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  • There's a place In Scranton Penn- Sylvannia It's an Office named Dunder Mifflin! (Sing this to the beginning part of the theme song.)

    The Office is the funniest show in the world! Every show is an original masterpiece, that paves the way for some unknown actors and actressess. Every time I watch a new episode, I think that they can't outawesome themselves, but every week they find a way to do it. It's a show that puts its UK version to shame. They've tooken a nice UK show and pumped up, and more funnier, and that is "The Office." The characters are unique in every aspect, from the famously weird Dwight Schrute, to the great Michael Scott. I especially love Jim and Pam's Relationship, or as I like to call it, PB and J(Pam Beasly and Jim).
  • Ranks up there as one of the greatest shows next to Seinfeld and Cheers.

    Every decade has its classic comedy show. In this decade of two thousands, that show is The Office.

    The Office is a show, as if filmed by a documentary crew, settled in Scrantion. It stars the funny Steve Carrell, well for his tidbits on The Daily Show, as a geeky boss, who doesn't think very carefully what he says before he says it.

    We also have his closest employee, Dwight, who is a bit of science fiction geek. Then we have Jim, a bored salesman who has better things to do, like talking to his best friend, Pam, who also works in the same office.

    Very funny show. An instant classic.
  • Could he be learning?

    This show gets better with every episode that I watch. This episode was sweet. Michael totally showed that he does have a little knowledge about what it takes to be a boss, but he is still the same old boss. I love how he simply says whatever he is thinking. He just lets Pam know he thinks she's ugly with glasses. Personally I think Pam is like the perfect girl! Or in other words, I actually agree with something Creed said for the first time ever. Just looking forward to the next episode. This show is addicting!! How could anyone not love it?
  • Best comedy show on NBC

    This show is so funny and also fun to watch, i didnt even start watching into until the 3rd season but after getting caught up on each episode im glad i did because now i dont miss it ever. Steve C. is one of the funniest actors to come off the daily show and the guy who plays jim is also pretty hilarious. All in all the story is great the laughs are there and its just a all around good time, espically all the pranks that go on through out the office, they give the show a lil extra something.
  • The first season was HORRIBLE to watch, but a year later I decided to give it another shot starting from season 2 and i was instantly HOOKED!

    Ok first off, the first season is waaaaay out there. You can tell Michael tries way too hard to be funny and just does some insanely wack stuff. Now i first hated the show, I thought it was so lame, then all my friends were like, heather you HAVE to try it again from the second season. So i did and man were they right. The second season right off the bat you know its different. Michael is toned down a lot and his natural wit comes through a lot more then those crazy cheesy lines he had before. Now i can't stop watching it. I could re-watch all the episodes over and over again anytime! So if you thought the first season was HORRIBLE but have a great sense of humor and laugh at anything try it again from the second season, trust me, its much better!
  • American Culture Vultures mutilate another gem that was laid to rest. You can't expect to be good when your sitting in Gervais' shadow

    Its hard to impress when you come across as a rip-off, its even harder when the the original writers called it a day because they thought all that was worth doing had been done.

    Theres no doubt the Carrell is a funny guy and a good actor, and the cast was well chosen, but as said, it sits in the shadow of the original and its not even a close second. Fortunatly it was wise enough to try and not be exactly the same, yet still its poor in comparision.

    Frankly it just doesn't impress me when American TV studios take someone elses good idea and make thier own version. It works sometimes but normally what was 6 hours of material turns into well over 60. I call that milking an idea.
  • I've seen the UK version as well, so I can judge. ;)

    I've seen nearly all of the UK's "The Office" and I can say, as an American, that it I did find it quite humorous. But as an American, I must say that I find American humor to be MUCH funnier and more appealing. Aside from the pilot episode, the two series branched off in very different directions, each hilariously entertaining in their own respect. For an American comedy, "The Office" definitely pushes the envelope to keep up expectations from fans of its UK counterpart. I rarely watch comedies because it's hard to find the right balance of humor and political correctness in sitcoms these days. The writers on this show are comedic geniuses (IMO) and never fail to keep me thoroughly entertained.
  • I was so surprised by how much I liked this show and how quickly I became hooked.

