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  • Funny, original, hope it isn't cancelled

    The Office is a funny show with nothing else like it on TV. Based on the popular BBC version, The Office stars Steve Carell as the boss of a Pennsylvania based paper supply company. The show is full of subtle humor, which is hard to find in American shows where the Laugh Track reigns as king. A great alternative to all the "hip" reality shows all the other networks are dishing out. I hope this program becomes more than just a mid season replacement and becomes a staple of NBC. I wouldn't give this show a 10, because some of the humor is sort of stupid, but that's mainly to show character in the roles. I can't wait for Season 2, I hope this lasts for years.
  • The Office is a hilarious show with a cast of characters that leave you interested until the next weeks episode.

    The Office is a hilarious show with a cast of characters that leave you interested until the next weeks episode. My favorite show on NBC right now. Not only is it a fantastic comedy, it has enough serious plot lines to keep people interested and entertained. Jim and Pan have an excellent chemistry together. Until the fourth season, they were not together as a couple but, from then on, the story of their relationship has kept the show together. All of the other minor characters are excellently tied in and the episodes really flow nicely. The US version of The Office has improved greatly from the original UK version, especially in the Michael Scott character. The US producer, Greg Daniels, works wonders with this show.
  • An amazing show, but suffered during it's 6th Season.

    Let me start off by saying that The Office is one of the best shows out right now. It's first five seasons were absolutely perfect in nearly every way. The comedy was clever, witty, and original, while the drama and story was always gripping and often intense. And while I myself enjoyed season six (the most recent season), it has definitely deteriorated.

    While the comedy is still funny and clever, it has lost a lot of its charm and originality. In earlier seasons, almost every episode would cause an abundance of laughter, but some episodes from this season made me only laugh once, and a small handful caused no laughter at all, but mere smiles and small chuckles.

    As for the plot, it has weakened far worse than the comedy. New and original plot points and twists are far and few between. Jim and Pam's story since having the baby has dried up and lost almost all interest (My suggestion would be throw a little friction into the relationship. Trouble in paradise!). It's also very obvious that they're trying to replace Jim and Pam's love story with Andy and Erin. I will admit that I do like the story they've created between them, but it seems so forced. While I will be rooting for things to work out between them, I honestly wouldn't care if they didn't. The Dwight/Angela story is still very enjoyable, and the chance of Holly returning to season 7 will add a lot of hope for Michael, and I'm very eager to see if she will return or not.

    I should also note that the story of the company itself really died in the middle of the season, but began to revive itself at the end. The printer fire issues gave it more of a real life feel once again, and it will be interesting to see how the company continues to handle it when season 7 starts.

    While it'll take some serious effort from the writers, I believe it's very possible that the show can return to what it was during the first few seasons. And, with the Steve Carell leaving after this next season, I believe that they will give all they can to making it one of the best seasons of the show. It's no mystery that the show will lose almost all its charm and watch-ability without Michael (Personally, he is not my favorite character, but he is arguably the most important). I think we all can expect that season 7 will be the last season of the show. The only way they can continue the show successfully beyond season 7 is if Carell changes his mind, or they convince him to stay.

    Depending on how season 7 is handle, I might not mind the show ending. If season 7 improves, and has a great conclusion, I'd be very content with the show being over. But if the writing doesn't improve, I'll probably feel ripped off once it's over. You can't end a show like this with a terrible season. You need a well written, gripping, hilarious season, with the best finale of the series!

    All in all, The Office is a fantastic series, and deserves to go down as one of the greatest series of all time. Yes, like any show it has its moments of weakness, even during its best seasons, but a great show can make those tiny mistakes easily ignorable. The Office is the perfect mix of comedy, drama, and relatability.
  • Satirical irony and ridiculous, politically-incorrect humor make this show a hilarious must-watch.

    Imagine you have a friend working for a customer service phone line, and one day, one particular person keeps calling your friend over and over, asking outrageous questions and making obscenely rude comments. No matter how polite and correct and patient your friend is to this person, they still keep assuming they are right and disbelieve every answer your friend gives to help the situation. Irritated and confused, your friend visits you after work to vent out his/her feelings about the day. Listening to your friend dictating her dilemma with this customer is as close as you can get to describing the humor of The Office; when you laugh, it's not because of clever jokes or puns, it's because of how ridiculously rude and wrong some of these people are. Or because of the fact that, while Michael Scott is probably the most confused and childish boss in the world, he thinks he's the greatest-- he even buys himself a "the world's best boss" mug. Another example is Dwight Schrute, the self-proclaimed assistant regional manager, who happens to be raised on a farm. In one episode, Dwight is given the care of a coworker's cat, named Sprinkles, who has been sick for years. Instead of giving the cat its proper medications and food, he "puts it out of a misery" by stuffing it in a frezzer. Apparently, that's what all farmers do to sick animals. The Office is a different kind of humor. The irony, the rudeness, the cluless employees (and management), and the documentary-like setup give this show its charm and its greatest moments. See this show; you'll love it as much as Michael Scott does himself.
  • Catherine Tate needs to go.

