it out as long as possible (see: Chuck) and they were so sweet and doe-eyed for each other, it kind of made me want to puke. For the most part they suffered no real relationship drama, and both characters softened up a bit and lost a little of their individual edge, which I liked so much about them. Throw on top of that a rushed engagement (and now, pregnancy) and annoying fan nicknames like PB&J or 'Jam' and I would attest half of the reasons the last few seasons of The Office were weak was partly because Jim and Pam were together- it just wasn't very interesting. But I'm in the minority there, and most Office fans were anticipating this wedding more than any other event I can think of on television. There was a lot to live up to here, and I think this 2-partner delivered in an amazing way. It was clever how the show still managed to be about Michael (who is the star of the show, after all) and him not having a booked hotel room was not only perfectly typical, but provided some great moments at Dwight's mercy, and a hilarious shot of him ironing in the vending machine room! Speaking of Dwight, seeing him get action with one of Pam's cousins felt oddly satisfying for some reason. His behavior afterwards totally kept in character as well. Most of the supporting players felt a little underused, but it was great to just to have everyone here. There were some nice moments like when Andy tore his scrotum, and esp an insulted Oscar at the idea that he'd be with Kevin, lol. (Kevin's cleanex box shoes were a stretch). But, the standout scene of the evening had to be the dinner toast. I will say no more, except that you must see it for yourself!

    The wedding itself was of course, a debacle, but the highlight (and I believe the show will get an Emmy nod for this episode) was Jim and Pam sneaking away to the actual falls, and getting married their way. The music, which started off silly, somehow became appropriately perfect over the montage of Jim and Pam on the boat, while their wacky friends danced away at the chapel. Cutting between the personal wedding and the wedding for friends and family was simply...beautiful. I actually cried. (something I almost NEVER do watching tv- that isn't sports)

    My biggest question is where does the show go from here, because this certainly had the feel of a season finale. It looks like Michael got some action with Pam's mom (!) and I would rather they not go any further with that plot than just a surprising one-night-stand at the end of the show. Let this episode stand alone. It's that good. 'Niagra' will be considered one of the best episodes of The Office of all time. Wait and see.
  • I liked Part 1 better than Part 2.

    Part 1 of the incredibly funny episode "Niagara" was great. It was fun and interesting to see all of the office characters in Niagara Falls for the Jim and Pam wedding. Michael trying to save the day after Jim accidentally ruins his own wedding (not completely but..) was really funny and overall the Me Maw plot was great. The lines from Andy and Kevin were really funny throughout, and this episode was reminiscent of "Stress Relief" for the amount of hilarious visual gags. Although parts of the episode like the rehearsal dinner were meant to be romantic those scenes were also awkward. Jim accidentally spilling the beans about Pam being pregnant was interesting to watch. Overall, great, great episode.
  • The first is always better than the second

    The opening sequence of this episode played off of toilet humor with the office throwing up as a reaction to Pam throwing up because of her morning sickness.

    It was great to see the office workers outside of the daily office routine in Niagra Falls. I liked watching Andy try to impress Erin while having to drive her and Kelly like a chauffeur. Dwight's cd made me laugh out loud right after Michael fell asleep with his dark glasses on while driving!

    The reception dinner was hilarious. The brothers came back and delivered perfectly and Michaels toast about the Smart car was classic office. The Me Maw plot was a great way to pull the two episodes together.
  • A very special episode.

    A little too much Kevin Malone, a little too much wedding cliches, one too many videos I had no idea what they were referring too, but outside of that a very special and very enjoyable episode of NBC's The Office. The show has been on its game as of late and I never thought I would say these words but the show is officially back. Andy and Dwight were the stars of the episode, but there were other highlights from the rest of the cast as well. Just a solid episode and surprisingly not as lame as some television weddings.
  • The whole travel to Niagara Falls with the promise of no baby talk. Michael and Dwight hope to find someone at the wedding.

