The Office

Season 5 Episode 14

Stress Relief (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2009 on NBC
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When Dwight's unannounced fire-safety drill gives Stanley a heart attack, Michael decides the office needs help with stress relief. While watching a bootleg movie, Andy believes Jim and Pam are film gurus from hearing them discuss her parents' faltering marriage.

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  • The one after the Super Bowl

    This was the best opening ever. It does not get better then this. I have never laughed so hard. Dwight starts a fire to prove a point on safety. One of the funniest scenes of the series followed. Michael's line was the best. It's too bad that it's uncensored. I think the producers did a good job of making this scene hilarious, not too over the top, and at the same time not serious at all. All of this chaos caused Stanley to have a heart attack. How Michael tried to save him was also very funny. At the end the office was in a mess and Stanley in the hospital.

    Maybe one reason why this episode was so good was because this followed the Super Bowl. I think everyone step up their game. Michael realizes there is stress in the office and takes upon himself to get rid of it. Another reason why this episode was very good was because the meetings were good. After the chaos happened Dwight and Michael go to corporate. It's very amusing how Dwight thinks what he did was nothing wrong. It's funny how Michael deflects the blame. The end result is having someone teach a CPR class. This was one of the best meeting this series did. As usual Michael takes over the class. What made this meeting even better and funnier was the input from the office employees. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the song that Michael did with Andy signing, Kelly dancing and then everyone joining in on the song. This alone would make the meeting good bu then Dwight cut off the face of the dummy. Again Dwight and Michael go to corporate. Dwight is then given punishment. He again thinks that he did nothing wrong. This is what makes the character of Dwight so good. In yet another meeting Michael finds out he is the cause of the stress in the office.

    This leads to Michael to having everyone doing a roast for him in his honor. I liked the moment when he tells them they are serious. how everyone just writes so freely. Similar to when someone stole from the office, everyone gets their own two cents in. I think everyone did a good job. It was just like a roast you see on Comedy Central but a lot less swearing. Michael's comeback were lame but it's made it funny. Maybe it's due how far everyone went or how Michael is, but whatever the reason he, Michael left feeling sad. I thought he did a job of acting in that scene. I just want to get this out of the way. The movie that Andy downloaded and had Jim and Pam watched was the only bad part of this episode. If the intention was to make a bad movie, then bravo. However I due understand that since was after the Super Bowl, NBC wanted some big name actors. I also understand there was a limited time to make this episode. It kind of remained me of the Michael Scarn movie (sorry about the spoiler) or the wedding bride (HIMYM)

    The episode wasn't all laughs as Pam's dad and mom are going through a rough patch. It's so bad that they separate. I think maybe how Jim helped or maybe hurt was very sweet of him. What Pam said of the future holds for her and Jim was a very nice moment. Also a funny moment when Andy thinks Pam is making a comment on the movie. The Pam storyline was nicely sprinkled in this episode.

    The ending while not nearly as funny (and it's not meant to be) was a great way to end this episode. Michael's jokes on everyone were all funny. It was nice to see Stanly laugh. If you watch this episode it's best to watch it on DVD or online on as one episode. The deleted scenes so long enough to make their own episode are well worth watching. There are many reasons this episode is great and I could go all day long (that's what she said) If you don't like this episode there is something wrong with you.moreless
  • Favorite Jim and Pam moment.

    I love this episode except for the Jack Black movie, I thought that was really weird, but I laughed so hard at the opening with the fire drill. That being said, my favorite moment was with Jim and Pam and he's worried because he thinks he broke up her parents marriage but all he did was talk about how amazing Pam was and how he wanted to be with her for the rest of their lives. That was, hands down my favorite Jim and Pam moment of the show. In fact, I think I'll go watch that episode right now.moreless
  • dwight conducts a safety seminar and michael hosts his own roast.

    Omg. I almost wet myself watching this episode! It was soooooooo funny. Exactly why I watch office in the first place, ridiculous antics and Michael "thinks" he's the coolest boss ever. So much so he hosts his own roast.

    Dwight decides to conduct a safety seminar. He starts off by setting a fire in the office. During the mayhem, Stanley has a heart attack. When he returns to work, the bing in a rep to demonstrate cpr. Dwight stabs the cpr dummy, cuts off it's face and wears it as a mask. OMG! My stepson and I talked about it for weeks. I seriously almost peed myself, I was laughing so hard! Michael, of course is his delusional self. He thinks he's such a great boss. What better way to prove how much his employees love and respect him than to have a roast. Of course, it doesn't turn out as planned. Everyone is brutally honest. No one holds back and Michael realizes that maybe he's not loved as much as he thinks he is.

    Pam's comment about Michael's "thing" and the ipod was priceless. Andy's song was cool. After a while, Michael returns and roasts his employees. No one really takes his comments seriously. All is well again.moreless
  • Funniest episode thus far

    This is by far one of the funniest The Office episodes i have watched so far. The beginning where Dwight causes the fire and everybody panics made me laugh hysterically. Although every episode is extremely funny this one by far has been the best one. Later on when they had the first aid dummy dwight as always was hillarious with this. The mask he cut off and wore made me laugh like crazy. I hope they keep making funny episodes with hysterical emotion we recieved in this specific episode. Can't wait to hit up the new episode which came out this week.moreless
  • 513

    The cold opening in this episode was amazing: Dwight's fire drill. Probably one of the best Office moments in the history of time, and it's a lot to say, because that is more than what I can say than the rest of the season 5 episodes. From Angela throwing her cat to the ceiling to just everyone freaking out in general, it was just a very enjoyable and memorable moment of The Office.

    As for the rest of the episode, it definitely was not bad, I was seeing some of the old entities that I saw in the first couple of seasons. My favorite scene would definitely have to be the whole office dancing to "Stayin' Alive" when it was supposed to be a CPR procedure, absolutely hilarious.

    As the episode progressed, it did seem to go down a bit, but it was still enjoyable, I loved the roast, and how everyone insulted Michael, definitely what he deserved. Just a rare great episode in season 5.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Oscar's rant in Spanish translates as, "You give me an ulcer every time I wake up, and I have to come to work. I have to come to work for you. For you!"

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    • The French episode title is "Temps de stress", meaning "Stressful Times". The Spanish title is "Liberación de tensiones", an exact translation.

    • International Airdates: Latin America: September 7 (Part 1) and 14 (Part 2), 2009 on Canal FX

    • Music: "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, sung by Steve Carell; "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees sung by the cast; "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates; "All Out of Love" by Air Supply; "Lady" by Little River Band; "Have a Little Faith" by John Hiatt.

    • This hour-long episode aired immediately following Super Bowl XLIII, simultaneously across all time zones (excepting being delayed in the Super Bowl participant cities of Pittsburgh and Phoenix). Scheduled to air at 10:30 ET, it actually started at 10:40 and featured special opening credits that showed all show stars. It more than doubled The Office's previous best viewership.


    • Angela's "You Might Be Michael Scott" roast and Jim's "Spiteherface/Spiderface" comment are both references to comedian Jeff Foxworthy and his "You Might Be a Redneck" and "Redneck Dictionary" material.

    • Dwight's cutting off the CPR dummy's face and placing over his own, followed by licking his lips, plays on Hannibal Lecter's cutting off a guard's face and using it to make his escape in Jonathan Demme's 1991 film, The Silence of the Lambs.

    • Andy's song at the roast of Michael is sung to the tune of The Romantics' 1979 song, "What I Like About You".