The Office

Season 6 Episode 13

Secret Santa

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2009 on NBC
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Andy's Twelve Days of Christmas-themed Secret Santa gifts to Erin do more harm than good. Dwight and Jim hope to infuse the staff with holiday spirit, but Jim's decision to let Phyllis play Santa at the Dunder Mifflin Christmas party ires Michael. A new warehouse worker catches Oscar's eye.


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    A definite highlight in season 6, and it was way better than last year's Christmas episode, I'll tell you that much. A lot of hilarious moments here on tonight's Office episode, too many to mention. Season 6 continues to be a roller coaster ride. A mixture of mediocre and good episodes.

    From Andy sending Erin the twelve days of Christmas to just Michael in general surprisingly, this was a hysterical episode of The Office. It's hard to believe nowadays that Michael would be the highlight but he definitely was in this episode.

    This episode also brings us some development which was the better part of this episode, when it turns out another company has bought Dunder Miflin. David Wallace has lost his job, and now a new company is taking over. Change has never set well with The Office, so I'm interested to see how it plays out. Great Christmas special, as The Office returns to greatness for an episode.moreless
  • Moroccan Christmas what?

    Absolutely redeemed themselves with this episode of Secret Santa. Two Santas equals twice the funny in this one.

    It was a great episode compared to the Moroccan Christmas episode from last season and brought the funny back that The Office so desperately seemed to need this season. If it wasn't for this episode, I would have thought that The Office was signing off their last great season and the end of ridiculous story lines.

    However, this episode even out shone the Beni-hana Christmas episode which is one of my favorites. The twelve days of Christmas gifts in real life delivered to Erin was so funny and brought Andy back to the jokes like he was when he worked for the Scranton branch coming up with Tunas nickname. So good.moreless
  • Above standard compare to season six earlier episodes.

    Ok sometimes user ratings can be misleading. I just watched this episode and I think it's funny and hitting it's "target".

    Unlike last year very dull "Moroccan Christmas" episode, this one is beyond funny. The episode has some pretty memorable scenes. For example, Michael acting like Jesus Christ. The episode extend into 3 plots that ties in the end. This installment is funny and well-written. The fact that people doesn't see the gem of this episode is depressing and frustrating. Yes, it's not the best episode and it's certainly not a classic, There's some little "meh" scene, but hey it's still funny. Definitely a candidate for best writing for comedy series for the emmy awards. Overall, this episode stand out as the best episode of the season, yet.moreless
  • "You can't yell 'I need this, I need this' as you pin down an employee on your lap."

    One of the best episodes this season. Much better than 'Moroccan Christmas.' This episode was a relief from the awkwardness of 'Shareholder Meeting' and 'Scott's Tots', which were great, but were very stressful, if that makes any sense. Phyllis literally crying over being Santa Claus was a flashback into the old Phyllis, who hated Angela, and supported Pam and Jim, not the one who calls people trouts. Michael as Jesus was great, him making fun of Stanley's affair was a look back into season one Michael. Dwight wearing elf ears and Kelly, Erin, Andy, Dwight, and Kevin singing on the karaoke machine was callback from "Christmas Party" and "A Benihana Christmas". Madge was back for the first time in a while, Oscar had a plotline (being one of the sane people in the office, it's good), and Dwight toned down his meanness. The one complaint--why not an hour? Overall, another great episode, and came in first out of NBC comedies on thursday.moreless
  • Not bad

    Tonight's Office actually had some genuinely funny moments including: Michael saying Pam was a very naughty girl due to her pregnancy, Dwight randomly singing "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", and Michael's mocking of the rest of the office with the microphone. I have not been a fan of Jim's promotion and the effect it has had on the show, but one positive thing that has come out of it is that its resulted in some negative, hostile dialogue from Michael, which I think is the best way to use him. They're obsessed with having him mock Toby, but it was much funnier here when it did it with Phyllis and Stanley and used to do it in Season 1.

    Overall, I was somewhat surprised by an above average episode tonight.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Some of Dwight's ideas for what his gift is (as written on his list): Aardvark Trap; Beaver Trap; Gun; Chipmunk Trap; Possum Trap; Skunk trap; Lobster Trap; Man trap; Lathe; Abdominizer; Speculum

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Michael: If this were Russia, yeah, sure, everybody would go to one Santa. And there would be a line around the block, and once you sat on her lap and she asked you what you wanted, you would say, probably, freedom, at which point the KGB would arrest you and send you to Siberia. It's a good thing Russia doesn't exist anymore.

    • Dwight: For the past several weeks, my Secret Santa has been giving me pieces of a machine that I've been attempting to assemble. I'm suspicious of this, because I had the exact same idea for catching Osama bin Laden. I would simply send him a different piece each day. He would assemble it... to find himself in jail!

    • Michael: David, guess who I am sitting here dressed as.
      David: I'm not going to guess. You can tell me, or I will hang up.
      Michael: I will give you a hint. His last name is Christ. He has the power of flight. He can heal leopards.
      David: Michael...
      Michael: I am Jesus, David, and you know why? Because Phyllis—a woman—has uslurped my role as Santa.

    • Dwight: This was a successful unveiling! Go back to work! Merry Christmas.

    • Phyllis: I have been wanting to be Santa for years. I believe I have the right temperament and the figure to do the job well.

    • Jim: (to Michael) You can't yell, "I need this! I need this!" as you pin an employee down on your lap.

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