    Yes I have rated this as perfect as the show itself was perfect up to season 7, I just feel that the new season has let all of us down including the cast, it most certainly isn't as whitty as it was neither is as funny yes there are some funny scenes but they're not scenes where you would laugh out loud to. But now seeing that Catherine Tate aka "Nellie" is staring on the show it literally has become to the lowest point it has ever become. They just need to sort it out behind the scenes and scrap Catherine from the show and put Andy back into play like he said "he deserves that role" or even have Dwight as manager I am pretty sure that that will be much funnier and better watch than having that skimpy bitch running around the set.
  • We Miss You...

    I miss Steve Carrel (Micheal Scott) and his humor. Since he left, the show has felt.....empty
  • Not to laugh at this show would be to hard...that's what she said.

    This is one of the funniest shows to hit TV since Seinfeld. The first season might not have been that great, but all the other seasons have been hilarious. I can't say enough good things about this show its just that funny, the cast, the characters, the writing its all amazing. I really hope Steve Carell decides to stay or at least finish the series with him in it, he is the show. I'm not saying that the other characters in the show are not that great, i like all of them, the Michael, Jim, and Dwight trio is amazing and i don't think the show will be as good without them together. But if Carell does leave and they find away to still keep the show as good as it is i will be watching.
  • BEST OPENING EVER! This is a classic cold open. All the characters go back to basics. Angela pulls a morbidly obese cat out of a filing cabinet. Kevin breaks open the snack machine. Stanley almost dies of stress. You know the usual. Truly great opening.

    This episode starts off with a bang. The cold open is amazing. It is completely hilarious. But this isn't the only good thing. In the past two seasons I have felt that the show has been declining due to lack of creativity and quirkiness. While this is certainly debatable, this episode proved me wrong. Incorporating guests star like CLORIS LEACHMAN through an illegally downloaded movie is genius. This is the kind of thing that separates The Office from all the mediocre, under- appreciated, indie shows out there. The wit was top notch in this episode. Bravo to The Office,very well done.
  • Dump Nellie from the Office!

    Not only is Nellie not funny but she is disgusting as well. She needs to get fired!
  • This season has been very funny so far, and I still love the cast. They are very funny. Kevin is probably my favorite character, I laugh every time that man speaks. You can watch this show at blackboxshows. com

    This season is great, Dwight is up to to the the same Dwight related mishaps, and they are as funny as ever. I enjoy watching the the weird tension between Gabe, Andy, and Erin. I really liked the the Toby Michael episode, their relationship can get rolling on the the floor funny. I think the Pam and Jim relationship is not getting enough attention. I'm looking forward to upcoming episodes, I am hoping they will continue to be just as funny, which I am sure they will be able to do with such a great cast. Hope everyone enjoys the show.
  • the show is about an office environment run by a moronic boss

    This show is hands down my favorite show ever. it has everything i would want in a show. a little drama and a lot of humor. i think the show has lost a little of its touch in the past few seasons. it tried to bring in new characters like karen and leave characters like toby but they eventually reversed that and brought toby back and got rid of karen. they did keep one character and that is Andy. this adds a little tension to the workplace with him and dwight loving the same girl. i think this show has a lot to give in the future and is destine to be classic.
  • One of the best shows on TV right now.


    This show is amazingly great! The writing is simply awesome. I immediately fell in love with all the Characters. Jim and Pam are of course my favorite because they are just about the cutest thing ever. Dwight and Michael Always bring a smile to my face and laugh. I wish Erin joined the cast sooner than she did because she is just so great, and soooo cute. I've cried with this show, and I've had the best time of my life with this show. And I hope it never stops airing.

  • Ive never been so happy about an adaptation show in my life.

    I have found this show to be nothing but hilarious. Every episode is filled with amusing antics by Jim, Michael, Dwight and others. The constant pranks on Dwight by Jim keep their rivalry alive and continues to amuse even more with each different one. Michael the insensitive boss just wants everyone to like him, however that is not the case. He tries to entertain everyone but always ends up worse off than he began either saying something insensitive, sexist, or hurtful to someone at the office. The romance between Jim and Pam is just beginning and is only going to get more interesting.
  • I agree wuith AaronWilliams

    Get rid of Nellie. Every time I see her face, I am reminded on how they are trying to replace Michael.. Andy was a great manager but not a replacement... Nellie can't even fit up to being a good manager.. She needs to go... NOW!!!
  • I love The Office but WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

    Losing Micheal Scott as the office manager was hard on everyone. Luckily Andy Bernard was a good enough replacement but WHY is that red-headed british lady stealing his job??? WHY IS SHE ON MY TV SCREEN STILL? DIDN'T SHE GET FIRED? She is ruining The Office for me and I do not want to watch another episode until she is GONE... PLEASE FIRE HER AGAIN.
  • What is going on?

