The Office

Season 2 Episode 2

Sexual Harassment

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on NBC
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Michael is forced to abide by the company's new sexual harassment policies all the while trying to entertain his vulgar "BFF" Todd Packer.

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  • Sexual Harassment is bad but the episode is good

    A common theme in this series in Michael Scott's "specialness" This time you find out where he gets it from or at least part of it. Todd Packer is a perfect role as Michael Scott's friend. He is like Michael but much more offensive and only good in small doses. However he does it in a very funny way. The side comments by Jim, Pam, and Ryan were funny. While not a funny moment, I really liked that Michael tried to reign in Todd a little bit. The cute moments of this episode are when Pam's mom came. The exchange between Jim and Pam before she came were very nice. Also right before Pam's mom came was a nice moment as well. While not as good as the first, this was still a funny episode.moreless
  • After Michael's best friend Todd Packer (David Koechner) pays a visit, Michael behaves more inappropriately

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Office". Michael's best friend Todd Packer pays him a visit at Dundler Mufflins office and then Michael starts to behave more inappropriately after his best friend paid him a visit. I thought it was great that David Koechner guest starred as Todd Packer (Michael's best friend). Michael brought alot of laughs in this episode when he was behaving more inappropriately especially when he does the "That's What She Said" joke. Toby having the meeting about the sexual harassment was very funny especially when Michael used Pam as an example and asks Pam to come up and do a demonstration of sexual harassment. It was very funny when Michael was that naked plastic doll thing. Pam's mom visiting the office near the end of the episode was very good. The ending was pretty funny as well. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Office". 10/10moreless
  • 202

    Definitely not as good as the premiere, and it's probably not as memorable, but the episode was still a great entertaining half hour, which is always great. We got to see Pam's mother, which surprisingly gave us development in the Jim, Roy, and Pam triangle. Turns out Pam has been talking to her mother about Jim a lot. So even though Jim doesn't have Pam, at least we know that Pam might like Jim, from the kiss in the last episode, to mentioning him to her mom. There's always great development between Pam & Jim this season, and this episode is a good example of that.

    I think I hate Todd Packer as much as Jim does, nothing he said was remotely funny, and I think the only part I truly laughed at during Michael's sexual harassment case is when Michael kisses Phyllis on the cheek and makes a very inappropriate remark. Really hilarious end to an okay episode.moreless
  • It wasn't that great, that's what i said.

    In this episode; a wave of political incorrectness and inappropriate conduct forces Michael to have the adult version of a meeting with his parents but with HR and the corporate goons replacing parents, it's hard to tell who is scarier. Also, Pam's mom drops in as does Michael's offensive redneck friend Todd Packer. The real problem with this episode is that it doesn't know which direction it's going; is it all about the email forwards? Is it all about Michael's crusade against correctness? Is it about Pam's mother visiting? Is it all about introducing Todd Packer? Is it all about sexual harassment? Because the episode doesn't know, how are we meant to?

    While this episode can be labelled as funny, the humour falls into two categories; the blatant toilet and sexist humour and the verbal stuff that was so faint it was hard to distinguish it from the middling lines. The episode spent so much time introducing all the little bits and bobs that there was almost no time to wring the comedy out of them; no opportunity goes unmissed. Despite containing all the improvements of the second season; the brighter colors, the nicer and thinner Michael, the happier tone; it still did that thing where rather than end on a hilarious pinnacle it faded out on some discomfited note, it's abrupt halt almost has us adjusting our DVD players. Sexual Harassment had the makings of a terrific episode but only had the conviction of an OK episode, only for the serious office fans but the people in Office Purgatory should look elsewhere.moreless
  • "The only thing i'm worried about, is getting a boner"

    This storyline had more potential than what was seen in its final execution, but it wasn't anywhere near being a complete dud. Although the episode dragged at some points, overusing played sexual innuendo for cheap laughs and gags, there were some highlights that saved the episode. The ending, for one, had me laughing and saved the episode itself. Pam, as usual, does a great job. She's quiet, but her characters insecurity about the environment and her mother's arrival make for a hilarious storyline. You can already see some foreshadowing of Jim and Pam, and it'll be interesting to see where their storyline goes. Overall, not one of the best episodes, but not the worst either. This show has a lot of potential, and I do look forward to watching the next episode.moreless
Shannon Cochran

Shannon Cochran

Helene Beesly

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R.F. Daley

R.F. Daley


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Melinda Chilton

Melinda Chilton

Natural Redhead

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David Koechner

David Koechner

Todd Packer

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Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner

Kevin Malone

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Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey

Angela Martin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Michael: Man, that Todd Packer could do anything.
      Jim: (mutters) Except pass that Breathalyzer.

