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  • A warm and sophisticated comedy

    This show is an excellent adaptation of the very British original version. It's a mockumentary, and a satire of the office politics we all play. But mainly, it's got a great cast, funny situations, and probably the warmest love story going on all at the same time. for American television this is a breakthrough program .
  • As good as the original...but in a different way.

    This is the only show on TV I laugh out loud at. I have the original BBC version on DVD and watch it once a month. This version is as funny or funnier but in a different way. Its taken a while because I was such a big fan of the original....but I'm quickly becoming just as big of a fan of this version.
  • This is by far the most original, funny show on television. Michael Scott is a hysterical conglomeration of every bad boss out there, but still brings an emotional element to the show. The rest of the cast seem very "real," and the absence of a laughtra

    Anyone who criticizes this show because they're looking for a carbon copy of the original British version has entirely missed the point. It's a remake. Deal with it. It's like dating a woman and deciding you hate her because she isn't exactly like your last girlfriend. Either break up with her and leave her alone because you can't get over the other woman, or learn to accept the differences. But stop panning The Office just because you can't get over preconceived notions you had about it. The original version was great; this version is great as well, just in a different way. It has a different feel and pace, but it's still hilarious 95% of the time.
  • go check out its the best

    go check out its the best
    The British Version of Pimp My Ride is different than the United states Show. While I feel the United states show is better than the UK version I feel that the Idea of having a pimp my ride show in every country would make sence the whole world is different and that what makes the show so dang fun to watch each week it that its a different person that they help out and they seam to get crazer each car they do. Who would not want west coast customs to pimp there ride?
  • This show is great. It is more accessible than the original and I think a little more vicious. I find it very funny and look forward to Rainn and Jim's antics every week.

    What a well conceived spoof of a reality show. This looks inside the perverted intimacies of the mundane. The characters are adequately self deprecating and yet stand up for who they are in the face of the boss' inane dictatorship. This show is hysterical, and for anyone who has ever worked a minute in the micro bureacracy of an office it hits home so hard you have to take extra pee breaks. This is great comedy; contempory and topical and physical.
  • Both versions are classic (and original).

    Not sure why these 'classic' Office fans can't appreciate a great American comedy that is similar to the original. Make no mistake though, both the original and the American version are classics. For anyone who has spent time working in an office, the characters ring true. The Narcissistic boss, the weird co-worker, the office just feels right.
  • I dont know what I am suppose to write here.

    I think that this is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. The actors/actresses on this show are absolutly brilliant. I tivo this show and watch it over and over because I find new jokes each and every time. Dwight makes the show more than anyone I think. But...all of the characters go so well together.
  • A hilarious show that I hope will last for a long time. This show says everything you can't say or simply hold back in a real life working enviornment! I truly wish it was much longer though..thirty minutes is just not enough. I guess great things come in

    A hilarious show that I hope will last for a long time. This show says everything you can't say or simply hold back in a real life working enviornment! I truly wish it was much longer though..thirty minutes is just not enough. I guess great things come in small doses!
  • How can you beat the comic duo that is Micheal Scott and Dwight Schrute?!?!

    Based on the BBC series (which was also hilarious), this show is about a boss who thinks he is the best and loved by everyone. In reality however, he is only 'liked' so that the employees dont get fired or to make him feel good.

    Acting wise, this show rocks!!! I cant think of anyone else who can do a better job than Micheal Scott as the self-indulged boss (he even gives Ricky Gervais a run for his money). Rainn Wilson as Dwight will have you on the ground laughing.

    The way that it is filmed is very different from other shows on tv. It is more like a documentary where a camera follows characters around while the story is being told. They also do one-on-one interviews with characters to get more details on events that are unfolding.

    Overall, this show is very underrated and I believe that it did not get the recognition that it deserves. So, if you're looking for a show that will keep you laughing for a full 30 minutes (well, 20ish plus commercials :P ) then check this show out, you will not be disappointed.
  • Simply the greatest show on television. If you don't like it you need your head examined.

    The Christmas episode was fantastic. This show is amazing. I TIVO every episode and sometimes watch them 8 or 9 times. Lots of things you don't pick up on in just one viewing. Easily the best show to ever hit the airwaves. Makes the other NBC hit shows look like Public Access shows made by little kids.
  • I am so thankful that NBC gave this show a second chance. To see it grow legs and start to gain an auduience warms my heart. Steve Carrell is one of the funniest actors around.

