The Office

Season 3 Episode 16

Phyllis' Wedding

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on NBC
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While the office gets ready for Phyllis' big day, an important task appointed to Michael goes embarrassingly wrong. Meanwhile, Pam wonders what could have been with her called-off wedding, and Dwight searches for wedding crashers.

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  • Phyllis is married

    In season 2 we learn that Phyllis is dating Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, and in this season she is engaged. Her wedding was pretty memorable. It was nice to see everyone outside the office. It was the first episode (I think) that was entirely outside of the office. Even though Phyllis stole Pam's ideas for her wedding, it didn't bother me. It was a funny moment when Jim told Dwight of possible wedding crashers. Another funny part of this episode was how Michael tried to get involved Phyllis wedding. I really liked that Michael thinks he is an important part of the wedding. His speech at the dinner was pretty amusing. You had to feel for Pam when Jim was dancing with Karen. That along with other stuff that happened is why Pam did what she did. There were some sweet moments in this episode. They include when Jim told Pam she should dance and Dwight and Angela dancing.

    An overall great episode that set up many things for future episodes.moreless
  • Phillis's wedding, Michael causes havoc.

    As the third season goes on I find myself just getting irritated with Michael's stunts rather than humored by them. The Pam/Roy situation is irritating to me as well. It just seems that all of the things that I loved about this show (Pam and Jim story, Michael's silly behavior, Ryan as a temp, etc.) have left in season 3. Sadly I'm beginning to feel like this once great show died after the 2nd season. I was addicted to this show in the first and second season, now I'm finding it hard to watch. I hope to see it get back to it's laugh out loud status.moreless
  • 316

    Although it didn't feel like I was watching The Office, this was a very eventful episode which brought us a lot of development, with some funny gags along the way. Things have come to a full circle and it shows when it seems like it's Pam's wedding, when all of the details about Phyllis' wedding are the same. There is definite Jim/Karen/Pam development, and Roy who finally served a purpose on this show after a whole season just hanging around the warehouse, talking about how he misses Pam, but in this episode, he finally served a purpose.

    Michael being the "wedding crasher" was hilarious, Dwight bouncing Michael was also absolutely hysterical. Michael Scott definitely knows how to make a normal situation awkward and it shows in this episode. Michael was the highlight in comedy, in development we've got Pam & Roy walking out of the wedding holding hands, wow, a great cliffhanger. Season 3 is the best season of The Office, hands down.moreless
  • We are gathered here today to witness a pretty good episode

    Following a classic Jim prank in the cold open (although i tried it in real life and it doesn't work), the whole office gathers in a church to witness Phyllis's wedding to Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration. Little do the happy couple know that by putting Michael in the wedding party they entered into an irritation installment plan that will compound with 100% interest throughout the whole night. "Phyllis's Wedding" is the estrogen alternative to the vast quantity of testosterone being pumped out of other episodes such as the episode "Basketball" that is so mannish it may aswell of had Sylvester Stallone in it; the wedding cliches, exchanges about clothes and ex - boyfriends and the soppy dancing scenes are written by a woman for women. Guys won't be driven away as the majority would know what they were getting into when watching an episode of something with "wedding" in the title. This is one of the first episodes so far to take place in an entirely non - Office context and those of you who enjoy it then you'll be pleased to know that the 4th season is comprised of nothing but. I personally have nothing against them but a dull setting needs to have clever writing to compensate, this episode does but almost all of the 4th season ones do not. I'm sorry but Pam just annoys me this season, flashing those jealous, puppy - dog eyes whenever Jim and Karen are enjoying themselves. YOU rejected HIM Pammy!