    • Todd Packer: Oh my. They really got to you, didn't they?
      Michael: They didn't get to me. I got to them.
      Michael: I am still the same old Michael Scott. New and improved. You know what? I love Phyllis. You know what else? I think she is gorgeous. (Kneels down next to Phyllis and puts his arms around her) I think she is an incredibly, incredibly attractive person. Come here, give me a kiss.
      (Phyllis starts laughing)
      Michael: Come on. (pecks Phyllis on the cheek) Oh!
      Phyllis: Michael, you don't have to worry, I'm not going to any, to HR.
      Michael: I'm not worried. You know what? The only thing I am worried getting a boner.

    • Dwight: What does the female vagina look like?
      Toby: Technically, I am in Human Resources, and Dwight was asking me about human anatomy. Um, I'm just sad the public school system failed him so badly.

    • Michael: What if Pam was a lesbian? What if she brought her partner into work, would that be crossing the line?
      Toby: No!
      Michael: What if they made out, in front of everybody...
      Toby: Well, that would be...
      Michael: home? And I told everybody everything about it?
      Toby: OK, I'm lost.
      Michael: OK, then, well let's act it out. Pam, you will be girl A. And, girl B will be... OK, we'll use the doll. Pam? Pam?

    • Michael: And, even though we're still a family here at Dunder Mifflin, families grow. And, at some point, the daddy can't take a bath with the kids anymore. I am upper management, and it would be inappropriate for me to take a bath with Pam, as much as I might want to.

    • Todd Packer: Where's Michael Snot? Sniffing some dude's thong? Probably.

    • Michael: Todd Packer and I are total BFFs, Best Friends Forever. We came up together in sales. One time we went to a bar and met this set of twins. And Packer said that we were brothers. One thing lead to another, and we took them to our hotel room... And Packer did BOTH of them! It was awesome!

    • Michael: In the future, when I want to say something funny or witty or do an impression, I will no longer ever do any of those things.
      Jim: Does that include "that's what she said"?
      Michael: Uh, yes.
      Jim: Wow, that's really hard. You really think you can go all day long? Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling.
      Michael: That's what she said!

    • Jim : Hey, what has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer? This Guy!

    • Michael: Toby is in HR. Which, technically, means he works for corporate. So he's really not a part of our family. Also he's divorced. So he's really not a part of his family.

    • Michael: When I said before that I was king of forwards, you gotta understand that I don't come up with this stuff. I just forward it along. You wouldn't arrest a guy who's just delivering drugs from one guy to another.

    • (Ryan sees Todd Packer's "WLHUNG" license plate)
      Ryan: You a big William Hung fan?
      Todd: Why does everybody ask me that? Who the hell is that?

    • Michael: I am king of forwards. It's how I like to do business. Everybody joking around. We're like Friends. I am Chandler and Joey. And Pam is Rachel. And Dwight is Kramer.

  • NOTES (5)

    • The German episode title is "Mobbing", meaning "Harassing". The French title is "Harcèlement sexuel", and the Spanish title is "Acoso sexual", both exact translations. The Italian title is "Sesso in ufficio", meaning "Sex in the Office".

    • "That's what she said." was written in the script/show by B.J. Novak (who also plays Ryan Howard) because he heard it a lot in his college days. This line, along with "What has two thumbs and..." are tributes to B.J.'s college days.

    • David Koechner has also worked together with Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Anchorman, and with Melora Hardin in The Comebacks and Thank You For Smoking.

    • This episode aired with a viewer discretion advisory for sexual content—the first of any Office episode to do so—for Michael's line, "I'm not worried. You know what? The only thing I am worried about... is getting a boner."

    • Todd Packer is the American version of Chris Finch from the original BBC verison of the show.


    • Michael: "I am Chandler and Joey. And Pam is Rachel. And Dwight is Kramer."
      When he's discussing Chandler, Joey, and Rachel, Michael is listing characters from the phenomenon NBC sitcom, Friends. Kramer is a character from the equally popular sitcom, Seinfeld.

    • Michael claims, "I'm going to forward it like it's hot. Forward it like it's hot, forward it like it's hot.", riffing on Snoop Dogg's song, "Drop It Like It's Hot".

    • Todd blurbs out "Ex-squeeze me" when Michael starts to lay down the law about sexual harrassment in the work place. "Ex-squeeze me" is something David Brent liked to say a lot.

    • Todd Packer's license plate on his red Corvette is "WLHUNG". Ryan mistakes it to mean Todd is a fan of American Idol, assuming it refers to William Hung, who rose to prominence during the show's third season audition rounds with his earnest, yet abysmal, rendition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs".