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  • So funny

    I love the office from the start but didnt watch it all the time. I love dwight he is my favorite and i think that most people do like him but i might be wrong. I like how he is all ways out side the box. HIs humor is sooo good and he does the stupidest things. Michale is like the best boss ever and he is so funny. I love the stupid stuff that they get wrapped into. I think that this show is just over all very funny and i would recemmend it to anyone that i know and tel them how great it is.
  • A Documentary crew comes to a Scranton Branch of a failing paper supply company, where a colorful set of people is managed by Michael Scott (Steve Carell), who isn't afraid to say all the wrong things at all the right times!

    My favorite show! The best show on TV! This type of show really has ability to just keep going with the amount of Office romances, company troubles and inter-office activities you can explore. It's phenomenal cast filled with first billed and second billed adored members make the show what it is, along with the funniest possible man for the job - Steve Carell. The best members include him, Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Brian Baumgartner and Melora Hardin. It has one of the best writers, Greg Daniels. There is nothing wrong with this show. It is perfect, hilarious and absolutley spot on. Never leave Office! Never leave!
  • Original and hilarious.

    I started watching the first season of the show a few days ago. The first episode was pretty good but the rest were amazing. Especially the Diversity Day and Basketball episodes. Michael is a hilariously obnoxious character, but that's what makes him funny, he so full of s**t that you can't resist but laugh. The pranks Jim and Dwight play on each other are priceless and extremely entertaining. Pam is really cute and plays an important role on the show also. What I like the most is how the incorporate the whole office in the show and not just the main characters, you feel each character is just as important. Its an amazing show, not perfect, because as obnoxiously funny Michael is, he plays his part too well that you feel you wanna kill him.
  • The best comedy, drama, and mockumentary ever produced!

    The Office is, by far, the most intelligently written, superbly acted, and wittily directed show on TV. Even the most minor characters have incredibly detailed stories. The plotlines are often subtle, often not, but are always moving, hilarious, and engaging. From Jim and Pam's (not) courtship, to Dwight and Angela's illicit love affair, to Ryan and Kelly, to Ryan and Michael, the interplay between the characters is absolutely stellar. Make sure to watch for the subtle reactions of each and every actor in the shot – that is often where you'll find some of the greatest humor! It is the most brilliant ensemble of actors with unbelievable chemistry, led by the hilarious and often cringe-inducing Steve Carrell, the brilliant and fearless Rainn Wilson, the insightful and witty John Krasinski, and the subtle realism of Jenna Fisher. The Office truly is the best show on TV – watch it and you will not be disappointed!
  • A lot of people i know don't like this show ---- FU!!!!

    There is not a lot to say about this show. It's just a clever, satiric, nicely-paced American comedy about life at the damn office. Steve Carell absolutely kills it in his role, the boss Michael. There is real life in his performance, and it it is great to watch. The funniest character by far is that of Dwight Schrute, the assistant manager who lacks common sense and social skills, played by Rainn Wilson. He likes to imagine himself as a superhero, but is always tormented by fellow workers. This show's great acting and plot make it a very enjoyable show. It is definitely recommended.
  • The hilarious mockumentary based on the British series that takes you inside a paper making company, Dunder Mifflin, and shows you what happens there in a regular basis.

    This is definently one of the best comedies ever made!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about the rude and obnoxious boss, Michael who constantly lazes around and slaves his employees around. There is also many other characters that include: Jim, the clever smart alleck; Pam, the shy secretary; Dwight, the Battle Star Galactica loving geek and suck up to Michael; Ryan, the smart guy who........ wait a minute, he doesn't really have a personality i can think of and many others. The whole thing is supposed to be a documentary but really is just staged and mainly talks about the employee's personal life and their secret loves. But mainly it talks about the hilarious misadventures of the people who work there. There's nothing more i can really tell, just watch it...... but oh wait i forgot to say one thing: The show is meant for 13 year olds and older because sometimes it talks about not-so-nice stuff.
  • The Office documents the lives of office workers at a paper distribution company named Dunder Mifflin. The fact that it's a documentary, having the employees aware of the cameras, makes this show unique and hilarious; not to mention super realistic. :)

    This show is genius. It's perfect in every way. It's completely realistic - sometimes when watching shows (even shows I love) I will say "that's funny/cool/whatever but that would never happen." But I've never said that about The Office! It's amazing. The romances, the friendships, and the conflicts make me smile, and they're hilarious.

