The Office

Season 2 Episode 2

Sexual Harassment

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on NBC

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  • Sexual Harassment is bad but the episode is good

    A common theme in this series in Michael Scott's "specialness" This time you find out where he gets it from or at least part of it. Todd Packer is a perfect role as Michael Scott's friend. He is like Michael but much more offensive and only good in small doses. However he does it in a very funny way. The side comments by Jim, Pam, and Ryan were funny. While not a funny moment, I really liked that Michael tried to reign in Todd a little bit. The cute moments of this episode are when Pam's mom came. The exchange between Jim and Pam before she came were very nice. Also right before Pam's mom came was a nice moment as well. While not as good as the first, this was still a funny episode.
  • After Michael's best friend Todd Packer (David Koechner) pays a visit, Michael behaves more inappropriately

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Office". Michael's best friend Todd Packer pays him a visit at Dundler Mufflins office and then Michael starts to behave more inappropriately after his best friend paid him a visit. I thought it was great that David Koechner guest starred as Todd Packer (Michael's best friend). Michael brought alot of laughs in this episode when he was behaving more inappropriately especially when he does the "That's What She Said" joke. Toby having the meeting about the sexual harassment was very funny especially when Michael used Pam as an example and asks Pam to come up and do a demonstration of sexual harassment. It was very funny when Michael was that naked plastic doll thing. Pam's mom visiting the office near the end of the episode was very good. The ending was pretty funny as well. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Office". 10/10
  • 202

    Definitely not as good as the premiere, and it's probably not as memorable, but the episode was still a great entertaining half hour, which is always great. We got to see Pam's mother, which surprisingly gave us development in the Jim, Roy, and Pam triangle. Turns out Pam has been talking to her mother about Jim a lot. So even though Jim doesn't have Pam, at least we know that Pam might like Jim, from the kiss in the last episode, to mentioning him to her mom. There's always great development between Pam & Jim this season, and this episode is a good example of that.

    I think I hate Todd Packer as much as Jim does, nothing he said was remotely funny, and I think the only part I truly laughed at during Michael's sexual harassment case is when Michael kisses Phyllis on the cheek and makes a very inappropriate remark. Really hilarious end to an okay episode.
  • It wasn't that great, that's what i said.

    In this episode; a wave of political incorrectness and inappropriate conduct forces Michael to have the adult version of a meeting with his parents but with HR and the corporate goons replacing parents, it's hard to tell who is scarier. Also, Pam's mom drops in as does Michael's offensive redneck friend Todd Packer. The real problem with this episode is that it doesn't know which direction it's going; is it all about the email forwards? Is it all about Michael's crusade against correctness? Is it about Pam's mother visiting? Is it all about introducing Todd Packer? Is it all about sexual harassment? Because the episode doesn't know, how are we meant to?

    While this episode can be labelled as funny, the humour falls into two categories; the blatant toilet and sexist humour and the verbal stuff that was so faint it was hard to distinguish it from the middling lines. The episode spent so much time introducing all the little bits and bobs that there was almost no time to wring the comedy out of them; no opportunity goes unmissed. Despite containing all the improvements of the second season; the brighter colors, the nicer and thinner Michael, the happier tone; it still did that thing where rather than end on a hilarious pinnacle it faded out on some discomfited note, it's abrupt halt almost has us adjusting our DVD players. Sexual Harassment had the makings of a terrific episode but only had the conviction of an OK episode, only for the serious office fans but the people in Office Purgatory should look elsewhere.
  • "The only thing i'm worried about, is getting a boner"

    This storyline had more potential than what was seen in its final execution, but it wasn't anywhere near being a complete dud. Although the episode dragged at some points, overusing played sexual innuendo for cheap laughs and gags, there were some highlights that saved the episode. The ending, for one, had me laughing and saved the episode itself. Pam, as usual, does a great job. She's quiet, but her characters insecurity about the environment and her mother's arrival make for a hilarious storyline. You can already see some foreshadowing of Jim and Pam, and it'll be interesting to see where their storyline goes. Overall, not one of the best episodes, but not the worst either. This show has a lot of potential, and I do look forward to watching the next episode.
  • The Office deals with the issue of sexual harassment.

