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  • A mockumentary about a group of office workers at a paper factor.

    This show depicts the life of about a dozen office workers who work for a Paper Company named Dundler Mufflin in an American suburb.

    From the very first few episodes, the characters are very lovable and for a show with such a large cast, their is room for a lot of character development throughout the series. You grow to love most of the Dunder Mufflin employees within a few minutes of watching the show, and their outrageous antics can always make you laugh.

    The situations the group go through are very funny and are often mixed with a slight hint of drama. The on/off relationship between Jim and Pam gives viewers a sense of a overall storyline, while characters like Michael, Dwight and Andy are always giving you something to giggle about episode after episode.

    This show has continued to improve season by season, and is definitely one of the best comedies around at the moment.
  • One of my personal favorites, The Office is a brilliant mix of humor, romance, and printing paper.

    This show is centered around a paper company, Dundler Mifflin, and it's interesting employees. There's Micheal, the attention loving and often oblivious boss, Dwight, Micheal's right hand man, Jim who pulls pranks and deeply enjoys pissing off Dwight, Pam who's the secretary and helps Jim, and many more.
    Not just nearly, but every episode of this show has me nearly crying. It is absolutely fabulous, and is hilarious. Some of the crazy situations Micheal gets into blows my mind, and the way he handles them just adds to the show's awesomeness. The pranks that are pulled on Dwight will entertain you to no end, and the suspenceful romance will have you coming back for more.
    Definately a show worth checking out.
  • Michael scott is the regional manager in an office and he thinks he's the best boss ever. Along with Dwight.k.shrute and Jim Halpert, the show sure has potential. Dwight thinks highly of Michael and his only ally in the office. WATCH THE SHOW!!!

    Michael scott is the regional manager of Dunder Miffin, an office based in Scranton. Dwight Shrute is the best sales person in the office. Pam and Jim are the guys in love(they start dating only in the 4th season). Ryan is the temp turned boss.
    The thing about this series is that- its a situation based comedy. The comedy lies in the situation and expressions and there is hardly any dialogue comedy as in Seinfeld and Friends.
    Jim & Pam often play pranks on Dwight. I really adore his charecter.
    The office is a must watch, and I really feel its gets better with every season.
  • A funny show has taken a life of its own with expanding the storylines and cast beyond its British counterpart.

    The Office US an American version of the hit British The Office. A funny show has taken a life of its own with expanding the storylines and cast beyond its British counterpart. However the stories can get receptive. After a while the antics of office manager Michael Scott are no longer funny just painful and embarrassing. The cast are all great in their roles and have a great sense of comic timing. Several standouts are B.J. Novak (Ryan Howard), Creed Bratton and Leslie David Baker (Stanley Hudson). One can only hope they can keep up the pace and know when to call it quits on time.
  • This is a show about an unbelievably inept and inappropriate office manager. The things he does and says would never be tolerated in a decent office situation.

    This is now my favorite show. The continuity from season to season and show to show is great. The character development is coming along nicely. If Toby wasn't such a *schlub* of a Human Resources guy the show wouldn't be able to work. Micheal is hysterical and I love the new direction the show has taken his "relationship" with Jan. Domestic bliss - ha.

    The PB & J plot held everyone on the edge of their seats last season, I think it will settle down into a more normal pace kind of like the first season where they are the only "normal" ones at DM.
  • Another Hit!

    I just started getting into this show early 3rd season, but after that I became obsessed! I watched it right after My Name is Earl (a great show) and I just couldn't change the channel. Half my friends love the show and the other half hate it... so I guess it's a love it or hate it show. I love it! I think this show is (almost) realistic. It is really original (except for the fact it's a run-off of a British version which I never saw). I can actually say with trust that this show will be around for a long, long time.
  • There are times when you chuckle at a tv show. There are times when you smile at a show. Then there's THE OFFICE.

    There are times when you chuckle at a tv show. There are times when you smile at a show. Then there's THE OFFICE. I was laughing so hard that I had trouble breathing. Over and over again this show overdelivers. I originally thought the sensitive nipple thing was a single line. Then it comes back again with cotton balls taped to his chest, then the bloody nipples. That's just one example of how the writers repeatedly give you more than you imagined. Everything Michael says is classic and Dewight is the best moron on tv. I want one of the Schrute Beets Farms t-shirts.
  • Anyone who's ever had a regular 9-5 should love this show. It will grow on you.