    I had seen several episodes of the show before but I really didn't become to interested till the third season. I was so suprised by how much I enjoyed watching it and was sorry I had missed the first two seasons. I quickly become hooked and that surprised me as well. I was very pleasantly suprised and now I'm totally hooked, The Office is a must watch show every week. The cast is great, hilarious and the have a versatile bunch off odd and entertaining folks. And did I mention they are all hilarious. My favorite characters are Jim and Pam and their relationship is a great part of the show.
  • Great show, extensive characters and every episode is a gem. Never thought i would say it but... better than UK version.

    I have been a massive fan of The Office UK since it was originally broadcast, the cringey humour was just excellent coupled with the true to life situations we all meet everyday. The characters were the thing that bound it all together. Unfortunately here in the UK a standard series (season) is 6 episodes, so after 12 episodes and a 2 part Christmas special, The Office finished.

    When i originally heard about The Office US i thought it might be another one of those cross Atlantic journeys for a comedy series that wouldnt translate, initially i thought i was right as i was constantly comparing the characters to the UK version.

    Then recently i watched a couple of episodes back to back on Paramount Comedy and i was hooked. I realised that the same switch has shifted in my head as when i watched the UK version, you go through a stage of thinking it was rubbish and boring and dreary, then suddenly over the course of 2 episodes you realise the mass of hidden depths the series has.

    The humour is brilliant. The characters feel much more three dimensional as there is more time to build the intra office relationships. All the supporting actors have niche roles, which was underplayed in the UK version due to time constraints i think.

    Excellent series that i will watch over and over and over.
  • The funny is there just not as much as it should be... It seems the jokes are always about awkward humor, or screwing with Dwight Schrute(Rainn Wilson).

    The show seems to revolves around Michael Scott(Steve Carell). His crazy management skills is a major part of the underlying joke to the show(which seems to be trying to enjoy the level of stupidity of ones boss). The show seems to try to appeal to the audience that thinks there boss is clearly incompetent and they must constantly wonder why he is even leading the group.
    The one redeeming factor of the show is Jim/Pam constantly crew with and burn him in some way he always seems to fall into. Much like Charlie Brown forever trying to kick the football poor Dwight always falls into the pitfall of the joke over and over.
  • Dwight, Jim, Pam, Micheal...Fantastic!

    This show is very creative and having worked in many offices myself it hits home. I used to work with a guy that was just like Dwight, he claimed he was a Mixed martial arts expert of 15 years, scored high enough on the SAT's to get into Harvard (yet he was going to a small town university no one's heard of). Anyway back to the show, it has everything: laughs, romantic entanglemants, awkward moments. Once you get passed Steve Carell's offbeat humor, which i'm not a huge fan of, its a great show. This is probably the best comedy show on tv right now so check it out!
  • The Office is a comedy that follows the lives of office workers.

    The Office is an extremely funny comedy show because it is something that is uniquely different than other comedies from the past. The Office is a comedy that takes place in a office where it is like a documentary and reality, but it is a mockentary where the show is scripted instead. The show gets it comical angle is from Michael Scott, who is played by Steve Carell. He is the manager of a paper company, Dunder Mufflin, yet he is really has no managerial skills, and it is his ignorance and funny acts that make the show. Also, Dwight Schrute, who is played by Rainn Wilson, makes the show even more interesting because he is the motivated and super energetic person, who takes everything very seriously. Lastly, Jim Halpert, who is played by John Krasinski, is the guy who is lack back, and makes fun of Dwight every chance that he can. Overall, it is simply funny.
  • People work at an office run by a goof.

