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Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2005 on NBC

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    I love it it's so funny
  • tgfvvb

    They couldn't have started this show any worse. This episode was awful. There was little to no plot and the characters were boring. There wasn't a single memorable scene in this entire episode. A pilot episode should be alot better than this. Every joke was just a rip off of the British version. This was just lazy writing. It is beyond me how this show got picked up by NBC from this pilot episode. This was a disappointing start to this show.
  • The Pilot

    It's hard to believe how much the cast has changed since this first episode. But we are here not to talk about that, We are here to talk about the pilot. It was a good start to a very great series. It's weird seeing Michael Scott with his Pat Riley haircut. Steve Carell was a perfect choice for Michael Scott. He made a very first impression. Anyone else it would've been weird and the series would end quickly. Speaking of first impressions, we are introduced to Jim and Pam. Next to Michael, these are probably the most important people on the show. The writers and producers do a good job tricking you with them. I realize that everyone knows what happen, but I won't reveal what happens. Roy also makes an impression, you won't forget him. This episode also does a good job setting up something (downsizing) for the next couple seasons. Another character that introduced is Dwight Schrute. If you have the DVD, check out the deleted scenes. Like with Michael Scott, Rainn Wilson, was the perfect choice. Again this was a great start to NBC's series since Friends.
  • Pilot

    A documentary crew arrives at the offices of Dunder Mifflin to observe the employees and learn about modern management. Manager Michael Scott tries to paint a happy picture, while sales rep Jim fights with his nemesis Dwight and flirts with receptionist Pam. I feel like Jim's relationship with the rest of the characters is the core of the show, even if Michael is supposed to be the star. The relationship building with Jim / Pam / Dwight in this episode is just too hard to look away from. I like the style of the show and the documentary concept that the show looks to take advantage of. You can see some background characters that may or may not be used, we'll have to see. Solid start though.
  • 101

    One of the most overrated episodes of all time. The first episode of the Office was weak and I can't imagine this episode drew any fans in, the show's creative point was in season two. I have seen the British version before, and there's no comparison. The British version of the pilot beats this one. Maybe if they didn't copy everything word for word, and actually made a different kind of plot, this episode would have been better, but they didn't.

    I love the Office, it's one of my favorite shows, it's just I'm astonished at how much good ratings this episode got. If I was watching this for the first time, I wouldn't be too intrigued to watch the rest of the series. The highlights of the episode were Michael pretending to fire Pam in front of the new intern, Ryan. And of course Jim pranking Dwight, classic.

    So overall an okay start to the series. I felt like they could have done way better with this first episode, considering how brilliant they got next season. An okay premiere.
  • cool

    good start to a good show

    This show did not start off by going for laugh after laugh after laugh. The mockumentary style was new & refreshing and something which had not been attempted in America before (to my knowledge anyway)

    The great scene with the office supplies in jello was classic and still makes me laugh today! It is similar to the British version but the slight tweeks makes it new and different. In my opinion this US version is better than the UK version by a long way! A very worthy piloy episode. A great start to a great series!
  • Good pilot but not best. Crazy antics about the office about the wrong way to handle office situations is hilarious.

    The Office consists of Jim, Pam, Ryan, Dwight, Michael, Phylis, Stanley, Kevin, Oscar, Angela, and Toby. Also has warehouse people to Roy, Darrell are the main ones.

    Michael walks in asks for messages Pam gives him something from corporate and Michael throws it in to the special filing case (aka the trash can). Jan shows up for a scheduled meeting and asks about the schedule and if Michael wanted to change anything. Michael accuses Pam of not giving him anything from corporate. She says I did and you put it in the special filing case.

    Down-sizing is rumored around the office and everyone has mixed emotions on the subject. Dwight is prepared and happy. Michael tells everyone that the rumor is true and that he will fight to make sure no one in the office loses their jobs.

    Ryan the new temp is introduced to the office and Dwight finds his supplies in Jell-O and gets mad. But everyone gets a laugh out of it.

    Jim and Pam make plans to go and get some drinks to bring in the weekend. But Roy says no and those plans die off. Michael decides to play a joke on Pam so he brings her into his office and tells her she is fired for stealing post-its. She cries to such an extent that Michael can't handle it and tells her it was just a joke and she tells Michael that he is a jerk.
  • the pilot for the office

    when I heard they were manking an american version of the office developed by greg(one of my favorite simpsons writer), I didnt expect much. but this show may be possibly better than the original. the pilot is not that great but these guys are just getting warmed up and getting the british jokes out of the way so the whole show is not a complete rip off.I love micheals bufoonery even though he may be a little too much of a jerk at times. Like I said, the episode reuses the british shows joke(Like the jello) but it works out nicely. It was a great episode and i was impressed, And they went above and beyond in the later episodes
  • Exactly like the UK version but still a great beginning.

