The Office - Season 4

NBC (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Goodbye, Toby
    Episode 18

    Toby leaves Dunder Mifflin, and Michael plans a huge goodbye party—out of joy. Angela refuses to help with it, so Michael turns to Phyllis. Dwight and Meredith harrass Holly, their new HR representative.

  • Job Fair
    Episode 17

    Michael, Oscar, and Darryl go with Pam to her alma mater's job fair, trying to find a summer intern. In an attempt to woo a major client, Jim, Andy, and Kevin go golfing. Back at the office, Dwight tries to prevent the rest of the staffers from leaving early.

  • Did I Stutter?
    Episode 16

    After Stanley snaps at Michael during a meeting, Toby tries to convince him that Stanley needs to be dealt with. Dwight buys Andy's car. Pam's forced to wear old glasses instead of her contacts.

  • Night Out
    Episode 15

    Ryan gets the surprise of his life when Michael and Dwight travel to NYC to go clubbing with him and his friends. Back in Scranton, the staffers are upset that they have to spend Saturday working on Dunder Mifflin Infinity, and Jim's attempt to rescue them doesn't go as planned.

  • The Chair Model
    Episode 14

    Michael gets fascinated by a chair model in a catalog, leading to a desire to move on from Jan. Kevin and Andy team up to gain parking spaces back for Dunder Mifflin lost during another complex tenant's construction work.

  • Dinner Party
    Episode 13

    Out of excuses, Jim and Pam join Jan and Michael for a dinner party. Things get complicated when Andy and Angela are asked to join, and Dwight's jealousy gets the best of him.

  • The Deposition
    Episode 12

    When Jan sues Dunder Mifflin, Michael is deposed as a witness. Kelly and Pam practice their trash talk when Darryl and Jim play Ping-Pong.

  • Survivor Man
    Episode 11

    Michael goes on a survival adventure into the woods—with nothing except the suit on his back—in retaliation for not getting an invite to a similar party from corporate. Back at the office, there is a birthday going on while Jim tries to revolutionize the party.

  • Branch Wars
    Episode 10

    Karen, now the regional manager of the Utica branch, attempts to lure Stanley away from Scranton. When Michael objects, he brings Jim and Dwight into his "war." Pam, Oscar and Toby are a part of a "Finer Things Club", which Andy tries to join.

  • Local Ad
    Episode 9

    Dunder Mifflin decides to produce an ad, but things go awry when Michael hijacks the production. Dwight is busy exploring Second Life, an online virtual reality game.

  • Money
    Episode 7
    Michael is quickly going into debt with Jan renovating his condo. He takes on a second job at night to help with his money problems, but doesn't tell anyone. Jim and Pam spend the night at Dwight's farm, which is now a bed and breakfast
  • Launch Party (2)
    Launch Party (2)
    Episode 6

    Michael is upset with Ryan when he realizes there is no party in New York. When the pizza delivery man refuses to give Michael a discount he gets held hostage, and Dwight is in charge of guiding him. Jim and Pam sneak away from the party and have a romantic date on the roof.

  • Launch Party (1)
    Episode 5
    It's the launch of the new Dunder Mifflin Infinity website, and Michael is anticipating going to the launch party in NYC. Back in Scranton, Angela and the Party Planning Committee plan a satellite party. Dwight competes against the website to be top seller of paper in a day.
  • 10/4/07

    Ryan returns to Scranton with a plan to bring Dunder Mifflin into the digital age by launching a new website—Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Michael is worried about ageism and attempts to win back clients using old fashioned business skills. Relationships are on the forefront as Ryan returns to an eager Kelly, Jim and Pam are outed to the office, and Angela is still upset with Dwight about her cat, Sprinkles.

  • Fun Run
    Episode 1
    Michael hits Meredith with his car and starts to think that the office is cursed. Angela is upset that her cat, Sprinkles, is sick and asks Dwight to take car of her, and she winds up dead. Oscar and Kevin debate whether or not Pam and Jim are together.