The Office

Season 5 Episode 14

Stress Relief (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • The one after the Super Bowl

    This was the best opening ever. It does not get better then this. I have never laughed so hard. Dwight starts a fire to prove a point on safety. One of the funniest scenes of the series followed. Michael's line was the best. It's too bad that it's uncensored. I think the producers did a good job of making this scene hilarious, not too over the top, and at the same time not serious at all. All of this chaos caused Stanley to have a heart attack. How Michael tried to save him was also very funny. At the end the office was in a mess and Stanley in the hospital.

    Maybe one reason why this episode was so good was because this followed the Super Bowl. I think everyone step up their game. Michael realizes there is stress in the office and takes upon himself to get rid of it. Another reason why this episode was very good was because the meetings were good. After the chaos happened Dwight and Michael go to corporate. It's very amusing how Dwight thinks what he did was nothing wrong. It's funny how Michael deflects the blame. The end result is having someone teach a CPR class. This was one of the best meeting this series did. As usual Michael takes over the class. What made this meeting even better and funnier was the input from the office employees. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the song that Michael did with Andy signing, Kelly dancing and then everyone joining in on the song. This alone would make the meeting good bu then Dwight cut off the face of the dummy. Again Dwight and Michael go to corporate. Dwight is then given punishment. He again thinks that he did nothing wrong. This is what makes the character of Dwight so good. In yet another meeting Michael finds out he is the cause of the stress in the office.

    This leads to Michael to having everyone doing a roast for him in his honor. I liked the moment when he tells them they are serious. how everyone just writes so freely. Similar to when someone stole from the office, everyone gets their own two cents in. I think everyone did a good job. It was just like a roast you see on Comedy Central but a lot less swearing. Michael's comeback were lame but it's made it funny. Maybe it's due how far everyone went or how Michael is, but whatever the reason he, Michael left feeling sad. I thought he did a job of acting in that scene. I just want to get this out of the way. The movie that Andy downloaded and had Jim and Pam watched was the only bad part of this episode. If the intention was to make a bad movie, then bravo. However I due understand that since was after the Super Bowl, NBC wanted some big name actors. I also understand there was a limited time to make this episode. It kind of remained me of the Michael Scarn movie (sorry about the spoiler) or the wedding bride (HIMYM)

    The episode wasn't all laughs as Pam's dad and mom are going through a rough patch. It's so bad that they separate. I think maybe how Jim helped or maybe hurt was very sweet of him. What Pam said of the future holds for her and Jim was a very nice moment. Also a funny moment when Andy thinks Pam is making a comment on the movie. The Pam storyline was nicely sprinkled in this episode.

    The ending while not nearly as funny (and it's not meant to be) was a great way to end this episode. Michael's jokes on everyone were all funny. It was nice to see Stanly laugh. If you watch this episode it's best to watch it on DVD or online on as one episode. The deleted scenes so long enough to make their own episode are well worth watching. There are many reasons this episode is great and I could go all day long (that's what she said) If you don't like this episode there is something wrong with you.
  • Favorite Jim and Pam moment.

    I love this episode except for the Jack Black movie, I thought that was really weird, but I laughed so hard at the opening with the fire drill. That being said, my favorite moment was with Jim and Pam and he's worried because he thinks he broke up her parents marriage but all he did was talk about how amazing Pam was and how he wanted to be with her for the rest of their lives. That was, hands down my favorite Jim and Pam moment of the show. In fact, I think I'll go watch that episode right now.
  • dwight conducts a safety seminar and michael hosts his own roast.

    Omg. I almost wet myself watching this episode! It was soooooooo funny. Exactly why I watch office in the first place, ridiculous antics and Michael "thinks" he's the coolest boss ever. So much so he hosts his own roast.

    Dwight decides to conduct a safety seminar. He starts off by setting a fire in the office. During the mayhem, Stanley has a heart attack. When he returns to work, the bing in a rep to demonstrate cpr. Dwight stabs the cpr dummy, cuts off it's face and wears it as a mask. OMG! My stepson and I talked about it for weeks. I seriously almost peed myself, I was laughing so hard! Michael, of course is his delusional self. He thinks he's such a great boss. What better way to prove how much his employees love and respect him than to have a roast. Of course, it doesn't turn out as planned. Everyone is brutally honest. No one holds back and Michael realizes that maybe he's not loved as much as he thinks he is.

