The Office

Season 7 Episode 4

Sex Ed

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on NBC

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  • hits our culture spot on...


    For many people, myself included, the fake Sex Ed class that Andy holds in this episode is reminiscent of public middle school lectures on the matter. Andy throws out the question, "What is the safest form of safe sex?" and answers his own question by saying, "abstinence." Darrell, who initially answered the question by saying "condoms," gets upset and says, "I didn't realize we were asking trick questions. What's the safest way to go skiing? Don't ski." He is met with general laughter and agreement from the other workers, and likely the audiences at home, too.
    Because aren't we all tired of hearing of abstinence as the answer when it does not really address the question we are asking? Our society wants to know how we can have sex with no consequences, right? We dont want to hear the obvious answer that there will always be consequences of sex outside of marriage. And well, if we can't avoid the negative consequences, we can at least make them into positive ones. As Andy starts listing the pros and cons, eventually most of the cons including riskiness and unplanned pregnancies are put in the "pros" column. As a society, we are all about the "pros" of sex. And who could blame us? God Himself created sex as a very good thing to be enjoyed, but within the bounds of a committed marriage.
    Does that mean we are incapable of enjoying sex outside of marriage? Actually, it doesn't. But I can guarantee you that sex outside of marriage will always bring consequences. I'm not just talking about STDs. There are a whole host of other harmful effects that our sex ed classes fail to teach us. When we choose to give ourselves away to a sexual partner who isn't our spouse, we begin to misplace our sense of worth and identity. In general, if you're a guy, the lie society tells you is that the more women you are able to "conquer," the more of a man you are. But the next day when you wake up and realize you are still just the same person, tell me how satisfied you are. And if you're a woman in our culture, you will likely believe the lies that tell you there is nothing worth waiting for and give in to sex, even if you don't want it. But in reality, when you are dumped for the next girl and the original deep bond you formed through sexual intercourse is broken, don't tell me you aren't left feeling worthless. We may try to deny it or ignore it, but the simple truth is that we were not made to find true satisfaction in the sexual relationship outside of marriage. So be careful what you choose to believe. Our society may promise nothing but pleasure, but believe me when I say that it cannot compare to the incredible guilt free sex experienced by those in a committed marriage.

  • A very good episode that I had high expectations for

    After an episode that was one of the best in years (Andy's Play) to me it was bound to not be as good as the previous episode. Knowing that we were going to see Holly, Carol, Jan, Helene etc. going into it probably didn't help matters because I had my hopes up.

    However, those hopes weren't fully met since Michael doesn't really spend a significant amount of time with anyone other than Jan. Who returns to further inforce how little she thinks of Michael. Jan remains mean, cold and self-absorbed. And if this is to be the last time we see Jan I have to say I feel a bit let down. Her character remains oblivious as to how horrible she treats Michael. And if she doesn't get a come uppance of some sort I will feel cheated as a viewer...then again such is life, right? Carol and Helene also have icy dispositions towards Michael but theirs seem more earned and they aren't so completely rapped up in their own lives like Jan that they aren't able to have a more well rounded conversation with Michael. So if it is the last time we see them then we as viewers have enough closure to their characters to be satisfied.

    As for Holly, the show teases us with an epiphany of sorts that Michael has at the end of the episode "I didn't make us up" that most assuredly implies that this isn't the last we've heard from Holly (Michael and Holly just have a phone conversation in this episode) and if you are like me and believe Holly is his soulmate this bodes well for the future.

    Michael wasn't the only one in a melancholy funk in this episode Andy also goes through a similar sad journey spiked with some hilarious moments. We find out that he gave Gabe permission to date Erin which only reinforces how awkward and inept he is in relationships...

    Overall, this was a very good episode with some hilarious moments and some beautifully sad moments and leaves you wanting will be interesting to see how the writers deliver later on in the season.
  • 704

    Not a bad episode of The Office, but it just wasn't as good as the last one, but it wasn't bad. We got to see and hear from Michael's past girlfriends including Donna, Jan, Carol and Holly. It was nice to see Michael on the phone with Holly even though I never really enjoyed episodes focused on Michael's love life.

    But this episode showed us the awkwardness from the past seasons and it still managed to be funny. From Michael telling his past girlfriends he has herpes in just about the worst situations to seeing crazy Jan again. So we got some development although the "herpes" story line wasn't quite resolved and the episode seemed unfinished.

    Back at the office, they stole the show here tonight. Bringing the focus back on Andy after the last episode definitely was not a mistake and it was nice to see him revert back to his Season 3-self, a person with an anger problem. His meltdown in the conference room was hilarious.

    So we did get some funny moments from The Office tonight, but it wasn't a laugh out loud episode. A fair episode of The Office, neither here nor there.
  • Could've been much better

    I was very excited for this episode. Michael Scott has become such an exaggerated version of his former self, and I always jump at the opportunity to see Scott act in a mature way, at least to prove to me he's not a lost cause. This episode had the potential to be one of the better episodes in a long time, but unfortunately, they use a ridiculous premise (Michael mistakes a cold sore for a serious form of herpes) to give him an excuse to talk to his ex-lovers. Take out the sex-ed angle and you have an interesting episode on your hands. Add it in and it's more of the same old Office.

    Not that there wasn't some amazing moments scattered throughout. While I found Andy's attempts to teach sex education to the office strange and bizarre, it lead to some hilarious lines from Darryl, Kevin and Creed. Andy was occasionally funny too, even if it seemed completely insane that he did all this to learn if Erin and Gabe had slept together. I particularly enjoyed Darryl's fake advice to Andy and his reaction to abstinence ("Oh I didn't know you were asking a trick question.") Jim had some funny lines (...okay, maybe not, but there were some pretty classic Jim faces to the camera here). And as for Michael and Dwight.. well, I enjoyed the moments when Michael was actually talking to his exes about whether he romanticized relationships. Jan is still pretty funny (her singing... oh my God, I lost it when she started) and it was nice to see Carol's return. I'm glad they're keeping Holly in the show, as I feel she's Mike's best chance for a normal life.

    If the show could focus less on insane plots and subplots and more on the human elements of these characters, the show would still be as popular as it was. I still love the show, but sometimes, they go overboard.
  • When you're not cringing, Michael has you crying

    Michael Scott is a unique character. I am also a fan of the English show, with out which we would not hav this amazing show. However I always found David Brent near impossible to empathise with and this is the biggest difference for me between the two shows. With Brent, you always kind of felt that maybe he deserved what he got and a lot was brought on by himself. Michael Scott gets out there and tells people how awesome he is, but more in a desperate and misguided attempt to get everyone to like him.

    Michael Scott's storyline in this episode was heartbreaking. I think we can all relate to going back over the old relationships and figuring out what went wrong, what was a waste and what was truly special. Michael certainly does it in his own way and as we journey with him, there are some wonderful cringe worthy moments and then, the ending: tear jerker.

    A wonderful episode where Michael is offensive, inappropriate and ignorant but, and the reason we love him, in closing he redeems himself and breaks your heart.