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  • The office is about an office with people in it who`re amazingly funny. They have crazy adventures of romance,adventure,and comedy. Dwight is one of the funniest.I highly reccomend this show! Any nit who doesn`t like it whatever!I gaurentee you`ll laugh!

    The office is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched! Rent the movies that have all season 1 episodes and season 2 and season 3. This show is absolutely fab! If you watch one episode I gaurentee you will be rolling on the floor cracking up! The wild episodes will drive you insane! You will have an office marothon! It will honestly be a personal favorite. I hope this reveiw helps! By the way how is evryone`s summer? Don`t miss the office! It would be a shame if you did! Well see ya!
  • It is so funny there is not one episode I didn't laugh at all in!

    From the first episode it was so funny. I had to go to the bathroom but I didn't want to miss anything so I had my dad turn up into full volume. I was laughing in the bathroom! That was a good time. The show just is way better then some of the comedy shows around. As my older brother says,"They are either funny or just not." That was funny. Not just not. I mean who writes this stuff? It is so amazing of the level of comedy. Way to go Scrip writer. Way to go. Okay Good bye now!
  • The Office is one of the best comedies on television as we speak. Michael is hilarious and ignorant and put him with Dwight it makes the comedy that much better. Jim and Pam are totally in love with each other and it makes the show more interesting!!!!!!!

    Since the beginning I knew what an idiot Michael is and it just gets more interesting every season. Dwight is really funny anytime he is around Michael and even though he doesn't like him, I think he likes to have him be around. With Angela in the mix their secret relationship is something to watch for every week. I really do love this show and the "Jam" romance gets better. Karen was in the cast to see if Pam and Jim could really love anyone else. Like the character Roy. I think Karen and Roy should hook up after the show!
  • Wow, thats all I can say. Since the first season, I've been hooked. Every episode manages to make me laugh.

    I love the Office, hell, even my 60-year-old grandmother loves it! It's the funniest show on TV in my opinion. Each character has something about them that makes them stand out. So far, my favorite character is Dwight. He is so freaking gullible. It makes me laugh at the things he does. The series is original and has something new to offer every episode. I have every episode on DVR, and I could probably watch the episodes over and over again without getting bored. The actors are spectacular, it almost makes you believe you are watching reality television, ha ha. Well, anyway, The Office is a great show and I can't wait for the new season, 10 out of 10!
  • best show on televesion

    This is easily the best show on tv and has been since it started. Even though it is a remake of the British series, it still is as good or even better than it. It probably has one of the best casts in television history and great performances from Steve Carell as Michael Scott. Every season gets better than the last. This show will have you laughing every second of every episode and more excited to see it every Thursday on NBC along with the other shows in the line-up; My Name is Earl before, and 30 Rock and Scrubs after.
  • I never get tired of this show!!

    Having been a fan of the english office i was quite aprehensive to start watching this as i was told by many people that its a very poor clone of the office UK, but i'm so glad i caved in because this is now my favourite TV show! I love how real it feels, it makes me want to work for a midsized paper company! The characters are spot on in this show, they have all developed into their roles incredibly, a big well done to the actors for this! I find myself quoting the office a lot in real life situations, because i find some of the lines absolutley hilarious! If you haven;t watched the office, i highly recommend you, you really don't know what you're missing out on!
  • The show is based on the Brittish show of the same name.

    The show is well written and has a great cast. The show has really got premise of the original which a lot of shows ransformed from across the pond don't get. I think what helps the show be true to it's original is that Ricky Gervais contributes to the show. I think the cast is great Steve Carrell already accepted in to the frat pack. Now the backing cast are showing their acting chops in big comedy movies! The show has stuff like uncomfrotable scilences and kringh moments that will have you in stitches. I really think the show can make you laugh not fake laugh like sitcoms i mean its a proper comedy show and if you havent seen it yet i recomend you do because the great cast and greater writing makes this show the best of them all!!!!
  • Without a laugh track or live audience, The Office still manages to be one of the funniest comedies on TV.

    The Office is unlike any show on television today. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, the writers and actors do great jobs on every episode. But the real reason to watch the office? The impeccable camera work. From blurring out to swiveling, the viewer gets the feeling of really being in te Scranton office. It is the first show I've ever seen shot this way, in home-video style. The Office is, overall, a superb comedy. Jim and Pam, of course, stand out as favorites- but then there's Dwight, and Michael, and Ryan, and so many others- every character has those little quirks which make you laugh.
  • I've just recently begun watching The Office, and I must say, I can't believe I've been missing this show for as long as it's been on!