    I loovveee the show and watch it with my dad. I cant beleive people have to go to work in a place like this but I guess its common. Jim and Pam are my favourite, but I crack up at Kevin, Dwight, Creed and Kelly too. I feel sorry for Michael Scott but Steve Carell is amaaaazing and you cringe at him then kill yourself laffing. I swear I will never work for someone like that, but you never know...!! Jim's looks to the camera and evrybody's confessions of how they really feel are the best. Really great show and cant wait to see whats next.
  • Funny, funny show.

    I accidentally started watching The Office. I started, partly because there was nothing else on at whatever time on a Monday night that Channel Ten Australia decided to put it on, and partly because I'd heard a lot about the English one and decided it was "close enough". I didn't really want to watch it at first. Now, looking back I can't believe I didn't.

    This is one of the funniest shows that I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of TV show (a LOT). It manages to mix humour with heart-breakingly sad moments without seeming clichéd. I believe the character-driven plots make this show. The writing is brilliant, the acting even more so. The fact that Michael is both annoying and likeable is to their credit. Once I watched The Office I stopped thinking of it as "just another re-make of an English show". It has proven to be way more than that.

    (And yes, I have seen the English one, which I am rather fond of.)

    So, I guess what I'm trying to say is; yes, I do like The Office.
  • I have tride to watch this show a few times and just don't get it.

    I have tride and tride to watch this show a few times and just don't get it. I did like the movie Office space, but The Office seems to get too boring or dumb for me to get into. The only positive thing I can think of is at least it's not a reality show, and a few of the actresses are pretty. Not sure what could be done, or changed around, for me to get into the The office. At least there are enough people enjoying The Office to keep its slot from being filled with another reality TV show. ----------------P.A.R.T(People Against Reality Television) I am starting this movment to get people together to influence TV stations to stop making any more reality TV programs. They need to get they're heads out of the ground, and there pocket books out, and stop making generic programs and start making quality television
  • Love this show..!

    A comedy about the everyday life of office employees working together under the delerious, annoying, hilarious Michael Scot

    Wow, i have never seen something on tv so entertaining, witty, and heart-stoppingly hilarious. Michael Scot is soooooooo hilarious, i cannot put the humor into words, Dwight ( played by Rainn Wilson ) Schrute is out of this world, hands down, freaking hilarious. Although it is set up as a documentary comedy, there are still strong emotional ties that thicken as the show progresses, and you become emotionally attached to each and everyone of the characters. Unlike the uk version of the office, i find Michael Scott a bit more bearable because the US version seems to add a bit of "human"ness to his character. Or perhaps Steve Carell just naturally brings that to Michael Scott.

    The only reason i would think anyone would dislike this show is because it is a remake of a show that has already been done, and perhaps people feel it is too "off", the new actors/actresses certainly bring their own light and humor to the characters. Another reason might be because of the humor... which is off the wall, hilarious. Nothing less can be expected from the shows two writers/producers Ricky Gervais and Greg Daniels ( produced and cowrote King of the Hill.

    It is rare that you find something so uniquely funny on tv, and it is definetely refreshing with The Office.

    Loved it. Will continue to love it, and can watch episodes over, and over, again, and still have the same laughs.
  • "The Office" debuted in 2005, but ever since then it has become an instant hit with viewers.

    Many people ask, "What makes The Office so special?" Maybe it could be the many diverse characters, or neurotic storylines, or the way the show is set up like a documentary and the people look at the cameras. Either way you look at it, "The Office" is completely charming with a lot of charm and a lot of laughs. And as a must for any televison show, the romance between Pam and Jim makes all the rest of us that love can happen like that. On the other hand, the romance between Dwight and Angela is completely wierd and humorous, but the chemistry between the two characters is one for the ages. In conclusion, "The Office" is sure to please audiences for a very long time.
  • All in a day's work at "The Office."

    I just recently became a fan of this show a couple of weeks back. And I must say, where was I during the premiere of season one?

