The Office

Season 6 Episode 5

Niagara (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on NBC

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  • Great Dance Number

    I loved when Michael led the pack to the dancing down the aisle with the rest of the Dunder Mifflin workers behind him.

    i love the wedding dance part! i want that to happen in my wedding:)
  • Exactly what I hoped for!

    What a brilliant episode!. Classic Michael, letting the cat out of the bag at the rehearsal dinner. Andy, Kevin, Michael, and Dwight; 4 guys with the least amount of game all just assumed they were hooking up. I believe that Andy, and Dwight stole the show. I about fell off the couch when Andy was dancing in his mustard yellow sweater vest. Andy and Erin look so good together, and I really hope the writers work that angle hard.
    Typical Andy, tearing his scrotum. I have a new found allegiance to Dwight after this episode. Who would have thought that Dwight was such a pimp?. It was classic the way he blew her off at the actual wedding.

    The dance down the isle was fantastic. All the Office misfits screwing everything up and the smile on Jim and Pam's faces as they did it was perfect. It showed that Jim and Pam expected nothing less.
  • Amazing Finale of Jim and Pam's wedding.

    After Jim's toast screw up the part begins and the plot continues to thicken as most of the less attractive men in the show start hooking up everywhere. Andy was hilarious when reacting after tearing his scrotum and making Pam take him to the hospital. Michael sleeping with Pam's mom was a nice twist to carry on the plot through to the next couple episodes. Kevin's hair piece looked ridiculous and the dancing down the aisle at the wedding was nice to have a different approach to a cheesy wedding sequence. Overall the episode didn't let me down, but wasn't as good as the first part of Niagra.
  • 605

    A very special episode of The Office that I'm sure gave everyone a good feeling and made them tear up a bit if you're an emotional person. At this point, you wont care if this show might be going downhill or if it's run it's course. This is Jim & Pam's wedding, the moment we've all been waiting for since these two were first shown onscreen together in the first episode. There was hardly any flaws in this episode, and it was just so special, and the end was very heartwarming.

    We've got a lot of character development that this could have been a season finale of some sort. (Michael hooking up with Pam's mom, Dwight sleeping Pam's best friend, of course Pam & Jim getting married) A very unexpected walk down the aisle as everyone dances down to the aisle with the Chris Brown song playing in the background. The mental picture bit was great, and I loved how Jim consoled Pam when she was sad.

    Them getting married on the boat and how it kept switching back to the wedding at the church was perfect. Executed perfectly.
  • After more than five seasons of buildup, Niagara, Part 2 ends it all. Well...

    I am not a fan of Jim and Pam. I don't hate them, but I don't ever watch the show for them. Niagara, Part 2 partly finished (the Jim-Pam thing will not be finished until the series finale ) the angst from seasons one-five (although most of that was in seasons 1-3). The second part of "Niagara" was creative, funny, and had the good moments that had some fans enjoying a lot. This episode was great, although some gags were a little farfetched. Kevin was really funny in this episode and Andy-Pam was a new and hilarious dynamic. The ending montage with the JK wedding dance was also really funny but it had the serious romantic moments that many JAM fans loved. Great episode, but I liked Part 1 a little better. And although Niagara got Jim and Pam married... I don't think the writers of the show are going to stop everything and focus just on the office. We'll see...
  • Pam has a rough night with Andy, and a wardrobe malfunction in the morning that leads to a tear-inducing montage.

    I can't think of a more perfect way for Jim and Pam to tie the knot. It breaks all of the t.v. wedding rules, much in the same way that their pregnancy reveal did. There was so much to love about this ceremony! The fact that their nuptials were performed on "The Maiden of the Mist" was so indicative of their desire to keep their wedding as a memory of love and celebration. To keep it their own wedding. It was fantastic to see the wedding aisle dance as well - even if Jim and Pam hated it. I felt like we were watching the actors celebrate rather than the characters, which believe it or not, made it much more jovial to me. Now that I've seen it, I really can't imagine hearing Jim and Pam say, "I do." You know in your heart that that moment was just for the characters.
  • The Office 'Niagra Pt. 1 and 2' Review

    Finally it's the big one 'Jim and Pam's Wedding' and everyone from the office is invited. I am sure Jim and Pam could have easily told them a different venue and have their wedding elsewhere with only their family and true friends, dumping the drama down the drain. As much as Jim and Pam may resent working with some real downers, their wedding would not be the same without them. That and they would have creepy phone calls and unending chatter if they stood everyone up.