    For anyone who has watched the UK version you'll notice that this episode is pretty much a word for word remake. They probably used the exact same script. But that doesn't make it bad at all. This episode was both historical and very realistic. There is character development for Jim and Pam right off the bat. Looking back on this episode makes me think how shy and nervous all of them were in the beginning series. But the show has further developed and created its own story that is completely different from the UK version. The Office became my favorite show after only a week of watching it.
  • A good first episode (I never judge a show based on a pilot either, but I could tell this would be a different kind of humor right away).

    I had the misfortune of watching the premiere of the US version of The Office shortly after watching the first episode of the UK version. Therefore, my judgements were a bit harsh at first. I was thinking to myself, "Why is so much of this similar? They took some lines almost verbatim!"

    Watching it again, I remember why this is my favorite comedy. I was too quick to judge and dumb to assume that The Office in the US is exactly like the UK version. I can think of at least a dozen different instances were Greg Daniels changed lines around to make it a little different. While I thought David Brent's "woke up at the crack of Dawn" line was hilarious, Michael Scott's Hitler and Three Stooges impersonation to Ryan was even better. Also, the Jello scene, whether or not it's in the American or British version, is still funny.

    When people do remakes, there's the problem of emerging from the shadow of the original. While Parks and Recreation isn't a remake or a spinoff, it's in the same style and has much of the same subject matter. Just like that show and The Office US version, the American Office and British Office had the problem of separating from one another, and upon seeing the show now, they did a good job

    However, most pilot episodes are never the best representations of what a show is like, and this one proves that. However, it does give a good idea of what the characters are like and what's going to happen. No matter what becomes of The Office, all I'll need to do is see Michael throwing away his faxes into the "special filing cabinet."
  • I haven't seen the British version, but I loved this episode! I watched it five times already in a span of two days.

    It's a regular day at Dundler Mifflin, a paper company. Michael is the boss of the place. He is wacky, funny, obnoxious, and oblivious. Dwight is an employee, who is serious about his work, yet he is also very goofy. Jim is your average Joe, and he seems attracted to Pam. Pam is the receptionist. She is engaged, but she seems to like Jim back. Michael often teases Pam. Ryan is the new guy. Michael shows him around. Someone from coorporate tells Michael that they may need to downsize at their branch. He panics and the employees are also worried.

    This episode was so funny! I loved all the jokes and the awkward silences! This show is so hilarious! It's serious comedy, but it's also very immature. I love it! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Poor Greg Daniels... It's not that bad of an episode.

    Poor Greg Daniels; he gets so much hate for this episode.

    Really, I don't think it's that bad, in fact, I think it's pretty good, considering. First of all; it is a copy of the British pilot. Not an exact copy, because some things have been changed and added, but almost an exact copy.

    Second of all; it is a pilot, and on average pilot episode of TV shows are below average. I think if you can ignore the fact that it has been done before, and look at it just as a pilot it becomes more appealing. Because, all in all; it is a good pilot. It's funny, it introduces the characters, and some running themes (Michael is offensive, Jim likes Pam, etc). I'm sure we call all think of shows that have had worse pilots.

    So, overall; not a bad episode, but it does get better…
  • Pale comparison to the original.

    I understand that NBC was trying to bring in the magic that was The Office (UK). But an almost word-for-word copy is the best that they could do? They attempted the same thing with the ill fated Coupling.

    Having been a great fan of the UK version, I watched this episode with much anticipation. Either NBC would nail it, or fail miserably. We got the latter.

    This episode was so stiff, like they were actually just trying to copy the UK show. I've seen better reenactments of it in my actual office. I felt no chemistry with the characters at all, some actually put me off.

    All in all, the Pilot and second episode were bad enough that I didn't watch the show again, until the 4th season. I have recently watched all the other seasons and now believe that this is one of the greatest shows on TV. Unfortunately it took them a season to get into the swing of it. Luckily they did, and luckily I gave it another chance.
  • Almost an exact copy of the UK pilot, but still a solid introduction to the show.