    I cant believe what is happening? I have loved and watched every episode since day one and now with this abysmal Nellie character ruining it, I am almost done. I can not begin to fathom the reasoning behind this Nellie taking Andy's job bit. Its does nothing but inf-irate me. Please stop this madness I will never watch this again if something doesn't happen and she is taken out of the show or at the very least not the manager any longer. Please Please read all of these reviews and see what the fans are saying, its the same all across the boards and this site and many others, we hate her.
  • I hate the office now

    The show is getting worst i hate Nellie i cant not look at her she is so stupid, they need to fired her .. im thinking about not watching the show anymore, so sad because i used to love the show and i do like Andy but i do not like that woman... she needs to go NOW PLEASE
  • Brilliant

    No matter how I feel any episode of the office will cheer me up. However stopped watchng since Michael left because it just won't be the same :(
  • Catherine Tate is Over Acting to be Michael Scott, its just not right

    It seems that every new boss is hilarious, comedian and intelligent at the same time. Well these qualities should remain with Michael Scott. He and only he should be the UNIQUE ONE. Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) must Present herself as she described her in interview for Managership. Look at the Dress She wore as President of Sabre Inc. in Tallahassee Episode. TOO BAD SERIOUSLY, Doesn't matching any thing at all of this Character. BUT OVERALL I SIMPLY LOVE THE OFFICE.......BRAVO!
  • One of my favourite shows

    The Office(An American Workplace) is the adaptation of The Office UK. This is one adaptation that has been so successful. The US version is one of my favourite shows. With the Michael as the forever dumb boss who thinks he's the best, Dwight the weird bosses' number 2 and many other characters makes it a great comedy show. I like how it's so quiet and paced. The talking heads by the characters gives us a inside into what they want to do, plan,think etc...
    I think the actors and actresses do a great job acting and I hope this funny show will last a long time.
  • A lively office branch that gets by one day at a time. This is a great show, a lot of it's jokes are the best. It basically defines that perfect office to be in. Pranks, Romance, and Humor!

    The Characters All perfectly played out. My favorite character is Dwight, hands down he is the funniest in the office. They all play their role perfectly and bring the character to life!

    The Environment Perfectly set up, you got Jim right next to Dwight so he can pull his daily prank easily. Pam over at Reception right next to Jim. Michaels office and everything is set up amazingly.
  • That's what she said.

    With "The Simpsons" and "30 Rock" close behind it, "The Office" is my pick for funniest series on TV today. Despite my misgivings at first about a U.S. remake of a British show, I caught a few episodes in Season 1 and was hooked. Not only is it hilarious to watch but (like "Simpsons") it stays funny on repeat viewings. A mini-marathon on DVD will have me rolling on the floor no matter how many times I've seen an episode.

    Plus, "The Office" has survived cast changes, relationship consummations and become the new anchor of NBC's Thursday night. Other shows might not have made it through an event like Pam and Jim finally getting together, but the show has now mined their fledgling relationship for comedy in ways it couldn't before.

    Why do I love it so much? Maybe it comes from working in a corporate, cubicle system. Maybe it's because one day, my boss told us she had a surprise for us and brought in ice cream sandwiches. Or maybe I just have a weak funnybone for awkward situations, which "The Office" serves up better (and more realistically) than any other show.

    I have seen Series 1 of the UK version, and while I thought it was funny I think the American version has completely blown it away. By showing how much they can do with the concept (and they've really barely scratched the surface on all of the absurdities of the workplace), Carell and Co. have the legs for several more seasons to come. I only hope that when they return from the writer's strike, they still have their "A" game.
  • NBC's The Office is the best show on television. I've been watching this show since it's debut and can't take my mind off it ever since. Every episode makes me laugh all the way through. Steve Carell plays the boss Michael Scott in which he won a golden g

    The best show on television is NBC's The Office. The cast is perfect. Like they were hand drawn to play these roles. Every episode makes me laugh harder and louder than the last. Steve Carell also just won a Golden Globe for Best Acting In A Comedy Series as Michael Scott the crazy boss of the Dunder Mifflin paper company.
  • When I thought nothing could come close to being as brilliant and funny as Arrested Development, The Office comes along and blows me away!

