The Office

Season 5 Episode 13

Prince Family Paper

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on NBC
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Michael and Dwight spy on a rival paper company. The rest of the office debates whether or not Hilary Swank is hot.

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  • The prince and Hilary Swank

    Remember when I said that when Season 4 began, that it marked the beginning the end? This episode was another step to that. By season 7 or 8 standards, this would've been a higher rated episode. This was the first episode where both storylines were not good, especially one of them.

    David Wallace sends Michael to get info on a local paper company where Dunder Mifflin doesn't have a footprint in. Michael happily accepts this and Dwight comes along to join him. Michael and Dwight together have always been good and this was no exception. This time it was a little less funny. I liked the name Michael used. Also funny was how Dwight wanted the father of the company to fire his son. To be fair, Dwight didn't know this and would still say the same thing. Lost in all of this how Dwight and especially Michael have grown up. In the past someone would've screw this up somehow. It's not like the people they were fooling were dumb either. Michael gets the info but quickly regrets when he realizes how nice the people were. Dwight and David try to reassure him but Michael still feels bad. I admire him for that.

    I think the biggest reason why this episode is rated lower is the Hilary Swank storyline. This may have been the worst storyline of the series up until this point. I would be in the camp of the hot group but this should've not taken as long as it did. This kind of thing is something Michael would do. Maybe they have worked with Michael too long and that's why this happened. I also wonder why Toby didn't put a stop to this. Other then when it ended what was good about this was how some of the secondary characters would've stepped up. It would've been nice to see what Creed did say. Meredith was the funniest. (to see that you would need to check out the deleted scenes on the DVD)

    This is not a bad episode but not every one can be gold.moreless
  • Michael Has to Get Tough with the Competition, but will he?

    I really thought this one was funny. Michael's remark about Vietnam (and the look on Mr. Prince's face) were uncomfortably classic Office humor. Dwight was his usual stubborn, non-caring self. The Hillary Swank debate was fairly entertaining, especially when Jim convinces Kevin (briefly) that Hillary would like to make out with him. Angela's total disgust with the whole debate was expected, but still good.
  • 512

    The whole office tries to determine whether Hilary Swank is hot or not, it was hilarious that they dragged that one conversation through the whole episode.

    Not the most memorable episode of The Office but it was definitely an enjoyable one, if you can sit through this, and tell me you did not enjoy this episode, I would think you were lying.

    This episode wasn't over the top or ridiculous it was just a fun Office episode, sure it was nothing compared to the previous seasons but it was still good, so there, a good episode of The Office after a couple of weeks of mediocrity, hopefully The Office can stay on this path of success.moreless
  • While Dwight and Michael get new clients from the Prince Family Paper, the office debates weather Hilary Swank is hot or not.

    This was the second worst episode of the series hands-down. The only one that was worse was the pilot episode. Michael and Dwight were pretty cruel, and it was really not that funny. Also, unfortunetly, the trees in the backround. They were green... in February... in Scranton... Come on, try to get the quality up on that! The office debate was extremely boring as well, and it should of not been in this episode. Stanley was way to out of charachter, and actually so was Oscar. Season 5 has been a really good season. Probably the second best, only season two was better. But this episode was really bad, and for this show, a bad episode, is still like 500 times better than all the other crap on television today.moreless
  • a good episode

    This episode was a filler but i still thought it was good. It kept things realistic which is what the office should do. There were two plots in the episode with the more important one being michael and dwight going to a rival paper company to get it's list of clients. This plot was the better of the two and i enjoyed watching michael get along with the family that ran the business and he didn't want to steal their clients. The other plot was the employees of dunder miffilin scranton deciding whether hilary swank is hot or not hot. It was entertaining but not important at all. I also loved kevin saying that a painting is beautiful and a woman is hot and he would not bang a painting. And how michael walked in and saw the picture and said that she was hot to resolve the conflict was great. Also dwight chasing michael for the client list was hilarious.moreless
Emily Rae Argenti

Emily Rae Argenti

Rebecca Prince

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Dan Desmond

Roger Prince, Sr.

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Dan Bakkedahl

Dan Bakkedahl

Roger Prince, Jr.

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Andy Buckley

David Wallace

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