    The one thing I loved about this two part episode is that we got to see both sides of the family relating to Jim and Pam. We had some re-occurrences and new faces, but out of all Pam's Grandmother took the cake. I knew someone would have revealed Pam's pregnancy and all eyes would have been on Michael, but the way Jim delivered it '...because of obvious reasons' was essential and in a way unexpected from him.

    I can tell you for sure that I didn't really peg Dwight to be the stud muffin the writers portrayed him as nor did I ever believe a member of Pam's family would fall head over heals for him. That was an odd twist to the show when Dwight sent Pam's sister away like a one night stand put away like last weeks garbage. I actually felt sorry for her, especially since her taste in men lacked the necessary thrill of the moment. It would have been fun to see Angela and Dwight use the moment to rekindle or deal with whatever flame they once had together. The whole Dwight-Andy-Angela triangle is still unresolved.

    I honestly commend Jim and Pam for redeeming their marriage at the last moment, every girls dream is to have their wedding at Niagra Falls on th Maid of the Mist...well at least it was for Jim and Pam when they tied the knot, it was one of the most beautiful scenes. I saw the expressions on their faces when everyone decided to make a mockery of their wedding-somewhat- it was like 'You can do whatever you want to this wedding, because my dream wedding just passed a few hours ago. At least the engagement is over.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four and a Half Stars

    Grade B+

  • The most anticipated Office episode does not disappoint!

    I'll start by saying I wasn't the biggest fan of Jim and Pam as a couple. I always enjoyed the will-they/won't-they relationship drama, which unlike most TV shows, played more realistically and natural here than on any other show I'd ever seen. Making them a couple broke a few rules of television; i.e. dragging it out as long as possible (see: Chuck) and they were so sweet and doe-eyed for each other, it kind of made me want to puke. For the most part they suffered no real relationship drama, and both characters softened up a bit and lost a little of their individual edge, which I liked so much about them. Throw on top of that a rushed engagement (and now, pregnancy) and annoying fan nicknames like PB&J or 'Jam' and I would attest half of the reasons the last few seasons of The Office were weak was partly because Jim and Pam were together- it just wasn't very interesting. But I'm in the minority there, and most Office fans were anticipating this wedding more than any other event I can think of on television. There was a lot to live up to here, and I think this 2-partner delivered in an amazing way. It was clever how the show still managed to be about Michael (who is the star of the show, after all) and him not having a booked hotel room was not only perfectly typical, but provided some great moments at Dwight's mercy, and a hilarious shot of him ironing in the vending machine room! Speaking of Dwight, seeing him get action with one of Pam's cousins felt oddly satisfying for some reason. His behavior afterwards totally kept in character as well. Most of the supporting players felt a little underused, but it was great just to have everyone here. There were some nice moments like when Andy tore his scrotum, and esp an insulted Oscar at the idea that he'd be with Kevin, lol. (Kevin's cleanex box shoes were a stretch). But, the standout scene of the evening had to be the dinner toast. I will say no more, except that you must see it for yourself!