    To see it grow legs and start to gain an auduience warms my heart. Steve Carrell is one of the funniest actors alive. His character Michael is CLASSIC. Ive never had a boss like that, but I can imagine if I did...and Dwight Scrute! OMG this guy is off the hook funny. Finally a show that relies upon good writng and subtlly obvious humor. Im hooked for good!
  • Incredible show. Humor, whit, Seinfeld-like sociologically perspective, and the dynamic of the cast are all brilliant.

    Incredible show. Humor, whit, Seinfeld-like sociologically perspective, and the dynamic of the cast are all brilliant. Carell is hilarious but the way so much of the cast is either dead-pan or just outrageously off-the-wall bizarre makes this show an equivalent to Seinfeld from what I've seen so far. Definitely the same caliber of comedy as Seinfeld and "Curb your Enthusiasm". It better see many more seasons!
  • A "mockumentary" following employees in a generic office setting.

    NBC's "The Office" is easily the funniest show on television. My family and I all managed to completely miss the first season without even knowing it existed. Now that we know, we\'re watching every week. Hopefully, the network will push through the low ratings and work more to get the word out. The show is original and the mockumentary style is hilarious. Every actor does brilliantly with their part and the chemistry and dynamics are a clear winner.
  • Without a doubt, the funniest show on TV today. Absolutely hilarious! I wouldn’t miss an episode. Don’t be surprised to find this replace Seinfeld in the annals of comedy history, as the best show of the 2000 aught’s.

    Who would ever had believed that a few office workers at a paper company could charm the viewers to return each week to see what ethical boundary would be broken next. This sitcom is without a doubt, the funniest show on TV today. Absolutely hilarious! I wouldn’t miss an episode. Don’t be surprised to find this replace Seinfeld in the annals of comedy history, as the best show of the 2000 aught’s.

    The show consists of Michael Scott, an insane boss, who is as self centered and unaware as humanly possible. He spends most of the show creating uncomfortable situations, even for the viewers to watch, let alone his subordinates in the office space. Steve Carell is about as perfect for this part he was in “The 40 Year Old Virgin.”

    The rest of the office employee’s fall right into place to create a comedy unlike anything you’ve ever seen on TV. The situations created by this mix of personalities are a delight to watch every week. At times you may find yourself covering your eyes in disbelief of what uncomfortable ethical situation will appear next. The rest of the time you will be laughing at some of the best comedy writing to hit the screen in a long time.

    The worst part, by far, has to be waiting 7 days for the next episode to come. It's an absolute joy to watch!
  • Unbelievably Funny.

    I didn't get to watch when it first started in the Spring, but I haven't missed a single episode this season. I can't BELIEVE how FUNNY this show is.

    Although I have never worked in an office, I love this show. It almost makes me want to work in an office. Almost. Ok, not at all. But still, I love this show. Did I mention that I love this show?

    If you haven't seen it, go watch it next Tuesday. You won't be disappointed one bit.
  • This show (and of course Lost) is my highlight of the week!

    The Office is more than just office humor, it's one of these "faked real-TV" shows that's focused on a paper company in Scranton.

    Sounds boring? That's a part of the fun!

    You have the *typical* boss Michael Scott, the *i am so great* Dwight Schrude and a bunch of other real strong characters in this show.

    My real work place is not an office, I don't get a lot of Office humor, but I'm litteraly laughing my behind off when I watch these episodes over and over again.

    I recommend it to all my friends and they love it too. I really hope that this won't end any time soon!

    It's just simply awesome!
  • instint Classic!

    So funny and random i love random comedy! i want Jim and Pam to hook up sooooo bad! they are ment for each other Dwight is hilarious so is Michael
    this is really good and a great show to watch right after my name is is a great comedy so watch it!
  • Great Show!

    I am not usually into the new sitcoms but I absolutely love "The Office". It cracks me up, it is so hillarious, I was referred to the show by a friend. Every since then I have been hooked on this show and The OC. Either way, I can not miss either of these shows! I would definately recomend this movie to anyone.