    The Office, I've learned, isn't for everyone though. My parents aren't such big fans of the show, probably because of the unorthodox style of comedy on the show, making it stand-out as very unique compared to other comedies on television today. The characters are just genius, all have their own zany and unmistakable personalities, that will definatley keep you coming back to see just what crazy antics are happening the next episode in The Office. But with comedy, also follows notable drama. I've never watched a comedy on television before that blended so well with drama. I will continue to watch and enjoy The Office as long as it's still running and entertaining the thousands of American's that choose to tune-in each week to see what's up at Dunder Mifflin!
  • I love it...

    I love it... the first time i watched this... i was bored... i preferred doing my job (typing the my assignment) than watching this show... but now... it's become my best friend... i love watching Michael Scott with his pathetic attempt to make friends with everybody in the office... and the Jim and Pam's jokes for every single persons... well, actually just dwight... but they are very creative... fun fun fun... i think this is a new type of comedy where there's no laughing sound or comedic music... I LOVE IT!!!
  • THe office rocks

    With great talent like this all packed into one show, who could resist. The office brings a colorful cast of characters together to make you laugh your *insert body part here * off . If you havent watched it try to, give it a try, i guarentee you after one show you will be wondering what happens to the cast of the show next. Michael is that office manager played by steve carrol that makes you wonder to question your decisions at the office that you work at, this show is def. ahead of its time and it will be a cult classic for years to come.
  • This show has all you could want! It has comedy that makes you laugh so hard you can't breathe. It has a dash of romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It has characters that makes you think that you know them personally. This show has it all!!

    If I'm feeling a little depressed or down, The Office cheers me right up. The humor makes me forget what is going on in my life and just puts me in a happy place. I can watch any episode an endless number of times. Each character is my new friend, and I think that I actually know them all. Every episode is a new adventure that takes you into a world of happiness and laughter. The story line of the show is just classic!! This show makes me feel better and that is why it is literally my new best friend. I love The Office and I hope never ends!
  • This show is mixes comedy and drama in the best way. It's hillarious, the filming documentary style is so cool, and it has some romance thrown in for the fun of it, which makes it all the more interesting.

    The Office: you wouldn't think it's the most interesting setting for a show. But it is. Each week The Office finds hillarious and interesting plots. Because it's shot like a documentary the characters also talk to the camera giving an added dimension. The characters are quirky and interesting, despite the fact that they're pretty stereotypical you still feel for them and root for them. Even when they're just totally strange. Another interesting aspect of the show is the romance. There are several office romances but the most interesting is between shy artist receptionist Pam and dorky adorable nice guy Jim. Throughout Seasons 1-3 of the show they play pranks on various other staff members, flirt, fight, and otherwise somehow avoid getting together in a way that is frustrating but totally hooking to a viewer. The dynamics between nerdy assistant Dwight and just plain strange manager Micheal also add interest and hilarity as Dwight is unflinchly loyal and Micheal is uncaring. In conclusion the office is a hillarious show and the character dynamics add a nice aspect and a bit of reality.
  • This show is soo funny! At some points, it can get kinda boring but at other than that, its a great show!

    This show is so funny! Its classic and original. Eventhough the actors and actresses keep me entertained, the episodes can get kinda boring. Dont get me wrong, this show is amazing but some of the episodes are dull and dumb. But, agian, thats only some episodes. The cast is amazing. All the people on there keep the energy going and they are all really great at acing. (unlikes some people:emma roberts.....)Yeah.. i dont like that girl as you can probably tell from my review of her.... But yeah anyway the Office is an amazing show and will continue to be amazing!
  • this show is one of the good shows that are still on for the summer. i dont even care if its just reruns, its a good show. the characters go well for the show. their is a few romances and a lot of humor. steve carell is in it so you know its gotta be fun.

    this show is kinda boring and slow, but after you watch it for a while it gets better. its not one of those shows where if you miss an episode then you lose track of everything. it doesnt take long for you to understand whats going on in each episode. and its not really a hard story to follow. the romance and friendships and the schemes on this show are what makes it fun to watch and easy to keep track of. i watch this show every thursday and the cast really do their part on making their show one of a kind!
  • The Office is a cleverly crafted piece of telivision that takes documentary cameras into Dunder-Mifflin.

    The Office is a tale about what happens when a documentary camera comes into the world of Dunder-Mifflin, and takes you into the minds of the employee's. The always offensive Michael, the werid guy Dwight, the beta male Jim, and the receptionist Pam. (Oh and there's Ryan the fire guy.) These are just some of the few who make everyday at Duder-Mifflin full of laughs, and crazy adventures.
  • It's pretty good, but it could use a little something else...

    The overall concept of this show is great, I love it, don't get me wrong. But the first two seasons were better than the third. I think that either this show or its writers have run out of ideas, and it's going the way of the old sitcom, where many of the situations end up at repetitive sexual references that get old after the first ten times. The characters are a riot, and it makes the show all the funnier when everybody in a small space has clashing personalities. I don't know what it is about Dwight, but he just makes me crack up pretty much every time I see him, same with Micheal.
  • LOL

    This is such a silly show, I only watch it occasionally but when I do, oh man, its funny. Everyone at their office is an idiot except thoes 2 people. Hah, the boss is so funny, I love that guy in his show and movies. I can't get enough of his assistant... uh Dwayne? I think it's Dwayne. Anyways I just love that show and I think that the Beach Day episode was brilliant. I advise anyone who likes seeing stupid people do really stupid thing, to watch this show, its just plain silly. Um ... fill fill fill fill.
  • The funniest show ever!

    The Office is the only show that could ever make me literally laugh out loud, and it does all the time. Each character is absolutely hilarious. The boss, Michael Scott, is a complete idiot, who thinks that he is the funniest man in the world. And Dwight, Michael's sidekick, is power hungry, old fashion, and all-knowing (so he thinks). He is also quite gullable. This show is brilliant, everytime I rewatch an episode, I spot something that I didn't catch the first time. It truly does get better every season.
  • You don't know what you're missing, if you're not watching...

    Okay, I never watched The Office until a friend scoffed at my ignorance of it's greatness. I am so into this show now that it is all I can do to wait through another grueling week until Thursday night arrives. Now I have to wait through a whole Summer. I don't think I'll make it!
  • The office is about people in an office job setting but they are very funny

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  • A documentary style comedy about the antics of a crazy boss and his employees who get into all kinds of crazy trouble and adventures.

    With an always hilarious cast, extremely well done story lines and greatly written charecters I could see it becoming a great classic. I can not wait for more of the office and it's cutting edge style and comedy. Love the show Love the Cast Love the Writing if you haven't seen it please be the rest of the worlds guest and do!
  • The greatest show since Seinfeld.

    One of my favourite shows, right up there with Seinfeld. It's the funniest show on TV right now I believe. The humour is just so much more refreshing than most if not all shows on right now. Original show with original storylines and original characters. Michael Scott is one of the funniest TV characters ever. Alot of the other main and minor characters are also very funny. Very quotable show, I find myself quoting the show on a regular basis. Very good rewatchability. I recommend this show to anyone looking for a good comedy. You will not be disapointed. Some people find that this shows takes a few episodes before you like it.
  • It looked like they were maintaining the integrity of the original series by shooting the show documentary style and not having a laugh track.

    Never Judge a show by it’s Pilot: The Office. It's no secret that I love Sit-Coms and I am concerned about the status of the sitcom today. CHILD OF TELEVISION: Where’s Norman Lear now that we need him? When I first heard that there was going to be an American version of the British comedy series "The Office", I thought that this was a bad idea. In my defense when I first heard this news, it was in the wake of a failed attempt to do an American version of the British comedy series "Coupling". I can list a dozen reasons as to why the American version of "Coupling" failed. One reason is dialogue, that was almost copied word for word from the British series, was delivered as zingers. Another reason is that a British show does not have to meet the same network standards and practices that American shows do.

    As time went on I started to become cautiously optimistic when I heard that "The Daily Shows" Steve Corel was going to star in the project. Then later I got to see some of the previews. It looked like they were maintaining the integrity of the original series by shooting the show documentary style and not having a laugh track. The pilot episode closely resembles the pilot of the original series with a few changes necessary like geographical and cultural references. I also found the American version slightly more P.C. The Character of Michael Scott can and should get away with his inappropriate sexual and racist comments because he is clueless to the fact that he is out of line. I am sure there are some who have already started their letter writing campaign claiming that the show glamorizes sexism and ethnic humor. All in all I liked the show but I never judge a show by it’s pilot.

    The second episode, (Diversity Day) was edgy and funny. I liked that Michael Scott never learns his lesson nor does he have any redeeming qualities. I’ve met people like that. Also the episode does not need to have a moral. Unless you count that there are morons in the corporate world. These are elements in British Television shows that are appealing to American audiences. Look at the success of "Absolutely Fabulous ". Personally I’ve worked for people like Michael Scott and I like seeing them depicted as the dimwits that they are. Unfortunately, as in the "Dilbert Comic Strip" no one ever sees themselves as the stupid boss, they just see their stupid boss as the stupid boss.