    The wedding itself was of course, a debacle, but the highlight (and I believe the show will get an Emmy nod for this episode) was Jim and Pam sneaking away to the actual falls, and getting married their way. The music, which started off silly, somehow became appropriately perfect over the montage of Jim and Pam on the boat, while their wacky friends danced away at the chapel. Cutting between the personal wedding and the wedding for friends and family was simply...beautiful. I actually cried. (something I almost NEVER do watching tv- that isn't sports)

    My biggest question is where does the show go from here, because this certainly had the feel of a season finale. It looks like Michael got some action with Pam's mom (!) and I would rather they not go any further with that plot than just a surprising one-night-stand at the end of the show. Let this episode stand alone. It's that good. 'Niagra' will be considered one of the best episodes of The Office of all time. Wait and see.
  • this is my favorite episode of all time.

    i just loved this episode. My favorite office episode was the injury until tonight. I honestly didn't expect this episode to be that good but i was proven wrong. Firstly, this episode was absolutely hilarious. I expected it to be totally centered on pam and jim but i was wrong and I'm very glad it wasn't. Between the vomiting-a-thon, kevins toupee, everything dwight did, and andy tearing his scrotum this was one of the funniest episodes ever. I especially like andy this episode and him busting his balls was the hardest I've laughed in a long time. The dance at the end of the episode from the youtube video was surprisingly good. At the beginning i just rolled my eyes and expected it to be really cheesy and stupid but it turned out great (oscars dancing was hilarious!). This is definitely one of the best office episode of all time.
  • The Wedding - Part 2

    If you've seen a lot of TV weddings, you can easily spot 2 trends. One, it would be the most hyped thing of the week, and two, they usually end up being quite touchy and entertaining.

    Jim-Pam wedding was no exception. It was good, well choreographed, and will definitely appeal to the hopeless romantic. Apart from the wedding, Rainn Wilson have given a solid Dwight-esque performance, be it gifting turtles or banging the bridesmaid. I wasn't all that thrilled by Andy's balls getting torn, and that storyline wasn't funny at all.

    I wasn't expecting this to be typical office episode. Still, it was an entertaining 1 hour of TV.
  • Real heart comes out in the second half as Jim and Pam tie the knot as Michael finds love in an unexpected place.

    Laughs a plenty in the first half, but lets all be honest it was this half of the ep we wanted to see. It seems over the years that the audience for the office has really been invested in these two characters and this next 20mins was a culmination of all the investment. This half of Niagara had a lot of heart but also a few laughs to go with it that will make seasoned office views grinning for more reasons than just the wedding.

    Pam has spent all night with Andy as he has torn his scrotum doing the splits at a party and she was the only one sober enough to take him to the hospital. Meanwhile Jim is stuck aving drinks with Dwight and Michael which ends with Dwight hooking up with Pam's best friend. Things go bad though when Pam tears her veil just before the wedding. This makes Jim decide to take drastic action.

    Meanwhile everyone is waiting at the wedding as Michael continues the search for a lady as Andy seems to be getting closer to Erin. He finally seems to meet up with someone that comes out of left field (personally though I saw it coming).

    There's not much more I can say about this ep. It was just really sweet and the last scene with Jim pretty much sums it all up. Oh and the wedding is really cheesy but you can't help but smile, they know it is cheesy and they don't care one bit!
  • The "Perfect" Wedding.

    This episode of The Office epitomizes everything I love most about the show. Since season one I have followed Jim's dedication to Pam and the rest has been an ever-present and hilarious backdrop. This episode, however, puts everyone at the wedding and so of course, their personalities are amped up a level. It also means that Pam and Jim become more 'normal' than ever and the only thing that matters on their wedding day is each other. It is the best (and worst) of everyone and it meshes the awkward comical moments with the touching private moments in a perfect way.

    Beautiful, hilarious episode. A must watch.
  • Awesome episode!

    I've always enjoyed how episodes of The Office conclude. Sometimes the ending makes me appreciate the episode even more. This was not the best or my favorite Office episode ever, but the ending - Pam & Jim gazing lovingly at the falls ranks #1! It was touching, it felt real, and the writing of it all was wonderful. Even the awkward moments on this episode sucked me in. I felt like I was in the room during the toast. I gasped and covered my face. Embarrassed. Even Kevin putting his nasty feet in the ice machine was fitting, not to mention the final pan out which revealed Michael being lustfully pulled into a room by Pam's mom. A lot was done with this risky episode. Looking forward to the rest of this (so far) great season.