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  • Well, my last review got deleted so let's try again...

    This show is terrible. I cannot find ANYTHING that I enjoy about it. Dont get me wrong, the concept is good, it was fantastic when the BBC did it but, like everything else, the Americans killed it.

    The American verision of the office is just not as funny, it's not as clever and the humour is no where near as sophisticated. There are very few American comedies I enjoy and this certainly is not one of them. I gave this show a chance, I tried to like it but it's just painful. It's aimed at the lowest common denominator so it's quite depressing that it has been so popular...

    I would rather lick a cheese grater than watch this show.
  • A comedy about a paper company who's workers constantly face their daily niusance, their boss.

    The Office is a great, no superb and cleverly funny show that requires only a couple of minutes to get hooked. Being my favorite show, I feel terrible when this show ends because I just cant get enough. Every episode is a good episode and none are tiring, yet worth watching thrice. Steve Carell does a marvelous job at keeping me breathless with laughter along with the rest of the cast. What I mainly like about the show is all the little quotes that Micheal Scott (Steve Carell) makes like "I think that I'm like a father to(his employees) and for all I know, this cup says World's Greatest Dad" which is funny because he is nowhere near being considered a father but rather a niusance due to his crazy antics. Because this show surpasses all, it deserves an 11 out of 10.
  • A paper company in Scranton Pennsylvania… where the excitement never ends. The innate comedy of suburban office drudgery is honored in this weekly mocumentary.

    When a series succeeds so brilliantly, so early in it’s run, we pray it will not burn out too soon. The American version of The Office is the best comedy on television right now (although 30 Rock is giving it a run for it’s money). Where do we begin? First of all the pseudo-documentary format, without canned laughter, is a breath of fresh air for TV comedy. Although abandoning the conventions of sitcom has been around for a few years, The Office has crystallized this new format. Hand-held camera movements, and characters talking directly to the viewer capture us right out of the gate. The characters are unbelievable… in that they are so believable - everyday folks trapped in the repetitive office life of many American workers. These characters are funny and we are always rooting for them. The boss (Michael Scott played brilliantly by Steve Carrel) is loveable, obnoxious, and child like. He offends his employees whenever he tries to console them. Dwight is insane. The love triangle between Jim, Pam, and Karen is heating up, and even the smallest of characters is multi layered.

    Ultimately the writing is the star of this show. If the writers can keep this talented cast saying smart (and stupid) things in clever stories than we will have a future classic for many more years to come.
  • Destined to be a cult classic!

    There are few shows that can equal just how funny this one is. Come to think of it, there are no shows that can currently match it. God Bless Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant (who created the wonderful British version of the show) and Greg Daniels for adapting it for American TV. Although I adored the British version, I have become more and more enamored with this show each and every week. The actors and the characters they portray are all simply wonderful. For a show that looked as if it may not make it past a 6 episode season one (because of 'low' viewers), this show has come a long way. It has achieved cult status and has very loyal fans. And, it is fantastic entertainment.
  • This show is the best on tv

    The opening scene is just so funny. It starts of when micheal calls the office screaming and tells pam that he has burnt his foot on his george forman grill and needs her to pick him up so he can go to work. She tells him to get his girlfreind to give him a ride and he tells the office that he made her up. Next he tells them to send ryan and he needs to bring toilet paper. After a while of talking to micheal on speaker phone dwight enters the office and hears micheal is in trouble. He says ill save you micheal and darts out the door. a secound later you hear a crash and the camera turns to look outside where dwight has crashed his car into the front gate and is vomiting all over his cars. Next thing you know he gets back in and proceedes to drive away. The next few lines are hilarioous.
    Jim: Dwight wait you left your bumper.
    Micheal (from the speaker phone): Whatever you do please dont send dwight.
    Then shows intro music starts.
  • This mockumentary follows daily office life in an American paper factory. Always hilarious and it even has its moments of true poignancy.