    Pam's comment about Michael's "thing" and the ipod was priceless. Andy's song was cool. After a while, Michael returns and roasts his employees. No one really takes his comments seriously. All is well again.
  • Funniest episode thus far

    This is by far one of the funniest The Office episodes i have watched so far. The beginning where Dwight causes the fire and everybody panics made me laugh hysterically. Although every episode is extremely funny this one by far has been the best one. Later on when they had the first aid dummy dwight as always was hillarious with this. The mask he cut off and wore made me laugh like crazy. I hope they keep making funny episodes with hysterical emotion we recieved in this specific episode. Can't wait to hit up the new episode which came out this week.
  • 513

    The cold opening in this episode was amazing: Dwight's fire drill. Probably one of the best Office moments in the history of time, and it's a lot to say, because that is more than what I can say than the rest of the season 5 episodes. From Angela throwing her cat to the ceiling to just everyone freaking out in general, it was just a very enjoyable and memorable moment of The Office.

    As for the rest of the episode, it definitely was not bad, I was seeing some of the old entities that I saw in the first couple of seasons. My favorite scene would definitely have to be the whole office dancing to "Stayin' Alive" when it was supposed to be a CPR procedure, absolutely hilarious.

    As the episode progressed, it did seem to go down a bit, but it was still enjoyable, I loved the roast, and how everyone insulted Michael, definitely what he deserved. Just a rare great episode in season 5.
  • Dwight causes a fire to the office and everyone freaks out. Michael has to deal with the issues and Stanley has a heart attack.

    This episode sucked. SIKE!!! This was a great episode and was funny. It had many important parts including Pam and Jim yet it was just hilarious. The cold open was truly incredible because it had me howling. Dwight cutting the face of the dummy was just one of the best moments of the office ever. Pam and the ipod joke was funny and this goes up there with Casino Night, and Health Care, which are very different episodes. The office was horrible last week but has returned. Season 5 has been a roller coaster with not as many great moments, but this episode is an exception.
  • A great episode, especially well choosen to be aired after the Super Bowl to draw in new fans!

    This episode was so well written that I only have a one tiny problem with it. And that problem is that I did not find the Jack Black and Jessica Alba movie funny at all. I loved Andy getting confused with Jim and Pam discussing real life parallels with the movie though, so it made that whole plot worth it. Plus the fans haven't had a good Jim and Pam moment in a while, so it was great that in this episode we got to see again that they are perfect for eachother. Michael drives me crazy sometimes, so of course this episode was very special to me. When Ed Helms sang "What I Hate About You," I didn't think television could get any better.
  • one of the best

    This episode was absolutely amazing! I didn't even care about the superbowl firstly because the eagles were not in it and secondly that the office was right afterwards. It was the first time i had ever wanted a superbowl to end so badly. The first 5 minutes of the episode were the best five minutes of the entire series and pam's comment about michaels "thing" during the roast was hilarious. The only thing that i thought was disappointing about this episode was the apparent guest stars in the pirated movie. It was boring and had very few laughs. This episode reminds me of the superb episodes back in season 2.
  • You just have to see it for yourself. Classic Michael and Dwight moments. You're love for pam and jim only grows stronger!

    HAHAH. This season hasnt been that great but this episode definetely represented why the office is amazing. The cold opening was brilliant, classic Dwight. The whole thing with andy and the movie would of been a complete dud, instead of just a minor waste of time, if it hadnt been for pam and jim. Finally, the roast of Michael, was classic Michael. I think one of the more intersting parts of this was how angela was actually part of the group and went along with something without any protest. And, of course pam's amazing ipod shuffle joke! Even though this episode was amazing, it's time for something BIG to happy in the office.
  • Dwight and Michael on a roll

    I really felt good after watching this episode. Reason - I don't know, maybe it's just the fact that this installment dint suck big time as the previous ones. One of the longer versions of the office in terms of time, this one easily had an awesome opening with Dwight's fire drill and the subsequent heart attack suffered by Stanley. We do get to see some awkward moments that are typical of any office episode like the CPR scene. Another good storyline where Micheal organizes a roast for himself, is something that stands out story-wise, considering the writing debacle for the whole of this season. The final scene where Michael vents out his feelings was both funny and poignant. Well done Office!

    - Creed, your teeth just called - your breath stinks!
  • A promising start, ends with a disappointing ending.

