The Office

Season 3 Episode 20

Safety Training

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Andy's return to Dunder Mifflin produces a few awkward moments: first, Jim refuses to call Andy by his "new name", Drew. Later, Andy is shunned by Dwight who still seems to hold a grudge against him. Andy's new attitude keeps him from getting upset over any of this, however.

Meanwhile, Dunder Mifflin employees must undergo a safety training day after Michael accidentally injures Darryl during a practical joke. The rest of the warehouse workers make it clear that the warehouse is no place for the Regional Manager of a paper supply company. During the session, a bet between Jim and Kevin regarding some accidental death statistics spawns an epidemic of gambling between the office employees over different events.

Toby's office version of safety day is too boring for Michael and the warehouse workers poke fun at Michael's easy desk life. Pam's attempt to settle him down only motivates him to create a new version of office safety, this time using depression and suicide as the most important risks.

Meanwhile the office employees spend the day taking bets on different office events. Ryan wins some dough when he correctly predicts the amount of time it will take Kelly to explain Netfilx (two minutes, forty seconds). Later, Karen becomes frustrated when she loses a bet regarding Creed's ability to tell the difference between an apple and a potato, exclaiming, "I guess I don't know this place as well as I thought."

Outside, Michael and Dwight set up a trampoline so that Michael can pretend to jump off the roof in his safety demonstration. However, the watermelon they use as a test subject ends up all over an employee's car. Dwight temporarily lifts his shun on Andy in order to have him go find a kid's "bouncy castle" for Michael to jump on. Andy does what he's asked, and the office workers are later instructed by Dwight to come outside because Michael wants them to "watch him die."

After a brilliant performance by Michael and Dwight, Michael notices the warehouse workers aren't around. Dwight summons them, and the two start the whole act over again.

While the other workers are entertained by Michael, Creed accidentally finds the bouncy castle while peeing on a bush. Jim and Pam look at each other and immediately realize the danger of the situation: "He's going to kill himself pretending to kill himself."

The two coworkers, who seem to be a bit closer now, rush to address the situation. Jim's rationale and Pam's promise of a present are not enough to persuade Michael who is beginning to act like an actual suicide victim. Finally, Darryl is able to save the day when he tells Michael how brave he is: "You're Braveheart, Michael."

With order restored, everyone is able to return inside. At the end of the day, Stanley is shocked to find pieces of watermelon all over his car.