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  • Perfect!

    This show is so funny that I can't laugh. It is so brilliant that it's painful to even try to laugh. I honestly hurt when watching this show. But, it's so good that the pain is worth it watching this show.

    If you do not think this show is funny then you probably don't get it. Because, it is highly intelligent even though to the un-trained brain it looks really stupid.

    This is stupid that you have to have a 100 word count min. to submit a review. I'm currently at 92 word count, wait now I'm at 99 word. Hey, now I'm there and can quit typing now. Now, I have exceeded the 100 word count! This is word number 121.
  • I. love. this. show.

    This is one of my favorite shows currently on tv! From the hilarious antics of Dwight K. Shrute and the super-cocky behavior of boss-man Michael Scott, to the...something between Jim and Pam, my two new favorite people. It is snappy, witty, extremely comical, and I just plain love it!
    So flip it on, Thursday night at 9:30, and you will not be disappointed. I swear
  • The American Office is a take on the British version of the same name, and in my opinion, it's better.

    The Office is one of those shows where I can't pick a favorite season. I love them all. The awkward moments make for an incredibly funny time, but the show is now without a heart. It's the kind of show you don't have to see every episode to get, but of course, as with most shows with plot, it helps. It's so easy to fall in love with Jim and Pam, and to see that coworker you know and hate in Dwight. It's the ultimate cute for the weekday blues, and every episode is full of brilliant humor and comedic timing. I have watched the whole show at least 7 times and I am not sick of it yet. Not even close.
  • Love this show..!

    A comedy about the everyday life of office employees working together under the delerious, annoying, hilarious Michael Scot

    Wow, i have never seen something on tv so entertaining, witty, and heart-stoppingly hilarious. Michael Scot is soooooooo hilarious, i cannot put the humor into words, Dwight ( played by Rainn Wilson ) Schrute is out of this world, hands down, freaking hilarious. Although it is set up as a documentary comedy, there are still strong emotional ties that thicken as the show progresses, and you become emotionally attached to each and everyone of the characters. Unlike the uk version of the office, i find Michael Scott a bit more bearable because the US version seems to add a bit of "human"ness to his character. Or perhaps Steve Carell just naturally brings that to Michael Scott.

    The only reason i would think anyone would dislike this show is because it is a remake of a show that has already been done, and perhaps people feel it is too "off", the new actors/actresses certainly bring their own light and humor to the characters. Another reason might be because of the humor... which is off the wall, hilarious. Nothing less can be expected from the shows two writers/producers Ricky Gervais and Greg Daniels ( produced and cowrote King of the Hill.

    It is rare that you find something so uniquely funny on tv, and it is definetely refreshing with The Office.

    Loved it. Will continue to love it, and can watch episodes over, and over, again, and still have the same laughs.
  • The Merger -- Isn't this exactly how life usually works? No big romantic confessions...

    Kudos to the writers for not making it into something Hollywood-- the antithesis of Lazy Scranton-- and for the actors who can pull it off.. It's why this show works. If the folks in this office didn't so clearly remind us of people in our own, the show wouldn't be nearly as good...

    And, isn't what happened between Jim and Pam how life- and all of its attractive choices and risks- usually works? Although Jim was consistently demonstrative, interested in and attentive to Pam in a way that Roy is not, Pam would not, could not, did not respond. She doesn't have to acknowledge, admit, or act on any of it... she can count on both Roy and Jim as long as she can tolerate staying merely engaged to the first one and be genuine with the second Then, push comes to shove: he tells her directly that he's in love with her and kisses her. She breaks off the world's longest engagemet and cancels the wedding. but, never contacts Jim. She moves on... he moves out of town.

    He hears about her from others... she hears about him from afar. It was a credit to both actors that they could both feign such inconspicuous interest at the mere mention of the other's name. Then, unexpectedly, they share what appears to be one friendly, funny phone call... Maybe, Jim really did mean to call Kevin... or, maybe, he really hoped to hear her voice after a long day. Quite easily, they return to the rapport they had Pre-Confession and Pre-Kiss.