    The beginning of the episode was fresh and new and brought back the laughter that was seen before the writer strike. After the entire fire scene(s), the episode gradually begun to spiral downwards. It wasn't anything really that new and some of the scenes basically made no sense. The one thing that grabbed my attention during the Superbowl promos was the special cast of Jack Black. I figured Jack Black being put into a office setting with all the awkwardness that occurs on a daily basis would be classic. I soon would realize, that his part in the show was basically non-existent and pointless. Another let down from this season.
  • Best opening in a long time, Running, screaming, smashing of windows and vending machines, cats being thrown about.

    Oh my gosh best opening ever! I mean hysterical stuff! People running, screaming, smashing windows and vending machines. Cats being thrown about, it's madness. Dwight sets a fire in the office and right away you know the reactions are going to be priceless but everyone is fine form. Oscar tries to escape through the ceiling and ends up falling through, along with Angela's cat (who surprise surprise is in a file cabinet). Jim 'is not dying in here' and attempts to break down a door with their old junk copy machine (guess they should have bought a new one after all). And Stanley has a heart attack! I was in hysterics, seriously just the best opening in a really long time. Michael screaming at Stanley you're black as he was lying their having a heart attack was so awesome/horrifying and so Michael.

    And you'd think attempting to burn down The Office was bad enough but then Dwight manages to get worse by knifing the CPR dummy then cutting off it's face and wearing it....great way to end the already great CPR seminar. I won't say much about the Jack Black Jessica Alba illegally downloaded movie because it was a small cameo and while it was funny it didn't over take the episode which is just what I wanted.

    The Jim and Pam stuff was great too. I was a tad worried that the stuff Pam's parents were going through would may cause trouble for Jim/Pam but now I don't know what I was thinking. Of course it made Pam a little on edge for a moment but it wasn't about Jim (I think I assume crash posititions every time I hear the slightest whisper there could be trouble for them because of everything that happened after the season 2 finale into season 3), she was just sad her parents were maybe splitting up. Their last scene of the episode was great and so sweet. Yet another wonderful wonderful Jim/Pam moment! Not to mention Pam's comment that 'when you're a kid you assume your parents are soul mates. My kids are going to be right about that'. I mean oooooh my goooosh. Maybe we'll get the wedding this season after all....

    Overall the episode didn't disappoint, didn't try to overkill the guest starts, resisted the temptation to make it an oh so special cliched episode just because it was on after the superbowl and wasn't afraid to put in plenty of crazed laughs and a little romance. It was everything an episode of The Office ought to be.
  • A first time for everything - an office episode that had me glancing at my watch wondering when it would be over.

    A first time for everything - an office episode that had me glancing at my watch wondering when it would be over.

    Weak, clumsy, blunt and tired. This episode lacked the subtlety, timing and well tuned delivery that usually make the show strong. Felt like it was written and directed by someone new - someone who understands the formula but not the subtleties that make it work. What I did get from this episode was a renewed appreciation for how many things have to come together to make the show work. The difference between a typical strong episode and a terrible one like this are relatively subtle. Usually I'm laughing out loud but this time I didn't manage to crack a smile through the entire episode.
  • Probably the funniest episode of "The Office", ever!! The opening was just amazingly funny and what a great way to segue from the Super Bowl.

    I really, really do not know where to begin. The first five minutes of the show, the cold opening, was the absolute best. Dwight was going to teach everyone a lesson on why fire safety was important. Naturally, Dwight decides to stage a "fake" fire. Too bad for Dwight and wonderful for us, it goes horribly wrong. All of the DM staff are running around trying to escape, but can't because Dwight torched every door handle so it would appear hot. I do not want to ruin much more of it by giving the whole opening away, but it was an instant classic just after the opening scene. Jim and Pam's relationship was tested in this episode, but compared to all of the chaos with Dwight, it seemed miniscule. Jack Black, Jessica Alba and Cloris Leachman guest starred in the fictional bootlegged movie, "Mrs. Hannaday", where Jack Black falls in love with his fiancee's grandmother, played by Cloris Leachman. It was funny add-on to the show and was a great way to have Andy be involved in the episode. Jim and Pam have let Pam's dad move in because her parents are going through a rough patch. When Jim talks to Pam's dad at Pam's request, he (Pam's dad) decides to leave his wife. Pam, thinking Jim said something wrong to her father, instantly accuses him and we see a little riff between the two. It is later revealed that Jim told Pam's dad he loved Pam so much and couldn't imagine spending one day without her, and Pam's dad realized he never had that with Pam's mom. So, to ease all of the stress in the office, Michael decides to have a Comedy Central Roast of himself and since all of the staff members are quite ticked off at him because they all realize he is the cause of all of their stress, they have no problem coming up with material, albeit, hurtful.

