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  • Original??

    Some idiot wrote that it was \"original\". Its a remake of a British TV show!! Idiot

    This was, until America stole yet another country\'s TV show, UK\'s best. Do yourself a favor and watch the original, not some attempt at making money out of someone elses work.

    After all, it was good enough for USA to copy it, isnt that a measurement of the original\'s quality?

    Yanks :(
  • I made a TV Show account just to be able to review this sad chapter in sit com history. Astonishingly bad, a pathetic inexplicably lame remake unworthy of bearing the original's name.

    This is very sad indeed. This show, with humour seemingly intended for 5-8 year olds completely misses all the underlying realism that made the original wonderful. Intead of realism the show emphasizes ridiculousness, which starts it off on the wrong foot completely; if their excuse was to make the show more apealable to American audiences, it seems that most Americans are unable to perceive humour above even the most basic limits (which is probably not true). I am a huge fan of the original, but this is a totally different type of comedy. "Fast paced"? That is no way of trying to cover up a poor idea made into a poor script, and yes, acted poorly. I'm not saying all the actors are bad, but once you see "Pam" and whatever Tim's replacement is in action, you will be more than glad to turn off the TV rather than continue watching in what could've been a pleasant viewing session. Not to mention Gareth, who you just wanna hit. This is absolutely embarassing for America, and although it is probably too late to cancel the show and publicly apologize to the world, the most we can hope for is that they at least learn a valuable lesson from this: make ur own damn shows!!!
  • Pathetic

    How can you take the comedy genius that is Ricky Gervais and murder it like this; Americans, be ashamed, very ashamed. This should be removed from TV. All you people who find this show amusing to watch, goto a video store and rent the original out, and never ever watch this remade version again.
  • This show is the worst on telision with diserves a 0.

    I don't get "NBC". They don't know what to cancell and what to keep on. When I first watched for like (10 minutes) I was like; let me give this show a chance. After the 10 minutes when the show when it came to a commercale I changed the channel. Is it a Reality or a written Sitcom; I couldn't tell and worst off; being a terrible comidy I was like dame this is the worst show on TV period.
  • Horrible, Absolutely Horrible. This show is defintely lost in translation.

    Even though the show is only translated in the sense that it has been americanized, it has lost that tragic humour which made the original so good. The original always seemed true, and portrayed things realistically, while the american one seems to going for laughs in a very obvious, which takes away from the humour. This show should never have been made, as there is no reason for it. If americans really want to watch it, and have difficulties with the british accents, just buy the dvd's and turn on the freakin' subtitles. Catell is a totally different type of comedian than Gervais, and while the writing on this show is solid, as it is completely ripped from the british one, it is horribly miscast. Not worth all
  • What on Earth is this?!

    This is one of, if not, the worst series I have ever watched! This is just rediculous. It trys a little to hard to be funny. I could barely watch an episode. I dont know why its so popular and a favorite to so many viewers. Everything about it is horrendous.
  • A pointless waste of time devised by idiots.

    Somehow someone out there thought it would be a good idea to copy and paste the brilliant British TV show and transplant it into an American environment. The same stories only infinitely less funny and delivered by actors who are very poorly suited.

    I honestly cannot rant negatively enough about this absolute piece of trash. Americans don't seem to understand the concept of making decent TV so when yet another excellent British show appears they screw it up and ignorant fools like the majority of you see it and think it's original. You ought to be ashamed. Go and find the original British version.

    Just another reason to hate American TV people. I'd give it a rating of 0.0 but apparently the site will not let me.
  • Even worse than the British show

    I tried watching the British version on DVD when it came out. I returned the DVD 2 hours after I rented it.... It was so bad that I couldn't get through the 2nd episode, and I tried! The US version is even worse because I don't have the excuse of not getting jokes because of a dialect difference. It just doesn't have jokes..... I live in Maine. If I want to see idiots with crappy jobs have inane conversations and misuse words I'll go outside and try to talk to anyone around here, or watch a presidential press conference. If I want stupid I'll watch the news.
  • Embersingly tacky. You should be ashamed even watching this.

