The Office

Season 7 Episode 26

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Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 19, 2011 on NBC

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  • We have to wait until next fall?

    This episode was alright, it was great to see Creed as the boss, I just wish there were more of that. The flaw of this episode is that it was really annoying. We keep getting 2 minute interviews with the candidates for the new boss, not to mention Jim Carrey, who only got 30 seconds of screen time. Will Arnett or Ray Romano are the people who I'd really like to see get the job. But Ray Romano is on "Men of a Certain Age" and Will Arnett is set to be in "Up All Night" this fall. James Spader was pretty funny, but if I had to watch that every week, I think it would get kind of annoying. Catherine Tate was kind of creepy, creepier than Spader IMO. Darryl was also funny in this episode, but I can't see him as manager. Dunder Mifflin needs an idiot in charge, Darryl is too normal. All throughout this episode, it felt like something was missing. It took almost half an hour to remember that Michael is gone. This show will really never be the same without him.
  • I am really disappointed we don't know who the new boss is on THE OFFICE and I really think the show is going to go downhill really fast if they don't find something.

    I am really disappointed we don't know who the new boss is on THE OFFICE and I really think the show is going to go downhill really fast if they don't find something. This show has really seemd to dodge a lot of a common things that might have ruined it like having Pam leave for New York City or Pam getting pregant and then Jim and Pam getting married or even that stupid plotline where Ryan becomes the boss only to get demoted again. I think the show's going to be worse without Steve Carell because in my opinion some of the funnest scenes on that show is between Michael and Pam. I thought the show was hilarious when the two of them left to form their own company. I was never a big fan of Erin and that whole storyline between her, Andy, and Gabe was just annoying. Dwight is acting like a little crybaby and Jim is just annoying with his apathic attitude towards who's the new boss. The funniest thing about this episode was Pam playing damage control as Creed runs the office into the ground since Creed is insane. If I didn't have such a crush on Jenna Fischer I probably wouldn't even watch this show anymore.
  • A mediocre episode that was well structured but not funny.

    Hour long episodes of comedies allow great stories. They are more detailed and since everybody is used to half of the time, they make great use of the full hour. The stories in The Office finale were good. From Phyllis' possibility of being Erin's mother to the candidates for the manager position. It was all set up pretty good and interesting.
    Unfortunately there was a complete and utter lack of humor in this episode. With a range of guest stars there was a lot of possibility for comedic characters but they all lacked funny trades and weren't memorable at all. Dwight wasn't even funny, continuously tackling that one issue of him pulling a gun.
    There were two high lights to the episode. Pam taking on Creed and Ryan commenting on everything. His short speech about Jim was awesome and the opening with Creed was funny too. They made up for some good chuckles but couldn't save the episode.
    Thanks to a good story the hour was put to good use but it wasn't one of the better episodes.
  • Frustrating Finale

    I've supported The Office forever, and I'll never stop watching it, but this finale was really frustrating. For weeks we've had to watch this 'Who's the boss?' thing be dragged out, and I thought "Well obviously they're going to wait until the finale to FINALLY reveal it," but no, they spent an hour giving the guest stars like 2 minutes of air time, and didn't complete any storylines at all or give us a new boss. If they spend next season dragging it out more, I'm gonna be really tempted to jump ship. (of course, I won't, though)

    I thought Ray Romano was the best of the guest appearances, and I actually think he would fit on The Office. And what's up with Jim Carrey? He talked for about 30 seconds at the end of the episode. Bring these two back for a few episodes!

    The Erin-Gabe-Andy storyline has dragged out too, and they need to just put those 2 together already. We all know it's going to happen.

    Season 7 was imo, a lot better than six, but the final few episodes were really frustrating, not just because Carrell is gone, but because they didn't finish ANY storylines in the finale.

    I think it comes down to what outside actor will sign on to a full time gig on the show, and that's why this has dragged. Romano would fit well, but he won't sign on as long as he's starring in his other show.

    Anyway, the finale had some good laughs, but overall, they need to pick a freakin' boss and move on.
  • This episode is like when you have 2 good friends with you but when 1 friend leaves, your stuck with the one that barely talks...

    This episode was alright, not as good as the last half of the episode but better than the last episode from the 6th Season. Michael Scott was the heart of the office and now that he left, the people from The Office are looking for the "band-aid" to fix it. I wish they got the new Boss already instead of the audience waiting for who it will be next year but besides that I though that the episode was perfectly funny as usual, the only reason is, is that I'm annoyed that Michael Scott couldn't be apart of this show anymore. Creed was hilarious! I can see him as a boss (even though it may be a short time lol jk jk) Daryll had some funny parts and so did Andy as they also tried to become boss. I am so glad Gabe is gone because I thought he was the most annoying character in The Office. He used to be funny but it was time for him to go anyways. I'm going to guess that Angela will have another failed attempt to marry someone that she is going out with because her boy friend is gay in the next season lol!! I think the next season will be good but it would've been better with Michael
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