The Office

Season 3 Episode 21

Product Recall

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • A crisis at the office

    A big problem happens at the office and this time Michael didn't cause it although he "helped" it. More on that later. This would be rated higher except for the part with Andy hooking up with the high school girl. Yes, Andy was just coming back from anger management so he was on a low and he didn't know. Maybe it's because of Dateline: To Catch a Predator or this kind of thing is not done very often, but Andy being with a high school girl was a little uncomfortable. However I don't view Andy being creepy and hope you don't either.

    Speaking of creeps, you find out early on that Creed was responsible for the incident in the office paper. What he did eventually cost someone their job. (not at the office) I think this may have a little mean, even crossing the line, but this was Creed. He explains why he does it and at least I respect him for it. It's not surprising that he did it considering the flashes of the things he did before. It was funny seeing Kelly help train the accounting department, Angela was the best in this situation. Michael tries to make this situation better by inviting a customer and someone from the press. The best part was Michael saying sorry and giving the customer a check for six months of free paper would make up for it. His apology video was just great. Check out his other apology videos. They are just as funny. Despite the situation with Andy and the girl, it was still funny and very good episode.
  • 321

    A really amazing memorable episode of The Office this week, I laughed all the way through, not a dull moment. A great bounce back from last week's weak offering, but this episode was absolutely fantastic.

    All of the interactions between the characters were flawless form the cold opening to the very end, you will laugh all the way through, I guarantee it. From Kelly training Angela and Angela having to take aspirin before Kelly starts training her to Andy finding out his girlfriend is a high school student, this was a hilarious episode.

    The one who stole the show here wasn't Michael nor Jim, it was Creed. He was the funniest, him blaming the innocent person and then taking the money in the end, there's a lot of things we don't know about Creed, and I think it's better if he stays a question mark, that way he can make random comments like saying he was a homeless man.

    Jim dressing like Dwight and Dwight dressing like Jim was a classic scene that will be remembered by every Office fan. This is why Season 3 was the best season.
  • Mrs. Allen: I'm calling the Better Business Bureau. Michael: Yeah? Well I'm calling the "Ungrateful Bee-otch Hotline"!

    That line made the whole show, not to metion the intro and outro. Although I have to say that Jim's impression was a whole lot better than Dwight's. Anyway, that's exactly how Dwight would immitate anyone. Question: Is this the best episode of the third season so far?
    It depends but I really really enjoyed this one. It may be a mix of things that made it unique. For example Angela raging or Oscar and Kevin's celebration. Maybe it's the argument between Mrs. Allen and Michael. Yeah, I bet it was that and the classic: Well I'm calling the "ungreatful b-otch hotline" DAMN

    Yea well FACT: the episode "product recall" is one of the best episodes so far.. i did feel really bad for andy even tho i normally hate him and find him to make my ears bleed when he talks but he was different in this episode.. thst was so funny how the lady at the press release was just like "no, but im telling u.. i will NOT accept ur apology." kreed taking the money in the end was funny but way too predictable.. i just realized that i dont think toby was in that episode once. . yea toby is hands down the best character.. so yea, FACT i will never stop watch michael scott and his silly telivision broadcasted antics..
  • Bears. Beets. Battle Star Galactica.

    This is quite possibly my favorite episode ever. This episode's cold open was priceless. It was the single best prank played on Dwight. Jim's impersonation was spot on. The short sleeve shirt, $4 glasses, and passion for bears and bobble-heads. "Identity Theft Is Not A Joke Jim, Millions Of Families Suffer Every Year."

    This episode "Product Recall" revolves around the recall of 500 boxes of paper with an obscene watermark on them. Creed "screwed the pooch" with his quality assurance. It was nice change having an episode where Creed plays more a major role. Creed Bratton's portrayal of a character named after him is in one word: hysterical. Usually him lurking in the corner is enough to get a laugh out of me, but this episode really allowed him to shine. "The only difference between me and a homeless man is this job." Classic Creed collects money for the girl he got fired... and kept it for himself. I wouldn't want it any other way. "I feel terrible, she got fired because of Dwight." Creed's role in this episode was only slightly more than his regular one or two comments but in my eyes, he stole the show. (hence this review is practically a sum up of all the events involving him)

    The only way to top this episode off. Rain Wilson's impression of Jim. Absolutely gut busting. *mumble* little comment.

    Overall The Office to me is all about the underlying comedy. You might not always laugh out loud but the subtle jokes are what this show is all about. This show always delivers and this episode was no exception.
  • Best start/end sequence ever

    My wife and I have watched this episode over 50 times just because of the beginning and the end. It was so funny it pushed us into writing this review.

    Seeing Jim imitate Dwight and seeing Dwight trying to imitate Jim is a perfect example of how this show has mastered the art of defining characters.

