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  • Why they keep going for so long?

    If the producers had stop when Steve Carell left this show would have been a classic forever. But they ruined by making two whole seasons that weren't funny with new characters that were horrible and a very boring storyline.

    I am currently struggling to watch the 9th season, it's just too boring and unfunny.

    Why did they do this? Surely if it was money they could have a better chance in their careers having a classic show behind them. Instead they now have to live with the fact that they killed the show and had nothing to offer beyond this point.
  • The Office - My Favourite Show of all time

    Let me be completely honest, The Office is my favorite show of all time. I don't care what anyone says, it is my favorite show ever. I've seen the series on netflix from start to finish almost 3 times now, and it is so great. Even when Michael leaves, the show is still extremely funny. The show's comedy lies in the characters, which all have actors that fit the role perfectly, I couldn't imagine dwight being anyone else, or jim, or michael, or kevin. The Finale of this show was perfect, it closed almost all the ties and just made you smile. I really wish I could rate higher then 10.
  • Top Shows

    Every ep pretty much til Michael left (06-14)
  • Great show and really nice ending.

    When I found out that the show was coming to an ending I got a bit upset, Is a really funny show and a lot of romance all around. Some were your average joe kind of people and others were... well they were people but it showed that they all have their backs.

    But like I said I was disappointed that it was coming to an end until I saw the end. Very TOUCHING. It really did touch my feeling. When they were at the conference and the mother and father reaveld to their daughter. When Dwight found out he was the father after stopping the love his life in the of the traffic and when Pam sold the house just for her husband. Very touching.

    excuse my grammar.
  • Farewell Dunder Mifflin!

    I can't believe its been 9 years since I started to watch this show .. and what an ending for such an amazing show.

    This show been unique from everything else. It was full of laughter and good messages even if the office itself sounds boring and filled with people pissed off from their jobs, and that exactly what 80% of us feels like. and it showed that in a funny way.
  • the end?

    I just found out on that the show is coming to an end and I'm upset :/
  • I never tire of it

    The show is a star! I watch the seasons over and over again and delight in practically all of the epidodes. The script and the acting is amazing. The effort that has gone into this show just requires rewatching to notice the subtle little interactions that go on or lines that get missed on the first watch.

    Season 8 I expected to collapse but has held up pretty well in my view. Michael dominated most of the earlier episodes and freeing up some of the other cast was great to see. The episodes are a little more far-fetched but still delightful viewing.

    Jim's prankster character / good guy has made me like him less and made Dwight look more like the truer good guy with his straight forwardness.

    There are so many comparisons between The Office and my real life experiences that it is refreshing to see it portreyed in this comical way. The darkness and ridiculousness just lightens my view of office life that I have a good chuckle as I watch the real life antics.

    Rewatching made me appreciate the background characters and the colour they add to the episodes. Just watch Cread, even though he is outshone, has his place in the whole entourage.

    A great show that I watch regularly before I drift off to sleep.
  • Brilliant

    No matter how I feel any episode of the office will cheer me up. However stopped watchng since Michael left because it just won't be the same :(
  • The Office makes my day

    Yep, The Office actually does make my day. Watching The Office never failed to make me smile, gniffle or laugh.

    I remember when I watched the first few minutes of Episode 1, Season 1. The first thing I asked my friend was: "Why are they looking at the camera?" followed by "No, I do not like this show." My friend told me to just keep watching, so I did. I fell in love with the show. I fell in love with the characters, the small details and the entertaining story line.

    Michael leaving the show did not ruin it for me, it just made it way less awesome. Nellie was close to ruining it for me though. I do not like her personality and I do not think she fits in, at all.

    Oh well, I'll never be able to dislike The Office anyway.
  • Dump Nellie from the Office!

    Not only is Nellie not funny but she is disgusting as well. She needs to get fired!
  • Catherine Tate needs to go.

    Yes I have rated this as perfect as the show itself was perfect up to season 7, I just feel that the new season has let all of us down including the cast, it most certainly isn't as whitty as it was neither is as funny yes there are some funny scenes but they're not scenes where you would laugh out loud to. But now seeing that Catherine Tate aka "Nellie" is staring on the show it literally has become to the lowest point it has ever become. They just need to sort it out behind the scenes and scrap Catherine from the show and put Andy back into play like he said "he deserves that role" or even have Dwight as manager I am pretty sure that that will be much funnier and better watch than having that skimpy bitch running around the set.
  • Catherine Tate is Over Acting to be Michael Scott, its just not right

    It seems that every new boss is hilarious, comedian and intelligent at the same time. Well these qualities should remain with Michael Scott. He and only he should be the UNIQUE ONE. Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) must Present herself as she described her in interview for Managership. Look at the Dress She wore as President of Sabre Inc. in Tallahassee Episode. TOO BAD SERIOUSLY, Doesn't matching any thing at all of this Character. BUT OVERALL I SIMPLY LOVE THE OFFICE.......BRAVO!
  • We Miss You...