    I was a big fan of the English version of ‘The Office’ so when I saw an ad for an American version, I was not impressed. Everyone knows that Americans don’t get English humour and that’s why they make their own lame version of English shows. ‘Coupling’, anyone? It actually offends me. You don’t see us making local versions of ‘Friends’ or ‘Lost’ or whatever. And Steve Carell seems to be best known for stupid voices and playing idiots, his style is so different to Ricky Gervais’.

    My friends, I was so wrong. That is all I can say. Although I should point out that I think the English version of ‘The Office’ is probably superior in its style of comedy, I would pick the American version to watch any day. The English version is more satirical and I spend most of the time watching it curled up in a ball, cringing. But in the American version, not an episode goes by where I do not have at least one proper belly laugh. Whether it’s Dwight falling for one of Jim and Pam’s tricks, Michael’s insane attempts to be cool and ‘in’ with his employees or Angela letting Dwight know that she loves him, it is all too good to miss.

    Yes, Carell’s style of comedy is different but I think that it’s just more of how an American boss would be. The US version of ‘The Office’ is now its own thing. I love how the secondary characters have their own sub-plots and regularly get their own back on Michael (whether he realises it or not!). There is SO much going on in each episode that you don’t even notice it until a second viewing… the pauses, the subtle glances, the stammers, the reactions straight to camera, especially Jim’s. Ooh, and I much prefer the Jim/Pam storyline to the British Tim/Dawn storyline. And I LOVE the Michael/Jan storyline. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen

    I’ll admit, ‘The Office’ is probably not to everyone’s taste but it is definitely to mine. I would encourage people to give it a go despite what preconceived notions they had. I’m glad I threw mine away.
  • An offbeat comedy about a paper selling office.

    I love, love, love this show. It is so hilarious. I think that I may find it more funny than most because I have worked and currently worked with people that are like the characters in the office. Although, the main character, Michael, is one of a kind and would probably be fired in any real world office. This show's sometimes dry humor is what makes this show great. This show can fit all walks of life. This show is a hysterical comedy, however still has the love/romance/drama that many other shows have. I hope this show continues to do well and have many more episodes to come.
  • Not funny, not original, not...

    This is a terrible version of great show. As an American, I must say we are done, we are out of original ideas. All we can do at this point is remake something that was great as the original and ruin it, ie: The Office.

    Carrell is not just bad, he SUCKS. "He is as funny as a crutch, Rich." Potsie was funnier in his worst day. Take Scrubs, which is hilarious, away from NBC and they have nothing even remotely funny. Network TV is done and Cable is king. The only original TV is on Cable, HBO, etc.

    I've watched two episodes and I will give it one more try. People have said it takes time to create e characters, story lines, etc. Not his dog. Let's just shoot it and put it out of its misery.

    I'll watch reruns of the old show and be happy.

    And Greg Daniels, what the hell happened to you? You've gone from the Simpson's to King of the Hill, to this trite? I guess ever batter has to strike out sometime.
  • Increadible

    Easily the best show since F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Comedy, Romance, and great acting rolled up into a fantastic show. If you are one of those who miss those old sitcoms like Seinfeld, and Friends, but also want something new and fresh, this subtly hilarious series is most certainly for you. Can't wait to watch the next episode, as I have seen them all already.
  • Basically it's a show about normal people who work in an office that sales and distributes paper. It doesn't look like it should be a funny show, but it's easily the funniest sitcom in TV. And I believe it will be one of the top 5 best sitcoms of all time

    Stars Steve Carell as Michael Scott the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Supplies. Carrell plays Scott as a very typical boss. He thinks he is cool, funny, and all the employees just love him. When in actuality, they pretty much just think he is an idiot. This show is very well cast, In fact I don't think there is a single actor on this show that i don't like, they are all great. Hopefully Steve Carell's movie career doesn't get so busy that he can't do the show anymore, Because he is the main reason i watch. Carell is one of my favorite comedic actors right now.
  • The best comedy on tv.

