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  • "War of the Roses" meets "The Office."

    If you find yourself scratching your head at this episode, watch "War of the Roses." It's a film from the late 80's with Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. This episode is really that type of humor. In the movie, there are several over the top moments where the unhappy couple jab at each other and because it's understood to be a mildly dark comedy, those jabs are funny. If "The Office" was a straight drama, this episode would be entirely awkward and uncomfortable to watch. But it's a comedy, and as such, it shouldn't be taken too seriously.
  • Unbelievably funny!

    I am new to The Office, but am watching the series from the beginning. I cannot put into words how uniquely funny and original this show is. Every one of the dysfunctional characters are at once irritating and ironically endearing -- like old friends. A true ensemble piece, yet Steve Carell stands above the rest as a modern day Archie Bunker -- ignorant, offensive, and yet completely loveable. The amazing thing about these people is that they are big losers and yet we love them like family. I recommend this show wholeheartedly, and honestly, I've become a bit addicted to it.
  • A throw back to the beginning! Ahh :)

    This episode was so refreshing! I started watching this show way before it got to be the cultural phenomenon that it is today, and this episode gave me faith that the writers remember their roots.

    If you go back to the early episodes (season 1 and 2), you'll see the simplicity in the show. There was no huge story arc spanning the whole season! Each and every episode was mostly independent of all others (not unlike a sitcom). I'm okay with the twist and turns of the story lately, but sometimes I just want to sit down and watch 'the office', not some daytime drama. If you didn't like this episode, then that's fine. But I think you owe it to the show to go back and understand how the series was started (post-UK version obviously) and gain some appreciation for the simple awkward moments and ridiculousness that the show is all about.
  • This show is absolutely hilarious.

    If you don't like this show, you must have no sense of humor. It makes me laugh like " Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha." I love it.
  • Quite possibly the best comedy on television right now.

    Ok, so when I first heard of The Office, I didn't think much of it. I actually thought that it would get dull after a while since the show primarily stays in the same office setting. But after I started watching it and started to get to know the characters, I realized that there was much more to take in here than just 'another day at the office'. It's a very intelligent, fast-paced, hilarious show once you get into it. Every character is likeable in their own unique way, and I even sometimes see myself relating to different characters at different times... well, except for Dwight. Overall it is an excellent show, and I hope it lasts as long as possible.
  • A group of office workers who deal with the day to day stresses not to mention comical happenings of their fellow co-workers.

    I can not say enough good things about this comedy. I am totally addicted & have been a fan since season one. Michael the boss is a complete & utter idiot that you just can't help but laugh at. Surprisingly he has a sensitive side that you get to see from time to time. Jim & Pam, my favorite couple on the show are hilariously funny as they pull one prank after another on poor Dwight. Then there is Dwight himself who I refer to as Michael's side kick. Take this group of people & put them altogether & by the end of the episode your sides hurt from laughing so much. I hope this series stays on for a long, long time. There are not many good comedies on tv anymore, but The Office in my opinon is deffinately one worth watching.
  • One of a kind

    This show is hilarious. It stands alone in the comedy TV genre. With so many uninteresting and unfunny shows out there today, its nice to have one that brings subtle humour into the world. Although it is based off the UK original, it has branched away to form its own unique humour and plot line. The Characters are well developed and extremelly well played. Steve Carell, who plays Michael Scott, sets the bar high, delivering so much every episode. The other characters are played perfectly too and each have there own little habits and behaviours. Everyone mixes together so well, delivering a hilarious and well-thought out show.
    It's a must watch.
  • The show with the best quotes in history!

    This show is without a doubt the funniest show ever. The acting is awesome. The characters are some of the best characters in any show. The whole plot line is hilarious and there hasn't been one episode in any season where I havn't laughed at least 1000 times. The most important part of the show is the part where you can still watch an episode 10 times and it will be just as funny as the first time you saw it. This show also sets the record for the best quotes of any shows on today. My favorite being:

    Kelly: "Whats so weird about naming a baby Usher? Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor?"
  • A Documentary crew comes to a Scranton Branch of a failing paper supply company, where a colorful set of people is managed by Michael Scott (Steve Carell), who isn't afraid to say all the wrong things at all the right times!

