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    At first I was skeptical that I would like this show. Once I started , I LOVED it ! If you love corny humor/jokes this the Office will give you a good laugh.
  • Something to correct from nearly eleven years ago...

    When Actiontwinkle was claiming to be right about what he/she said about the criticism of this show, that person was actually WRONG! You could find that review in the early "least popular" list.
  • Poor

    The Christening episode ruined it.
  • AUGH!

    Kikkapi is a moron.
  • AUGH!

    All this show is a bunch of awkward people in an office with an even More socially defective boss.

    Its all awkward humor where you laugh AT them... I hate awkward humor it makes me cringe...

    this show gives me goosebumps

    And not in a good way.

    I never understood how there are parts where each character narrates directly TO the camera. Like Big Brother.

    NOT a show I would watch at all

    Avoid if you don't like Awkward humor
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  • Why they keep going for so long?

    If the producers had stop when Steve Carell left this show would have been a classic forever. But they ruined by making two whole seasons that weren't funny with new characters that were horrible and a very boring storyline.

    I am currently struggling to watch the 9th season, it's just too boring and unfunny.

    Why did they do this? Surely if it was money they could have a better chance in their careers having a classic show behind them. Instead they now have to live with the fact that they killed the show and had nothing to offer beyond this point.
  • The Office - My Favourite Show of all time

    Let me be completely honest, The Office is my favorite show of all time. I don't care what anyone says, it is my favorite show ever. I've seen the series on netflix from start to finish almost 3 times now, and it is so great. Even when Michael leaves, the show is still extremely funny. The show's comedy lies in the characters, which all have actors that fit the role perfectly, I couldn't imagine dwight being anyone else, or jim, or michael, or kevin. The Finale of this show was perfect, it closed almost all the ties and just made you smile. I really wish I could rate higher then 10.
  • Very nice show frank

    I feel like I am from Idaho and just making my way to Frank Zappa's funnral, I am happy to have got past Montana. I am happy to have got past the gas station so deep and happy to have finally made it there to the wake! Rest in peace Frank Zappa I am a minnesotain but I feel I have been through the jello machine to Idaho and there then and now anytime and still tomorrow in the hole and so rest in peace Frank Zappa!
  • Very good show

    I really liked watching the show. It was mostly funny and I liked most of the characters. It was dry in a few spots as the show went on but for most of its time, it managed to do a very fine job at making us laugh and getting us intrested in the plots.
  • Top Shows

    Every ep pretty much til Michael left (06-14)
  • The Office WAS a good show...

    Until Steve Carell left. I admit, he was a bit much and even pissed me off at times, but it was his show. Without him there was nothing. Will Ferrell was the worst possible choice for the show, and seeing him on there has made me loathe everything he has done since. James Spader was the best since Carell, but when they made Ed Helms (Andy) Office Manager, I knew it wouldn't be long before the show got the ax. I like him in movies, but in sit-coms, he is awful. I will not be missing The Office. I have already mourned the death of this show long ago.
  • Great show and really nice ending.

    When I found out that the show was coming to an ending I got a bit upset, Is a really funny show and a lot of romance all around. Some were your average joe kind of people and others were... well they were people but it showed that they all have their backs.

    But like I said I was disappointed that it was coming to an end until I saw the end. Very TOUCHING. It really did touch my feeling. When they were at the conference and the mother and father reaveld to their daughter. When Dwight found out he was the father after stopping the love his life in the of the traffic and when Pam sold the house just for her husband. Very touching.

    excuse my grammar.
  • Farewell Dunder Mifflin!

    I can't believe its been 9 years since I started to watch this show .. and what an ending for such an amazing show.

    This show been unique from everything else. It was full of laughter and good messages even if the office itself sounds boring and filled with people pissed off from their jobs, and that exactly what 80% of us feels like. and it showed that in a funny way.
  • The Office is just one of those shows that make you smile whenever you see it

    (Let me just say that this review is based off of Seasons 1-7; I haven't gotten around to watching the episodes after Michael left).