    Good to Great comedy. They seem to have solved the whole Jim and Pam thing and hopefully it will not be the shows downfall because it is truly a good ensemble comedy. I find myself liking ALL the characters. Stanley, Toby, Kevin, Angela and Kelly are equally as good as Jim, Pam, Dwight and of course Michael. The show still centers around those four main characters (Jim, Pam, Dwight and Michael) but everyone is funny and great in their own right. The works best when the whole office is involved in an event. Michael is at his best embarrassing himself in public in front of all his co-workers.

    This show is AMAZING. As far as i know, it is the first of its kind (in the U.S.) to be filmed 'documentary style'. This is excellent, because it seems as if it is raw unscripted footage. And the fact that there is no laugh track is a HUGE bonus. The humor is quietly presented, but provokes huge laughs. My favorite character is Jim Harper. He has really good facial expressions, and is what I consider to be the main character. It is a very special show, unique and original. It just keeps getting better as the show progresses. I can't wait to watch more and urge everyone else to do so!
  • By far the best comedy ever made. I hope it goes on for ever but i know that is just not possible. =(

    This is by far the best TV show ever. Why? Mostly because of the actors, who are great. Especially Steve Carell realy impresses me every time I watch the show.
    The Office is located in Scranton. They sell paper, which must be one of the most boring jobs. So people in the office try to make their day more fun. Especially Jim (Salesman) and Pam (receptionis)who make fun and pull practical jokes on Dwight (Asisstant to the regional Manager). The manager is Michael who has no friends, nobody likes him, is self-centered and has no life what so ever.
    These 4 are the main characters, they are all different and all funny.

  • This is turning into one of my favorites of all time. Cant wait for the new season to start.

    The Office is becoming one of the best comedy series of television history. Created by british comics equal to the creativity and comidic excellence of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld who created the greatest sitcom in US telivision hisrtory. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant brought to the US an idea which greatly succeded in the UK and some success over here. A great cast headlined by Stephen Carell as the boss, nails what was inspired by Gervais' on role as David Brent along with the obvious stand out Jenna Fischer who gets much attention from this series. John Krasinski is sort of left in the back but really is a standout in my mind. The "mockomentary" style of the shows which allows for personal conversations from charecter to audiance and provides for a real connection with the charecters.
    The next season is extreamly prommising as we suspect we finnally get to see Pam and Jim get together, along with the development of Jan and Michael's relationship, which is at a whole new level with Jan being fired and Michael selling his house (on ebay none the less). This show continues to find ways to make people want to come back and even search out bonus material. I suggest wacthing the Webisodes in which the accountants finnally get to live in the limeliaght as they star.
  • One of the most interesting shows I've seen in a while. Very enjoyable.

    I just began watching this series a couple weeks ago. Just a couple nights ago, we watched, basically, the entire second season. We have yet to watch season 3 before season 4 begins, and we intend on doing this. This has got to be seriously on of the best shows I have ever seen put on television. The show is just so completely different than anything else you see on tv, but it captivates you almost immediately with laughs. I hope this series goes on for a long time, because I believe that anyone would agree with me on the fact that this show is so impressive. The characters are well thought out and portrayed magnificently.
    This is a great show, and I will be watching it until it finishes
  • one of the best shows if not the best of all time

    Very good show every episode has me crying of laughter. The characters could not be played by any other actors or actresses. I do not have a f a v o r i t e epsisode because they are all good. I think that season f o u r will be the best season yet by far because of many reasons. First of we we'll have Jim and Pam together. Second, we will have another season with Andy and he will be working with dwight. It will be funny to see how things work out with Micheal and Jan in his apartment.
  • The office is such a funny show, when i first saw it I couldn't stop laughing at how funny and smart it was. All I have to say is AMAZING!!!!

    The office is my new favourite comedy show I love the actors that play the roles, the things that would never happen in a office are brought to life in this show, which I thought was cleverly done. The funniest part of the office is just the things they say and do, just kills me how funny the show is and I think alot of people would agree on how funny it is. I definatly recommend this to anyone who doesn't normally watch comedy series. trust me it's hilarious and every line that is said will make you laugh so check it out.
  • Brilliant and hilarious

    This is the funniest, smartest American television show in recent history. Not since Seinfeld has a show made me laugh so hard and smile so much. These three shows get better with each viewing and are great because there's so many levels of humor, from the apparent outrageousness to the details that are noticed after repeated viewings and are often funnier than the surface material. I believe that the US version to be every as good as the original, with excellent casting and smart writing throughout.Steve Carell is well suited to the role of Micheal Scott, lending his character a certain pathetic quality.
    Open your minds, people! The second and third seasons have proved that it is a show entirely on its own,with acting just as convincing and real as the original version.
  • Michel Scot plaed by (Steve Carell, manager of the scranton branch of Dunder Mifflen. He's a fairly crude character with a boyish humor beyond perverse. But the whole office pity's Michel for his lack of friends and his life in general.