    The show just is one big fun ride from beginning to end and this just proves that after five seasons and almost one hundred episodes, "The Office" will continue to make hilarious episodes such as this one for a long time to come!
  • Dwight's antics lead to Stanley having a heart attack. Michael organizes a roast of himself when he discovers he is Stanley's stressor.

    This was the big show for The Office, right after the superbowl the folks at Dunder Mifflin would be expecting a huge audience. Needless to say this episode not only had to be funny but essential sell the entire show to a new audience thus bringing in all the little quirks the long time fans have adored for so long. But I am pleased to say that this episode manage to do all this with a lot of laughs as well as heart along the way.

    The cold opening sets the scene when Dwight decides to plan a real life fire as a drill for the other workers to be more prepared. This elaborate drill goes south when Stanley drops from a heart attack as panic hits an all time high. After being summoned to corportate twice (the second for a brutal act on a first aid doll) Dwight must makan apology to the rest of the office then get them to sign a slip saying they accept his remorse. Needless to say the signatures are not forthcoming and Dwight must resort to deception to get the signatures.

    Michael does all he can to make things less stressful for Stanley only to find that he is the reason for all the stress in the office. To try and alleviate this stress he organizes a roast of himself where his entire office can sling insults at him and open up. Though the roast starts light and easy (Angela's quiz and Jim's standup is hilarious) but soon turns bad as the time drags on (Pam and Dwight are particularly brutal). Michael is hurt by this and takes a sick day after the roast.

    Meanwhile Jim and Pam decide to decide to watch a bootleg movie with Andy Starring Jack Black, Jessica Alba and Cloris Leachman. As the movie is playing Pam and Jim carefully discuss problems between Pam's mom and dad. The conversation is done in front of Andy who thinks they are discussing the deeper elements of the film they are watching. He comes to the conclusion that Jim and Pam are movie geniuses.

    Pam is desperate for her parents to patch things up as her dad is living with Jim and Pam. She asks Jim to talk to her dad but from this talk her dad decides to leave her mom (man being Australian it is killing me to spell mum that way) for good. She is worried that whatever Jim told her dad will come back to her in years to come. This is the part of the Office that really stood out for me as it showed the heart that the show has.

    This ep ticks all the boxes, not only is it the best episode of the season it also covers alot of ground for the millions of newcomers as well as enough for big fans to enjoy. It was funny, it was heartfelt and it was very witty. It felt like season 2 or 3 all over again as far as the quality is concerned. And on a final note, I am so happy that the opening credits now include the rest of the cast, the guys who keep the show afloat in so many eps that they really deserve much more credit. Keep it up guys, you're doing great!
  • Absolutely amazing. The cold opening alone made me give this episode an automatic 9. And for the rest...

    Still brilliant. Heck the fact that they put all of the characters into the opening credits made me even happier. When I realized the whole fire thing was just the cold opening I got nervous that the rest of the episode would stink but it did not.

    They Michael roast plot was very good with some great roasting by the office workers. When Michael said he wanted a roast I just knew it would not end well for him but it all played out good.

    The entire CPR scene was great from everyone singing and dancing to Dwight cutting off the dolls face and wearing it(CREPPY!)

    The pirated movie plot was okay. Thank god we only got about 2 seconds of Jessica Alba and I could have lived without seeing Jack black make out with Cloris Leechman but whatever. It was awkward which is the office so it didn't take away from the episode.

    The Jim/Pam story...well
    It was okay I guess. Nothing great. They never have fun plots together anymore. It's always relationship plots with those two. Hmm... people loved seasons 2 and 3 (no Jim and Pam). Some people felt season 4 and maybe 5 lack (There is Jim and Pam) pattern maybe?
  • The Office attempts to bring in new viewers, and does a good job... however, there were many cringe-worthy moments and some odd storylines used to dumb down the format of the show.

    The Office's post-Super Bowl episode, "Stress Relief", was a wonderful example and probably season 5's best to this point; however, it was awkward and forced at points, attempting to draw new viewers in.