    PLOT: Well, basically, the title. Adults working in an office for a paper company, under their boss, Michael Scott.

    CHARACTRS: MICHAEL. Certainly the best character, in my opinion, bringing in almost all of the humor of "the Office". There's also Dwight, a geeky paranoid kiss-up, constantly trying to get rid of Jim, the office clown. The interactions between Dwight and Jim are usually pretty funny as well. Pam, introduced into the show as a receptionist (moving on eventually to being a salesman) is Jim's love interest. There are a lot of other unique characters working at the office, such as Angela (the uptight Christian) or Creed (an old con-man). This show provides very great character-driven humor.

    ROMANCE: Mainly between Pam and Jim. They end up getting married and having a child together. There's also Erin and Andy (a little on the dull side, though) and Michael and Holly, which ends their story arc on a positive note.

    One of my favorite things about "The Office" is that nothing ever stays the same. Like, there's a lot happening between seasons 4 and 5. And that's really cool to watch, because it isn't predictable.

    Overall, this show is a comedy legend and it continues to impress me to this day.
  • Glad its Over

    Listen, I love this show. It's great but its been waining the past couple years and it needs to stop before it gets like the simpsons. I like shows that take breaks or end early before they get stale. Like louie... FX replaced it with legit (its really funny too) before letting it get old and worn out.
  • the end?

    I just found out on that the show is coming to an end and I'm upset :/
  • I never tire of it

    The show is a star! I watch the seasons over and over again and delight in practically all of the epidodes. The script and the acting is amazing. The effort that has gone into this show just requires rewatching to notice the subtle little interactions that go on or lines that get missed on the first watch.

    Season 8 I expected to collapse but has held up pretty well in my view. Michael dominated most of the earlier episodes and freeing up some of the other cast was great to see. The episodes are a little more far-fetched but still delightful viewing.

    Jim's prankster character / good guy has made me like him less and made Dwight look more like the truer good guy with his straight forwardness.

    There are so many comparisons between The Office and my real life experiences that it is refreshing to see it portreyed in this comical way. The darkness and ridiculousness just lightens my view of office life that I have a good chuckle as I watch the real life antics.

    Rewatching made me appreciate the background characters and the colour they add to the episodes. Just watch Cread, even though he is outshone, has his place in the whole entourage.

    A great show that I watch regularly before I drift off to sleep.
  • Going downhill.

    Episode 15 (Tallahassee) marked the beginning of the downfall of Season 8. The producers need to understand that Nellie is an extremely unpopular character, and I cringe at the fact that they are bringing her back for Season 9. Seriously though, does anyone find the characters of Nellie or Todd Packer funny or likeable? You need to be at least one of those to add any value to this kind of show.

    I'll give Season 9 a try just because I've loved The Office for such a long time, but my expectations are low. Not only is Nellie coming back, but Ed and John (Andy and Jim) are also going to have smaller roles due to other film commitments. There are also plans for Rainn Wilson (Dwight) to leave the show for a spin-off at a later date. So there you have it, the show's most essential characters - Andy, Dwight, and Jim - possibly leaving/having smaller roles certainly does not bode well for the future of The Office.
  • A new favourite

    The last few months have been all about watching The Office US version. I've watched series 4 & 5 and am now halfway through 6. Superb writing and character acting. I'm especially fond of Dwight and Kevin for all kinds of engrossing reasons, most likely to do with them being both hopeless yet strangely endearing. Whilst the Pam and Jim ongoing saga is beautifully done, it is drama-comedy and not so edgy as other story lines. Perhaps their romance serves as something to soften the brutal and bizarre of other scenes.

    I'm pretty sure I won't watch beyond series 7. For me this series is very much about Michael as the central pivot of the machine. I'm finding series 6 a bit patchy, but there are very good episodes and am looking forward to seeing the rest of 6 and of course 7.

    Plus I do not like Catherine Tate as a actress - and having read reviews of 8, I think she is another reason I will steer clear.