    It may just be scorn that Michael's own wedding with Carol never came about even though he proposed after a full 9 dates (how could she say no?) but he just seemed dead - set over ruining the whole ceremony without any real explanation. I know the key to Michael's charm is that he doesn't know that what he's doing is inappropriate but surely between the loud interruptions during the procession and the embarrassing toast in which he announces sordid details of Phyllis's schooling life, he must know that what he's doing is wrong. Steve Carrell is the king of subtle acting in this episode; he has to pile on the petulence and annoyingness but at the same time portray an internal desperation of wanting to steal the show and compared to the meat and potatoes acting from everyone else, his talent is furthur magnified. Who senses another Golden Globe for him?

    "Phyllis's Wedding" is a difficult one to write a closing comment about; on one hand it features some genuine laughs, fun moments and great character - based gags but it also features a series of changes; a slower - paced plot, having the duration of the episode out of the office and a lot more "awwwww" sequences. I feel that the former narrowly but clearly outweighs any negatives put forth by the latter.moreless
  • Who's next?

    Finally, the most adorable saleswoman-or shall I say salesperson- married the on and only Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. And she's the same age as Michael, so who knows. Anything can happen; but let's hope not.

    Let's do the math:

    A very special boss who's only been to one wedding in the past, trying to become the highlight + an ex-volunteer sheriff stopping wedding crashers on the door + A square drama we've all been on, with a drunk lady and old memories = already know what.

    I guess I've said it all; those stories matched pretty much alright, and as a result, we enjoyed a great episode with a lot of laughing moments, and some touching ones; such as Ryan, who got rid off the good luck for a close wedding, literally... or Toby in love. I mean, I don't know. I loved it all together.

    So, I guess there's nothing else to say, but...

    "I HATE YOU!"moreless
Maile Flanagan

Maile Flanagan

Phyllis' Sister

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Joanne Carlsen

Joanne Carlsen


Guest Star

Trish Gates

Trish Gates


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Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Recurring Role

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones

Karen Filippelli

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Bobby Ray Shafer

Bobby Ray Shafer

Bob Vance

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  • QUOTES (23)

    • (Michael is talking with Phyllis' uncle outside the wedding reception)
      Michael: I should talk to her. I don't want this to ruin her honeymoon.
      Uncle Al: Nobody ever helped me. I had to do it myself. Even the doctor didn't know.
      Michael: Dude, keep it together. I listened to you for half an hour even though most of that stuff went right over my head.

    • Michael: Phyllis and Bob. Their celebrity couple name would be... Phlob

    • Phyllis: Yes, I put Michael on my wedding. It was the only way I could think to get six weeks off for my honeymoon (smiles). No one else has ever gotten six weeks before.

    • Jim: (to camera) In school, we learned about this scientist who trained dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell, by feeding them whenever a bell rang. So, in the past couple of weeks, I've been conducting a similar experiment
      (Sound of Jim's computer rebooting)
      Jim: Dwight, want an Altoid?

    • Kevin: No, this is not our first wedding. This is the third wedding that Scrantonicity has played. We also played our bassist's wedding and our guitarist's wedding.

    • Michael: Congratulations, Bob. You're a good man. But just know, if you ever lay a finger on Phyllis, I will kill you.
      Bob Vance: If you ever lay a finger on Phyllis, I'll kill you.
      Michael: Agreed. No fingers will be laid on Phyllis.

    • Angela: Congratulations, Phyllis. You look lovely. Your dress is very white—so white my eyes are burning.
      Phyllis: Thanks, Angela.

    • Michael: Me walking Phyllis down the aisle was supposed to be the highlight of the wedding. And now, the wedding has no highlight.

    • Dwight: I saw Wedding Crashers accidentally. I bought a ticket for Grizzly Man and went into the wrong theater. After an hour, I figured I was in the wrong theater, but I kept waiting. That's the thing about bear attacks. They come when you least expect it.

    • Dwight: Why are all these people here? There's too many people on this earth. We need a new plague. Who are all these people?

    • Michael: There she is! I swear, Phyllis, you are as beautiful as the first day you started work at Dunder Mifflin.
      Phyllis: Thanks, Michael, that's sweet. Same as when you said it outside.

