The Office

Season 2 Episode 18

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • The Kids came to the office

    This was an episode that was very cute. It was good seeing the kids interact with each other and the other staff members. It was funny how Pam tried to get the kids to like her, to only fail until the end. Not surprisingly, Jim is good with kids. IT shows that he can be a good dad. I thought it was funny how Jim and Abby were talking about Dwight like kids. Another funny moment happened when Kelly told Stanley about Ryan and his daughter. Stanley yelling at Ryan was a moment to remember. That scene was shoot perfectly.

    Another good moment happened when you found out that Michael was on a TV show as a child. Even as a child Michael was still Michael. His remark on what he wanted to be when he grew up and the response of the puppet was pretty comical. Even though the kids were intended to be mean, you had to feel sorry for him a little bit after the video was shown. My only complaint about this episode was that Darryl's daughter wasn't here and when Ryan went to get the video, you didn't get to see Michael's mom. It was a nice moment when Michael was talking to Toby after the video was shown. It was one of the few times Michael did not insult him. I like that Michael insults Toby at every chance he gets, but he sees that he is not all bad. You get to see that Jim doesn't want to be by Pam much by just leaving on his "date." The ending was very sweet when Michael said goodbye to Toby's daughter, Sasha.
  • When 4 office staffers bring their kids to work, the dynamic is changed for the day. Pam tries to achieve her goal of making one kid like her, Jim makes friends with shy Abby, Michael bonds with Toby's daughter, and archive footage shows a young Michael.

    When I had to pick a classification for this episode, I decided to go with "Revealing" because we see sides of several characters that we've never seen before.

    Michael: Though it isn't a surprise to see how much he wants kids, it is revealing that he can bond with Sasha despite disliking Toby so much. And the glimpse into his past is priceless and a little sad--the poor kid had no friends.

    Jim: Of course he's good with kids! The charming and agreeable guy even finds a new friend to laugh at Dwight with for the day.

    Pam: Pam has trouble getting kids to like her, though it isn't clear why. Maybe she just hasn't spent much time around them? Still, Pam is able to bond with Meredith's son Jake. She has a soft spot sometimes for the people who really need friends (would anyone else be able to survive as Michael's assistant for more than a few weeks?).

    Stanley: His outburst, when Kelly misleads him into believing that Ryan is flirting with his daughter, is priceless. Kevin: Poor Kev, he's trying so hard to impress his fiance's daughter. He seems to genuinely like her, just doesn't know how to interact with her.
  • "I don't get why parents are always complaining about how tough it is to raise kids. I joke around with 'em, you give 'em pizza, you give 'em candy. You let 'em live their lives. They’re adults for God's sake."

    It is "Take Your Daughter To Work Day." Michael is not happy about this, because he feels that he is not good with kids. Michael actually gets along great with the kids, and especially likes Toby's daughter, Sasha. He gets Ryan to bring over a tape from when he was on a fictional show called "Fundle Bundle." This is actually pretty sad, because when Michael was a kid, he said he wanted to be married and have 100 kids, and he is a bit of a loser now. Michael is depressed, and surprisingly, Toby (who Michael hates) comforts him.

    This episode has a lot of character development, and has heart. It shows that Michael does actually have feelings and can be a pretty decent guy sometimes. There were many funny parts, such as Dwight's comments about the Nazis, and Michael and Dwight singing at the end.

    This is a very good episode, and is almost a classic.
  • The employees bring their children into work. Michael takes a liking to his enemy Toby's daughter, and Pam tries to convince one kid to like her.

    Mindy Kaling is a genius! She plays kelly and writes some episodes, such as Hot Girl, The Injury, Take Your Daughter To Work Day, and The Dundies. The actors really are some of the best on television. This episode, especially, Steve Carell, John Krasinski (who i love, hence the user name) and, Leslie David Barker, and B.J. Novak were epically funny! Some great quotes include: \"Are you mother goose?\" \"Next stop: Kow...Kabunga!\" and of course the whole part when Michael chooses the name Little Kid Lover for the online dating service to show women \"where his priorities are\". This show really shows what american tv should be like. Long Live the Office!
  • The pilot was a travesty that was almost unwatchable, 20 or so episodes later, watch out Frasier, Cheers, All in the family, Mash, we have another classic in the making

    When I first watched the pilot to the US adaptation of the UK mockumentary of the same name, i had nothing but disdain for US-made sitcoms. Nothing this series could do could even compare to what the UK series had accomplished in 12 episodes and a Xmas special. One and a half seasons later, I find myself admitting what I would never imagine admitting to, the US version of the Office has lived up to what the UK version achieved. The two series shouldn't be compared to each other anymore, instead they should be discussed contemporaneously. No doubt, the Office is the best sitcom currently in the US, it is incredibly underrated and the quality of its acting is good enough to rank alongside anything from Desparate housewives, House MD and the Sopranos. The writing is genuis. Little subtleties are thrown into each episode and more than one viewing is required just to realize that they are there. Who knew so much could happen in the simple working environment of a paper-selling office. However what lifts the Office from merely good to superb is the fact that all the characters are three-dimensional. There are no characatures, stereotypes that are a dime-a-dozen in other sitcoms. Complex relationships between employer and employees, fellow employees and even employer/employee children highlight what makes this show so watchable. For those who work in a simple Office environment they will know that this is as realistic as it gets. In this particular episode we delve deeper into the skin of Michael Scott. Whether you like him or hate him there is no denying that a bit of Michael Scott lies in all of us
  • 218

    I got a couple laughs from this episode, but this episode was quite forgettable to be honest. Nothing really stood out here, and it didn't really feel like I was watching The Office, it was just a strange situation.