    I support the writers a hundred and fifty percent but I hope they can come back really soon. I have all of my DVDs to keep me happy (and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend buying the DVDs if you love this show because the deleted scenes, bloopers, and extra features will keep you busy for hours and hours) but I need new episodes. I hope The Office can be one of those shows that just goes on for years and years - it certainly deserves more seasons than mediocre shows like Friends got.

    Yay Dunder Mifflin! I love you!
  • An amazing show that's ingeniously written

    It is amazing how much this show reflets the office space in the real world. You have michael whose the really bad boss, but sometimes can be kind hearted. The classic fights in the office over things as stupid as partys. What's makes the show so funny is they're amazing creativity to go above and beyond when they pull pranks on Dwight or how each event unfolds, and how they had an intresting episode parodizing Survivor. The camera is used like no other show. Used to emphasize funny bits without the use of words. You may become sick of Michael and his insesativity, but you will eventually grow to love what happens in his office. It's an amazing show with a hilarious new event every episode, that NO ONE should miss.
  • My all time favorite comedy.

    I love everything about this show; the awkward moments, the characters, the documentary feel, and the oddly real atmosphere. I really recommend this show to anybody who despises the common sitcom, has a strange sense of humor, and has half a brain. I know when I'm watching something like Two and a Half Men I think wow this is crap how anyone can enjoy this when there is much better things on like The Office. My favorite character is Angela she is so cold, serious, and mean... I love her. That's my review not much to say I just wanted to give it a 10… "Green is a whoreish color"
  • The only show I watch

    The Office is truly the greatest show currently on TV, or that has ever been on TV. It is a hilaorus show, but there is depth to it that many other comedys lack. To any first time viewers, give it a second chance if you didn't immediately like it. I hated it the first two times I saw it, but by the third time it had become my favorite show. Also, start at S2, either on The Dundies or ES, S1 only really gets good once you have become a fan of the show. My one problem with The Office (though this does not lower my rating) is the sensationalism it has partially given into in S4. We have only had 8 episodes, and may only ever have those 8, but many of the characters, Michael and Dwight in particular, are becoming to fake to be believable. I have complete faith in the writers, and I am sure they will correct this before it goes to far. So, give it a chance if you didn't like it the first time, it is absofruitly amazing.
  • the office is supposed to be a "documentary" of an paper company in PA. a camera crew follows the employees through all of their daily activites at Dunder-Mifflin.

    the office is the single best show on television! it is absolutely hilarious!!!! between michael and his "thats what she said", dwight and all of his crazy antics, and how absolutely adorable jim and pam are together, it is impossible not to get addicted to the office. every character adds something to the show. the writer's strike needs to end right this minute, because i cannot go on with just reruns of the office for much longer! i need new hilarious episodes! the suspense is killing me! but seriously, everyone out there who does not watch this show is missing out!!!
  • I really need these guys to stop striking...they should have consulted with addicts (like me) before making this decision. Well, i guess i am going to have to watch a bunch a re-runs. P.S. I think I developed a twitch when i heard this horrible news.

    This is the best show I have ever seen. The humor is like no other I have ever seen in any other TV show EVER. It is pure genius. Every actor has his own persona which most of us can relate to because we probably know someone like everyone of them. The quirks of the office life, politics, awkward boss/employee interactions, company functions and celebrations. The humor from these situations is captured brilliantly. This show has been very dynamic as well, they are not afraid to go away from their own traditional episodes, but they are always able to keep the same office humor in every episode. The characters are pretty much fully developed now, so if you are new to watching...start from the beginning to understand all the humor.
  • A show about working at the office, that is just great, but I have never really watched it before, but have heard that it is pretty funny.

    I think that I might just watch this show, by all the people who have talked about, Im gonna buy the season dvd or somethng and watch it from the start and see if I like it. It looks like a pretty good show, but you never know, I see alot of parodys of the show that make fun of it, but I will give it a chance and heck maybe i'll like it and it'll be one of my favorite shows in the world who knows. So I give this show a thumbs up just from the apperance of it.
  • That's what she said.

    With "The Simpsons" and "30 Rock" close behind it, "The Office" is my pick for funniest series on TV today. Despite my misgivings at first about a U.S. remake of a British show, I caught a few episodes in Season 1 and was hooked. Not only is it hilarious to watch but (like "Simpsons") it stays funny on repeat viewings. A mini-marathon on DVD will have me rolling on the floor no matter how many times I've seen an episode.