    And, now, he's back. Not on the phone. But, in person. Looking both familiar and different- he's Jim the way he used to be, but not. While the initial hug was warm, he really did move on. And, in her own way, she has, too...

    While we might be a bit disappointed that their words in the parking lot did not lead to a Casino Night Reprise, a big romantic "thing" would have been so out of step with how these things evolve....

    Jim's trying to figure out where he stands with someone ("We'll always be friends"), even as his own life moves forward... Yet, try as he might, he still cares for Pam ("Let me call you back in just a minute"). He puts on the protective armor to avoid being hurt again (e.g., "I'm sorting of seeing someone") and Pam responds with the disappointment that their relationship is not immediately going back to its original rapport ("Do whatever you want")

    I think there's a lot more to come-- they may never connect that way, again. Life is moving on. Toby seems increasingly interested in Pam... Karen clearly has something for Jim and he may have something for her (I don't buy that they're dating.... yet)... Roy still carries a torch for Pam... If they come back together, it may be all the sweeter
  • This isn't the orginal series...

    This isn't the orginal series but that isn't a bad thing, this still uses the same format as Gervias's original but the comedy is a more obous type of comedy more American you could say and that will obvous seems that its the US version and I think now its time to say its awesome. The show has a funny and creative team of writers and cast. The show is just laugh after laugh after laughs. There are some great recurring plot lines that keep you intrested and glued to the TV screen. Steve Carrel is a comedy genuis he never fails to make me laugh.
  • Michael scott is the regional manager in an office and he thinks he's the best boss ever. Along with Dwight.k.shrute and Jim Halpert, the show sure has potential. Dwight thinks highly of Michael and his only ally in the office. WATCH THE SHOW!!!

    Michael scott is the regional manager of Dunder Miffin, an office based in Scranton. Dwight Shrute is the best sales person in the office. Pam and Jim are the guys in love(they start dating only in the 4th season). Ryan is the temp turned boss.
    The thing about this series is that- its a situation based comedy. The comedy lies in the situation and expressions and there is hardly any dialogue comedy as in Seinfeld and Friends.
    Jim & Pam often play pranks on Dwight. I really adore his charecter.
    The office is a must watch, and I really feel its gets better with every season.
  • The story just keeps getting better and better...

    I've been watching this show since it first started to air. At first, I didn't know what to think. Is this funny? Am I supposed to laugh? Americans trying their hand at British humor? What?

    I can't say I was impressed after the initial viewing. After all it did replace what was at the time my favorite show. I was bitter. I didn't want to enjoy this. I loathed the fact they were going to continue producing something that was so obviously over the top.

    My how times have changed. I can't even remember the name of the show it replaced, and it doesn't matter. How could this happen to me? My contempt quickly turned to enjoyment and I looked forward to see what would happen next. Perhaps it's the manager in me; waiting to see what bone-head management technique Michael employs that I need to avoid at all costs.

    Character development and writing are excellent. Michael is the most obnoxious and annoying boss I have ever had the pleasure watching on television. He is the epitome of what NOT to do when managing employees. Dwight... well he's just weird, but probably the funniest character on the show. Jim is the kind of guy anyone can relate to, especially regarding his not-so-secret "crush" on Pam.

    All in all, you really couldn't describe the show to someone who has never watched it. It's that different from anything currently on television.
  • my new addiction

    I have quickly become addicted to this show. This show has so many things that draw the viewer in. First of all, for anyone who has worked in an office, this show will help put the mundane in a humorous light.

    Second, the cast is fantastic. Steve Carrel plays Michael Scott in a way that makes you both despise his cocky attitude yet feel sympathetic for his yearning for acceptance. Dwight is brilliantly and hilariously played by Rainn Wilson. Then, there's the inescapable draw of the Jim/Pam relationship (played by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer). I identify in so many ways with Jim, as I have often been in the past the confidante who harbors a secret crush. Additionaly, the side office-mates add color and more laughs (the anything-but-token Stanley, the befuddled-yet-blunt Kevin, the tight-ass with a hidden heart Angela, the amazingly endearing Phyllis, the closet alcoholic Meredith, and a host of others).

