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  • I hate the office now

    The show is getting worst i hate Nellie i cant not look at her she is so stupid, they need to fired her .. im thinking about not watching the show anymore, so sad because i used to love the show and i do like Andy but i do not like that woman... she needs to go NOW PLEASE
  • I agree wuith AaronWilliams

    Get rid of Nellie. Every time I see her face, I am reminded on how they are trying to replace Michael.. Andy was a great manager but not a replacement... Nellie can't even fit up to being a good manager.. She needs to go... NOW!!!
  • I love The Office but WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

    Losing Micheal Scott as the office manager was hard on everyone. Luckily Andy Bernard was a good enough replacement but WHY is that red-headed british lady stealing his job??? WHY IS SHE ON MY TV SCREEN STILL? DIDN'T SHE GET FIRED? She is ruining The Office for me and I do not want to watch another episode until she is GONE... PLEASE FIRE HER AGAIN.
  • Funniest Series I've Seen

    The characters personalities are one in a million, especially the core cast that started from the beginning. As new charcters made appearances most of them seemed to hurt the show than add to it. I think they had a great run with Michael Scott, but it is still funny without him.
  • Catherine Tate is Over Acting to be Michael Scott, its just not right

    It seems that every new boss is hilarious, comedian and intelligent at the same time. Well these qualities should remain with Michael Scott. He and only he should be the UNIQUE ONE. Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) must Present herself as she described her in interview for Managership. Look at the Dress She wore as President of Sabre Inc. in Tallahassee Episode. TOO BAD SERIOUSLY, Doesn't matching any thing at all of this Character. BUT OVERALL I SIMPLY LOVE THE OFFICE.......BRAVO!
  • We Miss You...

    I miss Steve Carrel (Micheal Scott) and his humor. Since he left, the show has felt.....empty
  • Good times in the office

    The Office is the best comedy on tv right now. I think Andy and Robert California are working out just wonderfully as the new leaders of the cute loveable office team. The writing is great and the actors fulfill what the writers are creating. Its just funny, super funny.
  • One of the best shows on TV right now.


    This show is amazingly great! The writing is simply awesome. I immediately fell in love with all the Characters. Jim and Pam are of course my favorite because they are just about the cutest thing ever. Dwight and Michael Always bring a smile to my face and laugh. I wish Erin joined the cast sooner than she did because she is just so great, and soooo cute. I've cried with this show, and I've had the best time of my life with this show. And I hope it never stops airing.

  • I watched the new one today. With the different manager. I am not happy with him but he is better than the original one. I didn't mind him in the Movies but not in this show. I love the guy who use to be in the lawyer shower who is the big boss. I thought he would be the manager … wish there were more of him. Love him. .


    I watched the new one today. With the different manager. I am not happy with him but he is better than the original one. I do not mind him in the Movies but not in this show. I love the guy who use to be in the lawyer shower who is the big boss. I thought he would be the manager and we would see more of him … wish there were more of him. Love him.

  • A crappy rip off of a truely original show

    While i am a major fan of the original english office i am not a fan of this, i doesn't have the spark of the original, and isn't good there is an akwardness about this show which the original never had and i hate it, i usually love steve correl however this show just turned me so far off him i couldn't believe, the rest of the cast are just not that interesting and as a whole this show like i said above is just a cheap crappy rip off of the original for god sake how many writeres are in ameraca has even one of them ever had an original idea.
  • Obviously not looking for anything positive here...

    Often I am stuck with The Office on our T.V. as my husband likes it, and because I love him, I put up with it. Not to long ago, there was an episode about Michael dating Pam's mom, "an older woman". It was highly insulting to those of us that do have younger relationships that just so happen to work! The show is one of the worse parts of our society and amazing enough, people in this day and age think stupid is funny. Sadly - the way they are in this show, hits way too close to home nowadays and that is the part that is hard to see. No thankS. Funny can come in other ways... My integrity can not be a part of it, good thing there is an off switch.
  • I wish we could see the British version

    I have tried to watch'The Office" several times but alas, withing three to four minutes I am apt to change the channel.Why? because this show still makes me scratch my head every time I try to understand it. It behoves me to try to figure out who actually watches this sitcom day in and day out.There is no intelligence in seems like it's really an "Ode to Stupidity? If so, by my word, let it be so. What I cannot fathom is how down and stupid it gets most of the time.It basically does not bring anything new to the table.It keeps repeating the motions of all these characters who are true to their form without allowing them to grow and learn.

    I think I will stop trying to understand this show altogether.
  • An amazing show, but suffered during it's 6th Season.

    Let me start off by saying that The Office is one of the best shows out right now. It's first five seasons were absolutely perfect in nearly every way. The comedy was clever, witty, and original, while the drama and story was always gripping and often intense. And while I myself enjoyed season six (the most recent season), it has definitely deteriorated.