    The office is a great TV-serie, one of the best ever aired. In Europe. In it's original shape. The 0.3-grade is for the AMERICAN "The Office" not the British "The office", or what I refer to as the original. The original easily gets a 10,0. Same plot, different location, better actors. better overall-feeling.
    Yes, I admit: just that fact that someone thinks that americans are too stupid to understand Brittish accents and therefor have to do a remake set in the States, bugs me. Alot. Because all the little things that are so good with the original series are international, at least in the whole west world. I'm from Sweden and would be equally bugged if some idiot would make a Swedish "The Office". There's simple no point.
    Whywhywhy can't you americans see past your own borders and for once admit that there are quality TV-shows from other countries, not only black-and-white movies?
    The whole series gets a tacky feeling when you've already seen the original and realize that this is the same, but not funny enough for beeing worth the attention.
  • The original is the best. If the show is going to be remade then at least improve on it.

    I have been a fan of the UK Office for many years, it’s a great show so when I heard that the US was remaking the show my first thought was “this is going to be terrible”. Terrible is been nice, the humour has been Americanised and ruined. In the original any time the boss was about to do something you found it hard to watch, feeling for him and everyone around him. But sorry to say this US version does not even come close. I guess that if you have not seen the original British version then you might love this show, but please see the original.
  • Dumb and dumber

    Absolutely the worst waste of air time ever concieved. There is no point, there is no plot, there is no humor! How this show got a Golden Globe nomination can not be fathomed. They must have paid somebody some big bribes. While watching this show, you can feel your IQ points slipping away.

  • How long will this last...?

    Uh...somebody explain to me why this is considered funny. I really don't get it. I've tried watching it and folks, it isn't funny. Not at all. Not even a half smirk! I even tried laughing to maybe prime the laughter pump. Nope. No good!

    Look, I love crazy, off beat humor. Monty Python is my favorite. I'm no stranger to strange comedy. The Office? Sorry, don't get it. Not funny. That's all.

    If you happen to like it, watch it while you can because I can't see how a show with a theme like this won't grow old fast and get axed from the lineup.

    So to you The Office fans, back to My Name Is Earl!!!
  • Awful, Awful, Awful. Why did they bother?

    While the British version of The Office is hysterical and absolutely must see viewing, the American version is, I'm afraid, an absolute waste of space. The British version is sarcastic, cynical and brilliant. The American version would love to be those things, but ends up looking like a sloppy second with no talent. No offence, but American comedies do not do cynicism well. Stick to sitcoms, which you are brilliant at! The Office is not a sitcom, was never meant to be, but is stuck with American producers who are trying to make it that. Painful viewing, I literally had to turn it off, which I have never done before.
  • Poor

    The Christening episode ruined it.
  • AUGH!

    All this show is a bunch of awkward people in an office with an even More socially defective boss.

    Its all awkward humor where you laugh AT them... I hate awkward humor it makes me cringe...

    this show gives me goosebumps

    And not in a good way.

    I never understood how there are parts where each character narrates directly TO the camera. Like Big Brother.

    NOT a show I would watch at all

    Avoid if you don't like Awkward humor
  • What is going on?

    I cant believe what is happening? I have loved and watched every episode since day one and now with this abysmal Nellie character ruining it, I am almost done. I can not begin to fathom the reasoning behind this Nellie taking Andy's job bit. Its does nothing but inf-irate me. Please stop this madness I will never watch this again if something doesn't happen and she is taken out of the show or at the very least not the manager any longer. Please Please read all of these reviews and see what the fans are saying, its the same all across the boards and this site and many others, we hate her.

    This show has become beyond ridiculous. Nellie is a disaster. She's the female version of Robert California. Her character will destroy anything worth while about this show.
  • I hate the office now

    The show is getting worst i hate Nellie i cant not look at her she is so stupid, they need to fired her .. im thinking about not watching the show anymore, so sad because i used to love the show and i do like Andy but i do not like that woman... she needs to go NOW PLEASE
  • Obviously not looking for anything positive here...

