The Office

Season 6 Episode 11

Shareholder Meeting

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on NBC
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Michael brings Dwight, Andy, and Oscar to NYC when he's being recognized at the Dunder Mifflin shareholder meeting as their top manager. Meanwhile, Jim has trouble getting the rest of the staff to believe he has the same authority as Michael.

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  • DMI stands for mornos dummies and idiots

    This was sort of a follow up from the previous episode and arc for the next few ones. Michael is invited to the shareholder meeting where he takes Andy, Oscar, and Dwight. The ride with the four had going to and from the meeting was very entertaining. It remained me a little bit of the Canada episode from the previous season only that time Dwight wasn't included. This time might have been even better. I really enjoyed Oscar's line about being a shareholder in Dunder-Milfflin. He was better then usual which is normally very good. This is a small part but the man playing the CEO was a great choice. I also enjoyed how Michael did the spin after he made the big speech with lots of promises. One of my favorite parts was after Michael was criticized for being himself, he took off with Dwight, Andy, and Oscar. I only wish that during the shareholder meeting that Jan would've been there or someone would've asked about Ryan.

    Speaking of Ryan, partly due to an e-mail he sent everyone in the office, everyone thinks that Jim doesn't have the same power as Michael. How Ryan handled the assignment that Jim gave to him remained me a little from season 5 when he ducked out of trying to make copies when he was with the Michael Scott Paper Company. I loved how Jim punished Ryan and how everyone saw.

    This was another rose episode that was maybe a little behind the last one.moreless
  • Fonzie's starting up the boat

    While Season 6 has picked up significantly from Season 5, there is one underlying theme that must end. This can no longer be a show about how an 8 year old runs an office and works in a company environment. I don't care how good the sales are. Michael Scott's buffoonery has reached new levels and there has to be a way to write this show so that his moments aren't as significant to the overall 22 minute episodes. Cold open was fantastic, they used computer effects to season 2 and even brought back the lady that was the receptionist for a month some years ago, and it worked well. Thanks for the extra effort.

    Hopefully Oscar figures out the plan to fix things without the stares of the executives and especially when he's not so nervous.

    Plus lets find out more specifically how DMI is down so much. If its everyone but Scranton, let's find out why. Still recovering from Ryan as VP, other branches not selling, tell us Mr Wallace what's going on.

    Andy and Oscar were great, and Dwight slowly falling further behind in line was another great extra that they didn't need to do but still chose to.

    Let's also hope we don't get a Jim vs Michael war where Ryan is the starting point.

    I have been very loyal to this show but more of Michael insisting on talking in public because he can and humiliating himself over and over again needs to stop. If watching someone making a fool out of himself is the joke and what fans like seeing, then maybe i should see a psychiatrist because i don't get it.

  • 611

    This episode reminded me a bit of "Dwight's Speech" from season 2 but this of course was nothing compared in quality. Nothing much happened here, Michael acted like an idiot as usual, and nothing was really resolved on the Dunder Miflin going bankrupt front. Jim enforcing rules as co-manager was quite annoying, and anytime he tries to step in and be boss, it's quite annoying. Jim should honestly be demoted to salesman, him being co-manager isn't doing this show any favors.

    A pretty forgettable episode overall, the only time I recall laughing was the cold opening with recyclops but that's about it. Another weak episode of The Office, things aren't looking up.moreless
  • Field trips from the office are generally fun

    Dwights Recyclops opening sequence was one of the best ones he's had since he taught the office fire safety. Loved it.

    The beginning of the episode was great with Michael figuring out how he was going to address the shareholders at the meeting, although after watching it I didn't know what he was really doing there besides the explanation that he was one of the managers keeping the company afloat. The limo scene was hilarious while they were all riding into the shareholders meeting and then stole it as they ran out of the meeting.

    Dwight's question could have been a lot better after the 10 minute build up of him standing in line and waiting, but overall I think that it was an episode that was comparable to the Business Trip episode with Oscar. Pretty good, but still waiting for the punch that the beginning episodes of season six brought.moreless
  • I actually liked this episode...

    The cold open was a nice touch with Dwight's character. It also made me chuckle few times. After some few duds episodes, I think The Office is picking up this season. Michael Scott is on the character than ever. The flow of the story entertain me. Though, my complain is that the characters Andy and Oscar are not used enough, they can be very useful. But other than that, is one the best one this season! In this installment, Michael always steal my attention, and he's actually really funny! Watch out Alec Baldwin! In the b-plot, the story between Ryan and Jim is not developed enough, but it's fun to watch! Outstanding Episode for a while.

    God, I really wish "The Office" really picks up from now on..moreless
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