    Plus, "The Office" has survived cast changes, relationship consummations and become the new anchor of NBC's Thursday night. Other shows might not have made it through an event like Pam and Jim finally getting together, but the show has now mined their fledgling relationship for comedy in ways it couldn't before.

    Why do I love it so much? Maybe it comes from working in a corporate, cubicle system. Maybe it's because one day, my boss told us she had a surprise for us and brought in ice cream sandwiches. Or maybe I just have a weak funnybone for awkward situations, which "The Office" serves up better (and more realistically) than any other show.

    I have seen Series 1 of the UK version, and while I thought it was funny I think the American version has completely blown it away. By showing how much they can do with the concept (and they've really barely scratched the surface on all of the absurdities of the workplace), Carell and Co. have the legs for several more seasons to come. I only hope that when they return from the writer's strike, they still have their "A" game.
  • Funny

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  • The Office is one of the cleverest, funniest shows to ever be produced for television.

    The Office is one of the cleverest, funniest shows to ever be produced for television. This show is beyond superiority. It deserves the Emmy and Golden Globe every year for best show. Steve Carell is phenomenal as Michael, Rainn Wilson is completely beyond words as Dwight, Jenna Fischer is stunning as Pam, and John Krasinski is perfect as Jim. In some episodes though, the minor characters supercede the main characters, which is why this is such a great show. Andy is hilarious, and Phylis, Stanley, Kevin, Toby, Kelly, Jan, Darryl, and Creed are also really funny. This show is a must see show and I will be extremely depressed when it stops showing due to the strike.
  • Although this show has many ups, it also has it's downs.

    It is featured on TBS, the office is one of Tbs's funniest shows! the winner for an emmy for best comedy series is very good, but not eno8ugh to be great.

    The detail and background of the show doesn't make any sense, but it does have it's punchlines, puns, cultural references and gags that make it so popular! Steve Carrel plays the main guy of this show, a goofy wackjob who has a thing for his boss. He goes through many misadventures with his friends/workers, such as the warehouse episode, and Valentines Day. Many of these are funny, but they take a lot of time back and forth from girls and guys in the warehouse episode.

    This show also has it's fair share of critics, like,IMBD. You get the point. Steve Carrel was in the poorly recieved movie Evan Almighty and Bruce Almighty before that. He plays a great part in this, but he has disadvantages.

    This show is funny enough to deserve an emmy, but not enough to recieve the best show of all time. Steve Carrel is sweet and so is the series, but there are many interviews and too many attempts at humor, that it just doesn't hit the box a lot. The show is very, very, very funny, but not very, very, very, very funny. Watch the show, get the dvd's, just learn what the outcome of the show will be.

    Good enough for seven seasons.
  • The Office is a documentary style television show about a paper selling company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    The Office is one of the best television shows of our time. It is also THE BEST television comedy out there today. The humor is fantastic and the story is intelligent. The characters feel real and are all lovable. Even Michael Scott the branch manager who has a habit of making situations extremely awkward. It's one of the only shows that makes you think of a the character as annoying or embarrasing and then you find yourself feeling bad for him or loving him. Also, the storyline of Jim and Pam is sweet and people can relate to it. People can relate to the whole show. So basically if you can only watch one the office.
  • The Office Best Comedy Ever!!

    I love this show, all the characters mesh together so perfectly its hard not to believe this show is not real. The episode plots and side plots all are bullet proof. The writers of this show really know what they're doing i have never seen a show where ever single episode is perfect (well except star-trek). I really hope this show goes of for a long time possibly past seven seasons they already have four. I think my favorite character is "Dwight", with out his antics with Jim and Pam the show might lose some of its magic. Although there are a lot of other characters that are equally as funny. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone.
  • The adaptation of the BBC television show has captured the attention of TV-loving American audiences all over the country!