    The cold open (fire scene) was the best cold open I've ever seen for the show, even if it was a little long. It was absolutely hilarious and very, very well directed. What awes me about The Office is its ability to draw in new viewers while having small jokes to please the veterans of the show. This cold open did just that, with odd actions by Creed and Angela, which were hilarious to both seasoned Office fans and those unfamiliar with the show. It also tied in very nicely to the main plot for the episode.

    It was wonderful to see more of Leslie David Baker as Stanley this evening, because he truly does a wonderful job. Stanley's plot was hilarious and served as a good centerpiece to the entire episode.

    Almost all the secondary characters were given an opportunity to shine this episode, and it was well appreciated. Meredith got a little less screen time than any of the other minor characters, but she received plenty in "Business Ethics" and "Moroccan Christmas" earlier in the season.

    Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson were also in top form, and Michael's quick roast at the end of the episode was inevitable, but absolutely wonderful. Dwight's escapades in the beginning of the episode, and the subsequent reactions from corporate were very well done. David Wallace really doesn't care much about anything at all. Phyllis's signature was a nice running gag through the episode.

    The only plotlines I had trouble with were the Jim/Pam ones in this episode. I thought it was very funny that Andy assumed Jim/Pam were talking about the movie, but the whole pirated movie story was very weak, in my opinion. It was just an excuse to get 3 big name stars onto the show to entice new viewers. Valuable minutes of the hour-long episode were given up to something which was over-hyped from the beginning.

    Also, Pam's parents were odd and felt out of place. Jim/Pam storylines have NOT been funny this season, and I hope The Office realizes that it is a COMEDY, not a romance.

    The episode was a bit disjointed with all the plots running around (fire, CPR, roast, Jim/Pam, pirated movie), but overall, very well done.
  • As usual, The Office takes some unexpected turns. Some of Dwight's finest work can be found here.

    First the faux fire. Absolutely brilliant! This is one of my favorite "exercises" Dwight has pulled! I couldn't stop laughing at the reactions (and how utterly disorganized) of everyone in the office- especially Oscar hopping into the ceiling and Angela trying to throw her cat (hidden in an office drawer?!) up there! The result, however was Stanley having a heart attack and nearly dying. Corporate asked to see Michael and Dwight, and I was amused at Michael's absent-mindedness at realizing that he, too, was in trouble! (However, at this point- it's becoming unbelievable that they don't get fired.)

    Mike learns that it is he causing stress for everyone at the office and he decides to throw a roast in his honor- (so not a good idea- he'd really be asking for it!) as expected, the employees really lay into him, and Michael gets his feelings hurt. It was here that I hoped for a somewhat more fulfilling conclusion; instead Mike just tries to roast everyone back and they all laugh and all is well. Huh...

    There was also a subplot involving Pam's divorcing parents (didn't care), in which they tried to throw some more friction at her and Jim, but no- fake out! They are more in love than ever! yay! ...gag me...
    And Jack Black and Jessica Alba (for about 3 seconds) are in a movie-within-the-show. Amusing.
  • Dwight plans a fake fire; Michael plans a roast for himself yet is unhappy when people respond positively to it.

    This will be the highest rated episode of The Office ever, and it was a rarity for Season 5 because it was fairly enjoyable. There were some definite awkward points in the show where things felt poorly-written but there were also a plethora of strong jokes to make up for it.

    The opening scene probably hooked a lot of new viewers as it was very well-done. Dwight was on in this episode and Michael almost seemed back to old form with such clever responses as thinking thirty five hundred meant 5300, and calling the warehouse worker Roy. Oscar was great, and Creed was outstanding as usual given the extra time. I even laughed at Pam's roast, but still think that Jenna Fischer needs to get kidnapped and taken to acting classes.

    All in all a fine episode that probably did some good for NBC. It wasn't Season 2 or Season 3 quality, but certainly above average for this year.
  • This is the first episode I have watched of this series, and I loved it!

    This was a great episode, and my first of the series. After Stanley has a heart attack, h has to sit in a wheelchair. The fire seminar took him out. It was a really funny episode. I like the fact that it doesn't have the laugh track. That would of ruined it. I added my own laughing a couple times. It was very authentic, and very funny. Overall, this was one of the greatest episodes of any show that I have watched. I would say that the funniest part was "You can't die, Obama's the president!" That was very funny, and if I can catch any more episodes, I would watch them. This was a great epsiode.