    This episode kicked off the US version of The Office and introduced us to all the interesting people working at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Yes, this episode is in many ways an exact copy of the pilot for the UK version of the show, but it's still hilarious! While establishing many similarities with the show it is based on, this episode also highlighted some key differences. For example, Michael Scott and David Brent are very different people (though they are both horrible managers). The episode also acquaints us with the super nerd Dwight and the charming Jim and Pam. While not very original, this episode is a solid base from which the show continues to build on.
  • A good start to a great series.

    The pilot episode was a good start to a great series. This episode did a wonderful job of helping the audience to figure out who each character is, and the situations that are going on in the office and in their lives. The acting is very good, and the looks some of the characters give to the camera add something extra to this series, setting it up for even better episodes in the future. This episode may not be the funniest episode, but it was still pretty good, and had its funny moments too. I particularly liked the interactions between Jim and Dwight, especially when Jim builds a pencil barrier between them, and Dwight knocks each pencil down with his phone. The best quote of the entire episode was one that I believe Steve Carell added in himself; it is when Michael states his four heroes: Abraham Lincoln (one of his "quotes" will make a hilarious appearance in Diversity Day), Bob Hope, Bono, and God. When he says incalculable, I always laugh. Copying the British pilot exactly might not have been the best idea, though; they could have kept the general idea, but changed a few more things to make it their own. I guess the pilot episode of The Office just shows that it is extremely difficult to transfer British comedy over to America without making any changes. Once this show started setting out on its own, and carving out its own personal path, it became stronger, and funnier. Overall, though, this pilot episode was well-done, but did not entirely showcase the funniness of this series. 9.1/10.
  • A documentary crew arrives at the offices of Dunder Mifflin to observe the employees and learn about modern management. Manager Michael Scott tries to paint a happy picture, and sales rep Jim fights with his nemesis Dwight and flirts with receptionist Pam

    "You are a gentleman and a scholar" This line was said not even a minute into the show and i was already in love. I still use this quote for everyone. I can say that it wasn't going to be the last thing i quote from this show. I can remember how eager i was just to watch this episode. Even when I came back to school i would talk about the episodes in class. I can't remember a show that i would do this for besides this one. This is just overall a great show.

    Quotes: "You are a gentleman and a scholar"
    "As a doctor you would not tell a patient that he has cancer"
    "One word, Two Syllables, Demarcation"
    "Heros I respect. Bob Hope, Abraham Lincoln, Bono, and probably God would be the 4th one. And i think all those people really helped the world in so many ways, its beyond words. Its really quite incacrabale" "...Pudding..."
  • It was okay....

    In my opinion a pilot episode of anything should be one of the best in the series. It needs to be better than all the others so that people get interested about what will happen in the next episode. This episode did not do that. It was very slow for a pilot and many of the scenes that were supposed to be funny were just strange. If this show hadn't been reccomended to me by a friend I would have stopped watching after this episode. This episode was not as good as I expected it to be and I am very disappointed.
  • While pretty funny, seems like they were too much like the Brit version.

    I'll be starting out every season one review with this:

    Don't get me wrong. I love The Office. I think it's one of the funniest shows on TV right now. It's clever, quick, interesting, with characters. I feel you can really relate to some characters, while also feeling like you know some personality types in real life. That said....

    The pilot episode was a decent way to start the series. It introduced all of the main people, while giving you a taste of their personalities, and how they react to one another. Yet, it couldn't help but have a forced feel to it. Like Greg Daniels said, "Hey. We need it to be JUST like the British version." I'd only seen the first installment of the UK one, and this was almost scene-for-scene the same thing. So it just didn't quite leave me satisfied. However, I still did like it. I guess I could say it was just a sample of the greatness that was sure to follow.
  • It was an average episode.

    This is an average episode, but it is a horrible pilot episode. This episode had it's moments, but it was probably the worst episode of The Office ever made. In this episode, we meet the employees of Dunder-Mifflin and what they think of their jobs. We meet Michael Scott (Steve Carell) who thinks he is the coolest boss and everybody loves him. Truth is that he is the most annoying and obnoxious boss. We also meet Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), who sis the Assistant To The Regional Manager and loves Michael (not in a gay way). Other people that we meet in this episode include Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer), who are best friends, but Jim wants to be more than friends (she doesn't know though). The final person that we meet is the new temp Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak) who is just getting used to all of the new stuff. So, I wasn't a fan of the pilot episode, but give it some time and they'll get better and better (I know this for sure).
  • A well done start to a funny series!

