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  • The Office is a highly disappointing attempt to do an off the wall comedy set in an office

    First of all,I have to say that I love off the wall sitcoms.Sledge Hammer! is one of my all time favs,and MY Name Is Earl is a future classic,but I think there is such a thing as being TOO off the wall.David Lynch once did a sitcom,which was supposed to be off the wall,but it was too bizarre.Arrested Development is an example of a sitcom being too self consciously off the wall,and The Office is another.Brit-coms dont adapt well under American networks anyway,with All in the family being the most notable exception,and that was because Norman Lear so totally Americanized it.Perhaps the problem with The Office is its too Americanized.Its especially disappointing,the talent that is being wasted.Greg Daniels was one of the creative minds during The Simpsons best years,and he also co-created the much overlooked King of the hill,but here I think he is totally out of his element.And Steve Carell is an actor I actually have liked in the past.He was probaly the best thing about Anchorman.Maybe hes better in a supporting role,though I dont think thats the problem here.Most of the characters are one dimensional to the extent that I dont really care about any of them,and thats the fault of the producers.Another problem is the gimmick of doing it documentary style.Who is directing this and why do we never see him?Whats the point?If it were an actual documentary they were making,maybe it would make it more interesting,but its more like this TRUMAN SHOW thing where they seem to entertaining some faceless director.Because Ive never seen the British version this show is based on,I dont know if they borrowed the gimmick from them,but whatever,it doesnt work!I think maybe Greg Daniels should go back to animation.And Steve Carell should go back to doing movies with Will Farrell and Jim Carrey......
  • Brits, give this show a chance!

    I highly recommend this show, especially to my fellow British viewers. A lot of Brits are sceptical about their favourite show being remade for an American audience. What they don't realize is that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant played a big part in making sure the American show was true to its origins and that it didn't differ too much from the style of their version.

    Because of the brilliant casting and original writing, it's a bit like the original Office never ended, as these are no doubt the kind of plots and storylines Gervais and Merchant would be doing had they chosen to continue their show into a third and fourth series.

    The characters are slightly different to their British counterparts, but no less hilarious. The best is Dwight, based on MacKenzie Crook's character Gareth. He has all the funniest gags and his comic timing is impeccable.

    I implore everyone to watch this show!
  • Darn good show.

    The Office is a great show and I cannot figure out why more people don't watch it. Great characters, great writing, and an all around good time. I really hope The Office isn't canceled because I look forward to watching for many years to come. If you aren't watching The Office yet, you better start.
  • A touch dry for my tastes, but well worth watching.

    This comedy has been celebrated by critics and viewers alike. It blends fictious yet realistic situations with an obviously intentional documentyary feel. Personally, I believe comedy should have more blunt, apparent punchlines, even a comedy such as this. But make no mistake, this is still one of the best comedies on the medium.
  • What can I say about the Office? Lets start out with great, hilarious, and as much a guilty pleasure as possible.

    What can I say about the Office? Lets start out with great, hilarious, and as much a guilty pleasure as possible. I really didn\'t start getting involved with the Office until I watch the premiere of Earl and stay tuned to see what was next. When the said Steve Carell...after seeing Anchorman and the Daily show this seemed like the perfect fit. The character of Dwight really rescues episodes when it becomes "stale" in the middle. I recommend to all that they should take a stab at watching The Office.
  • The office is hilarious. Go watch it now because it is hilarious.

    The office gets you those laughs when they have awkward silences and it has hilarious jokes. When they had the fire in the office it was so hilarious. It made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself. It is hilarious and definetly not for all people. Some would consider it stupid humore but it is genius.
  • Can all the people who love the British Office so much that they can't even give this one a chance please shut up? Probably not.

    I love the British, Ricky Gervais version of The Office. I think it is brilliant, and hilarious, and painful, and different from the American version. So . . . can we immediately stop the comparison between these two series?

    Of course, some annoying people will continue to make the comparison and continue to say that the British version is inifinitely better and the American version doesn't even warrant consideration. Well, they're missing out.

    The American version of The Office is still better than almost any other comedy on TV right now (save Arrested Development). It is funny, quirky, awkward, and well-acted by a stellar ensemble. If you are looking for the intelligent, sly, sarcastic humor of a well-done single-camera sitcom, then look no further.
  • Very Unique

    This show really does fall into a category of it's own. It almost has a reality TV feel to it the way they interview the office workers. I've never really seen anything like it before, but I like it. I'm looking foward to many more funny episodes from this series.
  • The best comedy on TV

    The only show I look forward to every week is The Office. Tuesdays at 9:30 I kick off anybody on the TV and clear the room to enjoy the best comedy show of the year. Huge fan of the British version, and the American version makes me love the humor even more. I'm SO happy NBC has extended the series to a total of 13 (originally only 6) and I can't wait to see the writer's next joke that will go stright to the water cooler's of american offices the next morning. I love this show.
  • This show is awesome, but in a bad timeslot.

