The Office

Season 6 Episode 4

Niagara (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on NBC

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  • This had the highest expectations from me- and it delivered!

    This was about as perfect an Office episode as I could ask for.

    I'll start by saying I wasn't the biggest fan of Jim and Pam as a couple. I always enjoyed the will-they/won't-they relationship drama, which unlike most TV shows, played more realistically and natural here than on any other show I'd ever seen. Making them a couple broke a few rules of television; i.e. dragging it out as long as possible (see: Chuck) and they were so sweet and doe-eyed for each other, it kind of made me want to puke. For the most part they suffered no real relationship drama, and both characters softened up a bit and lost a little of their individual edge, which I liked so much about them. Throw on top of that a rushed engagement (and now, pregnancy) and annoying fan nicknames like PB&J or 'Jam' and I would attest half of the reasons the last few seasons of The Office were weak was partly because Jim and Pam were together- it just wasn't very interesting. But I'm in the minority there, and most Office fans were anticipating this wedding more than any other event I can think of on television. There was a lot to live up to here, and I think this 2-partner delivered in an amazing way. It was clever how the show still managed to be about Michael (who is the star of the show, after all) and him not having a booked hotel room was not only perfectly typical, but provided some great moments at Dwight's mercy, and a hilarious shot of him ironing in the vending machine room! Speaking of Dwight, seeing him get action with one of Pam's cousins felt oddly satisfying for some reason. His behavior afterwards totally kept in character as well. Most of the supporting players felt a little underused, but it was great to just to have everyone here. There were some nice moments like when Andy tore his scrotum, and esp an insulted Oscar at the idea that he'd be with Kevin, lol. (Kevin's cleanex box shoes were a stretch). But, the standout scene of the evening had to be the dinner toast. I will say no more, except that you must see it for yourself!

    The wedding itself was of course, a debacle, but the highlight (and I believe the show will get an Emmy nod for this episode) was Jim and Pam sneaking away to the actual falls, and getting married their way. The music, which started off silly, somehow became appropriately perfect over the montage of Jim and Pam on the boat, while their wacky friends danced away at the chapel. Cutting between the personal wedding and the wedding for friends and family was simply...beautiful. I actually cried. (something I almost NEVER do watching tv- that isn't sports)

    My biggest question is where does the show go from here, because this certainly had the feel of a season finale. It looks like Michael got some action with Pam's mom (!) and I would rather they not go any further with that plot than just a surprising one-night-stand at the end of the show. Let this episode stand alone. It's that good. 'Niagra' will be considered one of the best episodes of The Office of all time. Wait and see.