The Office

Season 4 Episode 15

Night Out

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Ryan has a problem

    This was a bounce back from the previous episode. However like with the last episode, this could've been better had this would've been in full season. The Dunder-Mifflin new website has had some problems with predators. Ryan comes to the Scranton Branch to try to help fix some problems. How he responds to the employees problems with the website was kind of like how Michael would responded. It's always funny how Michael greets Ryan when he leaves and goes. Partly due to how Michael is feeling regarding his new single life, he takes up Ryan's suggestion to come to New York. He takes Dwight along him and it's very entertaining. Right away when Michael and Dwight see Ryan in New York, you can something is wrong with him. This was kind out of the blue and I think if this was would have been better if other episodes had set kt up. I find it curious that only Dwight was a little suspicious. It was really funny how Dwight thought Troy was a hobbit. I also enjoyed how out of place Michael was at the clubs and how he wanted a girl he just talked to, wanted to meet his mom. His call to his mom was also funny. The end at Ryan's apartment was also entertaining. Meanwhile back at the office Jim is the impromptu leader and makes a decision to have everyone stay after to finish their work to they don't have to stay on Saturday. Like with the birthday decision this back fires. Again you get to see the nervous Jim. It's definitely out of character. Toby crosses the line when he makes a joke and makes inappropriate touch with Pam. This was done in a way that doesn't have you think that Toby is a pervert. He then makes the right call that he is going to Costa Rica. Ignoring the fact this episode was on a short season, this was a good episode.
  • Michael and Dwight go to New York City to visit Ryan.

    After several viewings of this episode, I have to say that I absolutely loved this episode. I personally found this episode to be very funny, and I loved getting to see a different side to Ryan that's more unhinged. It was also very interesting to see a different of Jim and Pam's relationship which shows them not being perfect as a couple or as individuals. The opening scene of this episode where Michael comes into the office with gum stuck in his hair and Dwight rubs peanut butter into his hair in order to get it out was great. I also loved the part when Michael is on the phone with his mom while he's at a bar with Ryan and Dwight. This episode also had a lot of really funny lines and a lot of funny parts. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode by everyone involved, and I can't wait for the next all new episode of The Office.
  • Not as good as the last two, but still enjoyable.

    First off, Ryan on drugs and alcohol is something I want to see every episode. It was so funny, how he greeted Michael with open arms and at the end in his apartment. And he little friend. Funniest thing I have seen in my entire life. I know that if Jim had been there he would have convinced Dwight that he was some sort of hobbit or mythical creature with powers.
    Dwight scoring an amazon girl was so funny too! and Michael taking the picture and sending it to everyone, priceless! I also loved how Michael called his mom in the club and told his her that he was talking to a girl and that his friend was getting beat up. I wasn't too interested in everyone else back at the office, but Toby hopping the fence was priceless!
  • This episode was so funny!

    Michael and Dwight decide to surprise Ryan in New York for a night of clubbing and meet his friends. Ryan is surprisingly friendly, though it could just be his cocaine habit. Meanwhile, the Scranton branch is upset when they find out they have to come in on a Saturday for Ryan's website project. Jim's suggests that everyone work late instead. The plan goes well-until they find they are locked in on the grounds with no way to escape. Toby lets slip his affection for Pam, and announces he will be moving to Costa Rica. This episode is really funny just like all of the other episodes!
  • It's party time when Michael and Dwight suprise Ryan in New York while the rest of the office folk are locked in.

    The 7.5 is not to say that this episode wasn't a very entertaining half hour of TV but from a critical standpoint, the episode falls on some counts and was 2.5 points from perfection. The two brilliant ideas of Michael and Dwight in the Big Apple and the office lock - in are given quite an unimpressive script that don't supply the usual laughs and memorable notes provided in prior episodes.

    The humour is very much character - based with Michael and Dwight's antics acting as the main attractions even though Dwight calling Ryan's friend a hobbit crosses the line into desperate. Despite the premise of the whole office being locked in seemed like a potential buffet of hilarity, no character is really given a decent punchline and it's up to the awkward moments to keep the audience involved and the final one between Toby and Pam is a particularly outstanding one. Compared the prior hour-long episodes which felt interminable, this half an hour one feels increidbly short with an ending that just feels too abrupt. This brings me to our favorite Temp Ryan; what is happening with this guy? He hugs Michael and Dwight, smashes bottles, is constantly visiting the bathroom, starts fights. We thought it was just arrogance from the promotion but it's clear he has a drug problem and this fun running gag is contradictory of the dark theme of drugs. The acting is on top of it's game; Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson remain at Emmy calibre and we see some likely new editions emerging amongst the cast. B.J Novak is clearly having a lot more fun as the overconfident and go-getting Ryan even though his likability is rapidly diminishing. Had the two main plots been more carefully written and given more time this would've been spectacular but the potential is blown early on and we're left with just an OK episode.
  • 411

    The Office has been getting back to it's roots, this whole season has been quite a roller coaster ride. The first part of the season was absolutely awful, then later on, I could pick out some that were good, and some that were terrible. But in this episode it was definitely a sign of a good time.