    A fantastic cast, brilliant writing and some of the best camera work in comedy, The Office is one half hour that will leave you hurting from laughter. Steve Carrell is perfect as the bad boss with a heart Michael Scott. He can say some pretty politcally incorrect stuff, but he doesn't do it on purpose. And his suck up assistant Dwight steals every scene he's in and the flirtatious relationship between Jim and Pam adds a little bit of suspense to the show. The jokes whiz by and it is sometimes hard to keep up, but this is a show like Arrested Development, but you can jump in at any time. This show will be on for a while.
  • The Office is just one of those shows that make you smile whenever you see it

    (Let me just say that this review is based off of Seasons 1-7; I haven't gotten around to watching the episodes after Michael left).

    PLOT: Well, basically, the title. Adults working in an office for a paper company, under their boss, Michael Scott.

    CHARACTRS: MICHAEL. Certainly the best character, in my opinion, bringing in almost all of the humor of "the Office". There's also Dwight, a geeky paranoid kiss-up, constantly trying to get rid of Jim, the office clown. The interactions between Dwight and Jim are usually pretty funny as well. Pam, introduced into the show as a receptionist (moving on eventually to being a salesman) is Jim's love interest. There are a lot of other unique characters working at the office, such as Angela (the uptight Christian) or Creed (an old con-man). This show provides very great character-driven humor.

    ROMANCE: Mainly between Pam and Jim. They end up getting married and having a child together. There's also Erin and Andy (a little on the dull side, though) and Michael and Holly, which ends their story arc on a positive note.

    One of my favorite things about "The Office" is that nothing ever stays the same. Like, there's a lot happening between seasons 4 and 5. And that's really cool to watch, because it isn't predictable.

    Overall, this show is a comedy legend and it continues to impress me to this day.
  • This Show is one of the best shows I have ever watched.

    When first watching The Office I wasn't too keen on it because I didn't like the British version. As soon as I started to watch it the first season wasn't brilliant but when you get into the 2nd and 3rd you start to fall in love with it. The main characters are, Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly and Ryan Howard. These are the main core of the cast although other regulars like Stan and Kevin are hilarious. To show how good it is as soon as I watch them all back to back upto and including the 6th series, I wanted to watch them again! I promise when you watch The Office you will fall in love with it and if you don't, I'll give you your money back (not :-))
  • Very funny show with fantastic characters.

    From what I read it seems The Office has well and truely jumped the shark, but Season 5 and 6 aren't available in Australia, only some of Season 5 was shown on TV, so I'm yet to personally experience its decline. For most of its time anyway, this has been one of my favourite shows. Some truely fantastic characters - the ignorance of Michael, the idiocy of Dwight, the humour of Jim, plus many secondary characters, which provide a rich source of comedy. So many funny moments in almost every episode. And besides the comedy, I admit to becoming emotionally invested in the saga of Jim and Pam's relationship - so many great moments, and probably one of the most genuine fictional couples around.
  • Solid, great show.

    The Office is a great show with great comedic timing and great acting. Always new funny hilarious and timely stuff. It's like humor ripped from the day's headlines. Love how Bernard references How I met your Mother as a reason why he does or doesn't do something on a date. Great that they don't even care that the other show isn't on NBC. Sometimes over the past season or so there was a bit of a lull, but it looks like they are back and funny and good. Sabre and the opportunity for new stuff is all good. Love it!
  • This is a brilliant and witty show with clever gags and characters that are as funny as the are loveable. Partner that with superb casting, excellent publicity, and writing that is fit to burst with personality and originality, and you have a great show

    This is a show that I did not bring myself to watching up until about the third season for one simple reason, I suspected it of being an unoriginal, Jim Carrey style movie in T.V. format, full of childish gags and characters that are too exagerated for their own good, and after watching several epidoes I realized that it is exactly that, a slapstick comedy sitcom full of pranks and character humor that i just could not get enough of. It is the kind of show that, aside from being hilarious, causes you to fall in love with the characters to an extent where you find yourself trying to predict the outcomes of their predicaments when at the supermarket or at work, while still retaining its own atypical charm. Anyone who has experienced this strange attraction to the show knows that they shouldn't be thinking about it as much as they do, but they can't help it, they are infatuated by its bottomless charisma. For many of us The Office is more than a guilty pleasure or a Thursday night activity, it is a problem, a time consuming addiction that we can't get enough of
  • This mock-umentary about office work is a really interesting show with lots of humor. The main stroylines in this is Pam and Jim love for each other,Dwight and Angela's secret relationship and Oscar being homosexual.

    I love this program so much, i watch it every week, i love the endless humor that the writers add to the program. One problem i had with this show is that Pam and Jim got together to early, i think that they could have stretched it out a bit further. But i was very glad when they both got together at the end of Season 3. One of my favorite characters in this is Creed and Kevin because they both are completely different from one another and are both very funny. The personalities that the creators have given them has really maximized comedy potential, i would recommend this to anyone as it is a fabulous show and i hope that it runs for a very long time as it is very very good.
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