    The Office seems like a regular show about the going-ons inside a company. The twist is the boss is an ass. (and I mean that in a good way) I tholught this was origionally a reality show, because it was set up that way. They would go through everyday activity, then they would have a "spot" on a situation. This is a great show that stays exciting. Of course it was a knockoff to the British verson, but, so was Whose Line is it Anyway? which is like my all time favorite show. The only problem is the timeslot. It's on while my other favorite show "House" is on, so that really prohibits me from watching it. (House is a full hour, so I don't want to watch half the show, then turn it off) The office is a show that can't get bland, so it will stay great. Did I menttion Steve Carrell?
  • Great show, very witty, and dry humor combined. Watch this if you have seen and liked the movie, Office Space!

    Wow, this show is hilarious! You can really get into the characters in this show. The boss (Steve Carrell) is downright hysterical. He is always joking, sometimes, and usually crude, but it goes with the episode. I like how they are not always in the office now, especially now with Season 2. Season 1 is on DVD. Only 6 episodes, but you can get it for $15-20. If you have not seen these episodes, go out and pick up the DVD. You will be very glad you did. Here is to even more successful seasons to come in the future!
  • This show makes me laugh almost from the moment the opening credits finish rolling.

    Can't say enough good things about this show. All of the actors are perfectly cast, the writing is blatantly anti-politically-correct, and every episode is hilairious. In particular, "Basketball" had me in tears. Most of the time, it's Steve Carrel's character that makes the show for me - he is a collosal idiot but so completely unaware of it.

  • Michael Scott and his long-time friend/competitor offend the office staff with their "hilarious" email forwards and incite office discussions of sexual harassment.

    This episode, written by star B.J. Novak pushes the level of sexual comedy rarely seen on network tv.
    The timing and originality of this episode's humour will undoubtedly hit home for many office employee. Who doesn't have someone at work that insists on forwarding "funny" emails, that always seem to insult?
    Michael's reaction to having his forwarding priviledges taken away is pure comedic genius, Steve Carell is truly one of the best comedic actors of his generation.
  • The Best Show on NBC

    When the first season started, I couldn't miss an episode of this hilarious show. The second season still maintains the the same great comedy that was in the first season in a different way. The Office is unapperaciated a lot and I think people should give it a chance. It is one of my favorite shows on TV.

  • This season looks to continue the fantastic awkward comedy of the previous one. If you like this, try ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ too (new series starting very soon).

    Having watched and loved the UK shows I was apprehensive about whether the US versions would be straight copies with different actors (bad) or become a some kind of typical US sitcom ‘loud studio audience laughter’ experience.
    Thankfully it’s a great show in its own right.
    The US cast is excellent and I look forward to the rest of this season.
  • Steve Carell lost weight for his recent movie...and unfortunatly his character changed from last year...not as funny as last season

    Seemed out of charachter...still a funny show but i hope they don't continue with vulgar episodes such as the upcoming week which I will not watch.
    Steve Carell lost weight for his recent movie...and unfortunatly his character changed from last year...not as funny as last season. He is still trying to portray a smarmy used car salesman persona...with limited success.
  • Even worse than the British show

    I tried watching the British version on DVD when it came out. I returned the DVD 2 hours after I rented it.... It was so bad that I couldn't get through the 2nd episode, and I tried! The US version is even worse because I don't have the excuse of not getting jokes because of a dialect difference. It just doesn't have jokes..... I live in Maine. If I want to see idiots with crappy jobs have inane conversations and misuse words I'll go outside and try to talk to anyone around here, or watch a presidential press conference. If I want stupid I'll watch the news.
  • This really does not work, it's not realistic, it's not funny and it's trying too hard to be both. Stay away from this.

    The UK version of The Office is significantly better than this over emphasised trash. The jokes aren't good, the actors are trying way too hard and you can blatantly tell that they are aiming for the next Emmy - if they actually get any, god help us all. The people who have said good things about this are just embarassed because side-by-side, the US version is laughable compared to it's predecessor. I advise you to choose something else to watch, it's a waste of time.
  • 9.0
    I have to tell you that this show is DEAD ON! I grew up in Scranton PA and worked in a few different offices. It\\\'s truely like this in Scranton; luckily I moved out of state. I never thought making fun of HOME would make me laugh so hard! Especially the Chili\\\'s scene, funny funny!
  • This is what t.v. needed.

    This is flat out the smartest and funniest comedy on t.v. Steve Carral is nothing short of genius, as the egotistical self centered boss. The way he interacts and ignorantly insults his imployees is histarical. This is, simply, the funniest sitcom since Seinfeld ended. I love this show a lot!
  • One of the funniest shows ever!