    While the comedy is still funny and clever, it has lost a lot of its charm and originality. In earlier seasons, almost every episode would cause an abundance of laughter, but some episodes from this season made me only laugh once, and a small handful caused no laughter at all, but mere smiles and small chuckles.

    As for the plot, it has weakened far worse than the comedy. New and original plot points and twists are far and few between. Jim and Pam's story since having the baby has dried up and lost almost all interest (My suggestion would be throw a little friction into the relationship. Trouble in paradise!). It's also very obvious that they're trying to replace Jim and Pam's love story with Andy and Erin. I will admit that I do like the story they've created between them, but it seems so forced. While I will be rooting for things to work out between them, I honestly wouldn't care if they didn't. The Dwight/Angela story is still very enjoyable, and the chance of Holly returning to season 7 will add a lot of hope for Michael, and I'm very eager to see if she will return or not.

    I should also note that the story of the company itself really died in the middle of the season, but began to revive itself at the end. The printer fire issues gave it more of a real life feel once again, and it will be interesting to see how the company continues to handle it when season 7 starts.

    While it'll take some serious effort from the writers, I believe it's very possible that the show can return to what it was during the first few seasons. And, with the Steve Carell leaving after this next season, I believe that they will give all they can to making it one of the best seasons of the show. It's no mystery that the show will lose almost all its charm and watch-ability without Michael (Personally, he is not my favorite character, but he is arguably the most important). I think we all can expect that season 7 will be the last season of the show. The only way they can continue the show successfully beyond season 7 is if Carell changes his mind, or they convince him to stay.

    Depending on how season 7 is handle, I might not mind the show ending. If season 7 improves, and has a great conclusion, I'd be very content with the show being over. But if the writing doesn't improve, I'll probably feel ripped off once it's over. You can't end a show like this with a terrible season. You need a well written, gripping, hilarious season, with the best finale of the series!

    All in all, The Office is a fantastic series, and deserves to go down as one of the greatest series of all time. Yes, like any show it has its moments of weakness, even during its best seasons, but a great show can make those tiny mistakes easily ignorable. The Office is the perfect mix of comedy, drama, and relatability.
  • One of the most influential modern shows has a lot of hidden depth and gut-busting dry humor for those who keep up with it. Working in an office is the perfect backdrop for this comedy, which spoofs the silliness of the American office well.


    After the completion of season 2, "The Office" had catapulted to a status of superior to its predecessor (the British version and great original series). The Emmy-award winning show had a unique layout, allowing viewers to see the open and secret actions of a workplace (from mockumentary perspective) with inserts (called "talking heads" that acted as an inner-dialogue. It's been adapted by "Parks and Recreation" and the Emmy-winning "Modern Family." The style suits well to the 30 minute comedy platform.

    Unfortunately, after season 3 (an excellent follow-up to the award-winning second season, and arguably deserving of a second straight Emmy over 30 Rock), the writer's strike came, and the ill-pacing of the 4th season, along with the divided interests of the creative staff (the show's popularity opened doors for other opportunities for the more popular characters) resulted in a drop in quality. However, the overall brand quality was still good, if not great.

    The 5th season was also stellar at points, though it suffered from inconsistency. Holly Flax became a love interest for Michael in the first episodes and the season ended with a Michael Scott Paper Company arch that remains one of the series' finest efforts, really exploring Scott's relationship with his subordinates. Yet, a lull in the middle of the year prevented the 5th season from ranking with the 2nd or 3rd.

    Season 6 was the death nail, the season that prevents a glowing rating of 9 or better. It was the year that the creative staff was too busy for the show, but the sitcom was clearly too popular for NBC to give up. The lack of passion amongst those originally dedicated to the program shined through the pale episodes.

    Season 7 would be Steve Carrell's last. While early episodes were hit or miss, the seventh season is mostly glowing. It remains to be seen if this is truly a return to form for the comedy or simply a quality sendoff for a comedy genius in Carell.

    To rate this show, it is important to note that it was once the best show on television, only recently sullied by inconsistent quality. Below is a chart to show this dynamic:

    Season 1 (of 10): 6 (the show was finding its identity)

    Season 2: 9.8

    Season 3: 9.4

    Season 4: 8

    Season 5: 8.2

    Season 6: 4

    Season 7: 7.5

  • Great show, although not the funniest around.


    If your going to watch the office for laughs, you will not enjoy it as much if you watch it for the story and character devolpment.

    Yes, Steve Carell's character Michael Scott will do some pretty crude and hilarious things that parody typical bosses, but thats not why you should watch the office.

    You should watch it for the storyline, you shoul watch it for the maturity of the immature characters in the show, you should watch it for the devolping relationships of the characters in the office (Particularily Jim and Pam's).

