The Office

Season 2 Episode 3

Office Olympics

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on NBC

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  • start of the Olympics and Michael gets a bachleor pad

    This is a great episode that gets better with time. I enjoyed how Pam gets Jim out of "death" and how both Pam and Jim really fun and try to organize the Office Olympics. I also like how most of the office enjoys the games. This episode is also important in that not only the audience knows about Jim and Pam. Angela makes a memorable debut. (although she has been in previous episodes) If you think her comment is mean just watch the rest of the series. While not as grand as the real Olympics the closing ceremonies has a nice touch. It tied together the second story.

    The 2nd part of the episode was also funny. When Michael finds out his commitment to the condo and tries to get out it, it's classic Michael. Another funny part is Dwight trying to help Michael.

    If you have the DVD, check out the deleted scenes. You get to see one of the Office creators.
  • Jim and Pam organize the Office Olympics while Michael and Dwight are out of the office

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Office". Michael and Dwight are out of the office so Michael can close a deal on a condo while Jim and Pam organize the Office Olympics. Michael showing Dwight his house was pretty cool. Jim and Pam organizing the Office Olympics was very funny as well. Michael begins to have a panic attack when he tries to close the deal on the condo. It was hilarious when Phyllis said "Are you calling me a ho?". The Office Olympics was hilarious in this episode. Every even that they did in the office was very funny and entertaining to watch. Michael closing the deal on his condo was pretty good to see. The ending also really made me laugh hard when everyone did the pledge and then Michael asks Jim "What the hell are those?" and then Jim responds "They're doves". Overall, an excellent episode of "The Office". 10/10
  • While not as good as last weeks, it was still pretty funny, I liked when Michael and Dwight went to the condo that Michael was planning to lease, only to find that it's not what Michael really wanted, and how they used paper doves at the end of the episod

    While not as good as last weeks, it was still pretty funny, I liked when Michael and Dwight went to the condo that Michael was planning to lease, only to find that it's not what Michael really wanted, and how they used paper doves at the end of the episode.
  • 203

    Like someone else on here said, if this episode were anything, it would be well written. Such an original and outstanding episode of The Office this week. Even though this wasn't over the top hilarious, it was definitely memorable and we get some development too.

    Michael buys a condo with a 30 year contract, this sort of comes out of nowhere. You don't think anyone would be interested in watching Michael get a condo, but watching him freak out is always funny and entertaining.

    The Office Olympics which was obviously the highlight of this episode was absolutely hilarious. Although it probably doesn't happen in most offices, I'm sure everyone who works in an office would like to take a break from work and just play games. Angela suspects something is going on between Jim & Pam. The writers always seem to find room for development for those two. Overall, a great outstanding memorable episode, that gives you the feel of Classic Office. Great and well written.
  • Michael buys a condo.

    Office Olympics is a fantastic episode in every way. I definitely think that this is one of the funniest ever of The Office. This episode has a lot of my all-time favorite quotes from The Office. I loved all of the storylines, and I enjoyed every minute of the episode. I thought that it was really cool that they had Steve Carell's real-life wife, Nancy Wells, guest star in this episode. As always, I absolutely loved all of the Jim and Pam moments in this episode. Dwight's behavior in this episode was classic Dwight which is just perfect. All in all, this was a really great episode.
  • Michael buys a condo, Jim hosts the Office Olympics.

    Dwight goes with Michael as his, "assistant" to buy a condo. While Michael is out Jim tries to find new things to do. Jim goes around the office asking people what they do when they are bored. Oscar and Kevin show Jim their paper football game that they have played for over two years, keeping score on a caladar. Jim decides to hold Office Olympics with all of the different games. Everyone is excited and participates except Angela. Pam asks her why she doesnt join and Pam replies, "I have games, I keep track of how many times Jim goes over to talk to you." Pam is shocked and walks away. When Michael returns to the office everyone stops playing and throws away their "medals", making Pam sad. At the end of the episode Jim, wanting everyone to get along, holds the closing ceremonies of the Office Olympics.
  • well written

    i like the begginning where michael walks down the fake stairs and pam tells him to get her some coffee and he crawls to the back ha ha ha ha ha. Jim was like a whole differant charector in this episode. He was still funny just very hyper i guess is how you would put it. The games are pretty funny. I like th race and they have paper tied to there feet. the medals they make are realy neat. I like how michael hd a roughf day and they give him the gold medal and they sing the national anthem with the paper birds in the back and michael looks like he was gonna cry.
  • Great writing and original. Who comes up with this stuff?

    This episode is exactly why I watch this series.It doesnt top the earlier episodes such as my favorites as "Sexual Harrasment", or "Basketball" but it comes damn near close. This episode shows what everyone would do (or has been doing when Micheal is out of the office)and we finally see everyone's character open up to games in the office. My favorite line in the series has been when they ask Stanley what games did he know. His response is the greatest response of all time, which is "Yeah its called 'Work Hard' so my children can go to college." Im hooked on this series and it just went to the top of my "Must Watch list" when the last scene had Micheal tear up when winning a Gold metal from something he had no idea it was for. I nearly lost it and cried laughing. great episode, they deserved that Emmy
  • "I'm an early bird and I'm a night owl, so I'm wise and have worms."

    Michael is finalizing his condo purchase, with the help of Dwight, while Jim sets up office olympic games for the employees.

    Dwight and Michael together are hilarious. There are some especially great Dwight lines:

    Dwight: A thirty year mortgage at Michael's age essentially means that he's buying a coffin. If I were buying my coffin, I would get one with thicker walls... so you couldn't hear the other dead people.

