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  • The funniest show on tv. I can't stop laughing.

    This show is truly unbelievable. It has everything anybody would ever want in a show in one half hour. I hope this show goes on forever. Every time I see Dwight I just start laughing. The acting is great and the jokes are origianal. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about this show. It follows after My Name Is Earl which is also a great show, and will be on at 8:30 on Thursdays where it could get even more veiwers than right now. I just hope it can keep giving us funny jokes and hilarious and romantic suprises in season 3.
  • This mokumentary about office workers & their daily interactions depicts typical office life, w/a little more laughs. Set in Scranton, PA, a paper co. office branch is run by Michael Scott, a quirky manager unaware of his inappropriate comments & actions.

    The mokumentary is an interesting way of narrating the show. The characters are hilarious, with Michael running the workplace (or at least trying to), Dwight being his loyal guard dog, Jim and Pam timidly trying to get to know each other better, and the rest of the office gang giving superb supporting roles. This is a laugh out loud show, especially when the characters are directly talking to the camera and extrapolating their thoughts and actions.
  • the funniest show i have ever seen

    the office is such a great show! it's like you feel what the employees feeling you can feel those akward and sad moments. my favorite character is of course michael scott. in the show you kind of feel like no one likes michael but deep down they just feel bad for the guy. michael tries so hard to be liked he's ignorant hard headed and he doesnt understand how people really feel about him, but thats why we love him. my favorite episode is the basketball one in season 1. it's hilarious how he thinks hes such a great basketball player when in reality he really sucks. It's the funniest episode i have ever seen!
  • The funniest show on TV!

    I wish I'd gotten into this when it first started! Like many fans, I started watching it during the middle of second season. (I've seen all the episodes by now however) I can't believe I missed something so good! This is seriously the best show on TV. It's funny, it has the best writing, it is consistent, (I've never seen a bad episode) and the casting is brilliant.

    The acting is great, and it is so realistic. The premise of the show seems boring, but after one episode, I was hooked! This could be any all-American workplace! Don't be turned off by the pilot episode. Again, it's not a bad episode, just an introduction and it only gets better from there.

    The characters all have realistic personalities. For example, Michael, the boss/regional manager of Dunder-Mifflin paper products (played by the wonderful Steve Carell) considers himself a "friend first, a boss second." He is in his early forties, unmarried, and is somewhat of a loner. He thinks he is hilarious and that his employees look up to him, while in reality, they try to avoid him and are uncomfortable around him. He can be ignorant, racist, sexist, and inconsiderate without even knowing it. He is an overall good man though.

    I don't want to give away any more about the other characters, because you should really check it out for yourself and form your own opinions on it. Seriously, just buy an episode on iTunes and watch it! (I believe it's only available in the US store at the moment :/. Sorry) Any of them are good, but I suggest classic episodes like "Diversity Day," "The Alliance," "The Fire," "Christmas Party," "Booze Cruise," "The Injury," and/or "Valentine's Day." I know I listed a lot, but it's hard to pick a favorite, because every single episode is good! (Well, my favorite is probably The Injury and/or Casino Night) The second season finale, "Casino Night" is one of the best episodes as well, but I wouldn't recommend watching it until you've watched previous episodes so you know the backstory.

    Anyways, watch this show! You won't regret it.
  • Bravo to a well done re-make of the original

    This could have been REALLY bad.....Anyone remember "Coupling"?....Sometimes Americanized versions of British shows really lose the flavor and charm of the original.

    This version of "The Office" has really made it's own mark with a fine cast that isn't trying to "be" the characters from teh original. Steve Carrell and cast have made this show it's own in terms of style, humor and has really separated it from the British version, which I loved.

    It's good that American audiences gave this show a chance, but with the talent of Steve Carrell I think this show was destined to be a hit.
  • A mockumentary of annoying boss and workers.

    I cannot even to begin to describe the office. The one of a kind actors, the overwhelming jim pam roy love triangle, and of course, the hilarious writing is something American television has never seen before.

    Actors: The actors really are so indivudual and they bring something original to the show. I'm convinced that they dont even know they are on camera. The facial expressions literally make me fall off of my couch laughing.

    Love: Firstly, I'm in love with John Krasinski (A.K.A. Jim Halpert) hence my screenname. The forbidden love really makes the show interesting to all users, ones who love comedy and ones who love romance. Also, the dwight-angela love is hilarious.