    I have to start out by saying that the Office is my top favorite television show ever, and I'm pretty picky about my viewing. This is one of two shows that I watch on a consistent basis, the other being October Road. Yes, two completely different shows... Anyways. The Office is unlike anything that has been on TV in American ever before. The spoof-reality show is not only amazingly creative, witty, and satirical, but it also is capable of holding its own as a television show. The American adaptation isn't just a remake... it's unarguably way better than the original British version, because it went wayyy beyond the episodes from the BBC. The office at Scranton has taken on a true life of its own, with Michael Scott, the oblivious boss, at the forefront. And who can't help but be invested in the fate of Pam and Jim? We've been watching them be "friends" for three seasons already! I'm pretty sure that we all want them to work out already and get married or something. Plus, characters like Kevin and Kelly are hilarious! Kelly is still obsessed with her fake-boyfriend, Ryan, who was once a temporary worker but is now working at the corporate office, above Michael! And Stanley, the crossword puzzle guy?? And Dwight!! Every episode, I cry over something Dwight did or said. Like the episode where Jim uses Pavlov's dog experiments to condition Dwight to want a mint every time Jim turned his computer on??? Amaxing. I really hope that he and Angela can work things out. I could just go on and on about this show. I await its airing every Thursday night, making sure that my viewing will be stress-free and uninterrupted! Anyways, if you haven't watched The Office yet, then... go to Blockbuster and rent the first season!! You'll be hooked so easily, just like I was. Soon, you'll be a regular viewer, like myself and millions of others.
  • So funny and real, it never gets old.

    I can honestly say that this show is so realistic to what an office or work place can be life, it never gets old for me. I have seen this show many times and I am always laughing at the original episodes, all the different character plot lines, and the ridiculous humor in general. Steve Carell is so funny in the show- he is a great actor and the way he acts so childish and ridicuously funny is amazing. People who like real-life jokes and humor should totally watch this show- I can't stop!!! My favorite episodes are probably the one with the office christmas party, Hooters with Michael and Jim, and the Booze Cruise. I never want this to end.
  • this is my new fave! This season the quote keep sticking in my head!

    wow.well i guess ill just talk about the characters and stuff. Dwight by far is my favorite character.his witty comments just make the show even better( if i COULD get better)"the eyes are the groin of the head" and when he started singing "ryan started the fire" i just cant get the song out of my head! Jim and Pam started dating a little early in my opinion but im beginning to like it now. although i kinda miss those cute crush moments they had. Micheal is probably my seconds favorite. he always seems so sure of himself"why would they want you stanley?"because of my sales record i suppose"no that cant be it" and when he tried to declare bankrupcy. " I DECLARE BANRUPCTYYYYY!! i really loved it!I kind coside jim and pam one character now. but i wish they would do more pranks on Dwight. although the one they did was hilarious. "the computer is alive" man i love Dwight!1
  • Veery funny ;D

    Thiss one is nice to watch ;D
    There are some veery funny places where i laugh a lot but some places are like this zzzzzzz :D
    But overally its very good ;D
    It has just started in Estonia so i havent seen it lot ;D
    I like most the THeadmaster or how to say ;D
    He makes good jokes and its funny to watch what he does ;d

    So overally i give 9.
    A very strong 9.

    Go on and laugh Xd
    Go on and laugh Xd
    Go on and laugh Xd
    Go on and laugh Xd
    Go on and laugh Xd
    Go on and laugh Xd
    Go on and laugh Xd
    Go on and laugh Xd
  • This seems to be The Season of Contrived Romances. I'm really not in this for the square-dance trading of relationships ala Friends. That's NOT what made this series the success it WAS.

    Contrived Romances

    This seems to be The Season of Contrived Romances. First, there was only the Jim and Pam thing. Then it was Michael and Jan, then Ryan and Kelly. Gee, what an incestuous little branch office ! Then Dwight and Angela. Now, with this season they're taking a page from Friends. Let's all switch ! Now, it's Darryl and Kelly, Andy and Angela. So, the real question isn't about the plot idiocy of the latter, but why Kevin and Phyllis haven't been included in this office love-in! This all seems to be a blatant play to the femme demographic, which I guess they had to at some point due to their multi-season renewal. But it just means more FF time on my remote. If this keeps up they'll lose me next season. Who am I kidding ? Of course, it'll continue down this path, just like Friends, just like Scrubs. I'm really not in it for the square-dance trading of relationships. That's NOT what made this series the success it WAS.
  • Perfect!

    This show is so funny that I can't laugh. It is so brilliant that it's painful to even try to laugh. I honestly hurt when watching this show. But, it's so good that the pain is worth it watching this show.

    If you do not think this show is funny then you probably don't get it. Because, it is highly intelligent even though to the un-trained brain it looks really stupid.