    My favorite show! The best show on TV! This type of show really has ability to just keep going with the amount of Office romances, company troubles and inter-office activities you can explore. It's phenomenal cast filled with first billed and second billed adored members make the show what it is, along with the funniest possible man for the job - Steve Carell. The best members include him, Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Brian Baumgartner and Melora Hardin. It has one of the best writers, Greg Daniels. There is nothing wrong with this show. It is perfect, hilarious and absolutley spot on. Never leave Office! Never leave!
  • I really need these guys to stop striking...they should have consulted with addicts (like me) before making this decision. Well, i guess i am going to have to watch a bunch a re-runs. P.S. I think I developed a twitch when i heard this horrible news.

    This is the best show I have ever seen. The humor is like no other I have ever seen in any other TV show EVER. It is pure genius. Every actor has his own persona which most of us can relate to because we probably know someone like everyone of them. The quirks of the office life, politics, awkward boss/employee interactions, company functions and celebrations. The humor from these situations is captured brilliantly. This show has been very dynamic as well, they are not afraid to go away from their own traditional episodes, but they are always able to keep the same office humor in every episode. The characters are pretty much fully developed now, so if you are new to watching...start from the beginning to understand all the humor.
  • this is my new fave! This season the quote keep sticking in my head!

    wow.well i guess ill just talk about the characters and stuff. Dwight by far is my favorite character.his witty comments just make the show even better( if i COULD get better)"the eyes are the groin of the head" and when he started singing "ryan started the fire" i just cant get the song out of my head! Jim and Pam started dating a little early in my opinion but im beginning to like it now. although i kinda miss those cute crush moments they had. Micheal is probably my seconds favorite. he always seems so sure of himself"why would they want you stanley?"because of my sales record i suppose"no that cant be it" and when he tried to declare bankrupcy. " I DECLARE BANRUPCTYYYYY!! i really loved it!I kind coside jim and pam one character now. but i wish they would do more pranks on Dwight. although the one they did was hilarious. "the computer is alive" man i love Dwight!1
  • This is turning into one of my favorites of all time. Cant wait for the new season to start.

    The Office is becoming one of the best comedy series of television history. Created by british comics equal to the creativity and comidic excellence of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld who created the greatest sitcom in US telivision hisrtory. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant brought to the US an idea which greatly succeded in the UK and some success over here. A great cast headlined by Stephen Carell as the boss, nails what was inspired by Gervais' on role as David Brent along with the obvious stand out Jenna Fischer who gets much attention from this series. John Krasinski is sort of left in the back but really is a standout in my mind. The "mockomentary" style of the shows which allows for personal conversations from charecter to audiance and provides for a real connection with the charecters.
    The next season is extreamly prommising as we suspect we finnally get to see Pam and Jim get together, along with the development of Jan and Michael's relationship, which is at a whole new level with Jan being fired and Michael selling his house (on ebay none the less). This show continues to find ways to make people want to come back and even search out bonus material. I suggest wacthing the Webisodes in which the accountants finnally get to live in the limeliaght as they star.
  • One of the most interesting shows I've seen in a while. Very enjoyable.

    I just began watching this series a couple weeks ago. Just a couple nights ago, we watched, basically, the entire second season. We have yet to watch season 3 before season 4 begins, and we intend on doing this. This has got to be seriously on of the best shows I have ever seen put on television. The show is just so completely different than anything else you see on tv, but it captivates you almost immediately with laughs. I hope this series goes on for a long time, because I believe that anyone would agree with me on the fact that this show is so impressive. The characters are well thought out and portrayed magnificently.
    This is a great show, and I will be watching it until it finishes
  • Coming from the original office on BBC, NBC Aired the "American Version" people would say of the office. It contains Emmy Award Winner Steve Carell who also appeared in the 40 Year Old Virgin. The Office is a show that you have to watch!