    The office is amazing. The shows writers did what no one else i know if has down by creating a boring workplace into a crazy comedy. The office is basically full of people who act very young and inmature. They fight with each other in a caniving way like if they want the temperature to be a certain degree they all sneak around changing it when other sare not looking. The Boss, Michael, is the one doing the most stupid thing and getting in trouble, he is by far the worst of the Drama Kings. The only sane people in the office use their sanity to take advantage of the others in the office, exspecially when Jim plays pranks on Dwight. Dwight thinks he knows everything and takes everything very seriously... which is not a good thing yet a funny thing. Overall i have found nothing wrong with this show except containing very rude/sexual Content once or twice.

    My mom and dad were the ones who showed me this show...I think its really really funny. Its stupid but...good at the same time (:D)

    I like it because obviously...its funny... (Obviously...)

    I like jimXpan...but I dont like ryanXkelly...They dont seem right for eachother...

    Ya... thats right

    Ummm the show can be kinda innapropriate but thats ok I still like it.

    Umm 40 more words to go...I like Dwight because he's stupid...funny...sometimes nice sometimes mean...and because he's nerdy. ""

    I like Jim becuase he plays tricks on people and he's nice to some people...

    I like Pam because she's cool and an artist (:P) Ok bye
  • What the TV sitcom is all about...

    Hands down one of the best acted, best written, best loved situational comedies out today. I thought I liked the BBC version, but this is – without-a-doubt – the best American adapted comedy since Three's Company. Other than a writer's strike or a cast walkout, let's just hope Dunder Miflin never goes out of business.
  • Hilarious.

    Office is hilarious. Everyone can relate to it through their work. They face all the same stuff that most offices face. They had gotten the idea from a British comedy that aired in 2001. However Office didn't air til 2005. It is about a crazy boss who is always trying to be funny, Jim's crush on another coworker, and a huge suckup to the boss. Jim commonly pulls pranks on Dwight. One of the directors is also one on Simpsons and King of the Hill. Office is a very clever and original show. Overall it is so hilarious and I highly recomend you watch it.
  • Amazingly entertaining

    The office is one of those shows i could watch over and over again and fall in love more every time. As someone who works in an office(I'm a receptionist like Pam) with interesting people, can relate to so much that goes on in this show. I think that Steve Carell is amazing, but Rainn Wilson really steals it in his scenes.
  • One of the best out there right now.

    For me, this is the best show out there, hands down. The brilliant mix of comedy and drama is quite amazing. I got the seasons to watch over again and I ended up watching at least 3 hours a night.

    The way the writers deal with the one on one relationships is great. I.E. Jim and Pam, Michal and Pam, Michael and Toby, Jim and Dwight, Dwight and Angela, etc, etc.

    One of the things I like best about this show is how the people behind it managed the story. You could watch them completely out of order, but still enjoy them quite a bit. Now, following the story chronologically always wins, but each episode and be watched at a random time and they are still extremely funny. I love how there are so many quotable lines from it, also.

    Over all, The Office is my all time favorite show. Not just current shows, but it's the all time favorite.

  • It's okay, I guess.

    I've seen a few epsiodes of the office. I can't say it's really all that funny. Steve Carell is pretty good in his role, and the rest of the cast is good as well. But I just can't see how this show is so popular. It's only mildly funny at best. I watch it occasionally, when I'm waiting for Scrubs to come on. Now Scrubs, that's a good show.
  • The Office is about a wide group of people working in an office and providing comic situations for us all.

    The Office is possibly the best show on earth. It provides a good storyline for the viewers also with a great comic twist. It shows us a very wide range of different characters such as the immature and motivated Dwight K. Schrute, the temp Ryan Howard, the immature boss Michael Scott, and our personal favorites Pam and Jim. Everyday these workers face a new and comic situation that Michael creates (most of the time). Anyone who has a desire for comedy also with an interesting storyline should definetely watch the Office. Once I watched a few of the episodes, I didn't want to watch anything again. If you want to get hooked immediately on a few episodes, I recommend my personal favorites Email Surveillance, Basketball, The Dundies, and Office Olympics.
  • The Office is the best show on television, a comedy with unique style, featuring Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, and others.

