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  • Going downhill.

    Episode 15 (Tallahassee) marked the beginning of the downfall of Season 8. The producers need to understand that Nellie is an extremely unpopular character, and I cringe at the fact that they are bringing her back for Season 9. Seriously though, does anyone find the characters of Nellie or Todd Packer funny or likeable? You need to be at least one of those to add any value to this kind of show.

    I'll give Season 9 a try just because I've loved The Office for such a long time, but my expectations are low. Not only is Nellie coming back, but Ed and John (Andy and Jim) are also going to have smaller roles due to other film commitments. There are also plans for Rainn Wilson (Dwight) to leave the show for a spin-off at a later date. So there you have it, the show's most essential characters - Andy, Dwight, and Jim - possibly leaving/having smaller roles certainly does not bode well for the future of The Office.