    This is stupid that you have to have a 100 word count min. to submit a review. I'm currently at 92 word count, wait now I'm at 99 word. Hey, now I'm there and can quit typing now. Now, I have exceeded the 100 word count! This is word number 121.
  • At first I thought it was going to suck but I was wrong it rocked.

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  • Jan spent Michael's money on the condo so he gets a second job then tries to declare bankruptcy. Dwight's depressed over his breakup with Angela.Jim and Pam go to Schrute Farms for the night. Andy continues his pursuit of Angela. Kelly and Darryl hook up

    I'm sure many will under appreciate this episode because it's not the usual laugh riot it normally is, but it does have very funny moments. One or two episodes like this a season would be nice. Seeing Dwight's meltdown happen before our eyes was sad. Who hasn't cried over a lost love? But Jim and Pam helping him out was awesome. Jim and Pam: so cute. Seeing them curled up for Dwight's reading of Harry Potter was awesome. Loved seeing the look on Jim's face after telling Dwight how depressed he was when Pam was with Roy and the determination as he marches up to Pam to kiss her. LOVED the kiss!!! More please. Makes me giddy with their cuteness but again it's just enough, not over the top. Won't be able to hear the phrase "Italian food" without thinking of Jim saying he's in love with Italian Food. Michael's money problems were sad but seeing his reaction to it (trying to hop a train to get outta dodge!?!), the second job, how all those coworkers just adored him, him having to quit, Oscar's attempt to help and Jan's eventual support is a one of many reasons why you watch this show. So many things happen-many of them subtle - Michael not realizing he's called Stanley, Krazy Kelly and Darryl - he may be able to get her to access her uncrazy side, not-used-enough cousin Mose. Jan chucking the keys of her car at Oscar as if he's valet. Favorite little subtle moment of the episode: Michael and Jan's feet dangling as they sit on the train discussing their situation. Wonderful to see her appreciate Michael.
  • When i started watching, i thought "what is all that fuss?" (i am a latecomer), but the more i watched it the more i liked it!

    Dunder Mifflin this is Pam! Those words i just love. It opens the doors of ordinary people; none of them are heroes/masterminds, we are sure they are alive and living somewhere where people generally live(!) and they have just... ordinary lives. Nothing but the possibility of running into such an impossible jungle of impersonations makes this series great. I have to admit when i started watching, the first season didn't sign me up so easily. The characters seemed too much like a sociology experiment to tell the truth, but the unbeatable(!) overall rhyme prevented me from pushing that stop button. Now i hate that i have finished the first 3 seasons over the weekend and actually have to wait for a week, and god forbid those days to come, even months for another episode to come!!! Love you guys!
  • Started out as a bad copy. Now is a refreshing original.

    When I sat down to watch the pilot episode of The Office (US) I was excited. I am a great fan of the UK version, and I looked forward to seeing more.

    That was my mistake.

    I wanted to continue the UK story. But that was impossible, it was over.

    So, when NBC decided to show us a word-for-word copy as the pilot, I was less then thrilled. Stiff acting, zero chemistry, and I had heard the jokes (delivered much better by the UK crew).

    I stuck around for three more episodes from the 1st season, to try to give it a chance. It was never able to redeem itself.

    So, fast forward a few years. I am introducing my wife to The Office (UK) and I decide to give the US another go. People kept saying it was great. So I sat down and watched the rest of the 1st season and a bit of the 2nd. I soon realized I was watching them three or four at a time. THEY DID IT! They actually made it their own show!

    I now believe The Office (US) is one of the greatest comedies on US television. Thankfully I gave it another chance.
  • Truly up there as the best comedy on television.

    The Office has to be one of the most unique, refreshing, enjoyable television shows to ever be put on the air. It masterfully encompasses both comedic situations and fully fleshed out character relationships. This is achieved thanks to some of the most enticing persona's on TV. But what really makes the show interesting are the interactions between those characters and persona's. The conversations and actions between Michael and Dwight are truly hilarious. Then of course you have Pam and Jim, Ryan and Kelly, Michael and Jan, just wonderful chemistry between nearly everyone all around. The show can even be awkward at times but it dares to push the boundaries of what is considered funny while doing so.

    I was hooked when I first started watching this show, and it's one of the few in recent years that I feel like I have to watch every week. You laugh at the antics, but at the same time really care about the characters in the show, which is not easily achieved in a comedy by any means. The show is going strong and there are always several "gems" in each season that go above and beyond what I would expect in a comedy show.
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