    In the starting sequence Jim refines his role as the office prankster with remarks on how he got the costume and props. Jim then grants a masterful imitation of Dwight by dressing up like him and bringing up subjects like bears, beets and battlestar galactica. At the end we also thought it was funny to see how Jim takes advantage of Dwight's indecent proposal to Karen by hopefully asking Karen: "Do you?" and being turned down by Karen.

    Dwight also refines his role as the office nerd/dork and funniest character on the show. He begins by acting grateful towards Jim at the starting sequence, taking the imitation as a form of flattery. At the end sequence we thought it was extremely funny when Dwight tried to imitate Jim. Dwight managed to dress like him successfully but when it came to imitating Jim's talking, walking and overall personality, Dwight fails miserably to the delight of us all.
  • Office Classic

    Just when you think there was no more storylines to do that kept them in the office they pull out this ides which in my opinion is one of the best from this season or any season in terms of how many laughs it got from me in this epsiode it reminded me of watching the injury during the second season. Also the best conference room scenes ive seen in any episode this is one of the episodes that can be placed anywhere during the season because there are not many things in this episode that are to carry a storyline its just a solid 21 minute office episode that reminded me of season 2
  • Best episode to date

    This is why I watch this show. This is my favorite episode of all time. I was honestly laughing throughout the whole thing. I was even watching with friends who dont watch the show normally and they were dying with laughter. I knew it would be great just from the start alone, when Jim was imitating Dwight. Man that was so spot on it was incredible. There were more one liners in this episode than pretty much any other tv show episode I've ever seen. I wish they showed more of the situation with the principal in the school though.
  • Product Recall

    Is there any doubt or debate as to whether or not this is the best episode in The Office history? Just a fun episode that saw the often unappreciated Creed finally get his shot at the spotlight and be the focus of a storyline, something that the writers refuse to do for no rational reason.

    The episode also featured some great exchanges between Andy and Jim. It was at this point that the Dwight and Jim relationship started to fizzle and get boring (the cold opening was not funny to me despite many loving it) but Andy and Jim still had a lot of potential.

    Even Michael was funny. This is a must-watch for any Office fan.
  • There is an "obsene watermark" on 500 reams of paper.

    This has to be one of the best episodes there are in the entire series. Only if you have followed the series, however. For example, some of my friends have never watched the show, and when I show them this episode, they don't think its funny because they have no clue what if going on. You need to have watched several episodes to understand the very beginning and end of this episode, but if you do understand, its hilarious. My friends who do watch it wholeheartedly agree that this episode is one of the best. Also, I believe only one of the disagree that it is the best television show, but i think he was jealous because he didn't have the season.
  • The office is in crisis mode after a large shipment of Dunder-Mifflin paper is accidentally sent out with an obscene watermark. The office crew try to manage and fix the situation to keep their customer base.

    Okay, I believe this episode's cold-open was the best of season three. Jim mimicking Dwight was spot-on fantastic. As the theme music cued, I was laughing so hard it hurt! Gosh, I love this show!

    Michael is at his best in crisis-mode, and he doesn't fail to deliver here for us big fans! Loved almost everyone's storylines in this episode from Michael to Creed to Angela to Kelly. Oh Kelly!! She was amazing! "This place is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" (Gwen Stefani reference who has a song by that name from a year or two ago.) I love Kelly 2.0, that is, the new and improved Kelly with a personality, relatability and a sparkle. The Kelly we saw in season one and the first part of season two was like she wasn't even from this country, like she was 50 years old and never spoke. But I love the current Kelly, and am enjoying getting to know her character more and more lately!

    And Michael states that Ryan has STILL not made a sale for Dunder Mifflin. How is he still there? Oh, right, because of his "sweet cheeks" as Michael describes him in this episode.

    The only storyline I didn't like in this episode was Andy's - he's dating a high school aged girl? Please. Even he isn't that dumb and she isn't that dumb. I don't see someone like Andy hooking up with a minor still in high school. Give me a break.

    Other than that, funny episode. Definite series classic. And Creed at his best - keeping one foot in the door and the other toeing the line. Who would give money to him these days? Guillable co-workers, that's who. Surely by now they know he's a con, a thief, a liar. But it's okay. Keeps his character interesting!!

    Keep up the good work!
  • "That's not going to hold up in court."

    This was simply a great episode. I loved the Jim-Dwight relationship in this one and how Dwight's plan at the end backfires horribly. The intro was absolutely brilliant. I watched it on dunderball earlier in the week, so I knew it was coming, but it's still hilarious the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc time you watch it.

    The whole thing with Andy's girlfriend was a little weird, if you ask me. It was a little unbelievable that he would have even though she was even remotely close to his age, although it was quite funny how they both reacted.

    Can't wait for next week!
  • Simply classic Office.

