The Office

Season 8 Episode 7

Pam's Replacement

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on NBC

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  • Forget Pam's Replacement, Where's Michael's Replacement?


    Forgive me for what I'm about to say, but I have no other choice: The Office is officially dead. I'm sure there are plenty of fans out there enjoying the current season, but I'm not one of those fans. The Office has been on a downward trend, even when Steve Carell was part of the crew, but Season 8 has been hard to watch.

    The realism that once fueled this show is completely gone. It's almost a parody of itself, much like House has become, and it's clear to me now that the "Office" writers are running on fumes.

    The opening, to me, at least, reminded me a bit of a Michael Scott-type situation. Andy, in my opinion, was not the greatest choice to assume the duties of Regional Manager. The writers have basically made him out to be Michael Scott 2.0, and that's simply not working.

    We're more than a couple of episodes into the season, and there's not much reason to stick with the Office going forward. The quality just isn't there anymore. I'm not even sure if I'm laughing anymore while watching this show.

    To those who are enjoying the Office, good for you. I'm not here to hate or put the show down, I'm just here to express my opinion. To me, the Office has quickly faded from its previous greatness.

  • Not so great


    Although the episode wasn't that bad because there were really funny moments between the three characters that replace Michael Scott (Jim, Pam and Dwight) like Dwight grabbing Jim'crotch that i laughed like I was watching an episode from season 5, but unfortunately in general it was kind of a disappointment because maybe my expectations were high but i guess we have to get used to 'this' Office.One last thing, why did they make Erin and Kevin so incredibly... smart?

  • Best episode of the season


    This episode has been the best of this season simply because of its glimpses of that vintage Office we all know and miss.

    With that said, the cold open, which basically tried to imitate the one with Michael and Pam from Season 4, was awful. Trying to joke about death is just distasteful.

    Also, why is Kevin portrayed as a full fledged idiot now? It's painful how stupid his character, and virtually everyone else, has become. For instance at the end with Dwight's make shift test, are we really supposed to accept the fact that the knowledgeable Dwight believes that Jim is lying about his name?

    Regardless, the rest of the episode and interactions with Dwight was awesome. The funniest scene was Dwight's crotch grab of Jim. Kind of idiotic, but great at the same time. And Dwight calling Jim "Mr. Balance" was funny. A great glimpse back to an early season version of Dwight.

  • Enjoyable but it needs more improvement


    Pam wants Dwight to help get Jim to admit he thinksher maternity leave replacement is pretty. Meanwhile, Robertjoins Kevin, Andy, and Darryl's band. I thought that this was an okay episode of "The Office". Not the best, not the worst but it was still enjoyable. This episode is enjoyable but it needed improvement and nowhere near as good as last week's episode or any other episodes this season. It does beat that poor Halloween episode "Spooked" though. I didn't laugh a lot at this episode mainly because most of the humor in this episode was a MISS in my opinion. I only laughed like maybe three times. I did enjoy seeing Robert California being in Andy's band and I also laughed when Kevin said that his band name should be "Kevin and the zits" and everyone would say how he doesn't agree to that. Dwight also telling that old man at the store to be patient and kinda insulted him when Dwight and Pam went to the store to check Jim's blood pressure was very funny as well. My biggest problem in this episode was how some of the parts were really lacking and really boring. I also didn't like how Pam is forcing Jim to admit that her replacement is attractive and beautiful. Jim is being a good husband by not telling Pam the truth so if he doesn't want to tell her then Pam shouldn't force him to admit it. I know Pam is pregnant and she is going through all of her mood swings but STILL... she shouldn't do that. Overall, this was an okay episode of "The Office"... not excellent, not terrible. 6.5/10

  • Pam is trying to persuade Jim to admit to something that Jim doesn't want to admit. Dwight is being the good old Dwight by making stupid moves with Jim. Robert California is still the semi-annoying boss and disrupts the flow of the ordinary office routine


    I believe that the writers/producers/directors of the Office is trying to give more screen time to Pam because the plot just happens to be Pam consistently trying to force Jim to admit if a person is attractive or not!? Are you kidding me? When does this kind of subject even go onto the screen? We get it, Pam is pregnant and there's nothing interesting happening in her life. She's no longer Jim's pretty secretary, there's no more fighting for Pam between the man. Pam doesn't have any conflicts. The two central stories relating to Pam are no longer existent. So... the writers must come up with new things to stuff Pam up.

    But please don't insert the boring subject (forcing Jim to admit a girl is attractive)...

    Now I usually watch the past seasons of the Office on netflix, and often find that the past episodes are much more classic, much more funny, and much more memorable than the current season! There was usually an extremely memorable scene in every single episode prior to season 7. For example, I can remember Michael singing the Indian song at Kelly's party, I can remember the Dwight & Angela's "steamy" scenes at the warehouse, I can remember Carol's cheerleader outfit, and Creed stealing pancakes. But now, there's nothing memorable anymore.

    I'm so disappointed at this season. The show is deviating from its original course. Please get it back to the memorable Office.