    The Office is an absolutely brilliant comedy on NBC, with an unorthodox style. Rather than a sitcom with a laugh track, the show is filmed documentary-style, with actors obviously aware of the camera's prescence, and subtle glances to the camera are one of the shows best features. The show focuses on the everyday office of the characters working at Dunder-Mifflin paper companies. The main character is Michael Scott, regional manager, played by Steve Carell. He is one of those guys who thinks he's the coolest boss ever, and evryone's friend, yet he has still failed to capture maturity, with his childish yet hilarious jokes and actions. Also there is Dwight Schrute, "assistant regional manager", played by Rainn Wilson, and is ever-faithful to Michael yet power-driven, and is driven crazy by the pranks of his desk neighbor, Jim Halpert, a laid-back worker who just tries to get some fun out of his boring work, played by John Krasinski. His-partner-in-crime and best friend at work, Pam Beasley, is the receptionist (played by Jenna Fischer) and the two have hidden feelings for eachother. But the slight drama sometimes is easily balanced with hilarious, awkward scenes thorughout the show. The last feature of the show that makes it so great is the odd array of side characters: he temp Ryan, who definitely does not want to be there, and who Michael loves; Kelly, who has a motor mouth and loves Ryan as well; Meredith, the drunk; Phyllis, who is made fun indirectly by Michael; Kevin, immature; Oscar, who is Mexican and gay which makes him the automatic butt of many of Michael's comments; Creed, Angela, and last but definitely not least, Toby, the human resources worker, who Michael can't stand and excludes from activities. ALL of these qualities make the Office the best comedy, or show altogether on TV today.
  • This show is great

    So great i want to watch it over and over. The Office is a show where Regional Manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is the head of the Scranton branch of a paper industry known as Dunder-Mifflin. He pretty much is more like a friend to his employees rather than a boss. He jokes off way more than his employees and is rarely taken seriously. His employees are Jim, Ryan, Pam, Phyllis,Oscar, Stanley, Dwight, Angela, Kevin, Toby, Creed (Replaced by Adam), Merideth and Kelly. This is really a great show. I just can't wait until Thurday right now. If you haven't seen this show, grab your monitor chuck it at your foot, yell at the top of your lungs so everybody in the area can hear you. Repeat this until Thursday, then watch the show.
  • THe office tells what really happens when its time to "work"

    I all can say about this show is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha and HA. this show is funny as a monkey on the 4th of JUly! jk, but still, this show is very funny! it has classic quotes in it that i love to say over and over and over and over again and again! i espe cially love it when Jim plays jokes on Dwight. My all time favorite moment is when mikeal was typing on his computer, and whatever he typed came out in words. Some1 insulted him and his computer said "get out of my offi5!"
  • This is a great show to watch on a Thursday night.

    I feel like you have to have a certain sense of humor if your an Office fan. You have to appreciate subtleties. And this is a terrific example of that. Many times it's just how the characters give a look. Pam is my favorite. She's awesome and SOO funny. Then for the boys, it has to be Dwight and Michael. This is a genius show because it's so very simple. The simplicity and everyday, ordinary feeling of it is great. This show actually shows people that comedy doesn't have to be big and loud all the time. I love it.
  • This show is amazing. I thought the first season was good until I watched season two and three and was astonished by how this show keeps getting better and better. Stick to it and you will see why television is so good these days.

    Although it's based on it's British predecessor, the show is refreshingly original. The Office began season one as an interesting new show worth watching to a show that is the gravity of contemporary television. All of the characters are unique and fun to watch. The interactions they have are hilarious. Loyalty is one theme of the show that can't help but warm your heart, and also the love interest between the infamous Pam and Jim relationship that will drag and lift your heart. This show brings a lot to the plate, but it does it well. It has been evolving ever since season one, thanks to the rising confidence and talents of Steve Carell who exemplifies a growing control over his character. Dwight's loyalty, gullibility, and uniqueness are all fun to watch, which is skillfully performed by the talented Rainn Wilson. The cast is amazing and the story will make you laugh and cry. A very unique and great show, you will have to see it to believe it.
  • The Office is by far the best show currently on TV.