    Finally, the comedy is wonderfully played. The show does not rely on the common formula of combining sight gags, slapstick, and an insulting laugh track. The mock documentary format brings some real humanity to the characters and story. The story does not feel like a hollywood production on a sound stage. Instead the characters sit with the uncomfortableness of office life and awkward silent beats to a hilarious effect.

    This is easily one of the best shows on television right now.
  • [recensione in italiano]

    The Office è un remake di una fortunata serie della BBC. Una commedia girata come se fosse un documentario sulla vita di un ufficio anonimo di un'altrettanto anonima azienda. I protagonisti sono la fine del mondo, in particolare il capo ufficio, le situazioni esileranti si susseguono. L'originalità della presentazione da realty show si combina con situazioni grottesche, ma anche situazioni reali. Chiunque abbia lavorato in un ufficio difficilmente non riuscirà ad immedesimarsi in qualcuna di esse: dalle continue stravaganze del capo, ai rapporti d'affetto che si possono generare tra i dipendenti, alle relazioni di antipatia/simpatia che inevitabilmente si instaurano sul posto di lavoro. Forse la miglior commedia di questi ultimi anni. Irresistibile e consigliatissimo!
  • Glad I stuck with this show since first season, it's getting even better!

    I first saw The Office (US) during it's first season and watched each episode hoping that it would be picked up. It was funny, clever, and really hit home to me as a former office man myself. I know there was a lot of criticism about it copying the British version, but I hadn't seen it so I didn't need to draw those comparisons.

    This second season has been absolutely terrific. The characters have been well developed, the jokes keep rolling in, and the acting is great. I can't imagine how they film this show, it's so funny and embarassing that I can't imagine how the actors don't break out laughing every shot. I mean, even the premises of so many of the gags are totally ridiculous. What I like about the show the most is that it's very fun to watch and completely charming. The way the actors can convey a lot of a scene just through a look or a gesture makes for very compelling TV.

    The only reason why I wouldn't give it a perfect score is because sometimes the jokes that are based on humiliating or embarassing moments at work are almost too painfully real as to be uncomfortable. That's a personl thing though, I get a bit squeemish seeing a man solo karaoke ("Email Surveillance" episode). Agh! So painful!

    But a terrific show that I hope has at least another few seasons left in it.
  • The best comedy, and quite possibly one of the best shows, on TV. Excellent character development, extremely original plots, and an overall excellent show.

    This show truly shows what comedy is. From what I can tell, I don't think this show is extremely expensive to make. They film inside of an office, with occasional trips to other places. The characters are all mostly down to Earth -- actually, scratch that. NONE of the characters are down to Earth except for Pam and Jim, and others at some points. I think what I'm trying to say is that none of the actors overplay their characters. They are all extremely realistic, and at least once during each episode, I can usually relate one character to someone I know.

    Another reason this show rocks is because of how real it is. This is something I look for a lot in a TV show. I like realistic, believable characters. And this show is one that really displays this. We've all met a Michael. We've all met a Pam. We've all met a Dwight, etc. Chances are, we may not know it, but each one of us is very similar to someone at Dunder-Mifflin.

    This show is also not your average comedy show. There is a small amount of sexual things happening. There's no laugh track, no slap-stick humor. It even consists of inter-cut interviews, making it feel somewhat like a reality show.

    Everything is different about the show, and I think that's why it's such a huge hit. It dares to be different. It doesn't try too hard to be extremely outrageous. Finally, it's relatable to our everyday lives.

    The Office cracks me up every time. Even if I re-watch an episode, I usually find something I didn't even notice the first time. I can't wait to see more!
  • The Office is a stimulating americanized version of a great BBC production. Somehow the writers have been able to americanize the humor- or rather keep the feel of the dry british humor, but delivering the punch line in a manner that American's not only e

    It is understandably difficult for one idea to carry over well over two cultures- especially when that idea is a comedic one. Though American shares a similar language, and somewhat similar politics- on a beuracratic level- we are different cultures. Different cultures think different situations are funny for different reasons. Often the political, religious, and leisure spheres of existence in a culture is what lends each in his own culture his sense of humor. This is why I believe shows like Coupling never successfully transferrred to an American adoration, as it so attained in Britain.