    This show is amazing and hysterical! Its not one of those shows that have that fake audience laugh in it if you know what I mean. It's just all the bizzare behavior that goes on in the office and the crazy stuff that they do. If you have a great sense of humor watch this show on NBC! If you enjoyed shows like "10 Items or Less" on TBS, then you will love the office! It was rated one of the number one show in America. It premieres on NBC so don't miss it this fall! enjoy the show and be prepared to laugh!
  • Wow, thats all I can say. Since the first season, I've been hooked. Every episode manages to make me laugh.

    I love the Office, hell, even my 60-year-old grandmother loves it! It's the funniest show on TV in my opinion. Each character has something about them that makes them stand out. So far, my favorite character is Dwight. He is so freaking gullible. It makes me laugh at the things he does. The series is original and has something new to offer every episode. I have every episode on DVR, and I could probably watch the episodes over and over again without getting bored. The actors are spectacular, it almost makes you believe you are watching reality television, ha ha. Well, anyway, The Office is a great show and I can't wait for the new season, 10 out of 10!
  • best show on televesion

    This is easily the best show on tv and has been since it started. Even though it is a remake of the British series, it still is as good or even better than it. It probably has one of the best casts in television history and great performances from Steve Carell as Michael Scott. Every season gets better than the last. This show will have you laughing every second of every episode and more excited to see it every Thursday on NBC along with the other shows in the line-up; My Name is Earl before, and 30 Rock and Scrubs after.
  • The Office is about a wide group of people working in an office and providing comic situations for us all.

    The Office is possibly the best show on earth. It provides a good storyline for the viewers also with a great comic twist. It shows us a very wide range of different characters such as the immature and motivated Dwight K. Schrute, the temp Ryan Howard, the immature boss Michael Scott, and our personal favorites Pam and Jim. Everyday these workers face a new and comic situation that Michael creates (most of the time). Anyone who has a desire for comedy also with an interesting storyline should definetely watch the Office. Once I watched a few of the episodes, I didn't want to watch anything again. If you want to get hooked immediately on a few episodes, I recommend my personal favorites Email Surveillance, Basketball, The Dundies, and Office Olympics.

    Simply stated... "The Best Show on Televison!" The Office is hysterical! It always keep me satisfied an smiling! Thats what she said! Haha... Everyone and anyone should watch this show! Never boring! Every episode makes me laugh harder an harder! I recommend watching The Office! You'll be glad that you did!
  • Great show filled with humor, wit, and a bit of physical humor. Awesome show.

    Another 'must-watch' from NBC. I recomend this show highly and believe that if you watch this show and don't like it, you can post me back and I will apologize. I can gaurentee this show to be funny.

    Great cast! Jim and Pam are perfect choises for the show and, you can tell by their acting, they must be friends outside of the show.

    The Office (US) is based on the British ersion of The Office. There are some similarites but, I have to say, the US version has far surpassed its sister show.

    If you have any questions about The Office, feel free to visit the Wikipedia page deticated to The Office which I have contributed to.

    Thanks and ENJOY THE OFFICE!
  • Greatest show ever.

    This is my favorite show of all time. I got hooked at the beginning of season 2. I had started watching it when it started in season 1, but didn't really get into it. Then I really watched it and I can't stop. I own the first two seasons on DVD and I watch them all the time. The writing on this show is amazing. I love how it is sort of like a reality show, the actors talk to the cameras. John krasinski's facial expressions and reactions to the things that go on around him are amazing. Steve Carrell is awesome as Michael Scott. The love traingle with Jim is probably the most interesting out of any that are on TV currently. I watch the show every week and this show definitely has a future.
  • Lovable loser, Michael, keeps his employees from successfully doing their jobs.

