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  • I get that it is localized for the U.S. I don't get lack of introducing more U.S. workplace themes.

    Should have done more to fill in regional flavor. Lots more HR laws junk here in the U.S. Wish I had not wathced the UK version which had fresher actors - more inside humor. I think they picked the wrong elements of the plot to translate. They should have let the characters evolve more of their own personality in the U.S version
  • Easy to dismiss as another remake, if you can judge it on it's own, the US office is funny.

    Easy to dismiss as another remake, if you can judge it on it's own, the US office is funny.

    The original U.K. version is hilarious. But it would never work here in the U.S. This remake does a good job taking the original concept and reworking it into a more un-subtle, yet quick witted style. In the end it is pretty funny. If you like the UK version you may well hate this one as a purist with an emotional attatchment; but in the end think of it this way- the U.K. creator gets more money: whic he richly deserves. I'd say, give this show a try- I was reluctant, but found it clever- beats Full House hands down.
  • Took out the pathos and inserted hammy American acting.

    The summary of my review says everything, but in order to fill up the space I will have to repeat it in differemnt words.

    Rickey Gervais is brilliant and subtle, as are all of the British actors. I am not trying to negate the other actors; they are all excellent. Watching the American version is painful, as the marginal actors ham it up with obvious sidelong glances to the camera, overly long pauses, forced stammering, etc.

    Also, the original version is funny because it is a window into the sadness of these people, and in turn us. They aren't simply laughable buffoons, they are people that we actually care about. When they writhe uncomforatbly, we laugh at them AND with them.

    If you disagree with me, you are wrong. There is no discussion about it.

  • Absolutely Horrible!

    Was I the only one that didn't think this show was funny? It was down right stupid. I watched the first episode and that was enough for me. I guess maybe the show gets better, because I see the people here gave it good reviews and ratings. Well I don't plan on watching another episode.
  • BBC in US? Kinda.

    America's attempt of BBC's,"The Office", recieved a lot of mixed reviews. Some viewers said it was a show in which it made them feel idiotic watching it. Others said it was a fresh new comedy. In reality, it was an American take on a BBC show. Trust me, the two are very different shows. Both had the,"Everyone but two people are crazy" kind of funny. The American version was good, but it didn't get people to remember it. The finalle flopped, and NBC threw it into the "Never touch again" pile. If you remember, Sienfeld was in that pile at one time. But possibly a DVD set of "The Office" would be it's only hope of human recognition.
  • An interesting Americanisation of this classic BBC Broadcast.

    I have watched Episodes 1 to 6 from series 1 so far.

    This show will get mixed reviews and there will be a love or hate it side of things. The viewers of this show will fall in to one of these catagorys.

    1.US Viewers who have not seen the BBC's uk show.
    2.US Viewers who have seen the UK edition.

    3.UK Viewers who have seen the UK edition.
    4.UK Viewers who have not seen the UK edition.

    For me. I fall in to catagory 3 like most brits. I find this adaptation a wonderful attempt to localise the show to American terms and practices. Instead of 'Head Office' we have 'Corporate' for example.

    The script direction largely involved the same ideas which I feel was a requirement. I do not know how an American office operates, but I can make an educated guess.

    The format of the show is that a camera crew are allowed in to the office to film daily life.

    Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight Schrute in the show executes an extremely poor copy of the UK shows Gareth Keenan (Mackenzie Crook). For viewers who have not seen the UK office, and can relate to the US version of 'The office dork' then maybe this has been very well executed, however, not from my viewing.

    This show is fantastic. I have marked it down 2 points.

    1 as it will not appeal to everyone, ever.
    2 due to the extremely lacking performance by Rainn Wilson.
  • A hilarious glimpse of the hell that is working in an office.

    Let me start off by saying that I have never seen a single episode of the BBC version of The Office.


    As such, this US version was my first introduction to a television show set in the same vein as Mike Judge's 'Office Space' feature film. So instead of endlessly comparing this episode to its BBC doppelganger like so many other reviewers, I will simply put it like this: The US version of The Office is funny. It is different. And takes a special person to appreciate it.

    As someone who has spent their fair share of time working in a office building, I see ex- and current co-workers in the faces and mannerisms of those characters in The Office. Many people complain that Steve Carrell's character is too obnoxious, idiotic, and annoying - but I've HAD bosses like him! The boss that unconsciously makes inappropriate comments around others, the overly sensitive co-worker that is offended by even innocent commments - they're all real, and they are played to perfection by the cast.
  • I'm not a big TV watcher but this was a great refreshing show in the midst of a land of "reality" shows, which are getting quite ridiculous, or cheesy "family" sitcoms.

    In my opinion, there hasn't been a good comedy since Seinfeld and Friends. So the US version of The Office was a nice refreshing change from what was being offered out there.

    All there seems to be to choose from now are cheesy family sitcoms, tiring reality shows, or repetitive cop/law/medical/political dramas. So FINALLY having something fresh (understanding it's a spin-off of the UK version) was a breath of fresh air!

    I was skeptical too knowing the utter failure of other UK spin-offs such as Coupling, but I decided to give this one a shot because I enjoy the comedy of the lead actor, Steve Carell, but was thoroughly impressed by the other cast as well.