    Often I am stuck with The Office on our T.V. as my husband likes it, and because I love him, I put up with it. Not to long ago, there was an episode about Michael dating Pam's mom, "an older woman". It was highly insulting to those of us that do have younger relationships that just so happen to work! The show is one of the worse parts of our society and amazing enough, people in this day and age think stupid is funny. Sadly - the way they are in this show, hits way too close to home nowadays and that is the part that is hard to see. No thankS. Funny can come in other ways... My integrity can not be a part of it, good thing there is an off switch.
  • this show is a show not worth watching. I could have spent my time going through black temple getting better gear. total waste of time.

    This show was a complete waste of my time, in the 30 freaking minutes i spent watching it i could have been playing World of Warcraft. NBC is complte trash compared to WoW. I would totally dominate anyone in NBC in tyhe arena, my death knight damitrov on korgath would beat all of you noobs. if you wanna trade pics sometime just wisp me sometime. btw i am totally looking for a new guild. dread totally sucks me all day. i comletely carry them through every raid and everything. I think it is about time i made me a BLT to eat, they are really delicoious almost as good as some world of warcraft. so catch u laterz dawg.
  • Amazing! But not the show. The show is awful!

    Ok, I have seen enough from it. Worst time I've ever spent on my life was giving this enough chances. I would love to give it a zero, but that's not possible anymore. Unwatchable, I don't know how can people get entertained with it. All the ingredients for disaster seem baked right in. Apparently, somebody sneaked and changed that recipe long ago, because is one of the most watched sit-coms on the US. This sums up perfectly what people want most out of their television nowadays: constant stupidity from people who are too dead-like to be in the slightest funny. That's the reason why there is no typical laugh tracks, because nobody would be at least chuckling. Steve Carrell plays the annoying boss in an office full of idiots, slobs, and jerks. And while the documentary style has worked before and extremely well, it only makes you want to die in this one. If a show really is that abominably shallow, complete dullness, tasteless, painful and moronic, it probably won't get canned, while the most terrific show is lucky to last 3 seasons!

    Unbelievably bad, I have no choice but to see USA as a nation of bumbling idiots for the way this show does over-the-top, lunatic things for just "being funny". Or for the way they just stand there and do nothing. So terrible that all the "comedy" is based on WTF moments and the employees staring like idiots, 'oh, look at his face, it was priceless! Best show ever!'. Pathetic, really. Is just so slow and retarded; painfully unfunny. Oh yeah, and the worst is, I watched this show with high expectations wanting to like it as it is rated so high. It may even be exciting to watch... Hell no! It digraced my screen. But hey, whatever. Enjoy watching people on a workplace, and pretend it to be funny. And no, I don't even care if it is a poor remake, because it is a poor everything. I hope this nightmare ends anytime soon, cancelled-wise.

    Let's the thumbs down come!!! Unless you are with me! ;)
  • Well, my last review got deleted so let's try again...

    This show is terrible. I cannot find ANYTHING that I enjoy about it. Dont get me wrong, the concept is good, it was fantastic when the BBC did it but, like everything else, the Americans killed it.

    The American verision of the office is just not as funny, it's not as clever and the humour is no where near as sophisticated. There are very few American comedies I enjoy and this certainly is not one of them. I gave this show a chance, I tried to like it but it's just painful. It's aimed at the lowest common denominator so it's quite depressing that it has been so popular...

    I would rather lick a cheese grater than watch this show.
  • I love comedy.

    I love any type of comedy, except for vaudeville (uncle milty blows) and comedy that is unfunny (the office). This comedy show is second only to curb your enthusiasm in wasting every opportunity for a good laugh.
    The writers, producers, and director of this show need to understand that putting normal people in unusual, bizarre, or abnormal situations can be funny. The reverse is not true. Steve Carell can not carry a show. He should look characters similiar to his roll in anchor man, incidentally his best work, I guess because he wasn't actually acting.
    It's not that this show is bad. It's that this show is so bad that it makes me want to stick my finger through my eye, into my brain, and swirl it around. This show could be easily fixed by someone in charge reading through a Dilbert book. But keep in mind that a pointy haired troll isn't much of a main character.
  • The worst show I have ever seen in my 40 years, no really, I'm serious.

