The Office

Season 7 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on NBC

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  • Michael and Holly show way too much PDA

    The Office may not be what it used to be, but this was another pretty good episode. There were definitely some weird moments, but for the most part, every character stuck to their strengths without going too far overboard, and some characters who haven't gotten any significant scenes in awhile (I'm talking specifically about Jim and Pam) get something to do besides having a couple of random scenes.

    Michael always seems at his most genuine when he's around Holly, and while this episode had Michael and Holly doing one thing that the writers seemed intent on driving into our head over and over and over again, it was sweet to see them together again. And in a strange shift of tone, the episode turns into a goofy look at PDA in the office into a touching and somewhat sad look into Michael and Holly's relationship. As it turns out, the PDA ends up not being simply an quick way for characters to say easy jokes; it becomes a look into Michael and Holly's fear of losing each other.

    Meanwhile, with Valentine's Day nearby, we look into two other couples that we haven't really heard about in awhile: Andy and Erin, who go on a scavenger hunt together (don't say that to Gabe; according to him, it's a "treasure hunt.") It was nice to see them together, and there was a clever little scene that was probably one of the more creative and clever things the show has done in awhile where Michael unofficially designates the closet as a place for people to have sex, and Andy and Erin are seen harmlessly coming out of it while Jim and Pam see them and grow nervous after they attempt to go in and use it for sex themselves. Speaking of Jim and Pam, their plot, while seeming somewhat pointless, was actually them at their most entertaining in a long time. Drunk Jim may be even funnier than Drunk Pam in "The Dundies" (this is a random thought, but can we get ANOTHER Dundies ceremoney?! That would make my year.)

    Overall, the episode was great. Maybe it's easy to just overrate everything in this show now, seeing as the best Season 7 episodes have a hard time standing up to anything the show did in its early seasons, but this is one I would go back and watch again
  • They've won me back

    I confess I had pretty much given up on this show, last season was horrible bordering on unwatchable. Yet they have managed to reboot the show in a way I didn't think possible. This episode was a perfect example, the cast was spot on and the writing was top notch. It was so cool to see Jim & Pam behaving like adults and adding new elements to their relationship. The Erin character continues to grow on me and even Gabe had some great scenes. It will be interesting to see what happens when Steve Carell leaves, it will a major challenge to continue after losing such an integral part of the show. I'm just so happy that The Office has returned to the quality of the old days.
  • 716

    And Steve Carrel's departure is nearing and you can really tell with his fairy tale ending falling in to place. Okay, so where do I start with this episode, it honestly just might be the best episode of the season. From the very hilarious and original cold opening with Darryl crying (the first time he made me laugh in months) to Michael & Holly's PDA, this episode was hysterical.

    Erin & Andy scavenger hunting was incredibly funny, and quite sad by the end. I was never rooting for this couple last season (they honestly got on my nerves), but I'm beginning to like them as of late. Jim & Pam searching for a place to have sex in the office was also very funny, drunk Pam was hilarious.

    The Office is in a really good place right now as far as I'm concerned, they even managed to squeeze in a hilarious Creed line in the conference room (a character who is definitely underused). Great episode of The Office, and I'm interested to see how Steve's departure will play out.