    Again, if you watch for hilarity, you may be disappointed. But if you come for drama and character devolpment, then this is the show for you pal.

  • I manage a small office and love this show as I can relate to many business and HR issues brought up in this show, and watching The Office, I often get to laugh at things that in some shape or form resemble situations I've dealt with in real life.


    I really like the way the show encompasses a typical American small business and as ridiculous as some of the situations in the show appear, many of them actually HAVE happened in real life! (speaking from experience!)

    It relates to fans who are employees working for a crazy boss, and it also relates to those fans who are bosses who, crazy or normal, have to face similar issues in their daily lives.

    I find watching this show is very relaxing and uplifting. Many episodes make you laugh, cry, sympathize or ridicule all in one episode!

    It'll be interesting to see how the dynamic of the show changes with the new boss.

  • Funny BUT not so funny that I would burst into tears

    "The Office" is great show and it's pretty funny to watch. Now, this isn't the funniest show that I have ever seen. It is funny but it's not so funny that I burst into tears. It's just funny like I giggle, mildly laugh, or even chuckle. Sometimes this show can be super duper hilarious like the Season 7 episode "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager" for example... now that's an episode that made me laugh so hard that I bursted into tears but most of the time... it's just funny like some of the scenes are mildly humorous and all that. The humor in this show is clever and that's a good thing about "The Office". Steve Carell makes me laugh in "The Office" but I honestly think Steve Carell is much more funnier in his movies. All of the characters in this show are likeable. Some of the episodes in this show can be boring and not that humorous sometimes but that doesn't mean I don't think they're bad. If you a person that loves clever humor than "The Office" is definitely the show for you. You're all probably asking me this question. Do I recommend "The Office"? Yes I do, it's a pretty funny show with clever humor. Overall, I watch this show sometimes and while it's not the funniest show I've ever seen, it is pretty funny and I enjoy it whenever I watch this show sometimes. 8/10
  • Overrated.

    This show is so overwhelming popular, and I don't get why. Not to offend the fans, cause I've got friends that watch it, people complain that the presidental canidate debates interrupted it, it's just so popular. But,'s suppossed to be a comedy? Seriously??? I've given this show a chance...infact more than one. I've watched about 5 or 6 full episodes of this show and not laughed one or even found anything mildly amusing for that matter. I'm usually a big fan of comedies in this time of wayyy too many reality shows, but I'll pass on The Office. After watching it 5 or 6 times, I'm convinced when it's on, there's something resembling actual comedy on another channel.
  • I dont get it.

    I know that i am probably the minority not only on this board but in the country but i can't stand this show!i've watched several episodes and have tried to like it, as most people rave about it, but i just dont find it funny. actually i am not into mocumentary things in general so maybe that has something to do with it in general i love steve carrell but i just think his role in this show makes him appear dumb. i dont know i guess that this is just one of those shows where either you get the comedy or you dont. and i just dont.
  • This season has been very funny so far, and I still love the cast. They are very funny. Kevin is probably my favorite character, I laugh every time that man speaks. You can watch this show at blackboxshows. com

    This season is great, Dwight is up to to the the same Dwight related mishaps, and they are as funny as ever. I enjoy watching the the weird tension between Gabe, Andy, and Erin. I really liked the the Toby Michael episode, their relationship can get rolling on the the floor funny. I think the Pam and Jim relationship is not getting enough attention. I'm looking forward to upcoming episodes, I am hoping they will continue to be just as funny, which I am sure they will be able to do with such a great cast. Hope everyone enjoys the show.
  • This show jumped the shark many moons ago.

    What ever happened to this show? The first few seasons were actually funny. Very funny. This season? As funny as a school bus fire. I have almost never seen a show go downhill so quickly. This past year has been plain awful - even the characters who were hysterical at times - Dwight, Jim, Andy and Kevin - have been reduced to annoying by terrible writing. The characters of Kelly, Meredith and especially the horrible Ryan (B.J. Novak) have all been awful for as long as the show has ever been created, but, believe it or not, they've gotten worse. The only redeemable quality of the show is Creed, who remains not only watchable, but spot-on at his one or two lines throughout an episode.

    This show has become an enormous disappointment.
  • Not to laugh at this show would be to hard...that's what she said.

    This is one of the funniest shows to hit TV since Seinfeld. The first season might not have been that great, but all the other seasons have been hilarious. I can't say enough good things about this show its just that funny, the cast, the characters, the writing its all amazing. I really hope Steve Carell decides to stay or at least finish the series with him in it, he is the show. I'm not saying that the other characters in the show are not that great, i like all of them, the Michael, Jim, and Dwight trio is amazing and i don't think the show will be as good without them together. But if Carell does leave and they find away to still keep the show as good as it is i will be watching.
  • This Show is one of the best shows I have ever watched.