    The first part of this ep always had a alot riding on it. The second half was always going to be about the heart of the relationship between Jim and Pam but the first half had to be where most of the laughs are. In that respect this ep harks back a bit to Phyllis' wedding where Michael made sure that the ep was going to be a cringe fest.

    The gang make the trip out to Niagara Falls for Jim and Pam's wedding under the promise that they won't let slip that she is pregnant. Pam has a grandma that is very traditional and may not show up to the wedding should she know. Needless to say that someone slip but it is not who you are expecting.

    Meanwhile Michael is convinced that he will find someone special while at the wedding and in the spirit of this Dwight attempts to make a dossier of all the women attending the wedding. But as all things go it would seem that nothing works out for Michael and his desperate need to be involved in the wedding in the set piece for many laughs. Like I said at the start, this half of the ep is a real cringe fest with lots of laughs that you wish you never heard. But those moments are what make this part of the ep very funny, inevitably making way for some really lovely moments in the second half of the ep.
  • The Office is Back!! At least for one episode.

    I think this episode is probably the best since at least Season Three. Seasons Four and Five were kind of let-downs from the amazingness of Seasons Two and Three. They kept pushing and going crazier and crazier and things went way over the top. Especially in episodes like Goodbye, Toby. This episode, even though it was campy and over the top in parts, reminded me of why I love The Office. Sitting in my living room alone, I clapped, I cheered, and even covered my face a few times. Kevin's feet in the ice machine - nasty but hilarious. Kevin walking down the aisle with the hair and the tissue box shoes was awesome. I was afraid they'd turn this into another Phyllis' Wedding episode, and I'm glad they didn't. This show plays off awkward scenes, but Michael in that episode was unbearably awkward, and I'm glad they didn't do that again. It was nice to see them let Michael take a back seat to Jim and Pam for the episode and make his moments smaller. I loved the tie cutting, and especially the boat scenes, how they cut back and forth, and Jim's talking head at the end. They almost made me emotional. Very sweet and romantic.
    I do wish they'd been able to get Pam's mom from the Sexual Harassment episode to return. She fit in much better with my perception of how Pam's mom would be - funny, sweet, a little dorky, but a "good" mom. The new Pam's mom reminds me a lot of Rachel's mom from Friends. A lot more of an edge to her. The old Pam's mom, even after a divorce, wouldn't have done anything with Michael. I guess that's why they switched. Anyway, all in all, this was one of my favorite episodes in a long time. Good enough that I didn't delete it from my DVR after watching.
  • A touching episode that has some pretty ridiculous moments

    I'll be honest, I didn't think I would be a huge fan of this episode at first.. I was imagining an episode of the Office that would resemble the Phyllis' Wedding episode, which was one of my least favorite episodes of the entire show. However, I was surprised to find the episode more like a mix between Cafe Disco and any Jim and Pam type episode. I didn't really care for the party stuff, but the moments with Jim and Pam were great.

    The cold open was okay, but the moments I liked the most was the moments leading up to Jim slipping up and letting everybody know that Pam was pregnant.. seeing Dwight sitting at the table and attempting to explain to everybody why he should be boss instead of Jim was hilarious, and Dwight's idea of flirting and attracting women (Wearing a shirt with wolves howling at the moon because, of course, it represents how women howl while in bed with him) was something only Dwight could do. Andy and Kevin were also good in this episode. And much to my surprise, Michael kept the awkwardness level to a minimum, unlike "Phyllis' Wedding," where he made it uncomfortably awkward.

    The true heart of the episode is in the Jim and Pam moments. When Jim clips his tie off to make Pam feel better about her torn veil, that's just a prime example of how different and how superior this couple is to the rest of the couples on television. Probably one of the best, if not the best. And the whole "getting married on the boat was Plan C" talking head with Jim was superb.

    And while the ending was a little strange (though pretty funny), it all culminated in a fun, touching and overall hilarious episode. And the fact that we're only four episodes means we have plenty more to look forward to. I only wonder what they're going to do with Michael and Pam's mom.. hopefully they don't drop the ball on that storyline.