    • Dwight: The Schrutes have their own traditions. We usually marry standing in our own graves. Makes the funerals very romantic. But the weddings are a bleak affair.

    • Dwight: Hello, Angela.
      Angela: Hi, Dwight.
      Dwight: You look as beautiful as the Queen of England.
      Angela: Thank you. Don't linger. Break left.
      (Dwight breaks right)
      Angela: Left!

    • Pam: Phyllis ended up using the exact same invitations as Roy and me. So it was kind of like being invited to my own wedding. And I was like, wait, I thought I called that off.

    • Michael: Phyllis is getting married, and I am in the wedding party. She's asked me to push her father's wheelchair down the aisle. So basically, I am co-giving away the bride. Since I pay her salary, it is like I am paying for the wedding. Which I'm happy to do. It's a big day for Phyllis. But it's an even bigger day for me. Employer of the Bride.

    • Michael: Webster's Dictionary defines wedding as the fusing of two metals with a hot torch. Well you know something? I think you guys are two metals. Gold metals.

    • Jim: So, what's in the box?
      Stanley: A toaster, you?
      Karen: Uh, a toaster.
      Stanley: Unbelievable.

    • Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin. (shakes the hand of Toby's date) Where'd you find her?
      Toby: At the gym.
      Kevin: Right. The gym. (laughing)

    • Michael: You might be surprised to learn that I've only been to one other wedding. It's actually a very cute story. My mom was marrying Jeff, and they asked me to be ring bearer, and I was understandably emotional, and somehow my pants became wet.
      Young Michael: (on video crying) I hate you! (young Michael throws the ring)
      Michael: Long story short-Jeff's dog ended up as ring bearer and the irony is that after the ceremony, that dog peed on everything, and nobody said boo.

    • Michael: I can't believe I pushed that---that guy's lazy ass around all day, until he was ready to stand up and steal the show. That's-well, I got news for you Elbert, if that's your real name, the show is not over.

    • Kelly: Are you all right? This must be so awful for you.
      Pam: What do you mean?
      Kelly: Well, this was supposed to be your wedding
      Pam: Oh, um, no, that's, um…it's actually fine.
      Kelly: There's no way it's fine. I'm sorry. If I was you I would just like freak out and get really drunk and then tell someone I was pregnant.
      Pam: Ok, that's a lot of good ideas, thanks.

    • Jim: Hey!
      Pam: Hey.
      Jim: When are we gonna get to see some of those famous Beesly dance moves?
      Pam: (chuckles) I'm pacing myself.
      Jim: Come on. Get out there; give the people what they want.
      Pam: No, I'm such a dorky dancer.
      Jim: I know and it's very cute.

    • (wedding confessional)
      Michael: They say that your wedding day goes by in such a flash, you're lucky if you even get a piece of your own cake. I say that's crazy. I say "Let them eat cake". Margaret Thatcher said that about marriage. Smart broad.

  • NOTES (5)

    • The French episode title is "Le mariage de Phyllis", the Spanish title is "La boda de Phyllis", and the Italian title is "Il matrimonio di Phyllis", all exact translations.

    • Before this episode aired, NBC released promotional wedding photos with Michael in each one, a play on the gag of him trying to get into each photo from the episode.

    • Caroline Williams was nominated for a WGA Award in the Episodic Comedy category for her work on this episode.

    • Ken Whittingham won a 2008 Image Award in the Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series category for his work on this episode.

    • Music: Berceuse In D-flat, Op. 57 by Frédéric Chopin; Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner; Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn; The Police's "Roxanne", "Message in a Bottle", "Every Breath You Take", and "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic"; Sting's "Fields of Gold"; Jewel's "You Were Meant for Me"—all performed by Scrantonicity


    • When Jim referred to a scientist and his dog about salivating at a bell, he was referring to Ivan Pavlov, a Russian psychologist who developed classical conditioning. The experiment is known as "Pavlov's Dog".

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