    Sexual Harassment is a really great episode. It's extremely funny, and Steve Carell did an amazing job in this episode. Although, I have to say that the entire cast did an outstanding job in this episode. I loved all of the Jim and Pam stuff in this episode. I thought that it was all very sweet. I loved the part when Michael tries to get Pam to make out with his blow-up doll. The expression on Jenna Fischer's face was absolutely priceless. I thought that the whole episode was hilarious though. I also loved the part with Michael's lawyer, especially what areas the lawyer specialized in. All in all, this is a great episode.
  • silly

    This was a great episode. Pam's mom is coming to the office but earlyier a sexual joke was made and pam is worried that someone will make that kind of joke to her and is worried. Toby gives a talk about the jokes made earlier. Michael of course interrups him and takes over and makes a full of himself. He shows movie and right when they all are doing and saying stupid stuff jan walks in with a lawyer. I beleive personally that NBC could have gotten in big trouble for the jokes and the topics in this very episode.
  • "We're like Friends. I am Chandler, and Joey, and uh, Pam is Rachel, and Dwight is... Kramer."

    Michael's "BFF" Todd Packer shows up at the office and starts making inappropriate jokes. This offends people, and they are more uncomfortable around him than they are around Michael. Later, Ryan has to drive Todd around town for his various jobs, Pam's mom comes, and one of Michael's e-mail forwards gets passed around and offends some people.

    Toby then informs the employees that the corporate office will be having a brief meeting on their sexual harassment policies, much to Michael's chagrin.

    Michael doesn't want to lose the sexual humor in the office but doesn't get much support, even after bringing in a blow-up doll. Later, Jan and lawyers show up at the office and discuss policies with Michael. Todd continues to tell suggestive jokes while Michael tries to get him to stop. Soon after, Pam's mom arrives and asks Pam about Jim.

    This is a very funny episode, although it is far from "classic." It is not the best of the season, but I'd still watch it over again. It's funny to see someone more obnoxious than Michael. Michael is still an idiot though:
    Michael: Families grow, and at some point the daddy can't take a bath with the kids anymore. I'm upper management, and it'd be inappropriate for me to take a bath with Pam- as much as I might want to.

    Pam: He said what!?
  • The most honest and real episodes ever!.

    Kudos to NBC for doing one of the bravest things they have ever done. It really annoys me when people think this episode was to offensive. For anyone who has ever worked in an office, this was a breath of fresh air. Office work is extremely boring, and I can testify to the fact that email forewards, and jokes like that happen in every office in america, regardless of their policies. And All Hail Todd Packer!!!. What a great addition to the greatest comedy on tv.
  • Just when we thought there couldn't possibly be anyone more annoying than Michael...

    Todd is obnoxious to the point where he wasn't funny. I hope he's not on too much in the future. He is absolutely disgusting.

    It was cute to see how excited Pam was by her mother's visit. And frustrating that Roy is so nice to her. Because that's one more reason for Pam to stay with Roy (don't ask me what the other reasons are, because I haven't figured them out yet!).

    The whole thing with the actress from the sexual harrassment video being someone one of the employees had slept with was pointless.

    The conversation where Dwight was asking about the female anatomy was just dumb. It could have been a lot funnier. All in all, a pretty mediocre episode.
  • Of course there were do an episode on this....

    This episode was kinda blah. I am a big fan of Steve Carrell's comedy and they usually parodies the workplace pretty well but they went TOO silly this time. Usually they make of something without it being obvious.

    Sexual Harassment--of course this topic was going to come up.

    I think Michael is coming to terms with how corporate he has to become--which he has always hated.

    I wish the team comraderie between the co-workers was less on jokes and more on relationships, even if they are comedic.

    I am very glad they are doing a show that shows "The Office" as not so serious, political, and cut throat. Most of the episodes were a lot better in showing this.
  • Things go incredibly wrong. I mean very wrong. But it's "The Office", what do you expect?

    I will say that I wasn't expecting this much to go wrong. I underestimated the ability that Michael would be able to make a complete as of himself. I did expect however, for Dwight to have no intelligence about sex and the female anotomy. Michael doesn't think he has a problem with Sexual Harassment...but my god, he is so very, very, very wrong. He walks out from the conference room after discovering something after watching a "Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace" video. "You are never going to believe this, the girl in the video that we're watching that corporate gave us, Darrell banged her!"
  • A funny episode, but definitely not one of my favorites. It was interesting to see how far a 9:30pm sitcom could go with the sexual references and innuendo, but portions of it were a bit too much to watch.

    Pam says, "The day we talk about sexual harassment is the day that I always get harassed." An astute observation, and the way it always went at my office too. However, where this episode goes off course is taking the extra harassment and transforming it into something totally unrealistic and absurdly offensive. I guess that's mostly due to the visit of Todd Packer, Michael's obnoxious sales buddy, who, along with Pam's mom is visiting the office that day, telling horrible jokes, including one that singles out Phyllis. This episode has great lines and keeps you laughing, but the overall plotline suffers.