    Writing: I have quoted the office more than any other show i watch. "That's what she said" is an all time favorite.

    If you dont watch the office, START!
  • This is quite possibly the funniest show on tv! I just wish episodes were longer!

    Like I said, it's probably the funniest show on tv right now. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that anything with Steve Carrell is going to be good. Every cast member on The Office does a fantastic job. I'll have to say that Dwight Schrute usually plays the funniest role on the show. If my office had a Dwight, work would be fun - my office is full of "JIMs"! As slapstick of a comedy this is, it's really easy to relate to its characters and to bond with them. I think anyone who really gets into the show will eventually acquire the same crush on Pam that Jim has. Watch the show and see how funny Jim poking fun at Dwight can be!
  • The office is one of the greatest shows right now, is just simply amazing to see how the idea is developed like trying to do a real life show, and the lack of soundtracks, special effects and so on, makes this how almost real!! a must see of course!

    A must seen, is so iriginal the idea of making a show in an interview way,no sountrack, everything is more real... I really love how the characters interact with others, and Dwight is like god man!!!!!!

    You must see this show if you want a good comedy, since every sentence michael says is some senseless thing that just make you laght till you have tears.

    Steve Carrell makes a wonderful part in the show, I think he hs that \"serious\" face and when he does jokes it is so amazing because in the beggining you are lik \"howcome THAT guy can make jokes\"
  • A Great Show

    I am a big fan of the orginal show the BBC one I watched all the episodes. When I heard about a US one, frankly I thought it would tank like coupling. It was not until I saw the Basketball episode on an aeroplane that i found this show to be good. Steve does a great US brent. Season 2 is better, I felt season 1 was too much like the BBC one. However season 2 is orginal, witty, and americianised well. A great show, i'm hooked. I have seen every episode and waiting for the next one.
  • When Arrested Development went off the air I thought I would be off network TV for a long time. Now I've that I've found this show I think I'll keep watching. This review is a comparison of Arrested Development and The Office.

    The Office is a US adaptation of a deadpan British comedy that goes by the same name. Both versions are great, but I personally prefer the US adaptation since it has a little bit more energy and slightly different flavor of comedy.

    Compared to Arrested Development, the US version of The Office doesn’t have a whole lot of energy either. It’s a little bit more subtle, less over the top—-but at the same time it manages to witty and packs a type of humor that old fans of Arrested Development will instantly recognize. A lot of it is based of the shows character’s quarks.

    The atmosphere of The Office is really quite different than Arrested Development, and it will require some time to get used to if you’re new to the show. Two differences you will notice right away are: 1. There’s little to no music in the office, unlike Arrested and 2. In The Office the characters are aware that a camera is recording them. Also, a difference to be noted is its plotlines are a lot saner than Arrested’s (Mr. F).

    The characters’ personalities are lot more subtle than insane characters in Arrested Development. Despite this, they can be just as interesting, you just need a little more time to really understand what makes them quirky.

    Overall, I think I still prefer AD to The Office, but only by a tiny margin. Either way, it’s really nice to see a new story unfold with new characters to get to know and fresh laughs. This show still seems to be ascending in quality with each progressing episode, and there’s no end in sight this time.


  • Repeatedly, "The Office" shows us what a sad man Michael is by pushing him to the extreme

    Pam getting drunk at the Dundees Presentation helped make the evening great. You feel sorry for Michael when the other folks at the restaurant throw things at him. So what happens is that his workers show their empathy for this sad piece of humanity by taking all his gaffs and making them funny. You feel so sorry for his workers, who seem to think they need to protect him from his own stupidity. Since they are all persecuted, they stand together and thus are able to stand the contiuing humiliation.

    I hope The Office continues, as it certainly knows how to mine the ACTUAL life many of us have led at the corporations that use the same phony charm to 'lead'. The better people seem not to rise: It's called the 'CessPool School of Management'. The big ones rise to the top.

    And "the Office" shows it to be true. Except in one way: the suck-up usually rises. But not here. Dwight is scorned by Michael.
  • My new favorite show!!

    I love the office! I save the episodes, and can watch them over and over again.
    Incredibly quote-able! I love the whole Jim-Pam thing, and hate how the end some of the episodes with a Jim-Pam moment.
    I've never worked in an office, and I've never had a job, but there is something about the show, that I just love! Go watch it! Give it a shot!
  • The Office is Hilarious!!!

    Dwight is the funniest dude in the world. (OMG) this show is like what i base my weekdays on. I didnt watch the 1st Season. But the 2nd season is banging though. I love this show more than anything... its great... its amazing... its superb ... The OFFICE IS A GREAT SHOW!!!
  • Best Show Ever! Great writing, great acting, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!

    From the subtle glances to the doc crew to the physical humor between Michael and Dwight, The Office is a joy to watch. The episodes are filled with laughter, and sometimes tears, but they always leave you wanting more. This show is brilliantly written, and it makes you look forward to Thursdays.
  • My second favorite show on TV (Second only to the Sopranos)

    This is definitley the best show on network tv. Most other sitcoms suck and aren't funny. This somehow continues to be funny season after season. Steve Carell is very believable as the stuck up boss, and the supporting cast just adds to the show. There have only be maybe one or two not very good episodes, but the rest have kept me laughing
  • I have no idea what the previous user "kirstiemartin" was on when writing her review. I am from Australia and the show is on every Sunday night. The show is absolutely hilarious. The only show I would give a 10 out of 10. Far better then th

    I have no idea what the previous user "kirstiemartin" was on when writing her review. I am from Australia and the show is on every Sunday night.

    The show is absolutely hilarious. The only show on television I would give a 10 out of 10. Far better then the British version.
  • work and the office with comedy

    this is an awesome show! its another one of those genious comedies that are pointless when you first hear the name of the show but its actually a lesson in life. not everyone likes work and sometimes work can be your life. this makes work seem funny and i just love it! steve carrel is hilarious as well as all the rest of the cast members. its on every thursday night @ 9:30 so if u arent doing anything at that time, watch it! you wont regret it
  • Nobody likes work but they all like The Office!

    One of the best shows out there today on TV. There are so many degrees to its humor it is actually quite scary. Everyone plays their parts the way it should, there's nothing that jumps out at you unless it was meant to. The humor is just great, sometimes subtle, sometimes awkward, and all the time hilarious.
    Carell is perfect as the boss and wilson makes me never want to work with someone like him. krasinski and fischer have great chemistry that belongs in a textbook, their relationship is what keeps everyone coming back, whether they want to admit it or not.
    All-around great comedy. It's made to be real but lighten up, it's TV. You're looking at TV history in the making.
  • Look out Seinfeld, Office is right behind you as greatest comedy of all time.

    The Office has the perfect cast, with Golden Glober setting the stage for comedy with the likes of Dwight Shrute and Pam (oh Pam!). The shows only keep getting better and it's only season two! I can't wait to see more and more of these wacky comedic adventures of Dunder Mifflin. I think Dwight is my favorite character and has the most potential to be the next Kramer. And where can I get one of those hilarious Dwight bobble heads???
  • The best comedy show on T.V.

    The Office is the best Comedy show on T.V. It is non stop Laughter . The T.V. personalities are the best. I think any office work space can relate to at least one of the Personalities . The quirky boss the brown nose lackey and the quick witted screw off it is all a great group to watch. If you to are bored of reality T.V. then this is your show they make fun of it the way it is filmed. Give it a chance and you will find you can’t wait to go too work and talk about it the next day. Soon it maybe your favorite show to.
  • This is a great show!

    A couple of days ago i watched my first episode of the office, I thought it was going to be a boring show, but it turned out to be a superb tv program.

    In the first season the show seems to be missing something, but as we move over to season 2 it gets a whole lot better. Then we are allready aquinted with the caracters, and I feel I can understand them and why they do the things they do.

    The thing with this show, as with any other great comedies is that we can see our self in the caracters, who does not want to be the boss everyboady likes. And I think most people who work or study in an social enviorment can find many of these caracters in theire workspace.

    I give this show a 10 out of 10, and hope that they will never stop making it.
  • Two words: JAM and Dwangela.

    Mocumentary: check.
    Painfully embarassing boss: check.
    Down to earth guy trying to woo awfully cute reception: check.
    Most obnoxious yet relatable Assitant to the regional Manager: check.
    Supporting staff with subtle laugh out loud performances: check.
    Office pranks: check.
    Office drama: check.

    Just checking the check to the checker.
    Need I say more?

    The Office captures not only the mundaness of the blue/white collar work world, but shows that these employees are here for more than just money. They're drones of the work world, but they might as well make the most out of it while they're still here.
  • funniest show of my life

    rly rly rly rly funny
    rly rly rly rly funny
    rly rly rly rly funny
    i love love love love this show its hillarious the character development, plot setting and theme is too good ot be true but it retrospective its just rly great show all around i hope it stays on air forver
  • Comedy that takes place in an American office

    This comedy copies off the British version for the first season, and is still very hilarious. The second season takes off and the plots grows with plently of twists to keep you interested, as if the humor and childlike Behavior of Micheal Scott (Steve Carell) weren\'t enough to keep you interested. This comedy is exactly what American television needed, and anyone who watches wont be disappointed. Starting midseason might be hard to pick up on all the things, this will definately be a show to get the DVD's and discover all the details later.
  • I loved the original and was skeptical to see this... I'm glad I checked it out, one of my favorites now!

    The Office (US) is an NBC series based on a british series of the same name. The original series ran 2 seasons and had a finale christmas special episode. The characters were original, funny, and touching. Lately when a show translates over from the UK to the US it doesn't go very well and often flops (See Coupling). I was very nervous this series would go like Coupling did and the jokes wouldn't translate. Luckily, I was wrong! This series began the same way the British one did, but has since branched off into something original and brilliant! The show has created great original plotlines that are fun to follow! I love both versions of The Office!
  • Fantastic show, period. It is great this show came to the US and the cast is just perfect.

    Anyone that works in an office, small or large, can relate to this show. It is amazingly funny and probably one of the best shows on TV...ever. I don't buy TV shows on DVD, but I own Season 1 of the Office and will own Season 2...and all the other seasons they come out with. I wish that NBC would air the BBC version or that the price would drop on it because I would like to see it. I don’t know how it could be better than this version. It is great that it is shot like a reality show, I think if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be quite as good.
  • some people say they wish this show was an hour long. I wish it was on it's own channel. This show is ab-fab!

    I didn't care for this show at first, until i realized it was a mockumentary of "reality" type shows. The interviews with the cast during the episodes are HILARIOUS! Dwight is amazing and embodies all that is brownnose!

    There are very few shows I make a point to tell others about. This is one of the top three.

  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! it makes us belly laugh, and that doesnt happen too often anymore. it is a great hour of tv to watch EARL, and then THE OFFICE. finally, some good tv, worth watching!!!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! it makes us belly laugh, and that doesnt happen too often anymore. it is a great hour of tv to watch EARL, and then THE OFFICE. finally, some good tv, worth watching!!!

    we missed the first season, and only tuned in after seeing steve in the 40 year old virgin. then when the show moved over to thursdays with earl it made a great hour of tv. both these shows are so funny. i hate the laugh tracks and the stupid jokes of most sit coms. these are fresh and funny and offbeat and good.
  • Never seen the original BBC version of The Office, but I really don't want to after seeing this American edition.

    Simply put it, this show is goddamn hilarious! Every subtle aspect of this show is ingeniously conceived and executed by the show's writers and cast especially. Steve Carell as the dimwitted Michael Scott is comedic casting that is just perfect. The ignorance and stubbornness that this man presents to his workers is so well written. Every time he appears on screen there is something that he either says or does that just makes me laugh. He reminds me of an early Jim Carrey minus the some of the silly slapstick jokes. Unlike most shows, which are hit or miss, The Office seems to become even more hilarious with each new episode. This show is indeed not for everyone, since the humor is a little more intelligent than most sitcoms on the market. Steve Carell's character is a perfect blend of Homer Simpson, Peter Griffen, and Leslie Nielson (Naked Gun). If you give this show a watch, you will not be disappointed at all. Let's just hope that this show gains in popularity and stays on the air for many seasons to come
  • Hands Down The Funniest Show On TV Right Now! Watch It!

    Without A Doubt, Hands Down, The Funniest Show On TV Right Now! Watch It! Nothing Else is Funnier!! I'm also So glad NBC gave it an early renewal so it will be around next season for 22 more awesome episodes! Catch It Thursday At 930 on NBC! Steve Carell is soooooo Funny!!!
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