    I have tried to watch this show 3 times, and it just keeps getting worse. There are so many great shows getting canceled, and this piece of junk keeps going. Steve can be funny, but not here. Avoid this show like the plague! It is not funny, not even a little bit, remotely or accidentally.

    I enjoyed Newsradio and other office centered shows, so it is not that. I love Office Space too. This show doesn't have IT! The jokes are not funny, and the writing is abysmal. I have worked in a few office environments, and there is enough there for a comedy show. However, this show misses the mark. Some of the situations don't relate and can't be connected to anything possibly real.

    Give it up Steve, and let another show take your spot in the line up, Please!
  • Make it stop!

    I have given this show more chances than is allowed by my viewing standards. The hype and then the time slot change are an act of desperation in my opinion. It’s a love it or hate it show from some I have spoken to. It has no longevity potential in my book.
  • Watch the Original!!!

    Thats right there is an original and the US version has stolen so much from the British version. You could have made all sorts of funny characters, but instead its all the same except for a few small name changes.

    The Office was never meant to be a sitcom, but this version is which makes it so bad!

    If you haven't seen or heard of The Office (UK) then maybe this is a show for you. But for me after enjoying the original thoroughly was really disappointed to see that not much of an effort was made to make this one different.

  • How sad... How incredibly sad... All you Americans who think this show is good. Please, I beg you to watch the original British version. Ricky Gervais created this show, and his show is how it's supposed to be done.

    This American remake however is probably the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. First of all Steve Carell. I love the guy, really do, but his Michael is so forced and phoney it's hard to watch. Besides he has more of Gareth(The original Dwight) then of the Ricky Gervais' David Brent.

    The rest of the cast are simply meant to look like their British counterparts, and it's like they showed them a tape of the original and started rolling. It's horrible. These guys have no idea what their character is meant to be like or what to do.

    I can't say anything about the plot, simply because there isn't one. Where the British version had some(not a lot, but that was the idea) character-progress, that also is lacking here. Probably because everybody is struggeling to even make their character believable, let alone make progress.

    I'm no America-hater or anything, but it brings tears to my eyes to see what Hollywood has done with this outstanding and simply genious televison-show. Hollywood is great at writing original shows there's no need whatsoever to copy foreign shows. Just live with the fact that Europe can create cool shows as well, and don't adapt the next good show just to prove Hollywood can do it as well. God bless you guys...
  • This really does not work, it's not realistic, it's not funny and it's trying too hard to be both. Stay away from this.

    The UK version of The Office is significantly better than this over emphasised trash. The jokes aren't good, the actors are trying way too hard and you can blatantly tell that they are aiming for the next Emmy - if they actually get any, god help us all. The people who have said good things about this are just embarassed because side-by-side, the US version is laughable compared to it's predecessor. I advise you to choose something else to watch, it's a waste of time.
  • Awful compared to the UK version, the original show was great because of the genius that is Ricky Gervais. Take that away and this show is unfunny

    Awful compared to the UK version, the original show was great because of the genius that is Ricky Gervais. Take that away and this show is unfunny.

    I advise you all to watch the UK version then re-write your reviews! Ricky Gervais makes the show, i don\'t see the point in creating another version. It\'s like going to watch a fake Elvis or a Beatles tribute band, its not the real thing so dont bother.

    I can understand you thinking this is great as it seems original and vaguely funny if you didnt see the UK version but they definately simplified it in this version and had to make the jokes more obvious which ruins it.

    A cheap imitation!
  • Doesn't even come close to comparing with the British version!

    One of the funniest British shows on television gets turned into an americanised version which not only has the same name and format but has:

    - same characters
    - same downsizing plot
    - same jokes!

    The last one mention is probably the worst since, while the show was inspired by the British version, using the same gags such as the stapler in the jelly is just stealing scenes from the original and proves that the show couldn't be pulled off if it was one that had never been done.

    I also think that just because the British version had downsizing, didn't mean that the american version couldn't do something different and make it a separate program!

    All in all, this show should never have been made and is one of the few comedies that I will never give another chance.
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