    I am so hooked! I look forward to The Office every Thursday and am always sad when it ends. Some people may not get the humor, as it is a little on the "intelligent" side rather than stupid "fall down...make poop joke" comedy. Not only is it hilarious, but it also includes a little romance between Pam and Jim and evokes sympathy for the lovable loser Michael. It honestly has a little something for everyone, unlike many other shows that are directed towards a specific audience. I enjoy it, my fiance enjoys it, his mother loves it, and many of my high school students are addicted. You should check it out, too!
  • one of my favorite comedies out there. just pure genius. also a great romance.

    I first heard of the office when i was watching my name is earl. after seeing an episode and totally clueless of the plot, i thought the show was horrible, but that all changed when my brother got his hands on the first season. after watching the first 3 episodes, i completly changed my view of the office. its not only one of the funniest shows on t.v., but it has lovable characters. characters you can relate too and enjoy. the romance between pam and jim is also one off the greatest things in the show. they have an amazing onset chemistry and its one of the main things that keep me holding on to this show.
  • I have never been so addicted to a show!

    At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch this show or not, but i thought I would try it out one night. And I am SO glad I did! I have never liked a show so much that I have watched every episode over and over again waiting for the next season.
    The cast as a whole is excellent. I know that Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson get a lot of credit, and they are great...however, I have to say that John Krasinski makes the show. He and Jenna Fischer!
    This show is so different from anything else on tv, some of the funniset things that happen on the show aren't even the main's the looks of the people in the background or little things like that. The cast plays off one another so well...I am so glad I found this show.
  • An American reimagining of the original office universe carries the torch for the British masterpiece.

    The US version of Ricky Gervais' brilliant series seems to draw a lot of flak from both dedicated supporters of the original series, and people who fail to get the style of humour in the first place.
    I look at the original series as a finite story and essentially a love story. Gervais' David Brent certainly steals the limelight but it essentially a love story between Tim and Dawn. Given that Brent was such an incomparable wanker it was inevitable he would lose his job and as such the series had to have a definite closure.

    The US version has transplanted those characters across the Atlantic and given it a more open ended format, allowing the writers to explore the characters further, given there are currently 28 episodes already produced and the possibility of a third season vs the british 14. Detractors who complain that the sanctity of the british sense of humour has been sullied by those 'beastly' americans need to remember that the show is executive produced by Ricky Gervais. You are not going to get the same style of acting, sense of humour and context in any comparison between British and American television but the universal essence of the insanity of office life transfers easily.

    The US version still maintains a great deal of depth and complexity in it's writing, with many allusions and meta-references strewn throughout. There is also long term development of characters and multiple interactions so that as the series progresses you feel you grow with the characters and become more familiar with background players. An example of this is Ryan the temp who goes from new guy to fire guy and then forms a relationship with the vacuous Kelly who was a very minor character for a long time. The growing relationship between Pam and Jim is as compelling as any tv soap, and the verite style acting is consistantly good. The show is played in an understated way so people who have called the acting poor should think about how most people in an office environment actually behave.

    Overall I don't think of this show as better or worse than the original, I just think of it as more.

  • One of the best shows on tv today!!

    One of the best shows I have seen in a long time!! The actors are great. My personal favorites are Pam and Jim. The way they interact is just awesome. I have worked in a office for many years and the kind of management and \"office workers\" in the Dunder office is pretty much the way it is. Office work is so boring but they find a way to make it fun to come to work each day! Keep up the good work!! We love you and all the work you do!! Office workers unite!!
  • The Office is the funniest show!

    This show is one of the funniest shows on TV today! Steve Carell and the cast are brilliant in their respective roles! With Steve winning his Golden Globe recently, this should give credence to the show's popularity.

    I love the fact that in the second season, the cast has been put in certain situations that take them outside the office.