  • Brilliant

    No matter how I feel any episode of the office will cheer me up. However stopped watchng since Michael left because it just won't be the same :(
  • The Office makes my day

    Yep, The Office actually does make my day. Watching The Office never failed to make me smile, gniffle or laugh.

    I remember when I watched the first few minutes of Episode 1, Season 1. The first thing I asked my friend was: "Why are they looking at the camera?" followed by "No, I do not like this show." My friend told me to just keep watching, so I did. I fell in love with the show. I fell in love with the characters, the small details and the entertaining story line.

    Michael leaving the show did not ruin it for me, it just made it way less awesome. Nellie was close to ruining it for me though. I do not like her personality and I do not think she fits in, at all.

    Oh well, I'll never be able to dislike The Office anyway.
  • Such a shame

    Honestly I didnt know what to rate this. I LOVED the show so much, but after Michael left, it just hasnt been the same. They shouldve ended it. I still watch this show in hopes that it will get better, and there have been some funny moments since then, but not enough that makes me want to continue watching.
  • Dunder Mifflin's Scranton - Nice place to have fun!

    Dunder Mifflin's Scranton, one of awesome place where we can have more fun. Do you agree..................!
  • The Office in a nut shell.

    The first 6-7 seasons were comedy gold. After Michael Scott was written off, it seemed like the show started to jump the shark. The show is still pretty funny, but the storylines started getting ridiculous. In the first 24 episodes after Michael left, we've seen 6 different branch managers!! There was Deangelo, Dwight, Creed, Robert California, Andy, and Nellie (and presumably Andy again).

    The driving force of the show has always been Jim and Pam's relationship. In the early seasons, it was will Jim and Pam get together? Then it was will Jim and Pam get married? Then it was will Jim and Pam have a baby? Then they had a SECOND baby. Now, entering season 9... it seems as though Jim and Pam have gone as far as they can go story wise. You could tell Jim and Pam went as far as they could go, because even in season 8 the focus started to shift away from them and more towards Andy and Erin's relationship. Hopefully, whenever the show ends they tie up all the loose ends by bringing back Michael Scott maybe in the series finale to buy Dunder Mifflin and end the show with him as owner. Either way it's going to be sad when this show ends. People rag on The Office saying it sucks now, but honestly they've done a much better job since Michael Scott left then That '70s show did when Eric Forman was written off.
  • Dump Nellie from the Office!

    Not only is Nellie not funny but she is disgusting as well. She needs to get fired!
  • A twist of wit

    Michael and the original characters ALWAYS makes me laugh while I try to learn what business life is in an office. However, I do agree the atmosphere on the most recent episodes have DEFINITELY changed. From Dwight's randomness to love dramas, this is one show I couldn't dare miss an episode. Now, I don't find this show the least bit appealing. I hope the role playing gets better.
  • Catherine Tate needs to go.

    Yes I have rated this as perfect as the show itself was perfect up to season 7, I just feel that the new season has let all of us down including the cast, it most certainly isn't as whitty as it was neither is as funny yes there are some funny scenes but they're not scenes where you would laugh out loud to. But now seeing that Catherine Tate aka "Nellie" is staring on the show it literally has become to the lowest point it has ever become. They just need to sort it out behind the scenes and scrap Catherine from the show and put Andy back into play like he said "he deserves that role" or even have Dwight as manager I am pretty sure that that will be much funnier and better watch than having that skimpy bitch running around the set.
  • I hope they fix it.

    I have loved this show from the very beginning but Season 8 has been so boring. They have a very talented and funny group of actors but for some reason the writers aren't using their resources to the best of their ability. I hope they can get it together soon. The character of Nellie is just awful.
  • What is going on?

    I cant believe what is happening? I have loved and watched every episode since day one and now with this abysmal Nellie character ruining it, I am almost done. I can not begin to fathom the reasoning behind this Nellie taking Andy's job bit. Its does nothing but inf-irate me. Please stop this madness I will never watch this again if something doesn't happen and she is taken out of the show or at the very least not the manager any longer. Please Please read all of these reviews and see what the fans are saying, its the same all across the boards and this site and many others, we hate her.