    Michael really bugs in this episode, going way over the top by bringing a phonebook attorney help "defend" him from Dunder-Mifflin's corporate attorney on retainer, putting up huge resistance to Toby's sexual harassment seminar, bringing a blowup doll into the office, and acting totally inappropriately by trying to make up Todd Packer's rude references to Phyllis by saying that he needs to worry about getting a boner around her. Yikes!

    The sexual harassment video talks about "crossing the line" and I think that can apply to this episode as a whole too. Many other episodes of The Office straddle (no pun intended) this line well, crossing it occasionally but then giving the show some heart and further dimension. There are a lot of things that could have been done better in this episode. People, while often insensitive and clueless, usually aren't this brash and offensive. Just a little too unrealistic for me. When this is compared to "Diversity Day," which features another Office seminar, it pales in comparison. Michael's reactions to issues of race relations are out there, but they are far more believable than in this episode. He was receptive to the idea of diversity training, so why not sexual harassment?
  • Great writing marks another hilarious installment of The Office. Sexual Harassment of the theme, and if you think its a moment for Michael to shine, you're not wrong. But, the episode also injects some much needed heart into the whole fiasco.

    Another great installment for The Office. The writers have really stepped it up for this season, as this show is gradually finding its own way as a series. I'm enjoying the way this show is becoming a hybrid of a typical American sitcom and the British satirical, subtler version. The American version is less meandering and more plot-driven than the British one, and I like it that way. This episode about sexual harassment gave Carell moments to shine as the inappropriate boss who tries to be funny.

    Michael pushes the line, but at the end of the episode, we see how he differs from Packard in that he never goes there with a negative intent. The way he acted when Phyllis was being made fun of, was a great moment to bring some needed heart into the show. While the British version, would maintain its wry, subtle humor, the American version now tends toward showing some heart by the end of the episode. It makes the characters sympathetic, and the office less of a dreary, uncomfortable mess like the British version portrays. It may be considered soft by the fans of the original, but I think the moments of heart is what sustains this series.

    Some favorite moments include Dwight's questioning to Toby, Michael's inability to stop his "comedy" with Jim's prodding, and Phyllis admitting a one-night stand with Jim's hilarious look, and Pam's embarassed moment with her mom involving Jim, and her final shot in the episode. The episodes feel tighter, and the actors really seize the sly comic opportunities that the unique documentary style of the series allows (i.e. various "looks" at the camera).

    Great writing so far. The Office rules!
  • Did they take Micheal's character too far into the a-hole sexist arena?

    I think this episode might have turned Micheal into a character many of us will no like so much. He's a jerk, he's an idiot, all embarrasingly so...but I think this episode made him out too much to be a sexist a-hole. It's one thing to be obnoxious and annoying...but I think this episode maybe took Micheal's character a little to far.

    But of course, I sitll love the show to death, and as long as they don't take the character too much further in this direction, I think it'll still be great.
  • I work in an office so this one hit home for me.

    I work in an office so I really love and appreciate this show. If I was still in college and never had an office job, I wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

    Michael had to be talked to regarding Sexual Harassment as another Office Manager was fired for it. We have all had to see those videos and afterwards you just want say and do things totally inappropriate.

    I liked how Michael says “Gee, do we have to scrutinize everything we say today.” This hit home for me because it is so true. The forwarding of jokes is another issue. I have seen jokes like “50 ways to tell if your Priest is Michael Jackson” floating around my office and I never forward them because of the potential danger of getting fired. People get talked to for this.

    At the end of the episode, Michael speaks up and says a particular comment from a subordinate was totally inappropriate and then says the rudest, crudest comment of the episode. Again so true.

    I have never the British version so I cannot compare. What I really like about this show are the background characters. They may say one line or two per episode but their expressions on their faces is priceless. This is becoming one of my favorite shows.
  • Yet another funny episode, I enjoyed the one scene where Michael points out a photo of a girl he thinks that is attractive only to be told it\'s photo of a co worker\'s daughter, the series also intoduces the obnoxious, friend of Michael\'s Todd Packer. E

    Yet another funny episode, I enjoyed the one scene where Michael points out a photo of a girl he thinks that is attractive only to be told it's photo of a co worker's daughter, the series also introduces the obnoxious friend of Michael's Todd Packer. Even better than last weeks.