    Great Show!
  • This show rocks!

    This show is awesome..each week we tivo the episode and watch many times during the week. My son and I have Halloween show memorized!! Dwight is awesome and I love Jim and Pam...Michael\'s situations make me uncomfortable and I love it! Best show on TV hands down!!! It leaves me wanting more than 30 mins once a week for sure!
  • Up there with quirky shows like Seinfeld, Curb, and Arrested Development, The Office is unbelievably funny without having to try.

    Many people have heard about the original UK version of The Office. After seeing the first few episodes of the US version I was intrigued. Could the UK version be even funnier?? Not a chance. Even after I got beyond the annoying accents and vernacular, it was difficult to follow what was going on. One things for sure, it's a much slower show.

    The Office on NBC is creative and lively with dynamic characters. Though you may have to watch each episode more then once to get all of the jokes. I appreciate that this show doesn't insult your intelligence with an annoying laugh track.

    If you're in the mood for something creative, fresh, and completely irreverent - try The Office.
  • Office antics and romance surrounding a small staff at the paper product company Dunder-Mifflin, Inc.

    This show is highly original. It’s like a scripted reality show. A documentary camera crew follows the employees of the paper product company Dunder-Mifflin, Inc. to capture life inside of an office. There are office games, pranks, and a little romance. The dynamics between Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) are fantastic. Pam is engaged to Roy, a man that does not know how to please his fiancé, that works in the Dunder-Mifflin warehouse. Jim, Pam’s best friend at the office, is infatuated with her. She shows interest in him as well, but remains faithful to her fiancé while still playfully flirting with Jim. Viewers are hopeful that Pam and Jim will do what’s right and start dating already. The Jim/Dwight dynamic is also interesting. Rainn Wilson plays Dwight. Dwight is a brown-noser that sucks up to his boss, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrell and commands respect over his peers. He thinks he’s more important than he actually is, which annoys Jim. Jim is always doing silly things to get on Dwight’s last nerve. For instance, once Jim put Dwight’s stapler in a mold of jell-o. It’s all playful, entertaining fun. Steve Carrell is the district manager. He tries to boost morale while trying to deal with impending downsizing. He thinks he’s funny and witty. His staff disagrees. He’s quirky and fantastically obnoxious (if there is such a thing) and his antics to boost employee morale makes him charming. B.J. Novak plays Ryan, the temp, also guest stars. He’s a frequent writer for the show, but still has hardly any lines. Somehow, he’s my favorite. This show is number 1 on my DVR series priority list and is the only show that I can’t miss and episode of.
  • Great show, very witty, and dry humor combined. Watch this if you have seen and liked the movie, Office Space!

    Wow, this show is hilarious! You can really get into the characters in this show. The boss (Steve Carrell) is downright hysterical. He is always joking, sometimes, and usually crude, but it goes with the episode. I like how they are not always in the office now, especially now with Season 2. Season 1 is on DVD. Only 6 episodes, but you can get it for $15-20. If you have not seen these episodes, go out and pick up the DVD. You will be very glad you did. Here is to even more successful seasons to come in the future!
  • The Best Show on NBC

    When the first season started, I couldn't miss an episode of this hilarious show. The second season still maintains the the same great comedy that was in the first season in a different way. The Office is unapperaciated a lot and I think people should give it a chance. It is one of my favorite shows on TV.

  • One of the funniest shows ever!

    Man, oh man, I LOVE this show! I wasn't too impressed when I first saw commercials for it, and it took me a while to get used to it when I caught the marathon on USA Network, but then I became hooked. The show is so different from other sitcoms I don't see how anyone could say it's not worthy to be on TV. The show has no laugh track, strange camera angles, awkward silences, politically incorrect makes for the most entertaining half-hour you could hope for.

    I realize that this show is based on the UK version which everyone seems to think is so much superior. I've actually never seen an entire episode of the UK one but from the part of one I saw, I think I prefer the US, although the UK one was pretty cool, too. I just can't get into the British humor as easily.

    Hopefully this show will enjoy a very long run on NBC. If "Will & Grace" can survive this long, I would hope that "The Office" could because it's much funnier.
  • If you dont get this show then you are missing your funny bones.