    Now from what I have learned from asking peoples opinion of this show, you are either a lover of the UK version or a lover of the US version, I've not met one person yet who can say they appreciate both. I, myself, watched the first season of the UK version and it was ok, but I believe the US version is funnier.. but of course, like everything else, that's a matter of opinion.

    All in all, I believe this is a great hit that I hope and pray will be coming back for a second season!
  • The original is the best. If the show is going to be remade then at least improve on it.

    I have been a fan of the UK Office for many years, it’s a great show so when I heard that the US was remaking the show my first thought was “this is going to be terrible”. Terrible is been nice, the humour has been Americanised and ruined. In the original any time the boss was about to do something you found it hard to watch, feeling for him and everyone around him. But sorry to say this US version does not even come close. I guess that if you have not seen the original British version then you might love this show, but please see the original.
  • Funny funny stuff

    Damn this is the funniest show i've seen in a while. That Steve Carell is hilarious. Just looking at him makes me laugh. The way he delivers those jokes that are so lame they're funny ahahahah its gold!!!

    People that say this show is crap just don't get this kind of humor.
  • funny

    This show is basically office talk and what really goes down in a cubicle-type office. Steve Carell (Anchorman, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) plays a proud boss who tries to impress the camera in a reality show about his office. This is one of my favorite shows and the only similar show I can think of this is The Comback, also an AWESOME show.
  • This show is SO freaking hilarious! The form of comedy presented is just uncompared to others!

    Ever since I seen the commercials for The Office, I knew it was going to be a real winner. The boss on this show is so funny and so full of himself that you'll be rolling in laughter. I was disappointed to see only six episodes in the first season but I hope the next season will be just as fulfilling. The character of Michael Scott is very unique and great to watch. The humor is so quiet on this show and you really have to listen to hear the jokes and understand them, but it's worth it. I'd highly suggest watching The Office if you get a chance because it's a hilarious show!
  • show is funny as hell

    god this show is funy as hell i would love to work in this office i just carnt belive how funny this show is after 2 eps i want to buy the boxset once it comes out.
    funny show.the show has everything i love theboss he cracks me up cause he reckons he id the best boss ever.
  • The British version and the US version are both great-- in their own special ways.

    Many people criticize the American version of The Office, saying that it could never match the wit, pacing, and general genius of the original UK version. In some respects, they're right. It doesn't have the exact same feel to it... BECAUSE IT'S AMERICAN. That doesn't mean that it's bad. It's just different. That's what my mother always told me.

    But I digress.

    People who are dismissive of this show miss out on the very clever - and very original - way this show is written and performed. They miss out on Steve Carell's very funny character. The whole cast is great as well. These are some of the roundest characters a comedy has seen in years, each with their own subtle characteristics. There's nothing hammy about it-- the acting is as genuine as can be. These are actors doing what is in some ways the hardest thing an actor can play: a normal person.

    And they pull it off perfectly.
  • Good, funny show. I think the brittish one was slightly better, because most of the comedy came from one or 2 sources. But steve caroll is dead on funny. This show can make me smile anytime. THe best episode was the basketball one. Should bring in more gi

    Good, funny show. I think the brittish one was slightly better, because most of the comedy came from one or 2 sources. But steve caroll is dead on funny. This show can make me smile anytime. THe best episode was the basketball one. Should bring in more girls. Good show.
  • Horrible, Absolutely Horrible. This show is defintely lost in translation.

    Even though the show is only translated in the sense that it has been americanized, it has lost that tragic humour which made the original so good. The original always seemed true, and portrayed things realistically, while the american one seems to going for laughs in a very obvious, which takes away from the humour. This show should never have been made, as there is no reason for it. If americans really want to watch it, and have difficulties with the british accents, just buy the dvd's and turn on the freakin' subtitles. Catell is a totally different type of comedian than Gervais, and while the writing on this show is solid, as it is completely ripped from the british one, it is horribly miscast. Not worth all
  • Not bad once you get passed the first episode.

    While watching the pilot for this US version I was worried about how the show was going to go. The first ep was almost a word for word, shot for shot remake of the pilot episode of the Brit version. However, as the series progressed it managed to find its own take on the material. Steve Carrell's character, for instance is a completely different kind of A-hole than Ricky Gervais's. Both believe themselves to be comic geniuses and both are miserable failures both comically and in life in general. But apart from this jumping off point, they come across as very different characters.

    I'm glad that despite lukewarm ratings, NBC is going to give this show another shot in the fall. It deserves it, and I'm eager to see where it goes.
  • This show is decent and funny but unoriginal.

    Stupid yet funny and sweet as honey. This show was pretty good-----for 10 minutes. I've only seen, like, 4 episodes of, "The Office" and that's all the proof I need to show that this show needs fine tuning. The plotline's a sinker but is funny due to the comedic stylings of Steve Carrell. The boss of, "The Office". This show is a good show about a middle-class job with middle-class workers. I don't know much. But this show is very well a great show. But let's just say in a summary it could've been greater.
  • If you dont get this show then you are missing your funny bones.