    Alright, so as much as I love all the awkward sexual tension that has become season three, this episode dumped all of that and was just funny. Really funny.

    One of the best parts in Product Recall was putting Andy and Jim together, which had hillarious results. The stuff with Andy's girlfriend was unbelievably funny. And of course there was a nice Jim moment when Jim started singing in the car.

    Nice embarressing moments with Micheal and Dwight back at the Office. Everything with Kelly and the Accountants was fun too. And wow tons of screen time for Creed in this episode. Haha good old Creed.

    Hands down though, this episode had some of the greatest Jim and Dwight rivalry in it out of any episode ever (at the begining and ending of the episode). Fantastic.
  • A disgruntled employee puts a provocative water mark on the company's paper and Michael decides his team has to go into damage control. Hilarity ensues as Michael attempts to have a press conference, Jim and Andy go to a local high school to apologize.

    A pretty good episode. Lots of very funny parts but I felt like the episode ended extremely abruptly. I loved Angela trying to do customer service. I also loved Michael's recorded speech at the end of the episode. Like I said lots of very funny parts but the episode itself was not very cohesive and felt like a lot of great little puzzle pieces that were not put together by the end of the episode which was a little disappointing. You cannot beat the wonderful part of Jim impersonating Dwight though. That scene alone makes this episode a classic one.
  • WOW!

    This was one of the best episodes of The Office this season and probably ever. Everyone seemed to be right on the mark tonight. Poor Micheal, he had to take the blunt of that poor ladies complaining. That's how customer service usually is though however, you got to hear a lot of complaining if something goes wrong. Also Micheal was amazing with his apology video. My favorite thing about the episode was Dwight telling Micheal that he couldn't beat the SWAT team, I thought that was hilarious. I was a little disturbed though when Dwight was talking about all the animal things.....I'll just leave it at that.
  • This new episode featured the efforts of Dunder-Mifflin and its manager, Michael Scott, to handle a "crisis" when a shipment of paper must be recalled after an obscene watermark is printed on the paper.

    This was an awesome episode. My initial reaciton was "Wow, that was great!" This episode involved the entire cast in an effort to avert a crisis. There were some absolutely fabulous quotes throughout the episode. Dwight's gung-ho attitude about the situation, and Jim and Andy's trip to Dunmore High School was great, in which Andy found out that his "girlfriend" was a high-schooler. The role of Creed Bratton in the episode was absolutely BRILLIANT, with his own escaping of responsibility by getting someone else fired, and taking the money from her farewell card!! Hilarious! A priceless moment was Dwight moving the tree in front of Phyllis, and the refusal of Angela to apologize to customers, much to the dismay of Kelly. One of the hyped-up moments of the episode was the cold opener in which Jim did his first-ever impersonation of Dwight, and frankly, I'm surprised it took so long. It was hilarious!! Actually, I enjoyed even more the counter-impersonation of Jim by Dwight at the end, which no one was expecting. Some great quotes of the episode: Dwight: "Pam, run a comb through your hair." Jim: "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." Michael: "I need two men on this! That's what she said! NO! NO! No time!" GREAT episode!
  • Now that's what I'm talking about!

    I think that this was definately one of the best episodes yet. The water mark was a bit disturbing but other than that it was hilarious. " Hey could you Beer me that CD" lol I also love the part when Dwight dresses up as Jim at the end. But I definately think that there needs to be more JAM action. That's really what got me into the series in the first place and I would really like to see some more action on the part of Pam and Jim. But overall, good episode and very funny from Michael's appology tape recording to the press conference.

    This is by far the best episode of the office. The water mark was really strange looking. I can really see that happening in real life. Wow that would be something. In the begining, jim copies dwight making him mad, that was intersting to see. I also liked how dwight put that plant in front of Phylis. I like phylis! lol, that was mean/funny at the same time. We need to see more episodes like this on the office. Micheals reaction to the media was also hilarius. Nobody really cared about the whole water mark thing, but in his mind someone obviously did. Another great episode.
  • Getting better every week

    The office has consistently gotten better and funnier each week which is usually hard for a show in it's third season to do. In my opinion it has yet to "Jump the Shark". every actor and actress plays their character perfectly and looks like they have fun with it...Especially Mindy Kaling(Kelly).
  • Another GREAT episode The Office.

    They can do no wrong! Jim Halpert as Dwight Schrute was perfect perfect perfect! My favorite part by far though was Kelly trainging the accountants. "This day is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!" *Angela takes a bunch of pills* "I dont have a headache...I'm just preparing." wow and I love Creed. He is such a jackass but it's great. "I'm supposed to go check with the factory once a week and the one year that I skip is the time that something bad happens" lmao (oh and I am aware that those are quotes word for word but yeah) Basically The Office is amazing :)
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