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  • A new favourite

    The last few months have been all about watching The Office US version. I've watched series 4 & 5 and am now halfway through 6. Superb writing and character acting. I'm especially fond of Dwight and Kevin for all kinds of engrossing reasons, most likely to do with them being both hopeless yet strangely endearing. Whilst the Pam and Jim ongoing saga is beautifully done, it is drama-comedy and not so edgy as other story lines. Perhaps their romance serves as something to soften the brutal and bizarre of other scenes.

    I'm pretty sure I won't watch beyond series 7. For me this series is very much about Michael as the central pivot of the machine. I'm finding series 6 a bit patchy, but there are very good episodes and am looking forward to seeing the rest of 6 and of course 7.

    Plus I do not like Catherine Tate as a actress - and having read reviews of 8, I think she is another reason I will steer clear.