    I have watched this show from the first episode or the first season. I only hop the DVDs of the following seasons are as funny as the first!
  • A comedy about the everyday life of office employees working together under the delerious, annoying, hilarious Michael Scot

    Wow, i have never seen something on tv so entertaining, witty, and heart-stoppingly hilarious. Michael Scot is soooooooo hilarious, i cannot put the humor into words, Dwight ( played by Rainn Wilson ) Schrute is out of this world, hands down, freaking hilarious. Although it is set up as a documentary comedy, there are still strong emotional ties that thicken as the show progresses, and you become emotionally attached to each and everyone of the characters. Unlike the uk version of the office, i find Michael Scott a bit more bearable because the US version seems to add a bit of "human"ness to his character. Or perhaps Steve Carell just naturally brings that to Michael Scott.

    The only reason i would think anyone would dislike this show is because it is a remake of a show that has already been done, and perhaps people feel it is too "off", the new actors/actresses certainly bring their own light and humor to the characters, and I think both versions are gold.
    Another reason might be because of the humor... which is off the wall, hilarious. Nothing less can be expected from the shows two writers/producers Ricky Gervais and Greg Daniels ( produced and cowrote King of the Hill, another one of my favorite shows )

    It is rare that you find something so uniquely funny on tv, and it is definetely refreshing with The Office.

    Loved it. Will continue to love it, and can watch episodes over again, and again, and again and still have the same laughs.

    Ricky Gervais, btw, wrote the script for THE SIMPSONS.

    Geniuses at work here!
  • This show is SO freaking hilarious! The form of comedy presented is just uncompared to others!

    Ever since I seen the commercials for The Office, I knew it was going to be a real winner. The boss on this show is so funny and so full of himself that you'll be rolling in laughter. I was disappointed to see only six episodes in the first season but I hope the next season will be just as fulfilling. The character of Michael Scott is very unique and great to watch. The humor is so quiet on this show and you really have to listen to hear the jokes and understand them, but it's worth it. I'd highly suggest watching The Office if you get a chance because it's a hilarious show!
  • I'm not a big TV watcher but this was a great refreshing show in the midst of a land of "reality" shows, which are getting quite ridiculous, or cheesy "family" sitcoms.

    In my opinion, there hasn't been a good comedy since Seinfeld and Friends. So the US version of The Office was a nice refreshing change from what was being offered out there.

    All there seems to be to choose from now are cheesy family sitcoms, tiring reality shows, or repetitive cop/law/medical/political dramas. So FINALLY having something fresh (understanding it's a spin-off of the UK version) was a breath of fresh air!

    I was skeptical too knowing the utter failure of other UK spin-offs such as Coupling, but I decided to give this one a shot because I enjoy the comedy of the lead actor, Steve Carell, but was thoroughly impressed by the other cast as well.

    Now from what I have learned from asking peoples opinion of this show, you are either a lover of the UK version or a lover of the US version, I've not met one person yet who can say they appreciate both. I, myself, watched the first season of the UK version and it was ok, but I believe the US version is funnier.. but of course, like everything else, that's a matter of opinion.

    All in all, I believe this is a great hit that I hope and pray will be coming back for a second season!
  • The Office is a comedy that follows the lives of office workers.

    The Office is an extremely funny comedy show because it is something that is uniquely different than other comedies from the past. The Office is a comedy that takes place in a office where it is like a documentary and reality, but it is a mockentary where the show is scripted instead. The show gets it comical angle is from Michael Scott, who is played by Steve Carell. He is the manager of a paper company, Dunder Mufflin, yet he is really has no managerial skills, and it is his ignorance and funny acts that make the show. Also, Dwight Schrute, who is played by Rainn Wilson, makes the show even more interesting because he is the motivated and super energetic person, who takes everything very seriously. Lastly, Jim Halpert, who is played by John Krasinski, is the guy who is lack back, and makes fun of Dwight every chance that he can. Overall, it is simply funny.
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