The Office

Season 2 Episode 8

Performance Review

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2005 on NBC

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  • Dunder-Mifflin Perfromance day

    Having Michael do the Dunder-Mifflin reviews after he hooked up with Jan was perfect timing. That was due to the producers and writers of this wonderful show. It was funny how Michael tried to get some of the employees to help with the message Jan left for him on his voice mail. The best part might have been Pam's. Stanley's was also funny. Stanley just going along with what Michael said was good to see. I also enjoyed how short some of his reviews were like with Angela and Dwight. It was a small part, but Angela dressed up was a sight to see.

    Another highlight was the joke that Jim and Pam played on Dwight. It was one of the better pranks they did on him. A third highlight was the suggestion box meeting was also funny. How Michael responded to some of the suggestions was classic Michael. If you have the DVD, check out the deleted scenes.

    This was just an overall great episode.
  • It's performance review day in the office.

    Performance Review is an extremely funny episode with more hilarious moments than I can count. I absolutely loved Pam's talking head where she talks about her employee review from the year before. That is definitely one of my all-time favorite Office moments. Another one of my all-time favorite Office moments that comes from this episode would be when Jan tells Michael not to smell her. I also loved Jan and Michael's conversation about their kiss at the end of the episode. Melora was great in that scene. The suggestion box meeting was absolutely hilarious. Jim trying to convince Dwight that it was Friday and not Thursday was definitely one of his all-time funniest pranks on Dwight. I loved how Pam also tried to help him pull off the prank. The Jan and Michael storyline for this episode was just excellent, as was the Jam content. All in all, this was excellent episode.
  • 208

    I think Dwight thinking it was Friday when it was Thursday was definitely the highlight of this episode. Probably the only memorable thing. For some reason, Michael piping about Jan wasn't very entertaining, and this episode just felt like the slow paced aftermath of the last episode. I did laugh at most of the things that Melora Hardin said, and I'm pretty sure she stole the show just as much as she did in the last episode. But everything Michael said about Jan wasn't very entertaining. Another highlight of this episode was definitely the suggestion box, from Y2K to co-workers struggling with depression, it was just hilarious.

    Not that much development with Jim & Pam but then pranking Dwight is always classic. It all tied in together in the end, a funny episode.
  • A great episode. It could have been made better, but it is still good. One of my advised episodes to watch.

    This is one of the better episodes in season 2. It certainly wasn't the best, but still good. Micheal has to give everyone performance reviews and recieve a review of him from corprate. He gets people in the office to help him in his relationdhip with Jan in exchange for a good performance review. When his boss, Jan, finally comes to the office he tries to get a date with her. Jim and Dwight play a prank on Dwight and convince him it is Friday when it is Thursday. Dwight also asks Micheal and Jan for a raisein his salery. To try to save his job, Micheal has a suggestion box meeting, which turns out to be a disaster. Jan manages to convince Micheal that nothing happened between them, and it ends with Dwight coming into the office late the next day.
  • The staff prepares for their performance reviews and discuss Michael's possible romance with Jan in this well-written episode.

    “Performance Review” shows the office as they are each preparing for performance reviews from Michael, and discussing a possible romance between Michael and his boss, Jan. This episode definitely had some funny moments in it, such as Jim convincing Dwight that it was Friday when it was actually Thursday; I especially liked this part of the episode because it showed how great Pam is at helping Jim prank Dwight. “Performance Review” also had one of my favorite cold opens in the show, which consisted of Dwight telling Jim to forget everything he ever knew about ab workouts, and Jim popping Dwight’s exercise ball (only $25!). One of my favorite quotes from this episode - and from the entire series - would have to be when Pam says to the camera: “Last year, my performance review started with Michael asking me what my hopes and dreams were, and it ended with him telling me he could bench-press 190 pounds. So, I don't really know what to expect.” What a wonderful and classic Michael line. One more good point in this episode was during the scene in the conference room, when they are having their “weekly” suggestion box meeting. One of the suggestions says that “You have coffee breath”; Michael tries to act like this may not be talking about him, but Toby - one of my favorite supporting characters - is quick to point out that all of the suggestions are geared towards Michael. I like seeing Toby begin to stand up against Michael, who can be quite mean to him. One qualm I have with this episode is that there seems to be a lot going on in it; there’s Jim convincing Dwight it’s Friday, the performance reviews, Jim popping Dwight’s exercise ball, the employees discussing Michael and Jan, Michael discussing Michael and Jan, and the suggestion box meeting. This makes the episode feel a bit compressed; it is, however, a small fault in an otherwise great - though a bit unmemorable - episode. 9.3/10
  • One of m favorites.

    Michael meets with each of his employees to discuss their job performance. He plunders the employee suggestion box for ideas to impress his own boss, Jan, but the ruse backfires and he embarrasses himself. Encouraged by Jim and Pam, Dwight mistakes a Thursday for a Friday and arrives at the office very late the next day. I like this episode because i think it is so silly. This episode shows exactly why I watch the office. I think that this could have been one of the best episdes of the second season. I eccomend you watch this episode. It's Great.
  • "Last year my performance started with Michael asking me what my hopes and dreams were, and ended with him telling me he could bench press 190 pounds. So I'm not really sure what to expect."

    Michael meets with his employees to discuss their job performance. He looks through the employee suggestion box to try to impress Jan but it ends up backfiring.

    The funniest part of this episode is the Jim/Dwight interaction. I loved that Jim convinced Dwight that it was Friday. Dwight has never missed a day of work and tried to convince Michael that he deserved the bonus. However, he misses over half the day on Friday thinking it was Saturday.

    While this episode is is in no way bad, it is not the best of the season. Of course, it's still a VERY good episode, but I wouldn't consider it a "classic."
  • Another laugh-out-load episode!

    This series just keeps on growing and growing and growing on me - every episode I see makes me like it more! And it was this episode that persuaded me that this is one of my favourite, if not my favourite, episode!

    Some really funny Dwight scenes in this episode! The opening scene in which he is on his exercise ball and Jim bursts it had me literally howling out loud! It is really funny! Secondly, the scene in which he is dancing out in the hall preparing himself for asking for a raise is another laugh-out-loud moment! Thirdly, the final scene of this episode in which he thinks it is Saturday (it is actually Friday) and he arrives at 12:20pm - the way he runs out of the car into the building is yet another laugh-out-loud-and-scream-for-bloody-mercy moment!

    This series just keeps on getting better and better - no wonder it won an Emmy a week or so ago!
  • One of the very best

    This episode was absolutely hilarious. We get to see michael's needy side as he struggles to get closer to Jan. The subtle movements made by the actors are absolutely amazing, like michael trying to hug Jan, then kiss her hand, and then settling for touching her boob. Jan is becoming one of my favourite characters, as she tries to shrug michael off and recover from what happened between them.
  • I expected more from this episode.

    This episode had some really funny bits, but on a whole, it didn't really appeal to me too much. A great deal of people were talking this episode up with usual quotes such as "couldn't stop laughing", "genuinely hilarious" and "laughed till it hurt". I think reading reviews of episodes and how funny they are can have an impact upon enjoyment, but this episode was definitely weaker than several this season.