    Man, oh man, I LOVE this show! I wasn't too impressed when I first saw commercials for it, and it took me a while to get used to it when I caught the marathon on USA Network, but then I became hooked. The show is so different from other sitcoms I don't see how anyone could say it's not worthy to be on TV. The show has no laugh track, strange camera angles, awkward silences, politically incorrect makes for the most entertaining half-hour you could hope for.

    I realize that this show is based on the UK version which everyone seems to think is so much superior. I've actually never seen an entire episode of the UK one but from the part of one I saw, I think I prefer the US, although the UK one was pretty cool, too. I just can't get into the British humor as easily.

    Hopefully this show will enjoy a very long run on NBC. If "Will & Grace" can survive this long, I would hope that "The Office" could because it's much funnier.
  • Great underappreciated show that everyone needs to watch

    The U.S. version of The Office isn't as great as the British version of The Office but I still love the U.S. version. It is hilarious and is remarkably just like my office. It keeps me laughing and I love the cast Though not as good as the original, The Office is a welcome change in the type of TV shows on right now and is definitely something that everyone should check out. Take my word for it, you won't regret it.
  • Somewhat slow pacing. a documentary style comedy.

    I thought the show as cancelled, after the original 6 airings, it disappeared. I was under the impression it was not returning. I am not saying I wont watch the new episodes, when they begin. The pacing can be a little slow at times, and the humor can be a little dry, but it is still better, and funnier than some of the other stuff on right now. It is, at least for the first season, shot totally utilizing handheld cameras. Which gives it that documentary, or shall I say, mock-umentary style. The show is not great, but it isn't bad.
  • Trying far too hard, this falls over flat on its ugly unfunny face

    Why oh why do american producers think they can take foreign shows and do them better ? Time after time this is tried and very rarely works. The office american style is practically begging people to see how funny it is. the only trouble it, it isn't. not by a long way. i never laughed once it was excrutiating to watch. -3 for effort.
  • Funny, original, hope it isn't cancelled

    The Office is a funny show with nothing else like it on TV. Based on the popular BBC version, The Office stars Steve Carell as the boss of a Pennsylvania based paper supply company. The show is full of subtle humor, which is hard to find in American shows where the Laugh Track reigns as king. A great alternative to all the "hip" reality shows all the other networks are dishing out. I hope this program becomes more than just a mid season replacement and becomes a staple of NBC. I wouldn't give this show a 10, because some of the humor is sort of stupid, but that's mainly to show character in the roles. I can't wait for Season 2, I hope this lasts for years.
  • If you dont get this show then you are missing your funny bones.

    If you dont get this show then you are missing your funny bones. I loved the original british version but I love the american version even more. "Would you like some cookie cookie" Every single episode is funny. Just watch it dont listen stupid punks that will diss the show just cause its a remake of the british version. I really hope they come back soon.
  • This show is decent and funny but unoriginal.

    Stupid yet funny and sweet as honey. This show was pretty good-----for 10 minutes. I've only seen, like, 4 episodes of, "The Office" and that's all the proof I need to show that this show needs fine tuning. The plotline's a sinker but is funny due to the comedic stylings of Steve Carrell. The boss of, "The Office". This show is a good show about a middle-class job with middle-class workers. I don't know much. But this show is very well a great show. But let's just say in a summary it could've been greater.
  • Not bad once you get passed the first episode.

    While watching the pilot for this US version I was worried about how the show was going to go. The first ep was almost a word for word, shot for shot remake of the pilot episode of the Brit version. However, as the series progressed it managed to find its own take on the material. Steve Carrell's character, for instance is a completely different kind of A-hole than Ricky Gervais's. Both believe themselves to be comic geniuses and both are miserable failures both comically and in life in general. But apart from this jumping off point, they come across as very different characters.

    I'm glad that despite lukewarm ratings, NBC is going to give this show another shot in the fall. It deserves it, and I'm eager to see where it goes.
  • Horrible, Absolutely Horrible. This show is defintely lost in translation.

    Even though the show is only translated in the sense that it has been americanized, it has lost that tragic humour which made the original so good. The original always seemed true, and portrayed things realistically, while the american one seems to going for laughs in a very obvious, which takes away from the humour. This show should never have been made, as there is no reason for it. If americans really want to watch it, and have difficulties with the british accents, just buy the dvd's and turn on the freakin' subtitles. Catell is a totally different type of comedian than Gervais, and while the writing on this show is solid, as it is completely ripped from the british one, it is horribly miscast. Not worth all
  • Good, funny show. I think the brittish one was slightly better, because most of the comedy came from one or 2 sources. But steve caroll is dead on funny. This show can make me smile anytime. THe best episode was the basketball one. Should bring in more gi

    Good, funny show. I think the brittish one was slightly better, because most of the comedy came from one or 2 sources. But steve caroll is dead on funny. This show can make me smile anytime. THe best episode was the basketball one. Should bring in more girls. Good show.