    If you dont get this show then you are missing your funny bones. I loved the original british version but I love the american version even more. "Would you like some cookie cookie" Every single episode is funny. Just watch it dont listen stupid punks that will diss the show just cause its a remake of the british version. I really hope they come back soon.
  • Hillarious without sacrificing plots

    This show is just absolutely amazing, epic, and innovative. Usually, when I get ready to watch a comedy for the first time, I expect that I will not get anything else out of the show except a few laughs, but this show proved that a comedy can delve out great plot lines and still be funny (the funniest show I have ever seen in my honest opinion). I love how oblivious and ignorant Michael is. It makes him endearing. Even though he says stupid things and talks without thinking, he has a ceratin innocence, for lack of a better term, that I think the boss in the UK version of this show lacks. All the characters are fantastic. They are all so diverse and watching their "big personalities" interact is so funny. My favorites are Michael and Dwight; they make me laugh the most. But I love every character in this show. That's also something great about The Office: no matter how much I "hate" a character, I do not want any of the characters to leave the show. For example, I really hate Andy, especially after season 4, but I think that he still adds something to the show. He's so annoying and phony, but it's funny, and he also brings out a different side of Dwight. Then, of course, there is the whole Jim and Pam story line. It's sweet, but it's not exactly my taste, but even of you're not enthralled in their relationship, their interactions (espacially their pranks on Dwight) are hillarious. The other relationships in the show are great too. Like the Michael/Jan thing is incredibly complex and evokes great psychological speculation from the audience. And now there's the Michael/Holly relationship that makes the Michael/Jan relationship even more confusing. The Ryan/Kelly/Daryll relationship doesn't seem very serious to me, but it is funny. Last but definitely not least, there is also the Dwight/Angela relationship (my favorite) which I really enjoy because you get to see a different,softer/sweeter side of both characters when they're with eachother. So, all in all, this show is just the perfect combination of funny, depth, and relationship development. This is in my opinion, the best show ever.
  • This is an awesome show. It's been my #1 for a long time now. I saw the first 3 episodes then bought all the seasons, IT'S THAT GOOD! Hilarious version of the British TV show of the same name (but a lot more popular than the Brit. version).

    This is an awesome show. It's been my #1 for a long time now. I saw the first 3 episodes then bought all the seasons, IT'S THAT GOOD! Hilarious version of the British TV show of the same name (but a lot more popular than the Brit. version). I've seen every episode about 2-3 times each and there're still jokes I've missed (meaning I still laugh out loud every time I watch an episode). It's one of those shows that focuses more on everyday life rather than a story (like Seinfeld). It's about some 20 workers who work at Dunder-Mifflin in Scranton, PA. It's a paper company, competing with large-scale distributors like Staples and Office Depot. But it's not really about the company, it's about how the workers make the most out of working at a dull paper distributor under a 40 year-old boss with a 5 year-old's brain. Trying to find new ways to make your boring job fun? Unemployed and wanting to see what the business world offers? Or just hoping for a show that will make you laugh your head off, watch The Office.
  • This show has all you could want! It has comedy that makes you laugh so hard you can't breathe. It has a dash of romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It has characters that makes you think that you know them personally. This show has it all!!

    If I'm feeling a little depressed or down, The Office cheers me right up. The humor makes me forget what is going on in my life and just puts me in a happy place. I can watch any episode an endless number of times. Each character is my new friend, and I think that I actually know them all. Every episode is a new adventure that takes you into a world of happiness and laughter. The story line of the show is just classic!! This show makes me feel better and that is why it is literally my new best friend. I love The Office and I hope never ends!
  • You don't know what you're missing, if you're not watching...

    Okay, I never watched The Office until a friend scoffed at my ignorance of it's greatness. I am so into this show now that it is all I can do to wait through another grueling week until Thursday night arrives. Now I have to wait through a whole Summer. I don't think I'll make it!
  • A documentary style comedy about the antics of a crazy boss and his employees who get into all kinds of crazy trouble and adventures.

    With an always hilarious cast, extremely well done story lines and greatly written charecters I could see it becoming a great classic. I can not wait for more of the office and it's cutting edge style and comedy. Love the show Love the Cast Love the Writing if you haven't seen it please be the rest of the worlds guest and do!
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