    The Office has taken topical humor and stretched it to the point of a topical joke actually become a main character, Carrell. Carrell's character is flat, but the flatness of his character is the true humor in his character. It is a joke that makes your side hurt as he tries to work through the quagmire of a one night stand with his Boss.

    An employee boss relationship like this is a very uniquily American issue. Only because of American history with women's rights, especially in the work place- and a modern battle again sexual/gender discrimination. This historical twist is interesting because it calls into question all etiquitte rules that are suppose to be in place to protect the secretary- woman from the Boss- man and his aggressive sexual advice that are aquiesced in fear of loss of employement. Carrell's character does not realize the extreme advantage he has, due to historical presidence- and that is why I couldn't stop rolling. Business history, that any uneducated fool understands simply because of the effect of that history on gender relations, teaches us the significance of what took place- between Carrell and his Boss. Yet Carrell, this self proclaimed business genius, finally somewhat justified by his cogent sales abilities- which is what landed him his bedfellow- is completely oblivious to the possible ramifications of what took place between he and a superior in the work place.

    This is why the Office has such great genius. It portrays the weaknesses we all have but are afraid to confront- puts them in one character, then foils that character with Jim- the reality of what we all believe ourselves to be.
  • Can all the people who love the British Office so much that they can't even give this one a chance please shut up? Probably not.

    I love the British, Ricky Gervais version of The Office. I think it is brilliant, and hilarious, and painful, and different from the American version. So . . . can we immediately stop the comparison between these two series?

    Of course, some annoying people will continue to make the comparison and continue to say that the British version is inifinitely better and the American version doesn't even warrant consideration. Well, they're missing out.

    The American version of The Office is still better than almost any other comedy on TV right now (save Arrested Development). It is funny, quirky, awkward, and well-acted by a stellar ensemble. If you are looking for the intelligent, sly, sarcastic humor of a well-done single-camera sitcom, then look no further.
  • Even its own merits, this show stands among the best.

    When I first heard about The Office last year before its premiere, I knew it was based on the British hit show by the same name. The documentary style of shooting the show seemed interesting and the fact that it contained no laugh track was also intriguing. I decided not to watch the British show so I could judge the show on its own merits.
    Since then, I have not missed a single episode (thanks to TiVo) and there hasn't been one episode that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. I will say that the show has improved a great deal in its second season. All the characters seem perfectly cast, from the hilarious Steve Carell as Michael Scott to John Krasinski as the super-sarcastic Jim Halpert.
    I also love how the camera almost plays its own character. The other characters (especially Michael) confide in the camera during the personal interviews, and when the camera wildly pans back and forth between characters it feels like you're in the office with them.
    Some of the awkward silences seem a bit forced, but it's forgivable within the context of the show. Like I said earlier, the show has matured a great deal since the first season. I'm not sure if that's a result of the show becoming more separate of the British show and more of its own, but regardless it seems to be improving with every episode. The American version of The Office actually has me interested in watching its British derivative.
    I highly recommend The Office and I hope it enjoys a long run on network TV.
  • AUGH!

    Kikkapi is a moron.
  • Devastatingly funny. Michael is like watching a train wreck in progress ... you just have to look ... and once you look you just cannot pull away. And yet you find yourself watching week after week despite how uncomfortable his antics make you feel.

    Everyone talks about what an awful boss is, but the truth is that what makes this show great is not his horrible management skills but his complete obliviousness. He is so clueless ... and if he had any idea he would be mortified because as a person, although not too bright, he is a very thoughtfull person that will stop at nothing to be loved. Just complete clueless ... and that's what sets the stage for some of the most skin crawling comedic scenarios you can imagine.

    What really makes it work though is the supporting cast. They are such an ecclectic group of bizarre personalities. You also have a number of dynamics ... inter-office romances ... money making schemes ... bizarre histories ... and very strong personalities.

