The Office

Season 6 Episode 12

Scott's Tots

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2009 on NBC
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A decade-old promise to pay college tuition for a bunch of children comes back to haunt Michael. With rumors of Dunder Mifflin going under dragging down the staff, Jim hopes an Employee of the Month award will raise spirits, unaware it's a ploy by Dwight to get him fired.


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  • Employee of the month

    And we're back to the weeds. After two episodes this one definetly fell short. It wasn't bad but it was close to medicore. Even for this season and following seasons, this was below average. There was not much to like about the episode.

    Jim tries to boast morale by starting an employee of the month award suggested by Andy but really by Dwight. First of all why would Jim trust Dwight with the data for employee of the month? Perhaps it's the pregancy with Pam but Jim should've some idea what Dwight is doing. Again I thought Dwight was going over the line. How Jim handled the after effect of employee of the month was not funny either. It was not much better when Ryan decided to join Dwight's plan. Surprising? No. Remember what he said at the start of season 5.

    One reason why this episode is rated lower was because the other storyline was not good either. Michael has to deal with a promise that he made to some grade school kids about paying their college. It was a storyline that could've been funny but like Michael with his promise falied to deliver. I wish there was some mention of this earlier in the series. It would've generated interest and have you questioning what promie MIchael made. It would sort of like what Darryl did before he met Joy on My Name is Earl. It also would've been better if Pam joined Michael and Erin. The dance the kids did was entertaining. One good thing came from this was that it advanced Erin even if it's a little bit. Sadly this would not be the worst episode.moreless
  • Very well done.

    The last couple of weeks have felt a lot better than the rest of the season. There's been some hits, some misses, but I really like what they've been doing as of late. Tonight, we got a great Dwight plot, one of Michael's most awkward moments and some quotes that actually made me laugh out loud non-stop for the first time in awhile. What a great episode.

    Dwight was on his game tonight, coming up with a hilarious plot to once again foil Jim. I like this idea of Dwight trying to get Jim fired. It gives the two a new relationship to work with, especially since Jim's been doing pranks for years and years.. it's nice to see Dwight in the position of screwing around with him. Also, has there been anything funnier than Dwight impersonating Stanley, Toby and Kevin this year? Amazing. And it had a good payoff too.

    Michael has gotten himself into some awkward situations, but watching the show build up to the point where he'd have to tell them that he can't pay for their tuition was cringe-worthy, as usual, but not out of control. He didn't let his neurotic, immature side get ahead of him and he actually seemed genuinely sorry. Normally, he'd tell a joke to deflect, but he really seemed to act differently than he has the last couple seasons.

    I really liked this a lot, but if there's one major thing I could change, it'd be to give Creed more lines. His line about Pam not being pregnant was AWESOME and I missed the next couple lines after because I was laughing so hard. Just really good stuff tonight.moreless
  • Very awkward, but again great.

    This season, so far, has been great. This episode was definitely more awkward than usual. Again, Dwight gets a really good plot in which he tries to get Jim fired. Season six has had great Dwight plots, unlike last season. The way he got the office (one again) and even David Wallace, at first, to hate him was great. All of the office being outraged was hilarious. The cold open was decent enough, and Michael starting off hating Erin was good as well, but then him taking Erin and realizing that she is a sweet person was interesting. But, the "Scott's Tots" plotline was the best! It was amazingly awkward just like the first season. To sum up, the whole episode was great, one of the best this season.moreless
  • 612

    A really good episode of The Office tonight... surprisingly. After a string of mediocre episodes of The Office, we finally get a good episode. The group dynamic of this episode was great, and we finally get some character development, this episode was even dare I say it... funny! Erin has become more than just a floozy one dimensional receptionist, I actually got some genuine laughs from her & Michael tonight. From Michael bashing Erin in the beginning to them seeing the "Scott's Tots" song in the end, this was a very good plot, and Michael didn't act like a total idiot.

    But we all know what plot really shined here, and that was Dwight trying to sabotage Jim's job, and to be honest, I'm on board with him. Jim needs to become a salesman again. This episode was great with the group dynamic and the supporting characters were really great. Dwight stole the show here though.

    Good episode overall, with some laughs, development and finally interesting plot lines.moreless
  • Empty Promises

    Michael's broken promise plot to Scotts Tots was a great episode and the opening scene to the episode with Andy's baby talk was a great way to side step the fact that the writing isn't that strong in the last few weeks of misses in the episodes. The elvis voice that Michael does had me burst out laughing.

    Dwight returns again to try to take Jim to the cleaners and get him fired after implementing the employee of the month program through Andy's suggestion. Definitely came back with this episode. There hasn't been one of these since the beginning of season six and I'm glad the train is back on track. Great episode. Welcome back The Office. Let's keep it consistent and it's too bad that we didn't have this for the middle of the season.moreless
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