The Office

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2005 on NBC

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  • Good pilot but not best. Crazy antics about the office about the wrong way to handle office situations is hilarious.

    The Office consists of Jim, Pam, Ryan, Dwight, Michael, Phylis, Stanley, Kevin, Oscar, Angela, and Toby. Also has warehouse people to Roy, Darrell are the main ones.

    Michael walks in asks for messages Pam gives him something from corporate and Michael throws it in to the special filing case (aka the trash can). Jan shows up for a scheduled meeting and asks about the schedule and if Michael wanted to change anything. Michael accuses Pam of not giving him anything from corporate. She says I did and you put it in the special filing case.

    Down-sizing is rumored around the office and everyone has mixed emotions on the subject. Dwight is prepared and happy. Michael tells everyone that the rumor is true and that he will fight to make sure no one in the office loses their jobs.

    Ryan the new temp is introduced to the office and Dwight finds his supplies in Jell-O and gets mad. But everyone gets a laugh out of it.

    Jim and Pam make plans to go and get some drinks to bring in the weekend. But Roy says no and those plans die off. Michael decides to play a joke on Pam so he brings her into his office and tells her she is fired for stealing post-its. She cries to such an extent that Michael can't handle it and tells her it was just a joke and she tells Michael that he is a jerk.