    This pilot is well done. It has everything the first episode should have. The characters are established well and the scene is set. All this is done, but the episode isn't just plot and setting, it is also funny. The scene with Michael and Ryan "Punking" Pam is priceless. It is well acted, and as we will see a lot with this series timing is perfect. The scene is so well done that. it alone got me hooked on the series. Steve Carell is perfect as Michael Scott. This episode isn't dry like many others, it is great all on it's own!
  • The begining of a great show.

    The pilot episode for The Office (U.S.) is extremely good. While it is basically an exact copy of the pilot episode for the U.K. version of The Office where the jokes have been Americanized, it's still extremely funny. I have also seen the U.K. version of the pilot for The Office, and I have to say that I find the U.S. version much funnier. Everyone in the cast played their parts pefectly right from the start which I consider a big accomplishment for any TV show. I epecially liked the instant chemistry between John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer who play Jim and Pam. All in all, this was a great episode, and the begining of a great show.
  • If your going to start watching "The Office", you might want to watch this first. Not because of a complex plot or anything, but because...

    If your going to start watching "The Office", you might want to watch this first. Not because of a complex plot or anything, but because it will introduce you to the very developed characters and their relationships, along with the type of humor used in the show. Often times you'll feel like you are a part of the office - laughing with the employees, but at the boss; Michael, or at Dwight; the Assistant [to] Regional Manager. This brings about a lot of simple humor (between Dwight and Michael, a lot of strange things happen), but the show also has some more complex jokes. I would reccommend watching this before other episodes, but you'll figure it out if you don't.
  • Great beginning for a series!

    I'm a big Scrubs fan, and since it airs at the same night at the Office, I decide to give it a try to see if this show was as good as anyone else said. And they were correct! It's so funny! So as I am new to the series, I decide to watch the pilot episode, I buy it in the Internet, and absolutely love the episode.

    This episode kind of introduces us to a lot of characters. From Michael, who believes that he is the best boss in the world and because of that he can joke about anything and he thinks that he is the coolest in the office. Then we have other characters like the receptionist Pam, who seems to be a great target for Michael's joke, I was sad when Michael told her that she was going to get fire, but then Michael began laughing saying "Punk'd", so funny! I also like the rivarly between Jim (who has a crush on Pam, which is really cute) and Dwain who takes rules too seriously, but not even Michael listens to his overreaction over work. Then, we have the new guy, Ryan (I believe) who is new in the office and begins experiencing how everyone is like, his co-workers and his boss.

    This episode introduces to a small plot, in which there has to be downsizing and Michael, Pam, and Jan have to know about, but eventually everyone seems to know about it and are worried that they are getting fired, Michael tells them that they have nothing to worry about, but no one trusts Michael enough to take care of such a difficult thing. I love this episode, it is the beginning of a great series, some day of these I am going to buy the complete first season on the Internet, and let's if it keeps getting better.
  • Gotta say, this was an excellent pilot.

    Usually pilots are pretty low grade, and then the series picks up as the character actors and writers get more into form. However, this one was great right out the starting gate.

    What struck me was I had seen later episodes and I just took Pam for a mousy little figure. But she really showed her acting prowess on the crying jag when she thought she was fired. She can create total empathy.

    Steve Carell was his excellent self and everyone looked as veteran as the later episodes. It's as if there was no time lapse, the characters seem exactly the same three(?) seasons later.

    Really funny about the Punk'd thing, Carell is so obnoxious! and it was simply all good. To me, this is the most standout series I've seen in a long time.
  • Oh The Office

    A Haiku:
    Oh my The Office
    How I So Love to Watch You
    You Make My Soul Laugh

    I was wondering what direction The US Office was going to take. I did not see the entire british version but did catch the first season. My first reaction was that the US one was going to try to replicate the success of the Bristih version. Thankfully this wasn't so. Yes the pilot was similar to the Brisith version in some instances... The Office US has taken off to wonderful hights. The writers did an excetional job with this episodes and the many following. I must admit it took me a couple episodes to fall in love with the characters and their antics but now i must admit... I find humor in every episode.

    Now I can look back on the pilot and be blown away. Ahhhh the wonderful beginnings... so so so wonderful
  • Funny episode!