    I miss Steve Carrel (Micheal Scott) and his humor. Since he left, the show has felt.....empty
  • Good times in the office

    The Office is the best comedy on tv right now. I think Andy and Robert California are working out just wonderfully as the new leaders of the cute loveable office team. The writing is great and the actors fulfill what the writers are creating. Its just funny, super funny.
  • This season has been very funny so far, and I still love the cast. They are very funny. Kevin is probably my favorite character, I laugh every time that man speaks. You can watch this show at blackboxshows. com

    This season is great, Dwight is up to to the the same Dwight related mishaps, and they are as funny as ever. I enjoy watching the the weird tension between Gabe, Andy, and Erin. I really liked the the Toby Michael episode, their relationship can get rolling on the the floor funny. I think the Pam and Jim relationship is not getting enough attention. I'm looking forward to upcoming episodes, I am hoping they will continue to be just as funny, which I am sure they will be able to do with such a great cast. Hope everyone enjoys the show.
  • Not to laugh at this show would be to hard...that's what she said.

    This is one of the funniest shows to hit TV since Seinfeld. The first season might not have been that great, but all the other seasons have been hilarious. I can't say enough good things about this show its just that funny, the cast, the characters, the writing its all amazing. I really hope Steve Carell decides to stay or at least finish the series with him in it, he is the show. I'm not saying that the other characters in the show are not that great, i like all of them, the Michael, Jim, and Dwight trio is amazing and i don't think the show will be as good without them together. But if Carell does leave and they find away to still keep the show as good as it is i will be watching.
  • A comedy filled with romance, action, drama, and all the wrong ways to run a company.

    Jim is stuck in a love triangle with Pam and Karen. Dwight and Angela have a secret relationship going on. Oscar is gay Kevin is hilarious, Stanley has no humor, Ryan is an up and coming business man. And their leader, Michael Scott, is crazy, humorous, intelligent, outgoing, and always wanting a fun time.

    With the 3rd season about half way through, it is an amazingly funny tv show. No one would picture a company anything like this and that is why it is so funny. From a inside company basketball game to a fight between boss and loyal follower to a back-stabbing, you will get all the laughs you need to lighten your day.
  • Inventer of the mockumentary! (mocking documentary)

    Hilarious mockumentary! Great satire of the office-life that we face today! The characters are so weird and strangely funny, yet completely normal, some much you'll find yourself thinking, "Hey, that Pam is just like my aunt Suzie." Michael never is afraid to say all the wrong things at all the right times. It's based of the British series of the same name, but the American one is much funnier, but it wouldn't be here if not for the UK version. The writers are so ingenious, and some are even actors in it, which is also and original idea. The character's also know that the cameras are there, which I love when shows do that. It makes is all the more funny. The Office is full of those awkward situations that are so hilarious and unbelievable, yet realistic. I love this show!
  • I actually enjoy the American Office a lot. The thing is that you shouldn't compare it to the British version because they are two different shows. Still though this American version is still one of the best things on TV. Definitely one of my favorites.

    Never used to be a big fan of the Office, but I started watching it probably around Season 4 or 5 and I instantly fell in love. All the actors are really good here, especially Steve Carell as the "not so bright", ego maniacal and not so sensitive boss Michael Scott, and of course Rainn Wilson as the weird paper selling nerd Dwight Schrute who is a beet farmer. I know it's weird just explaining. All of the characters also work really well, I mean there is not a weak link in this series. Everyone from Jim, Pam, Stanley, Kevin, Oscar, Angela, Andy, Darryl, Meredith, Phyllis, Kelly, Toby and now Erin and whomever else I'm forgetting is really good at their roles. The first season was a little bit weird because they tried to emulate the British version but it didn't really work. However during the second season the show really found it's stride and tried to separate itself from the British Show. The humor is kind of "get it" or "don't get it" but if you "Get it" then you'll find the show quite hilarious. Definitely one of my favorite shows, that's what she said.
  • The Office is one of the best shows on television

    Based on the original UK version, The Office puts together a fantastic cast that delivers a performance that speaks to the heart of anyone who has worked in any familiar situations, and even ones that don't. This TV series combines so many elements of comedy into one seamless stream of epic hilarity that missing it is a huge mistake. You know a TV show is truly incredible when it can make you feel emotional for the characters in it. It has the uncanny ability to make you feel so many different emotions in one episode that it should be used as therapy! I don't know about you, but there aren't many shows that are capable of doing this.

    Please, if you are one of those people (like me) who are skeptical about most of the TV shows out there today, do yourself a favor and don't miss this one!!!
  • The Office is a hilarious show with a cast of characters that leave you interested until the next weeks episode.

    The Office is a hilarious show with a cast of characters that leave you interested until the next weeks episode. My favorite show on NBC right now. Not only is it a fantastic comedy, it has enough serious plot lines to keep people interested and entertained. Jim and Pan have an excellent chemistry together. Until the fourth season, they were not together as a couple but, from then on, the story of their relationship has kept the show together. All of the other minor characters are excellently tied in and the episodes really flow nicely. The US version of The Office has improved greatly from the original UK version, especially in the Michael Scott character. The US producer, Greg Daniels, works wonders with this show.
  • Based on the British Series of the same name, The Office: An American Workplace, looks at the lives of employees at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton, through the lenses of a documentary crew.