    NBC's The Office is by far the best show currently on TV. Every single character is hilarious. The only problem is that they go months at a time with out making a new one. . . . I would give this show a 10 out of 10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! I love this show!
  • Still funny and thoughtful, but what's happening to character development?

    This season, The Office continues to expand the limits of pseudo-reality television. However, while the emotions get stirred and the laughs keep coming, The Office seems to be losing its edge in terms of character development, in my opinion. For example, Pam's boyfriend's personality changes dramatically from being alexithymic and traditionally male, to soft-spoken, sensitive, and borderline empathic, to violent, jealous, and aggressive over the span of one season! I can give other examples of how Angela, Dwight, Michael Scott, and others do not stay true to their characters. Sure, people in 'real life' are not automatons and have a range of emotions, but the PERSONALITY shifts seen the The Office seem to be defying reality. I hope they get it right soon!
  • This is one of my personal favorites, and a real trendsetter for comedies.

    The Office is a humorous representation of the inner workings of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company. Led by Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, this is a simply hilarious show that always leaves me wanting more. The show is also a trendsetter, because unlike any other show, the show is presented as more of an interview. You don't merely observe the show, but the characters instead make you feel as they are speaking to you. It's a truly revolutionary way to present the show, and the characters' subtle sarcastic glances into the camera are reason enough to laugh. The writers put new humor into every show, and Steve Carrell, accompanied by Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and B.J. Novak, make The Office a worthwhile show with their outstanding chemistry.
  • Can a show be both great and horrible at the same time? Well, in my book, The Office prooves it.

    I recently sat down to finally watch the Office... long meaning to, I first watched the entire original series during a long insomniac night... I kind of hated it, didnt appreciate the humor, felt it boring, etc... however I just couldn't stop... within one night I had watched the entire series. 2 days later, I rented the first two seasons of the US show on DVD from my library. As season 1 progressed, I found myself bored and lacking attention... multi-tasking as I played comp games and wrote, I fazed in and out, not laughing all that much... the characters are enjoyable, I love the tension between Pam and Jim and I am completely in love with Jenna Fischer. For some odd reason I moved onto season 2 and although board out of my mind at times, I finally found myself laughing at some of the jokes and while I still find the series dull and too dry, I finally began to love it. Upon finishing season 2, I purchased the ITunes season 3 pass and have been catching up over the last 3 days... finally finding jokes and storylines to get real true laughs from me... I can't wait until the current hiatus is over and the show returns next month...
  • The Office is a comedy about the people working in a paper supply office. There is a wide array of characters and the way they interact is great.

    This is one of the best shows on tv. It is always hilarious and has me laughing out loud... which is hard to do because it takes a lot to make me laugh. This show started great and has been getting better with every episode. When Friends went off the air I did not think I would find another comedy I liked, but I have found that The Office is consistantly funnier than any other show out there. It also has characters that are very loveable and that you find yourself pulling for. Dwight has got to be the funniest person on tv.
  • A office setting with a crazy boss with only 2 normal people in the whole office.

    Very funny, laugh out loud, historical. One of the funniest shows on TV in years. A personal favorite. I watch it every Thursday night after earl. Very funny cast Dwight is retarded and a big suck up. Michele is a idiot but he brings the office to gather at the end. And jim is great his witty sense of humor. To bad he wont get with Pam they are good together. Every character is crazily funny with there own quarks. Dwight is my favorite without him the show would be missing someone. He is so gullible. Like when jim sends him faxes from him self in the future.
  • Based on the UK comedy, The office is a comedy based on the enviroment of a working office.

    This so is funny to some and may be boring for others. It has a different way of filming. It films as if it was a real person veiw and looks liek its a home recording which makes it unique. I recommend this show to anyone who works in an office enviroment, this show is so funny you can relate this to your everyday office work. The love affiars the jokes, the gossip. Its got it all. Sitituation in this show make you laugh and rememebr them for days. This show is so great, i can't wait to see every episode.
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