    I can't wait for season 4. they totally threw me with last seasons twist were Ryan Got the job. Thats great writing there. I'd give this show a 15 on a 1-10 scale! Anyone who hasn't watched this show must do so right now! Dwight Schrute makes me laugh my ass off. I have to tip my hat off to the writers though they make this show better every season, But they still haven't let Rob Zombie on as a guest character. If theres any writer for the show out there reading this " Let Rob Zombie on the Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.

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  • My favourite show, I can't wait for season 4 to start ! Great type of Comedy, a really terrific show

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  • funny as hell!!!

    ok the office is one of the funniest shows on tv. it really gets better every season. i have nothing but good things to say about this show. the comdey of this show is very sarcastic, you may not getting at first but after you think about it you will die out of laughter. if you do not get sarcasm then this show is not for you. i also love the caharacters. the cast makes this show soo funny. its so realistic. i know who is lke mike and dwight. i also love pam and jim i do hope they get together in the coming season. as for mike please continue making an ass out of yourself. dwight i love him lol! this show rocks
  • Coming from the original office on BBC, NBC Aired the "American Version" people would say of the office. It contains Emmy Award Winner Steve Carell who also appeared in the 40 Year Old Virgin. The Office is a show that you have to watch!

    This show is amazing and hysterical! Its not one of those shows that have that fake audience laugh in it if you know what I mean. It's just all the bizzare behavior that goes on in the office and the crazy stuff that they do. If you have a great sense of humor watch this show on NBC! If you enjoyed shows like "10 Items or Less" on TBS, then you will love the office! It was rated one of the number one show in America. It premieres on NBC so don't miss it this fall! enjoy the show and be prepared to laugh!
  • Hilarious.

    Office is hilarious. Everyone can relate to it through their work. They face all the same stuff that most offices face. They had gotten the idea from a British comedy that aired in 2001. However Office didn't air til 2005. It is about a crazy boss who is always trying to be funny, Jim's crush on another coworker, and a huge suckup to the boss. Jim commonly pulls pranks on Dwight. One of the directors is also one on Simpsons and King of the Hill. Office is a very clever and original show. Overall it is so hilarious and I highly recomend you watch it.
  • Sarcastic office humor, nothing beats it!

    Ironically I started watching this show at work while I had free time and was bored. After watching a couple of episodes I really started to be drawn to want to watch the next show, and before long I had watched all of season 1 and 2. I really enjoyed watching this show, not only because I work in a similar office, but it gave me ideas on what to do to co-workers. The show has many fun characters and has lots of lines that friends and I always quote. It's definitely one of the better shows, and I look forward to more seasons from this show.
  • How can you go wrong with a show starring Steve Carrel? You can't!... Unless you don't like Steve Carrel.

    The Office is one one of the most absolutely funny shows of the 2007. It is so funny that your sides will ache after you ifnish an episode.
    How can you go wrong with a show starrign Steve Carrel? You can't!... Unless you don't like Steve Carrel... but that would mean that you wouldn't like the 40-year-old Virgin, which is absolutely hilarious.
    The Office is about the workers at the Scranton Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company.
    All of the people who work their absolutely hate their boss, Michael (Steve Carrel), who thinks that they all love him, well, Dwight does, and that he is the best boss ever, which he absolutely positively is not.
    Watch it! It's funny! NBC
  • An office full of both strange and normal people try to deal with ordinary things in their day, while dealing with unordinary things as well. Such as a socially challenged boss and one time a bat in the office.

    This is a very entertaining show. The acting is great and they pause at the exact right times to make things awkward. Steve Carrel is amazingly funny, and plays a socially challenged and very crude boss surprisingly well. This is a difficult show to have a romance in, especially a triangle, so the writers did awesome with the Pam, Karen and Jim love triangle. This brings me to Dwight. I really don't know what to say about him. He's a complete, i repeat COMPLETE moron, yet the audience still loves him. He has no clue whats going on and i practically Micheal's twin.

    The writing is very funny. It brings new story lines and witty dialouge. They capture little moments so well. Whoever came up with the idea of making this show a 'documentary' has my heart! They keep it real while making it farfetched. This is a classic.
  • The best sitcom on television.

