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The Office

Season 6 Episode 19

St. Patrick's Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2010 on NBC
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Michael is flummoxed when Jo takes a liking to Darryl and his new shipping idea. Dwight proves to be agitating when Jim returns from paternity leave. Andy and Erin have their first date planned. When Jo stays late working, everyone else feels they have to, too.

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  • A Day to work

    With Jo in the last day in the Office, Michael takes some of her kindness too far. Michael is always someone who wants to be friends whether it's a boss or someone under him. With Jo, it was no exception. Michael again came off a needy but he didn't go over a line. Michael and Jo were the one low light of this episode. That is nothing against them but sometimes you put two good actors together gold is not spun every time. Just remember that statement for later.

    I thought how Jo wanted everyone to stay didn't come off as mean. It's a small thing but Andy mentioning How I Met Your Mother on describing his first date with Erin was enjoyable. The fact that the first date didn't go off that well didn't spell dome for Andy and Erin. If Erin's step brother was supposed to be a douche then good job by the producers in choosing one. Another good part of this episode was Dwight and Jim. It was a little bit like old times. It was amusing when the cleaning crew came then backing out when everyone was still there. The ending was good when Michael decided that fun was important then work.moreless
  • Why do people hate The Office? Todd Packer and Megadesk.

    Well, no, this wasn't the best episode ever, noooo way! But it was still a good episode full of funny quips and the Todd Packer return. Jo Bennett is awesome, and Kathy Bates is obviously a great actress. Gabe is good, Megadesk and Quaddesk was good and Jim is no longer the regional manager who no one liked. However, now that he is back pranking, everyone is mad. Erin and Andy are no Jim and Pam. But their date was okay, and nothing to get riled up about.

    Todd Packer's return was interesting, and he is still the same character. Good episode, not the best by any means, but still pretty good.moreless
  • Lost its way

    Sadly, I have to agree that the show is running on fumes. The writing is forced, the actors seem to be losing interest, the jokes are tired. None of the new story lines that are being developed interest me. The Jim/Pam story is in they lived happily ever after phase, none of the tension and angst that make it so compelling remains. I will always love this show for what it was at its peak, but now I don't see much point in continuing. I know if the show is making money there will probably be a season 7, but I doubt I will be watching.moreless
  • absolutely and utterly awful

    The Office has had a few decent episodes this season, but the show is still a shadow of what it was during the first three seasons. I don't know if it is Creed not getting a single line, Michael's unbelievable stupidity (it is not funny when his behavior is so unrealistic,) or the boring and incoherent Darrel actually getting screen time tonight, but this was just an embarrassment. The show seems content on these formulaic episodes that cater to the thick demographic and insult fans with an IQ higher than that of a tree.

    I only watch The Office these days because it's a water cooler show, but I honestly don't know how much more I can take.moreless
  • Do people really hate The Office this much?

    I am definitely one of the fans of The Office who have found Season 6 to be less than stellar. The show seems to have hit its creative peak in Seasons 2 and 3 and ever since, it's been more focused on showing the characters delving into ridiculous situations that are far from realistic, yet funny at the same time. However, just because a show is funny doesn't mean it's as entertaining as it used to be. I don't think The Office has reached the point yet where it can be considered bad, by any means. And from what I can see, people are just not feeling the new episodes. However, I thought today had some great work by the supporting characters, and some increasingly irritating work by Michael Scott, who has turned into a needy little child over the six years on television.

    The thing that always made me like Michael Scott was that he had the feel of a boss but still acted goofy second. He wanted to be a great boss, but he let his goofiness dictate the way he managed. For the past two seasons, it seems as if he's just acted ridiculous and insane for no reason other than acting ridiculous and insane. I could see some radical bosses acting the way Scott does in earlier seasons, but now? There's just no way. He still has some of the best talking heads of the show, but its the way he acted around Jo and other characters that just made him feel a lot needier than normal.

    However, I loved the work that the supporting characters did. Jim and Dwight once again proved why they are the characters who have influenced so many other dynamic duos who argue with one another, play pranks on each other and just generally don't get along. Dwight's "Megadesk" was hilarious, and his comment about Pam and Jim being "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle-Dumb-Ass" was awesome.. and of course, Jim finds a way to get back at Dwight in the end; the pranks are back, after nearly a half season of them being missing in action with Jim as co-manager.

    Andy and Erin continue to entertain me as the new couple in The Office, and I have to say, I'd rather see something a little different than Jim and Pam than being subjected to the same old "Will they, won't they?" schtick. It's apparent we're not going to see them together with at least a little bit of tension and problems, but at least they're funny (Andy in a kilt/field hockey dress = priceless). Meredith, as usual, was unfunny, and seeing Todd Packer return for the first time in three or four years was awesome.

    Overall, it was a funny episode of The Office again, but this season certainly hasn't stood out as much as other seasons. There have been some really great episodes (the wedding episode, the birth episode, the premiere, some of the earlier episodes as well), and some god-awful ones (Mafia, The Banker etc.), but as long as the showrunners know when to end the show and not carry it out forever, I'll be happy. Right now, it's clear the end is near, so if they can end on a high note, I'll be happymoreless
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Sam Daly


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Kathy Bates

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Todd Packer

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    • Packer: (on the phone with Michael from a bar) Dude, I've been here since three. I've boot and rallied twice.
      Michael: How's the lady situation?
      Packer: Fat and ugly—you might actually have a chance.
      Michael: Ah, damn, that sounds great. Unfortunately, I am stuck here because my boss is making us work late.
      Packer: Oh, here's what you do: hike up your skirt and pull out your tampon, borrow some balls, and come meet me!
      Michael: Eh, maybe next year.
      Packer: Maybe next queer.

    • Andy: Erin and I have our first date tonight, and it has to be perfect. Why? Because according to How I Met Your Mother, that's the date that your kids are going to wait patiently to hear about, and you'd better have a good story to tell them.

    • Dwight: They say that no man is an island. False, I am an island. And this island is volcanic. And it is about to erupt, with the molten hot lava... of strategy.

    • Dwight: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass have been away on maternity leave. But now Tweedle Dumbass is back and we have a problem. Yes, getting hooked on Megadesk was my own damn fault. But, (sighs) I don't care about assigning blame. All I care about, is Megadesk. That is all I care about. Getting. More. Megadesk.

    • Erin: I'm a little sick, but I don't want to miss my date with Andy. I'll get better. Whenever I get sick it goes away within a few hours. Except once when I was in the hospital, from age three to six.

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