The Office

Season 6 Episode 22

Secretary's Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on NBC
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Andy tries to give Erin the perfect Secretary's Day, but gets in hot water when Michael reveals his past with Angela. Oscar makes a video comparing Kevin to the Cookie Monster, leading to Gabe trying to flex some authoratative muscle.

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  • Erin's Day

    This was an episode that was a mix of some bad and more good. With Sectary's Day coming, Andy tries to get everyone to make sure Erin is appreciated. He may gone a little too far to remind everyone but everyone (even Dwight) got her a gift. Knowing how important Michael is to Erin, Andy gets him to take Erin out for a lunch. This leads to an uncomfortable dinner made even worse when Michael accidentally reveals that Andy was engaged to Angela. I wish that the lunch time between Michael and Erin was more funny but that is no one's fault especially Michael. Erin didn't do a bad job, it's just that for someone who has been in foster care all of her life, she seems too positive even after working with Michael. She also seems a bit on the dumb side. As painful it was her, this was something that she needed to grow. It was nice of Michael to help her cheer up.

    Another character who you get to see more of is Gabe. I think what he did was over the line. If the goal was to make Gabe, unlikeable then good job. I like that his punishment never got through.moreless
  • We're gaining insight into new characters

    Since Delivery the Office appears to be returning from the hole it dug itself into throughout season 6. Secretary's Day delivered another solid episode. Kevin's cookie monster storyline was enjoyable and realistic. Instead of becoming an increasingly stupid presence in the office, Kevin is finally a relatable underdog the audience can connect with.

    Gabe is quickly established as an interesting character. With a personality that mixes aspects of Dwight and Toby, Gabe soon becomes a background character seeking power he doesn't know how to wield.

    Finally the Erin/ Andy storyline comes into effect. Erin's character is finally established as well. Her level of outrage at Andy's omission reveals Erin to be the most naive person in the office. Very few people would feel entitled to know everything about the person they're dating three weeks in, and have that little knowledge about sex.

    Overall this episode is used as a tool to introduce viewers to two very interesting characters, alongside a slice of humor which offers anyone watching a pretty funny episode.moreless
  • Nice to have a good episode after another long break.

    Again, another solid installment of 'The Office.' It was good to get some actual character development out of Erin other than her being a weirdo, and hopefully the break-up between her and Andy will bring some focus to other characters. But that wasn't the problem with this episode. It was a great episode for all the characters (except Meredith, who needs to be fired already, but it's a show, so..) because of the pretty funny plot about Oscar comparing Kevin's voice to Cookie Monster. It was also good to add another normal character out of the Gabe person from Sabre, as sanity has been seriously lacking in much of the sixth season. Things that I didn't like included Meredith taking Pam's breast pump, some of the plotline with Oscar and Kevin, and Erin freaking out by throwing cake at Andy. I really liked that Erin pushed the documentary crew out of the way and put her hand on the camera. It shows that sometimes these people in the office (especially someone relatively new like Erin) don't always enjoy everything being filmed. Pretty good episode of "The Office."moreless
  • 622

    After the last amazing episode, I honestly expected this episode to be mediocre since that seemed to be the pattern for season six, but this episode was rather amusing and very funny. The new characters have become somewhat likable, Erin & Gabe.

    Erin is not really a "new" character at this point, but she was just in the backdrop until this part of season six. I feel that we are learning more about her character, I did find her annoying until now. She actually made me laugh with her meltdown. I was laughing hysterically and Michael's reaction was just as hilarious.

    Gabe has also become very likable considering almost everything he did was funny, from trying to be the boss to realize he doesn't really call the shots, he was hilarious, Jim & Pam did great too. Andy & Erin break up, probably for the better. So what did we get in this installment of The Office? Character development, laughs, and a great Kevin impression from Jim. Just a surprisingly great episode overall.moreless
  • Just bad

    Another in a string of disappointing episodes. I can honestly say I did not laugh once, something I'd hoped I would never say about this show. The writing is really struggling, you can see attempts to mine new territory but there's nothing there. The cookie monster thing was not remotely funny, this Gabe character is useless, words are being put in characters they would never say. Erin is really starting to annoy me, I thought there was potential there but again the writing is failing the character. I don't know how they are going to keep this up another season, it's depressing to watch.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Andy mentions that "if it weren't for secretaries, I wouldn't have a step-mother", but in Season 5's "Weight Loss", Andy tells Angela about a place he wants for their wedding, claiming "This is where my parents decided not to get divorced."

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    • When Erin has her meltdown at the restaurant, as she's groaning loudly and drawing attention from the other diners Michael exclaims, "I'll have what she's having!" mimicking what the old lady says after hearing Sally demonstrate a faked orgasm to Harry as they eat at Katz's Deli in Rob Reiner's 1989 film, When Harry Met Sally.