    If you dont get this show then you are missing your funny bones. I loved the original british version but I love the american version even more. "Would you like some cookie cookie" Every single episode is funny. Just watch it dont listen stupid punks that will diss the show just cause its a remake of the british version. I really hope they come back soon.
  • Funny, original, hope it isn't cancelled

    The Office is a funny show with nothing else like it on TV. Based on the popular BBC version, The Office stars Steve Carell as the boss of a Pennsylvania based paper supply company. The show is full of subtle humor, which is hard to find in American shows where the Laugh Track reigns as king. A great alternative to all the "hip" reality shows all the other networks are dishing out. I hope this program becomes more than just a mid season replacement and becomes a staple of NBC. I wouldn't give this show a 10, because some of the humor is sort of stupid, but that's mainly to show character in the roles. I can't wait for Season 2, I hope this lasts for years.
  • Trying far too hard, this falls over flat on its ugly unfunny face

    Why oh why do american producers think they can take foreign shows and do them better ? Time after time this is tried and very rarely works. The office american style is practically begging people to see how funny it is. the only trouble it, it isn't. not by a long way. i never laughed once it was excrutiating to watch. -3 for effort.
  • Somewhat slow pacing. a documentary style comedy.

    I thought the show as cancelled, after the original 6 airings, it disappeared. I was under the impression it was not returning. I am not saying I wont watch the new episodes, when they begin. The pacing can be a little slow at times, and the humor can be a little dry, but it is still better, and funnier than some of the other stuff on right now. It is, at least for the first season, shot totally utilizing handheld cameras. Which gives it that documentary, or shall I say, mock-umentary style. The show is not great, but it isn't bad.
  • Great underappreciated show that everyone needs to watch

    The U.S. version of The Office isn't as great as the British version of The Office but I still love the U.S. version. It is hilarious and is remarkably just like my office. It keeps me laughing and I love the cast Though not as good as the original, The Office is a welcome change in the type of TV shows on right now and is definitely something that everyone should check out. Take my word for it, you won't regret it.
  • One of the funniest shows ever!

    Man, oh man, I LOVE this show! I wasn't too impressed when I first saw commercials for it, and it took me a while to get used to it when I caught the marathon on USA Network, but then I became hooked. The show is so different from other sitcoms I don't see how anyone could say it's not worthy to be on TV. The show has no laugh track, strange camera angles, awkward silences, politically incorrect makes for the most entertaining half-hour you could hope for.

    I realize that this show is based on the UK version which everyone seems to think is so much superior. I've actually never seen an entire episode of the UK one but from the part of one I saw, I think I prefer the US, although the UK one was pretty cool, too. I just can't get into the British humor as easily.

    Hopefully this show will enjoy a very long run on NBC. If "Will & Grace" can survive this long, I would hope that "The Office" could because it's much funnier.
  • This is what t.v. needed.

    This is flat out the smartest and funniest comedy on t.v. Steve Carral is nothing short of genius, as the egotistical self centered boss. The way he interacts and ignorantly insults his imployees is histarical. This is, simply, the funniest sitcom since Seinfeld ended. I love this show a lot!
  • 9.0
    I have to tell you that this show is DEAD ON! I grew up in Scranton PA and worked in a few different offices. It\\\'s truely like this in Scranton; luckily I moved out of state. I never thought making fun of HOME would make me laugh so hard! Especially the Chili\\\'s scene, funny funny!
  • This really does not work, it's not realistic, it's not funny and it's trying too hard to be both. Stay away from this.

    The UK version of The Office is significantly better than this over emphasised trash. The jokes aren't good, the actors are trying way too hard and you can blatantly tell that they are aiming for the next Emmy - if they actually get any, god help us all. The people who have said good things about this are just embarassed because side-by-side, the US version is laughable compared to it's predecessor. I advise you to choose something else to watch, it's a waste of time.
  • Even worse than the British show

    I tried watching the British version on DVD when it came out. I returned the DVD 2 hours after I rented it.... It was so bad that I couldn't get through the 2nd episode, and I tried! The US version is even worse because I don't have the excuse of not getting jokes because of a dialect difference. It just doesn't have jokes..... I live in Maine. If I want to see idiots with crappy jobs have inane conversations and misuse words I'll go outside and try to talk to anyone around here, or watch a presidential press conference. If I want stupid I'll watch the news.
  • Steve Carell lost weight for his recent movie...and unfortunatly his character changed from last year...not as funny as last season

    Seemed out of charachter...still a funny show but i hope they don't continue with vulgar episodes such as the upcoming week which I will not watch.
    Steve Carell lost weight for his recent movie...and unfortunatly his character changed from last year...not as funny as last season. He is still trying to portray a smarmy used car salesman persona...with limited success.
  • This season looks to continue the fantastic awkward comedy of the previous one. If you like this, try ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ too (new series starting very soon).

    Having watched and loved the UK shows I was apprehensive about whether the US versions would be straight copies with different actors (bad) or become a some kind of typical US sitcom ‘loud studio audience laughter’ experience.
    Thankfully it’s a great show in its own right.
    The US cast is excellent and I look forward to the rest of this season.
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