    The Office, Based on the incredible British original of the same name, looks at the lives of a few employees at the fictional Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company, through the lenses of a documentary. This series surpasses the original and is more of a comedy than the original. After a shaky start, the series creates endless laughs in every episode it produces. Now on its 100th episode, and renewed for a sixth season, The Office is for anyone that like subtle humor. It has the awkward moments, the laugh-out-loud episodes, and the light episodes. I have been a fan from the first episode, and I consider The Office, and the mockumentary format to be some of Tv's best moments.
  • The Office is back and swinging.

    After a bad year and some boring episodes, "The Office" is back on top and making people laugh again. With the latest episodes in Season 5, "The Office" has reclaimed its title as funniest comedy in prime time. Sure, they did fall into a slump in Season Four, but finally they are back to the hilarious antics that took them to the top in Seasons Two and Three. I have been a devote "Office" watcher since the beginning and became disenchanted with the show near the end of the fourth season. Luckily, the writers kicked it back into gear and are serving the public the same high quality show that they used to.

    And a quick note to the Office haters who post that the office is over: Instead of taking the time to write a negative review, write your own comedy. If it is more brilliant that The Office is, send it to a producer and see if you can get your work on the air. Writing a prime time comedy isn't an easy task but the talented Office writers still do a great job.
  • im still new to the show so its just as good as ever to me.

    I started watching about a 4 weeks ago and have since watched through every episode to date. This show is so addicting and hilarious that you cant stop. Everything from the way Michael Scott makes you cringe at what he does to jim messing with dwight. I like all the characters and the roles they play. Especially BJ Novak as Ryan. Its funny how hes this cool preppy guy whos better then everyone. Ends up taking a nice corporate job and gets involved in coke and money scandals etc. Just so funny and the fact they brought him back to the paper business makes it even funnier. Andy Bernard is also very funny i love how after his anger management classes you can still see him struggling not to snap with a big smile on his face. I tried to watch the UK version of the office but it just wasnt for me. The humor was alittle to dry for my taste but i can see where this version got the idea(s).
    To the point: The office is one of the best shows on tv and i hope it stays around for a while
  • An excellent show. i don't know how i would live without it

    The office is an incredible show. When i first heard of it i thought "this is going to can they possibly try to re-create the genius that was the uk office?" Well, they did and they even have surpassed the original bbc version of the show. The supporting cast of the american office is miles ahead of the british version and i think that the american version is just funnier. An excellent show and i never miss it. I own every season on dvd and i really love to watch the show. it is so funny and it has many similarities to the british version which is great but it also has its own personality and is very original.
  • A show about co-workers in an office with a crazy boss.

    This is an amazing show! I love it. It is insanley funny and the characters all add to the show. The chemistry with the cast is undeniable. The quirky characters each bring their own personalities to the show and contribute their own. It is possibly one of the most amusing and best show on-air. My favorite character is Dwight, because he is so funny and his and Angela's relationship is cute and also funny at the same time. This show really portrays what life in an office with an insane boss would be like. This is probably my favorite show!
  • the show is about an office environment run by a moronic boss

    This show is hands down my favorite show ever. it has everything i would want in a show. a little drama and a lot of humor. i think the show has lost a little of its touch in the past few seasons. it tried to bring in new characters like karen and leave characters like toby but they eventually reversed that and brought toby back and got rid of karen. they did keep one character and that is Andy. this adds a little tension to the workplace with him and dwight loving the same girl. i think this show has a lot to give in the future and is destine to be classic.
  • Intelligent Realistic Humor

    I rarely find sitcoms that are funny because 99% of them are re-hashed garbage with the same old jokes with minor changes and lame laugh tracks. The Office brings you into a world where most people that have ever worked ANYWHERE has dealt with people like this. Everyone has worked with a clueless insecure boss, a crazy old guy who took too many drugs in the sixties, a sexually overactive older heavy woman, a loon that has weird hobbies and spurts out off the wall non-sequitors, a boring Human Resources guy, a perky cool Receptionist, a fat slow dude, a uptight Christian, a "could care less" older guy, a marriage obsessed Twenty-Something.... The world is full of these people and it's about time we can laugh at them. This show is an all-time classic. Right up there with Cheers, MASH and Seinfeld.
  • One of my favourite shows

    The Office(An American Workplace) is the adaptation of The Office UK. This is one adaptation that has been so successful. The US version is one of my favourite shows. With the Michael as the forever dumb boss who thinks he's the best, Dwight the weird bosses' number 2 and many other characters makes it a great comedy show. I like how it's so quiet and paced. The talking heads by the characters gives us a inside into what they want to do, plan,think etc...
    I think the actors and actresses do a great job acting and I hope this funny show will last a long time.
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