    I am loving this show already and it is one of the best shows I have ever seen. As a documentary crew films Michael Scott, who tries to put on a great impression trying to be the best boss ever. When in truth, he isn't at all. Then Jim fights with his enemy as well as flirts with the receptionist. A greawt show to start out with!
  • A pretty good start for the series

    I just discovered this series and I watched the Pilot episode first. I found it very nice. Caractere presentation in that episode is a bit long but it will help to better understand next stories. I really liked wen Jim made a limit between his desk and the Dwight one with pencils. I also loved when Dwight found his broaching machine in Jello. This trick is so nice. So, I liked that episode and this makes me very excited about viewing the second one. Caracteres are very interesting and situations are too funny. I hope others episode will be as good as the Pilot episode.
  • What a great start to the series!

    What a great start to the series!

    This show did not start off by going for laugh after laugh after laugh. The mockumentary style was new & refreshing and something which had not been attempted in America before (to my knowledge anyway)

    The great scene with the office supplies in jello was classic and still makes me laugh today! It is similar to the British version but the slight tweeks makes it new and different. In my opinion this US version is better than the UK version by a long way! A very worthy piloy episode. A great start to a great series!
  • Good introduction to the series, but not the best episode.

    Warning, long review ahead:

    This episode is basically an introduction to the staff of the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin, a fictional paper company in Pennsylvania.

    Here's a bit of information about the main characters first:

    The regional manager of the branch, Michael Scott, (played by the amazing Steve Carell) is a single 42 year old man who is a self-absorbed, racist, sexist, ignorant, inconsiderate, inappropriate and insensitive man. He thinks of himself as "a friend first, a boss second" and thinks that he is a manly, great person whom everyone can trust. He tries to be an entertainer and thinks he's hilarious. He always jokes around with his employees, but they are never amused and can't help but feel uncomfortable around him. He doesn't exactly mean to be how he is, he is just very insecure and is somewhat of a loner. He often says things that come out the wrong way. He does have moments where he can be nice, caring, and sensitive however. He really cares for his employees although he doesn't really show it. His personality makes him the most unpopular member of the office.

    Dwight is the assistant to the regional manager. He is a kiss-up towards Michael, despite the fact that Michael insults him and constantly calls him stupid and spineless. He loves authority and likes to think that he has authority in the office. He is one of the least popular members of the office, although he is slightly more tolerable than Michael.

    Jim is a sales representative. He is one of the more mild-mannered and competent employees, although he does enjoy making elaborate pranks for Dwight. Despite the fact that he dislikes his job and is rather cynical, he is also sensitive and often lacks confidence. He is in love with the receptionist, Pam and flirts with her often. Pam is the only reason he likes his job.

    Pam is the receptionist. She is engaged to an arrogant, rude warehouse worker named Roy. Her feelings about work are similar to Jim's, she finds it dull and boring, but puts up with it. Although she is very close to Jim, she doesn't know about his feelings (for a while). She doesn't really know what she wants which may explain why she still stays with Roy, because she thinks that is how it is supposed to be.

    Ryan is the temporary employee, often called "temp" by Michael. He is more competent than Michael and Dwight and is often subject to Michael's meaningless tasks. Michael has a bit of a man-crush on Ryan which scares him, and Ryan tries to avoid Michael whenever possible. Like Jim, Ryan doesn't exactly like his job and is uncomfortable around most of his coworkers.

    Anyways, in this episode, Michael hears of corporate plans to close his branch and he tries to keep the news quiet. He tries to assure his employees that everything is fine, but cannot seem to boost the morale.

    This is not my favorite episode and is a bit slow, but still has many funny moments. One of the best moments is when Dwight finds out that Jim has put all of his supplies into Jello. One great thing about the show is the "rivalry" between Jim and Dwight.

    I think anyone can like this show. It has a subtle sort of humor, but is very enjoyable and pretty much anyone would find it funny. Certain jokes can be hard to catch, like how the employees look at the cameras, or their expressions.

    This is not the best example of a classic episode, but don't judge the show just by this episode. Once you've seen episodes like "Diversity Day," "The Alliance," "Booze Cruise," and "The Injury," you'll wonder why you didn't get into it earlier. Seriously, you won't regret watching it, as this is probably the funniest and best show on TV.
  • good pilot

    Great Pilot still classic when he puts dwights stuff in jello. The funniest part had to be whe mike called pam in to tell her she was fired. And then he said sike you've been punked ha ha ha ha ha ha lol. I think it was a well written episode for a pilot. I recomend this episode to watch. It was great one of my all time favorite episodes. Mike was so hilariouse in this episode. I knew when I first saw this that the Office was going places. Watch this episode it was very very good I recomend it.
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