    I have never seen The Office on television and I probably never want to. But thank God there is DVDs. The Office is very funny and an intelligent comedy. I can see why the critics love it. Steve Carrell is one of televisons best actors,I think he's won a golden globe and an emmy or atleast was nominated. But I like Jim and Pam better. Love that love triangle between Jim-Pam-Roy. Soooo Sad. The shows first season had a fair amount of complaints from the fans of the BBC's version but the second season helped make it one of televisions funniest shows.
  • Steve Carell is absolutely hilarious as the boss who you just love to hate!

    This show is extremely entertaining. It will have you literally laughing until your sides hurt. Steve Carell is excellent as Michael Scott, the arrogant, oblivious, jack*** of a boss who thinks he's the exact opposite of that. Rainn Wilson is also great as the gullible, strange, and yet totally lovable Dwight Schrute. But, my personal favorite is John Krasinski as the smart prankster Jim Halpert. His comments and tricks go from being extremely elaborate to very simple (one of my favorites being when he hid the annoying Andy Bernard's (Ed Helms) cell phone in the ceiling and then calling it numerous times to hear the funny ringtone of "Rockin' Robin"). This show is full of so many awkwardly hilarious moments that you will find yourself wanting more. Perfect 10!
  • If you like this show, watch arrested development!

    This is a great show, and everyone should watch it. If you do like this show, another show you should look for and buy on dvd is arrested development. I dont know why its not listed as a similar show. If you think the office is funny you will think arrested development is hilarious.
  • The best comedy, and quite possibly one of the best shows, on TV. Excellent character development, extremely original plots, and an overall excellent show.

    This show truly shows what comedy is. From what I can tell, I don't think this show is extremely expensive to make. They film inside of an office, with occasional trips to other places. The characters are all mostly down to Earth -- actually, scratch that. NONE of the characters are down to Earth except for Pam and Jim, and others at some points. I think what I'm trying to say is that none of the actors overplay their characters. They are all extremely realistic, and at least once during each episode, I can usually relate one character to someone I know.

    Another reason this show rocks is because of how real it is. This is something I look for a lot in a TV show. I like realistic, believable characters. And this show is one that really displays this. We've all met a Michael. We've all met a Pam. We've all met a Dwight, etc. Chances are, we may not know it, but each one of us is very similar to someone at Dunder-Mifflin.

    This show is also not your average comedy show. There is a small amount of sexual things happening. There's no laugh track, no slap-stick humor. It even consists of inter-cut interviews, making it feel somewhat like a reality show.

    Everything is different about the show, and I think that's why it's such a huge hit. It dares to be different. It doesn't try too hard to be extremely outrageous. Finally, it's relatable to our everyday lives.

    The Office cracks me up every time. Even if I re-watch an episode, I usually find something I didn't even notice the first time. I can't wait to see more!
  • The Office is truly the best show on television right now; it never fails to make me laugh.

    “The Office” is truly, in my opinion, the best show currently on television. It never fails to make the viewer laugh. Each episode is wonderful; choosing the top episodes can be tedious and impossible to do. Even reading some of the quotes from the episodes online can elicit laughs. Such unseen humor has turned this truly deserving show into somewhat of a cultural phenomenon: fans write fan fiction, make videos online, and watch faithfully each week. I, personally count myself among those “Dunderheads”. “The Office“, however is not just funny: it has plenty of heart, a thing which I find to be necessary in a good television show. Most of that heart comes from the various relationships featured on the show, especially “Jam”. For three seasons, viewers have hoped that Jim and Pam will get together; with the ending to the spectacular season finale “The Job”, our hopes may finally come true. Other noteworthy relationships include Dwight and Angela (Dwangela), the couple who only a few know about; Ryan and Kelly, the temp (no more) and the talkative, celebrity-obsessed girl; and Michael and Jan. These relationships help make the characters seem more real, and help the audience to truly connect with them. Another high point of an already wonderful show is the actors that constitute the show. These actors do a wonderful job of portraying their respective characters; audiences truly connect with them, and get engrossed with their lives. Many of the actors are also great with fans, notably Jenna Fischer, who has a Myspace, and regularly posts personal blogs on it. That kind of connection between the cast of a popular television show and its fans can simply not be seen anywhere else. Those reasons vouch for my position that “The Office” is the most well-rounded, funniest show on television right now; nothing else even comes close.
  • Like the movie office space, but a tv show...

    Great show it will leave you laughing it is office humor so not everyone will get it right away, but it is a great show with tons of laughs, great characters, great setting and other stuff like that and it is great and keeps getting better great chemistry between Pam and Jim and a good storyline Dwight is a good character and season 1 and 2 are out on dvd so go buy them they are great well cya cya aaaaaaa a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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