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  • I never tire of it

    The show is a star! I watch the seasons over and over again and delight in practically all of the epidodes. The script and the acting is amazing. The effort that has gone into this show just requires rewatching to notice the subtle little interactions that go on or lines that get missed on the first watch.

    Season 8 I expected to collapse but has held up pretty well in my view. Michael dominated most of the earlier episodes and freeing up some of the other cast was great to see. The episodes are a little more far-fetched but still delightful viewing.

    Jim's prankster character / good guy has made me like him less and made Dwight look more like the truer good guy with his straight forwardness.

    There are so many comparisons between The Office and my real life experiences that it is refreshing to see it portreyed in this comical way. The darkness and ridiculousness just lightens my view of office life that I have a good chuckle as I watch the real life antics.

    Rewatching made me appreciate the background characters and the colour they add to the episodes. Just watch Cread, even though he is outshone, has his place in the whole entourage.

    A great show that I watch regularly before I drift off to sleep.