    When first watching The Office I wasn't too keen on it because I didn't like the British version. As soon as I started to watch it the first season wasn't brilliant but when you get into the 2nd and 3rd you start to fall in love with it. The main characters are, Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly and Ryan Howard. These are the main core of the cast although other regulars like Stan and Kevin are hilarious. To show how good it is as soon as I watch them all back to back upto and including the 6th series, I wanted to watch them again! I promise when you watch The Office you will fall in love with it and if you don't, I'll give you your money back (not :-))
  • I don't like this show

    Whoever thought The Office US can hold a candle to its British predecessor, thought wrong. OMG, this show sucks. It is not funny, people. It is a clear example of what happens when an American thinks he can improve British humor. British humor cannot be improved, it's a different league. There's really nothing more I can say about it, but I have to fill this up to a 100 words. I'm thinking of another example of a British show gone American, but I can't think of any. The other way round doesn't work either: think Coupling / Friends. Although, maybe it's my sense of humor that's the problem.
  • Very funny show with fantastic characters.

    From what I read it seems The Office has well and truely jumped the shark, but Season 5 and 6 aren't available in Australia, only some of Season 5 was shown on TV, so I'm yet to personally experience its decline. For most of its time anyway, this has been one of my favourite shows. Some truely fantastic characters - the ignorance of Michael, the idiocy of Dwight, the humour of Jim, plus many secondary characters, which provide a rich source of comedy. So many funny moments in almost every episode. And besides the comedy, I admit to becoming emotionally invested in the saga of Jim and Pam's relationship - so many great moments, and probably one of the most genuine fictional couples around.
  • Solid, great show.

    The Office is a great show with great comedic timing and great acting. Always new funny hilarious and timely stuff. It's like humor ripped from the day's headlines. Love how Bernard references How I met your Mother as a reason why he does or doesn't do something on a date. Great that they don't even care that the other show isn't on NBC. Sometimes over the past season or so there was a bit of a lull, but it looks like they are back and funny and good. Sabre and the opportunity for new stuff is all good. Love it!
  • The Office is a "mockumentary" of a middle-man paper company facing a branch closing. The Scranton Branch is the main focus, the various personalities contributing to the comedic value of the show itself, loosely based off the UK version of the same name.

    The style of the "mockumentary" is best shown in The Office, the different perspective's of all the cast is very intriguing, and draws the viewers in. The extremity of the casts' antics can help the comedic value keep a viewer for seasons to come. Many of the camera styles are the same, but help bring in the jokes. The cast, which has so far, remained the same, all help with their own 2 cents. You have the creepy guy, the stiffler, the dumb boss, and the flirty couple, always in focus. The corny jokes, or witty remarks, sometimes risque, yet funny, provide all with a laugh.
  • The show I love to hate!

    For fifteen years previous to my becoming a self employed cab driver, I was a contract draftsman. Contract engineering shops would farm me out to manufacturing firms requiring temporary engineering support, and I would work at these places anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years, depending on the size of the projects they were working on. I am a seasoned veteran of every type of office politics imaginable. Because The Office is such a well written and performed production, this show frequently makes my blood run cold and gives me the shakes. I have worked with clones of Michael Scott and Dwight without number. I can't even count the times I've wanted to grab bleepers like Mike and Dwight by the scruffs of their necks and throw them out the nearest window. The Office manages to capture the smarmy nature of office politics to a degree that is frightening to me. This is a show I absolutely love to hate, and for good reason. And it makes me get down on my knees and thank whatever Gods that may be that I am retired!
  • My Favorite show on television! Spoilers!

    I've been watching this show since i was in 5th grade. It kinda relates to school life in a way. It is certain it relates to everyday life at an office. Jim and Pam's romance is good chemistry say what you may how annoying they are (I personally dont think that). This season brings kind of the same comedy we saw in season 2-3, with a little flair of its own. Dunder Mifflin is going bankrupt, and they do it an a believable way, with today's day and age. If your looking for a show with witty humor and dont wanna watch CSI on thursday, this is definetely a must see.
  • Why Office Beats Family Guy

    Why Family Guy can not compare to The Office:
    1. Office is overall funnier
    2. Every Part of the Office is used for some kind of humor
    3. The Office has better plots, that connect to other episodes
    4. The plots are not random, but connect from the beginning to the end
    5. Real comedies will always beat cartoon comedies
    6. Attitudes of the people are realistic
    7. People's actions are realistic
    8. There is nothing leaving the question "how did that happen?"

    Overall The Office beats Family Guy in my view. There is no way Family Guy will over pass The Office. Feel free to comment on this, or give me feedback.
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