The Office

Season 6 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on NBC
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Michael has trouble adjusting to Dunder Mifflin's acquisition by a printer company called Sabre and tries to turn to David Wallace for advice. Jim and Pam interview to get their impending baby into a good daycare.

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  • The new Dunder-Mifflin

    As with the Christmas episode, I am reviewing the extended episode. In choosing between the two, I would choose the extended one not only because of the extra scenes but without them (the aired episode) it would be an almost bad episode. Even with the extra scenes it wasn't that good. Yet again another storyline that could've been funny but failed to deliver. The start of this episode was amusing when Michael asked Erin for the scissors. You get introduced to a new character in Gabe. Gabe is someone to help everyone with the new ownership. I want to tell my full opinion on him but it will wait. I wasn't a fan of the Jim-Pam storyline. Jim running into that guy in the bathroom (Jim and Pam were checking out possible places for their new daughter to be taken care of when they are are work) but instead was just weird and awkward. Both Jim and Pam were annoying in this episode. I also didn't like how Michael reacted to the new rules that Sabre now has for their employees. Michael going to David was even worse. It wasn't that he went to David it was how David was in this episode. Normally he does a good job but in this case he didn't. Yes he lost a good job but David came off a desperate but in a funny way. What Michael said when he left was how this season and later seasons episodes would be. On a small note it was nice seeing David's son grow a bit. The song that Erin and Andy sung was nice.

    This wasn't a bad episode but definitely great either.moreless
  • 615

    There was really nothing special about this episode, nothing terrible but nothing great either. It was a bit slow paced, and the changes that Dunder Miflin is going through just bothered me.

    Has this show jumped the shark? I can't see this show without corporate in New York, and Michael always getting called over there because of something he did. I'll tell you one thing, I definitely will miss David Wallace, he was great on the show, just as great as Jan who seems to be absent as well. Corporate's interactions with Michael were always entertaining.

    Now we have Kathy Bates and some guy named Gabe calling the shots, and I'm not sure if I like that. Not a lot of laughs from tonight's episode of The Office, but I think Jim & Pam's storyline saved this episode if anything. "Maybe your not as delightful as you think you are" is definitely the understatement of Jim & Pam, and I'm glad someone on this show finally pointed it out. A neither here nor there episode.moreless
  • Simply the best intro ever i saw on The Office...

    ...and Kathy Battes and Slater also gave a big change intimacy the show:sometimes it felt like i was watching a bog movie cast, i still feel a litle dizzy ...cause it changed a lot the show.

    I hope its a change for the better and doesnt spoil the show.

    So be ready for a major change on how this show is going to go and hope it doesnt loose many fans just because its diferent.

    Even the way they filmed was a litle diferent, less intimate and with a more angles and camera shots. still laughing at Creed saying "...can we make them smaller?".

    Sabre Saber? :Pmoreless
  • Bring on the celebrities

    When the show receives ratings as low as "The Banker" episode brings, there's only one thing to do. Get back into the office, erase the drawing board and start over by hiring a celebrity actress and coming up with a new story line.

    Finally, they have come back with an original episode, brought in Kathy Bates, Christian Slater and covering Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA". The interview sequence with the daycare when Jim walks in on the guy in the bathroom was one of the funniest moments in the whole season and did it without any celebrities.

    Let's keep it going and stay true to the office humor, it's what makes this show great and followable.moreless
  • New beginnings.

    I really tried to like this episode of The Office, and in some ways it was good. The new employees felt very British version-y in their mannerisms and dialogue, but that was not enough to save this episode.

    What has become apparent is that Jim Halpert is just awful nowadays. Not that I was a huge fan of him in the old days, but he is just not even bearable now. He really has become the Ted Mosby of The Office, where his presence just ruins any scene he is in, no matter how minimal the role of his might be.moreless
Joey Slotnick

Joey Slotnick


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Jean Villepique

Jean Villepique

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Owen Daniels

Wallace Child

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Kathy Bates

Jo Bennett

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Andy Buckley

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David Wallace

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Zach Woods

Zach Woods

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    • Michael: Too much change is not a good thing, ask the climate.

    • Pam: We found a great local daycare! It's rated really high by all the local parenting websites, but that means it's also really hard to get into.
      Jim: Turns out a lot of parents want the very best for their children, that's weird.

    • Pam: What do you want us to do?
      Michael: Why do I have to explain everything?
      Pam: Because we're usually not on the same page.

    • Michael: Okay, everybody, listen up! Due to circumstances beyond my control—
      Dwight: Impulsivity and inattention to detail!
      Michael: Hey, hey! I have opened a box which should not have been opened and distributed things which should not have been distributed.

    • Michael: (singing about shipped box) I've got a big box,
      Yes, I do!
      I've got a big box,
      How 'bout you? (points to Erin)
      Erin: I've got a big box,
      Yes, I do!
      I've got a big box,
      How 'bout you? (points to Oscar)
      Oscar: I think you don't know what you're saying.

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