    There are some things that you just don't understand ... and not knowing why they are the way they are adds to the absurdity of it all. For example Michael hates, seriously hates Toby because he finds Toby repulsive ... meanwhile Toby is about the most benign person in the world.
  • one of the few comedies worth watching these days

    i happen to live 15 minutes away from the city of scranton pa, so i may be just a little biased. but any way, this is a great show. really funny. and don't most of us know at least one person in the office? ie the clueless boss, the suck up? etc etc. oh, by the way, the landmarks that are mentioned in the show are completely legit, for example, the glider diner, great food! i find this extremely impressive, the folks behind the scenes really do a great job researching to make the show more realistic. the office is silly and stupid some of the time, but that's what makes it hilarious. give it a try. for the longest time i wouldn't even watch because i can't stand what the networks consider comedies these days, total crap. once i started, i couldn't stop!!
  • It's all about the secondary characters - just like "The Simpsons" and "The Big Lebowski"

    What do I love about "The Office," when I am usually bored by TV comedies? The secondary characters. Don't get me wrong. I like Michael Scott. He's a classic character, but the cringeworthy, crass boss who's trying too hard would have gotten old by now without a whole office full of supporting players. You never get so much of Stanley or Angela that you get bored, and that's the brilliance of the writing. The show is clearly running out of great main plotlines, but the great characters make up for what's lacking in the plot department. Anyhow, if you want to read a review of the first episode, go to:
  • The Office is abosolutely hillarious, in a way thats difficult to describe. All I can say is that you must watch this show.

    The Office is based on the BBC hit by the same name. It stars former Daily Show correspondent Steve Carell as the boss of a paper sales company.

    The Office is a comedy, though it's hard to describe why it's just so funny. It has this gut-renching humor about it. Its so real and almost embarressing at times.

    Its cast is a strong point. There is no weak link in it. It all works together in order to keep the show moving and to keep it funny. The charisma between characters is great. All of the actors do a fantastic job.

    Originally the show was a little too close to the british version, but now in it's second season, its really taking its own path. Recently it was signed on for its third season by NBC, which is just fantastic. Watch this show. It's great.
  • Sequels mostly dissapoint and second series can bore but this has blossomed into the best comedy in years!

    Im from the UK and have watched the original UK version and thought it would be a good idea to watch the US version, im so glad i did.

    The 1st season was good and it showed that a totally original UK style show can be transformed into a just as good and in the 2nd series in particular, better than the original.

    I wasnt sure whether id like the US version as our humour isnt quite the same and for obvious reasons some jokes im just not gonna understand. (i want my baby back, baby back, baby back. baby back ribs) for instance. (funny US commercial, right ?) even so im beginning to find new love. Fiends is my all time favorite but this is fantastic.

    Im totally loving this second series and if it continues to improve at the rate that it has so far, im sure it'll be up there with friends soon enough.

    Dwight is my hero.
  • This season looks to continue the fantastic awkward comedy of the previous one. If you like this, try ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ too (new series starting very soon).

    Having watched and loved the UK shows I was apprehensive about whether the US versions would be straight copies with different actors (bad) or become a some kind of typical US sitcom ‘loud studio audience laughter’ experience.
    Thankfully it’s a great show in its own right.
    The US cast is excellent and I look forward to the rest of this season.
  • A mockumentary about a group of office workers at a paper factor.

    This show depicts the life of about a dozen office workers who work for a Paper Company named Dundler Mufflin in an American suburb.

    From the very first few episodes, the characters are very lovable and for a show with such a large cast, their is room for a lot of character development throughout the series. You grow to love most of the Dunder Mufflin employees within a few minutes of watching the show, and their outrageous antics can always make you laugh.

    The situations the group go through are very funny and are often mixed with a slight hint of drama. The on/off relationship between Jim and Pam gives viewers a sense of a overall storyline, while characters like Michael, Dwight and Andy are always giving you something to giggle about episode after episode.

    This show has continued to improve season by season, and is definitely one of the best comedies around at the moment.
  • The Office is base on the english series of the same name. In this hilarious TV show, we meet the boss Michael (Steve Carell) who always thinks he's the best boss ever and he's pleasing his workers, who actually hate him.