    This show has me smiling and laughing during the entire duration of its broadcast. Simply put, I just love this show!

    The premise of the show is to follow the work-life of individuals who work at a paper company. And periodically, there will be a quick interview, or reflection, from one of the employees to hear hers/his thoughts on whatever the situation may be at the time.

    What makes the show incredible is that it goes further than the life in the office. It encompasses the employees' personal life as well at times, which goes to show how hard it is at times to keep your personal business separate from your professional business. Even though this is a comedy and some of the scenes are overly embellished, one can actually relate to the chaotic and ridiculous scenarios showcased here. The relationships between the coworkers and their attitudes towards the job are believable for the simply fact that it's ultimately real. As I said, certain situations and predicaments that we find the cast in may be a little ridiculous, but the sentiments and message are real as ever.

    I recommend that you give the show a chance. Who knows? You may find that it reminds you of your place of work, and have you look at it from a different perspective - remind you to laugh at it and enjoy the time there.
  • Way too difficult to put into words... Hilarious, confusing, clever, whoever wrote this show is a genius!

    This show is amazing. Michael Scott is truly funny in all his ignorance. Dwight exists perfectly as his obediant Regional "puppy dog" Manager. Jim's constant pranks on Dwight get funnier with each season, and the Jim and Pam relationship constantly leaves you wanting to watch episode after episode, as well as other side relationships like Ryan/Kelly/Daryl, Angela and Dwight, Jan and Michael. This show is a cross between Frasier and Seinfeld, without getting repetetive and overly dry.
    The show centers around the fact that most of the time the employees are not actually doing their job, but instead, are participating in outrageous events coordinated by their boss, such as mall outings with the female workers, trips to an ice rink, holiday parties, or lunch at Chili's. However, it isn't all pranks, jokes, Beach Days, Basketball Games, or Fun Runs on The Office. The show also leaves you with glimpses into the character's heart and soul, especially those of Michael, Jim, Dwight, and Pam.
  • You know that office down the street that you say will never stay in business for long. This is nothing like that, but way wackier!

    People are people, but not quite like that. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is absolutely hilarious, and I can't get enough of him, whether he's in Evan Almighty, The 40 Year Old Virgin, or this show, he's incredible!! I have no idea how he can stay so serious with all the stupid things he does. Dwight Shrute is amazingly phenomenal, and is just the best supporting actor there is. "My fathers name was Dwight Shrute. His fathers name, Dwight Shrute. His fathers name, Dwight Shrute. His fathers name, Dwide Shrude. He was Amish." I love that line. Jim is phenomenal. I love the pranks Jim plays, like throwing Andy's cell phone up in the raftors to putting Michael's phone in Jell-O. Pam was meant for Jim and Jim was meant for Pam. I love the expressions on her face when Michael gets pranked. Kevin is so funny. I love how stupid he is!!
  • The office will leave you asking for more at the end of every episode.

    The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the office is Steve Carell. Carell plays the role of Michael Scott, a regional manager of a paper selling company. He plays the role brilliantly and allows you to immerse yourself into the show very quickly.

    His role as the office manager/parent helps people who have worked in an office and/or have met someone in desperate need of attention, feel immediately drawn to the show. The show is filled with funny remarks, some are healthy white humor and others are more on the dark side of things. If you don't mind that the show is very entertaining. I personally laugh every time Michael uses his "That's what she says" joke and find the beginning and endings of the shows to be extremely funny.

    To emphasize my point of well defined characters and very clever beginnings/endings, there is the episode entitled "Product Recall" (season 2, episode 22). The beginning and end of this episode is absolutely magnificent. I decline any further comments, please go watch it if you have not done so. This episodes begin/end could not have been possible if the characters in the show where not well defined. I see this as an important point in the show. Even if you have only seen a couple of episodes you can still appreciate the way each character blends into the show in its own unique way. That allows an infinite (let's hope) amount of funny situations in an environment that can be familiar to everyone.
  • I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.