    If "The Office" stays true to original premise and does not get watered down or dumbed down it may have the potential of joining the ranks of other American Sit-Coms based on British Sit-Coms like "All in the Family", "Sanford and Son", and "Three's Company". This will not be an easy task. When "All in the Family", "Sanford and Son", and "Three's Company" first aired in the 1970's most Americans were not familiar with their British counterparts, "Till Death Us Do Part", "Steptoe and Son" and "Man About the House". Today British shows like "The Office" and "Coupling" can been seen on BBC America or on DVD, so American versions of these shows face built in expectations from their audience. Perhaps instead of just copying a successful British show we need study why these shows are appealing to American audiences because I know more and more people are tuning in to BBC America for their entertainment (and their news too).

    To quote Robin Williams on Dennis Miller Live, "This country was founded bypeople who were too uptight to stay in England!"

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • This show is one of the most aswome funniest shows I have ever seen!

    It is Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of the man charecter Michel Scott (Steve Carrel) is so stupid and out it makes him haleris"I love inside jokes id love to be apart of one someday" Next Dwight Shurte. He is a all time michell scoct lover and he is Funny!!!! It would take to long to describe everyone but belive me it is Very Very Very Funny!!! In this show there are many romances: Dwangela (Dwight+Angela) Jam (Jim+Pam) Man(Michel+Jan) Pob (Philese+Bob) Marel(Michel+Carel(done)) Ran (Pam+Roy(over)) Relly (Ryan+Kelly( over )) So pretty much there are funny moments relationships drama stupiditi and the all around hatred for Toby.!!
  • Very Smart and Funny.

    One of the great things about this show is that it gets funnier each time you watch it. The first time i saw it i was like "ahaha, thats sorta funny. not really... i guess its ok..." but this show really grew on me. The characters are what make it great, they are all so funny and unique. Another thing that is great about this show is the style. It is made to look like a documentary of an office. If this show didn't have that aspect to it, it would still be good, but not as great as it is now. The best thing about this show? it puts a smile on your face after a long and hard day. Strongly Recommended.
    (Don't Blame me if you don't like it though.)
  • a comedy about the employees of dundermifflin and their crazy boss, michael scott

    one of theee greatest comedies ever. something to describe some of the characters
    Michael Scott- crazy
    Jim Halpert- prankster
    Dwight Schrute- ambitious
    Ryan Howard- get rid of kelly. fast
    Pam Beesly- y do u like roy
    Roy- anger management
    Andy- read above
    Stanley- black power
    Phylis- close your eyes in the parking lot
    Creed- who are you?
    Toby- just-gohome toby
    Angela- wow. stupid character
    Kelly- stop obsessing over ryan
    Overall, great show, i hope it lasts foreverr.
  • The greatest show ever made, if you havn't seen it watch it, if you want to know what the greates show is, this is it

    This show has the funiest cast, no one even compares to them, i am Obsessed with the office , an ture die hard office fan, if you think the office is bad, your wrong, there is no show like it. It's so unpredictable and every second its laugh laugh laugh, Jim is the funniest out of all the cast, the competition he has between him and Dwight is hysterical, theres not enough words to describe its incrible awsomeness , if you have ever worked in an office this is the show for you, its a great sepiction of what goes on while your working i am watching the office as i wright this, i have about all the episodes on itunes
  • awsome show.

    The office is one of the most lough out loud hilarious shows ever. The office takes a normal work office and shows how out of hand simple things can get like a christmas party or a saftey talk.

    The office was origanaly a uk comedy and was a big hit but in my personal opinion the newer american one is much more suited to todays humor and is ten million times better than the british one that left you with a dull slapstick feeling after each episode.

    in conclusion the office is a great show to sit and watch in mass amounts and it is equaly as good in small doses.
  • Just as good as the original!

    I was extremley reluctant to watch this... The British version is possibly the best comedy ever, and I was convinced that the American version was going to be a horrible, watered down rip-off. There was no way that Jim and Pam would be like Tim and Dawn, Dwight could never be as uptight as Gareth, and how could anyone compare to David Brent?

    I was SO wrong! The American version is intelligently written, and not a rip-off at all. Yes, the characters are similar to their British counterparts, but are hilarious in their own right. It shows that these 'office situations' happens in every country.

    They were even able to expand on the supporting characters, creating a very dynamic cast. I encourage EVERY die-hard British Office fan to watch this series.
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