    Why is Pam the girl that everyone likes in the Office? First Jim, then Ryan, now Toby? Isn't he an HR rep, I would call that inappropriate behavior. Regardless, all the interactions were hilarious. Toby climbing the fence and running home while he announces he's leaving Scranton. It definitely open things up for the finale when he has to leave.

    Jim & Dwight trying to pick up girls is nothing we haven't seen before, but it was still funny and eventful. Ryan on drugs was hysterical, and could mean trouble for his career. A great episode overall, funny.
  • Dwight and Michael go clubbing with Ryan.

    A word that would describe this episode is: Weird. I felt like I wasn't watching The Office this week. They were barely in the office, and Ryan was totally different (drunk). The whole thing with Pam and Toby was kind of funny but it was freaking me out a little bit when Toby touched her leg and then hopped the fence (cause thats normal). I thought this episode would be really funny because Dwight and Michael were going to a club, but it just turned out OK. Hopefully the next episode is better, I want them to actually be in the office for at least some of the episode.
  • Scott and Schrute go to New York city on an American Pie-sque quest. TO GET LAID....WITH SEX. In the meantime, Halpert and Beasley take charge of the office, with hilarious effect.

    Finally, after the painful post-strike episode, Dinner Party, we're back to full gear! Continuing on from the previous brilliant episode, The Chair Model, Night Out definitely lived up to expectations. Jokes are so abundant that before I could get over the first one, the next one comes right after, and when I'm struggling to juggle both jokes in my head, a third hits me in the face! This was The Office at its usual best, a sort of back-to-basics for the writers after a different, albeit still good, start to the season.

    Tolkien fans will love Dwight in this episode. Brilliant writing!
  • Another return to the classics

    It still feels like the show is turning a corner and returning to the original type of comedy that made it special in the first place. I worried about Jim and Pam finally getting together although I couldn't wait. I think it's being written in well. Where is Jan? Did they write her off? I thought she added a lot to the show; I'm sure it's just a temporary thing. There are still a lot of inconsistencies in the stories. There isn't an easy flow of time and events. This particular episode kept me laughing though. Some pieces I really liked were Toby's hand on Pam's knee. Andy and Jim's expression; priceless. The staff getting a pic of Dwight kissing at the club; hysterical. All in all a great return for the show.
  • Lol what in the world is up with Toby? Dwight can gettt girls?? NOOOO WAYYYY!!

    okay so this was the most twisted episode ever. is like everything started going an opposite direction from since the beginning. I mean Dwight is the ladies man now? Wow lol i guess he is different when he is on the job, then when he is out in public. Now i guess this is the reason why Angela loved him so much, he probably knew the right kinda stuff to say to a woman. Michael needs to get tips from Dwight cause mannnn he sucks at getting girls. Jim and Pam having awkward moments as a couple? people in the office are starting to dislike them? Well i hope it doesnt get worse.

    And finally, what the bajonkers is up with Toby? Lol i never seen a man his age jump a fence so quickly lolololol. Ok i am just excited about this thursday's episode!!!
  • This episode was a little weird. But in a good way. Definetly not what I expected. We saw another side of Ryan that was really out of character, but other than that, I was definetly laughing most of the time.

    If you watch this show, you would know what I mean by saying this episode was a little out of character. Especially for Ryan. However, despite other opinions about this episode, I for one thought it was absolutely hilarious. Ryan makes an appearence saying something about the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website being invaded by sexual predators. The office employees reaction to this was one that had me laughing. Especially, Creed's. Micheal and Dwight of course being Micheal and Dwight come to a bar where Ryan and his "hobbit" friend are, according to Dwight. Their motive for going was to get a girl, especially Micheal. However, his plan failed and Dwight was the only one who actually hooked up with some basketball player. Meanwhile, at the office, Jim's plans for getting out of coming to work saturday morning don't go as expected. They end up getting locked in the office. Toby shows a lot of love for Pam in this episode by touching her knee? I for one was very suprised by that action and Jim's face was priceless. And what really caught me off guard was when I found out that Ryan had a drug problem, which I guess I wasn't really suprised because he had to deal with Micheal and Kelly all those years. Other than that, this episode was slightly out of character, however, by far one of the weirdest and funniest episodes I've ever seen of this show.
  • Michael, Dwight and Ryan go partying.