    I first thought this new "Office" couldn't beat the original, hilarious british show. I was wrong. Steve Carell is exactly the right choice for the annoying boss. The love and hate relationships bloom at the small office, where Michael tries to keep up to be the coolest boss ever. His workers actually hate him...

    In The Office, there are some brilliant gags, and the best thing is, there isn't pre-recorded laughs. The "interwiews" with the characters always reflect what's happening there. There is always some black humour in every episode. Unfortunately, in my country, it was cancelled after the first season. I really hope they bring it back...
  • Less obvious funny

    Michael Scott - aka Steve Carell, is the boss from heck-because despite his flaws, he does want to be a 'friend' to his coworkers. His oblivious nature and the deadpan stares he gives to the TV are priceless. Dwight is prefectly annoying, Jim is the perfect every guy and the relationship that COULD be with he and Pam keeps me coming back for more.

    All these characters are exactly like people I've worked with in my office-with all these weird quirks and subtle little habits; yet, despite their flaws, they still grow on you!This show has grown on me.
  • One of the best shows on TV

    It just gets better and better. Can I add quotes now? I had this thing ready to add as a quote:

    Michael: And another thing about the Indian people... They love sex positions. I present to you, the Kama Sutra. I mean, look at that. Who has seen that before?

    Creed: I have. That\'s the Union of the Monkey.

    Meredith: Oh, that\'s what they call it.

    Kevin: This is the best meeting we have ever had.

    But the site wouldn\'t take it, because I am only a Level 1 user. Well, OK, will it take it now?
  • I manage a small office and love this show as I can relate to many business and HR issues brought up in this show, and watching The Office, I often get to laugh at things that in some shape or form resemble situations I've dealt with in real life.


    I really like the way the show encompasses a typical American small business and as ridiculous as some of the situations in the show appear, many of them actually HAVE happened in real life! (speaking from experience!)

    It relates to fans who are employees working for a crazy boss, and it also relates to those fans who are bosses who, crazy or normal, have to face similar issues in their daily lives.

    I find watching this show is very relaxing and uplifting. Many episodes make you laugh, cry, sympathize or ridicule all in one episode!

    It'll be interesting to see how the dynamic of the show changes with the new boss.

  • Good episode highlighting on mundanities of daily existance

    which is what the office does best. This is a very funny show with skilled writers. The humour is funny but the real treat is the acting. Each actor is so deadpan, accelerating what would be just a better-than-average comedy into a very good one. They all revolve around the absurdly skillful comedian Steve Carrell. Unlike in the British version of the show, where it basically is Ricky Gervais, Steve Carell is a large part of (But not the whole) show. This is not as good an episode as some of the others in this season, but still very good.
  • Very good show

    I really liked watching the show. It was mostly funny and I liked most of the characters. It was dry in a few spots as the show went on but for most of its time, it managed to do a very fine job at making us laugh and getting us intrested in the plots.
  • Funny BUT not so funny that I would burst into tears

    "The Office" is great show and it's pretty funny to watch. Now, this isn't the funniest show that I have ever seen. It is funny but it's not so funny that I burst into tears. It's just funny like I giggle, mildly laugh, or even chuckle. Sometimes this show can be super duper hilarious like the Season 7 episode "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager" for example... now that's an episode that made me laugh so hard that I bursted into tears but most of the time... it's just funny like some of the scenes are mildly humorous and all that. The humor in this show is clever and that's a good thing about "The Office". Steve Carell makes me laugh in "The Office" but I honestly think Steve Carell is much more funnier in his movies. All of the characters in this show are likeable. Some of the episodes in this show can be boring and not that humorous sometimes but that doesn't mean I don't think they're bad. If you a person that loves clever humor than "The Office" is definitely the show for you. You're all probably asking me this question. Do I recommend "The Office"? Yes I do, it's a pretty funny show with clever humor. Overall, I watch this show sometimes and while it's not the funniest show I've ever seen, it is pretty funny and I enjoy it whenever I watch this show sometimes. 8/10
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