    This is the smartest comedy you can find. It's Steve Carell at his greatest, followed by an extraordinary cast including Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, and Jon Krasinski. Sorry if I'm spelling it wrong, Jon. In 1st grade I misspelled "loan" and all the kids made fun of me and I peed my pants. Anyways, The Office's humor is really cutting edge because it's so subtle. There are very few "jokes." The whole show overall is just a hillarium. By the way, "hillarium" is a word I made up. It means "something that is funny." Anywhoozle, this is a MUST. If you see it on your guide, highlight it. I guarantee you will enjoy it.
  • If not better equal to old version.

    After reading all of the horrible reviews coming from the UK, I felt the strong desire to comment. I learned that most of the reviewers bashing it have only seen a few (at most) episodes from the first season - many haven't seen it at all, and are simply bashing it because of an overwhelming sense of pride in the original. I'd be surprised if this review isn't skimmed over and marked unhelpful by them. Obviously I'm not speaking to all the British, but the majority that unfairly judge this show with little to no basis in the truth.

    This whole fanaticism is juvenile and petty. The casts of the US and UK versions love each show. Ricky Gervais even wrote and executive produced a few episodes of the US version. Open your minds, people! Most of the US fans KNOW that it's based on a British version. It has gotten the credit it deserves for being a brilliant and hilarious show.

    But the American version is also brilliant and hilarious. I've read comments ranging from 'bad acting' to 'direct copy', neither of which are true. The first season may have had its borrowed bits, but that was to get it on its feet. The second and third seasons have proved that it is a show entirely on its own, with scenarios and characters having NOTHING to do with the UK version at all. The acting is just as convincing and real as the UK version.

    I've even read that Michael Scott is devoid of David Brent's humanity! In actuality, Michael Scott is shown as far more human than David Brent, who was more manipulative (albeit, poorly) and heartless. The US version still has the cruel elements of the UK version, but it balances these awkward, painful moments with tender, human moments, which makes it more enjoyable and watchable.

    As for the humor, each show has its own moments of subtlety, detail, absolutely outrageous moments, awkwardness, pain, cuteness, ridiculousness, and vulgarity. The UK version was groundbreaking. But instead of blindly basing your opinions on bias and arrogance, see the US version for what it is - a brilliant, brighter version that, in its first season, simply used the framework of the original (the characters and basic situations) to get started with.

    This is the funniest, smartest American television show in recent history besides Arrested Development. Not since Seinfeld has a show made me laugh so hard and smile so much. These three shows get better with each viewing and are great because there's so many levels of humor, from the apparent outrageousness to the minute details that are noticed after repeated viewings and are often funnier than the surface material
  • This is an awesome show. It's been my #1 for a long time now. I saw the first 3 episodes then bought all the seasons, IT'S THAT GOOD! Hilarious version of the British TV show of the same name (but a lot more popular than the Brit. version).

    This is an awesome show. It's been my #1 for a long time now. I saw the first 3 episodes then bought all the seasons, IT'S THAT GOOD! Hilarious version of the British TV show of the same name (but a lot more popular than the Brit. version). I've seen every episode about 2-3 times each and there're still jokes I've missed (meaning I still laugh out loud every time I watch an episode). It's one of those shows that focuses more on everyday life rather than a story (like Seinfeld). It's about some 20 workers who work at Dunder-Mifflin in Scranton, PA. It's a paper company, competing with large-scale distributors like Staples and Office Depot. But it's not really about the company, it's about how the workers make the most out of working at a dull paper distributor under a 40 year-old boss with a 5 year-old's brain. Trying to find new ways to make your boring job fun? Unemployed and wanting to see what the business world offers? Or just hoping for a show that will make you laugh your head off, watch The Office.
  • The Office is the Americanization of the hot British comedy series of the same name.

    Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) is the sincere but clueless Regional Manager of a Paper firm in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is his humourless, jobsworth assistant and Ryan (B.J Novak) is the young Temp who also acts as Michael's plaything. Jim Halpart (John Krasinksi) is the Office hunk and prankster who frequently targets the uptight Dwight and there's Jim's cute friend Pam (Jenna Fisher). When i heard we were going to be redoing the classic British series i had a horrible vision of the Office being surrounded by American Flags and movie posters with Starbucks cups and Wendy's packaging littered everywhere but the change in Nation is so low - key it's barely noticeable and the charm of the British series is very much present. Most episodes jab at the water cooler culture but some of them show a misadventure of Michael and his sidekick Dwight. Thankfully there are no laugh tracks in The Office but some of the jokes are so obviously set up that there may as well be one. A lot of the gags are slapstick to the point where admitting that you find it funny is a little embarrassing. There is no "funny guy" in The Office; everyone of the eccentric employees offer a fair share of laughs; Jim's pranks on Dwight, Dwight's never-ending peculiarities and extreme seriousness as well as the odd one - liner from the background workers. If you're not a fan of Steve Carrell i doubt you'll find his silly voices and tacky antics funny but the overall joke that Michael thinks that he's funny but is powerfully the opposite is hilarious in itself. Performances are always solid but Rainn Wilson as Dwight steals every scene he's in as a lot of the others need to keep in understated so they can be realistic. The Office (US) is a likeable adaptation of the version from the UK but doesn't come close to overshadowing it.
  • The show with the best quotes in history!

    This show is without a doubt the funniest show ever. The acting is awesome. The characters are some of the best characters in any show. The whole plot line is hilarious and there hasn't been one episode in any season where I havn't laughed at least 1000 times. The most important part of the show is the part where you can still watch an episode 10 times and it will be just as funny as the first time you saw it. This show also sets the record for the best quotes of any shows on today. My favorite being:

    Kelly: "Whats so weird about naming a baby Usher? Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor?"
  • A show about a Regional Manager, who will probably never climb the ranks due to his personality. Along with this sad story is an eclectic cast of character that combine to be nothing short of hilarious.

    At first, I found this show to be pretty annoying, because of the main star of the show. If you ask me, nobody makes the show what it is but Dwight and Jim. If you watch the show then you know what I am talking about. Adversaries at it's best! There is the occasional drama you get in the work environment, but most of the time, this show is full of sarcastic jokes, and almost innocent ignorance that people just have to laugh at. If you think this show looks stupid, give it a try and discover the awesomeness of Dwight Schrute.
  • The Office...where do I begin...the cast...the comedy...and of course Michael Scott.

    The current season of the Office I think is the best so far. Jim and Pam are finally a thing (good bye awkwardness), that b**** Karen is gone, and things are doing pretty good in Scranton. I think that the reason the Office is perceived the way it is, is because people can relate to the people on the show, and that's what's appealing to people. I tell you with all of this crap going on in the world we just need a good show to make us laugh, the Office does that. And yes the Office has it's highs and lows, but come on what tv show doesn't? Just please bring it back, I've had Office withdrawls for the last three months thanks to this...epidemic that we called the Writer's Strike. Thank God it's over.
  • Wonderful

    I dont think its as good as it used to be, but it's still 1 of my favourite shows on tv!
    love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it!!!
  • Can you say Sheer Perfection? I can!

    This has become my favorite show. The humor that the Office uses is not a desperate attempt to be funny that some shows attempt. The humor work of of the characters and their personalities. By far The Office is the most quotable show on earth and has dragged me into the "That's what she said" epidemic. I find my self unable to contain myself, using the phrase in class and in front of my grandmother.
    I started watching over the summer when I bought the first season on DVD. I found myself buying the next two and becoming an addict.
    The Office makes you love each and every character.
    So if you have not yet seen The Office listen to Dunder Mifflin Scraton salesman Andy Bernard and "Take a chance on me!" (watch you'll understand)

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