    Absolutely atrocious would be a fair way to describe this episode of The Office.

    The latest installment of the once watchable series offers the viewer no laughs, and absolutely no reason to not slam their head against the wall as hard as they possibly can.

    A Ryan Howard appearance with behavioral characteristics that directly contradict his feelings for his former co-workers based on past episodes opened up the show. Well, that opened up the show after the commercial break. We can't forget a riveting scene where Michael got gum in his hair before the opening video. Yes, that's correct, a show at 9:00 at night on NBC featured a character getting gum in his hair.

    Not only were there few laughs in this, but there was a shocking absence of purpose from the episode's poorly constructed plotline. Apparently being original isn't in the cards in the writer's room on The Office set as viewers were forced to sit through more of Michael's unrealistic, unfunny and simply unappealing behavior while attempting to pick up women for the second straight episode in a row. The accepted standard for laudable television has digressed tremendously since the 1980's and 1990's, but this episode fails to even reach those unimaginably low demands.
  • Micahel goes to New York, and the Office finally gets back to fine form.

    I loved this episode. I finally relized what the Office was missing in Season 4. Actual charater development, and the little quirks that you might not catch the first time. Micahel and Dwight drive up to New York to go clubbing with Ryan and his friend, and we learn Ryan may be under a little stress. What else can I say about this episode, it felt like the actors came alive in this episode. While the Michael/Dwight/Ryan plot was worth a laugh, the Jim/Pam subplot made me cringe. I did get some laughs, but by now you should relize that the writers changed Jim and Pam's peronalities for no good explanation what-so-ever. I liked the Jim and Pam of old and now they're snobs trying to be funny. However, it is nice to know that the humor hasen't vanished, and that the Office is back to it's comidic roots.
  • Look out New York City, here comes Michael and Dwight. The Dunder Mifflin staff find themselves stuck and many things are revealed.

    Michael is desperately trying to get his freak on! He is single and decides to go to New York with Dwight to party with Ryan. It is a great episode, which made me laugh almost all the whole time! The Office staff are made to work on a Saturday because Ryan wants them all to transfer their sales to the new website, Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Jim has the bright idea to stay after on a Friday and get the work done because without Michael there to distract them, they would get it done quickly. Too bad, Jim makes mistake after mistake after having one bright idea. He forgets to tell the security guard that they were all working late so they are locked in, Pam locked the Office door so they cannot get back into the office to get the phone number for the security guard, and of course Dwight is the only one with the back-up key and the spare key. In New York, who knew Dwight was such a ladies' man! Making out with girls left and right, getting the guys into a club with a womens basketball team, and being begged not to leave when Michael and Ryan are dragged out of the club. It is revealed the Ryan is on some kind of drug, I would assume ecstasy, but not sure. He kind of reveals it when later he, Michael and Dwight are back at Ryan's apartment and he tells Michael that he has a friend with a drug problem, and I think he was talking about himself. Back at Dunder Mifflin, all the staff are waiting for Hank the security guard to come and unlock the gate and Pam and Toby are sitting next to each other laughing and Toby touches Pam's leg and keeps it there for too long. He all of a sudden reveals that he is moving to Costa Rica, that he has thought about it and he is going to do it. He hops the fence and runs home. The cleaning crew comes before the security guard and they all get out. This was a great episode with some revealing parts about certain cast members and I hope that Michael soon finds someone because he needs a woman to curve that horniness and loneliness. Can't wait til next week. Best...episode...ever!
  • Jim is never going to be manager at this rate...

    I felt this episode really returned to the backbone of The Office humor, subtle embarrassment. There was only two plot points of this episode. Ryan has required the office employees to spend a Saturday updating the website. Jim suggests they stay after a few hours so they won't have to come in at all. This all goes to plan except for the fact that Jim forgot to tell the security guard they were working late and they are locked in the parking lot. Why the security guard did not notice all the cars in the parking lot I don't know. However, the embarrassment Jim experiences is painful, uncomfortable, and completely believable. Especially when he's forced to call the security guard who already is not on good terms with him. While all this is going on, Michael and Dwight travel to New York to go clubbing with Ryan. Unexpectedly, Ryan is elated to see them...he's also high. Michael and Dwight hit on some women, Michael strikes out but Dwight gets a girl. How does he do it? The strangest part of the episode came from Toby. He slightly hits on Pam and places a hand on her knee for just a few too many seconds. Of course everyone notices, and in his embarrassment Toby announces he's moving to Costa Rica, climbs over the fence, and runs home. I like the other characters was completely aghast. How is he going to face them on Monday?
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