    Dwight: I have been Michael's number two guy for about five years, and we make a great team. We're like one of those classic famous teams. He's like Mozart and I'm like Mozart's friend. No, I'm like Butch Cassidy and Michael is like Mozart. You try and hurt Mozart, you're gonna get a bullet in your head, courtesy of Butch Cassidy.

    What can I say that hasn't already been said about this episode? It's well-written, a season AND a series classic, hilarious, creative... I can't even describe how good it is actually. There is lots of Jim + Pam love which is good, and also some great Michael + Dwight lines. They are so awkward together, but it works.
  • Some great digs at the Olympics in this episode! A must see!

    A classic Dwight-Michael episode here. This episode, although, leaves you thinking that Dwight isn’t so much as a loser, but more a guy who is misunderstood and just wants to be friends with Michael.

    Kevin is great in this episode (eating all the Mms for crying out load!). He also has the great line “it smells like cookies”!

    Angela is also wonderful (as always!) when she describes the games that she plays and how she first brings to Pam’s attention that Jim may want to be more than just friends with her.

    A superb episode here and one that every person should see - I highly recommend it!
  • Definately my favorite episode. Angela and her description of Pam-Pong was absolutely classic.

    Many office workers have created diversions or little games to keep themselves occupied during down times at work. Jim, from Dunder Mifflan takes it to the next level staging the office olympics while Michael and Dwight are off buying a house. I really enjoyed the comradarie of the office workers during this episode and the ending actually makes you feel good.
  • Hands down, my favorite episode so far.

    Wow, I can't believe how much I loved this episode. Everything was perfect! While last week's "Sexual Harassment" left me feeling uncomfortable, this episode was a sure hit. I love Jim when he goes against the flow and does something silly like these office Olympics. And Pam's doves? Awesome. The best part, I thought, was when Pam asked Angela if she had any games and she said yes, "Pam-pong," where she counts how many times Jim gets up from his desk to talk to her. (The conversation was made even better when the camera showed her marking a piece of paper after a conversation between the two.) I hope the rest of the season is as great as this episode was!
  • Subtle Comedy at its Best.

    Simply put, The Office is a rare comedic gem. One of the most brilliant comedies to ever grace the tube.

    We can only keep our fingers crossed that NBC doesn't drop the ball on this one.

    Note: Fans new to this show should be sure to check out the British version as well.
  • Plot-driven, character oriented outing of The Office, which shows that this series is becoming a different beast than the original. The ending was surprisingly touching and heartwarming.

    The episode was different from previous episodes, in that it felt very plot-driven. Instead of Michael lingering around the office, and Dwight hilariously lording it over the employees, we got to see what happens when Michael and Dwight get out of the office so that Michael can buy a condo, and what Jim can do when the bosses are away.

    The condo buying is hilarious in the way it depicts perfectly the hazards and considerations in investing in property. Dwight's background as the inheritor of a 60-acre beet farm was funny, and the way Michael tried to squirm out of the closing was a very Michael thing to do.

    The Office Olympics was an inspired conceit, which they didn't show enough of. The way Pam supported Jim, and talked about him, just reinforces their meant to be bond. We got to see how the supporting cast deals with Jim's cajoling to play games, and in the process defining their characters more clearly.

    Unlike other outings, however, this episode didn't seem to push that envelope that the original or previous episodes did in attempting to provide cringe-inducing, embarassing moments. It seemed to strike a sort of balance, that focused a lot on characters and the occasional humorous aside. I like this balance better. The U.S. version isn't attempting to become the sly, subtle, cringe-worthy spectacle of the original British version, instead it seems to focus more on character development, plots centered around office life, while retaining the documentary feel and subversiveness of the original.

    Although they didn't show enough of Michael suffering from his condo buying decision, the ending was still heartfelt, goofy, and endearing. It may seem sentimental to regular watchers of the Office, but it was just the right amount of heart and emotion for me, with Michael comforted and tearing up with the gesture of his officemates.
  • Really great episode.

    I loved this episode of The Office. I liked that you see all the employees more or less team together and have some fun. And I also like how the US version is "seperating" itself from the UK version a bit. While both bosses are a bit of know, the UK version basically had almost all of the employees hating David Brent. In the US version, most employees don't really like Michael Scott, however, they put up with him, and I get the feeling that they feel sorry for him and have a bit of sympathy. I got that message from the Olympics today, and while that might have been because they still wanted to have the closing ceremony, I personally felt that the employees liked their boss a bit because he is such a--how can I put this--"naive" (not really the word but I can't think right now) man. I laughed out loud numerous times this episode, and loved Dwight's interviews. The "Butch Cassidy and Mozart" bit was absolutley brilliant. An excellent episode from an excellent series.
  • This is a great episode, really funny. It's nice to see them get out of the office more.

    This was a really, really cool episode. Before the season started the cast promised that the show would get out of the office more, and they were right. Dwight and Michael spend most of this episode at a condo closing on it. Meanwhile, the folks at the office hold the first ever "office olympics".

    Pyhillis and Kevin are really getting out of their shells, which is nice. They're getting to provide more humor. The anal retentive woman, whose name I can never remember, finally mentions how Jim always goes to see Pam at the receptioin desk, and has even made it into a game called Pampong.

    While this wasn't as funny as the previous two episodes, it was highly entertaining and definitely had some pretty big laughs. The second season so far has been really great.
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