    Take Your Daughter To Work Day? Does that even exist in today's offices of America? We get to delve in to more of the supporting character's personal lives. Toby has a daughter, Stanley has a daughter who supposedly was getting checked out by Ryan according to Kelly which I honestly thought was the funniest part of the episode. Pam trying to connect with children is a valid plot considering she's going to get married pretty soon, but it wasn't as entertaining as I would have liked it to be. We've got Jim going on a date, (camera closes up on Pam) and then of course we've got Michael and his usual antics. Some laughs from this episode were achieved, not a lot, forgettable as a whole.
  • Well written and good continuity, develops the increasingly complex characters well.

    Watching this show from episode to episode really makes me admire the writers and actors for how well they portray real characters. I think in the beginning the show was introduced with apparently very one-dimensional people which was good for a laugh and the occassional cringe but that was it. Now they are really doing a great job of showing more complex sides to all the characters that seem completely consistent with them.

    In this episode, most of the employees bring their kids to work (mostly girls, but one boy) to hang around the office for the day. Michael, as the boss, is encouraged to do something to interact with the kids and hilarity ensues. Of course, that could have been the end of it, but instead, they bring up a touching/sad side of Michael's life: he didn't become what he wanted to be. Also in this episode, as others have mentioned, Angela + Dwight and Kelly + Ryan have their stories developed a bit more. The Jim + Pam conflicted romance is also being fleshed out well and is creating (IMHO) one of the most terrific relationships on TV right now.

    I disagree with another reviewer who said that he/she is not ready to start liking or redeeming Michael and Dwight. I disagree, I am so pleased that the writers decided to make them real people and not just characitures for us to boo and jeer only.

    Long live the Office!
  • A routine office day is changed when children come to Dunder Mifflin for "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." Michael is surprised when he strikes up a friendship with the five-year old daughter of his sworn enemy, Toby.

    This show was by far the best one to date. It set up so many story lines and was hilrious while doing so. This episode allowed the rest of the office to feel a little compassion of Michael after the revealing kids video. Ryan is scolded by stanley because Stanley\'s daughter won\'t leave him alone. Jim and Pam are starting to drift apart a little and it looks like the writers are setting up for further conflict.From beginning to end this show was funny and brilliant. By far one of the top three US episodes. Look forward to further story lines adapted from this episode.
  • The Funniest moments and gut wrenching drama, all together in the best episode so far!

    The "take your daughter to work day" episode is definately the best so far. There is so many subplots that are all strategically placed throughout the episode, anyone watching is sure to be falling on the floor laughing and wiping away the tears (okay, maybe a little exageration, but not that far off). From Kelly and Ryan's awkward budding romance to Angela and Dwight's secret union to Jim and Pam, still not sure what to do, this episode manages to balance them all, still adding the hilarity of other supporting cast members in between. Michael's love for children comes through and all the chaos of this one day comes together in the end of this amazing installment.
  • What happens when children visit Dunder Mifflin? It gets funnier!

    You'd think that the environment of selling paper would be slow and monotonous. Well, it is. However, at Dunder Mifflin, you know it's never a dull moment.
    We are introduced to some children that belong to some of the office workers. One develops lustful feelings for our favorite "hot" intern and the other, well melts the conductor of the train that is the Office.
    It's a nice change to see more character development through their children's actions.
    As always, the JAM drama continues to unfold. Like previous heart-wrenching moments, more is said between Jim and Pam through subtle silence and not so obvious glances at one another.
    It's not a perfect episode because I wish this episode kept going to show more interaction between the kids and different office workers.
  • this is the greatest episode ever trust me

    one reason this is a great episode is because kevin carlson plays the voice of edwerd meow and this kid is funny he's from the brendan leonard show and micheal acks nice and you see a side of him you never saw before.
    micheal scott is really funny and nice in this episode i recemend see this episode trust me it is good.
  • A nail in the ramp?

    An attempt to humanize the characters Michael and Dwight but I can\'t help get the feeling we\'re trying to redeem Darth Vader at the start of Empire. You know? We\'re not ready to have that \"Archie Bunker holds his little grandchild for the first time\" kind of moment this early in the series.

    There are some people in real offices we don\'t want to know or sympathize with. By the same token, I don\'t want to sympathize yet with Michael or Dwight. Yet. I\'m still happy to boo and jeer at them. Surely, the episode had some touching moments. But I see this episode as the first nail in the ramp that will help the show jump the shark.
  • In this heart-wrenching installment, we get to see how each of the Dunder Mifflinites reacts to children, getting more and more insight into everyone's character.

    This was an amazing episode, a huge bounce back from the disappointing "Dwight's Speech." We see that Pam is not very good with children, Roy likes the roughhousing kind, and Jim is wonderful, talking to kids without pandering to them and sharing their interests without looking too desperate.

    But most revealing is how Michael changes throughout the episode, at first with disappointment that the daughters are coming to the workplace, then awkwardness, then typical trying-to-be-cool Michaelishness, followed by a heartbreaking reveal about what Michael's expectations for his personal life were when he was young and some insight into why he tries so hard to be cool in the present day.

    The episode did a wonderful job of blending the funny moments ("Have you ever seen a foot with four toes?") with the particularly poignant, something that is facinating when the Office is in top form. As with all of my favorite episodes, so much is said from subtle facial expressions, body movements and verbal tics, and having children at Dunder-Mifflin gives the actors a chance to explore different sides of their characters. How people act around children and how people react around co-workers are often completely different things. This episode doesn't disappoint, and goes down as one of my favorites.
  • This episode was really great!

    It starts with Pam putting candies on display, so that children would come and talk to her. Then Michael comes in and it is obvious that he does not like this idea of \"daughters at work\". Then the usual stuff begins, except this time more characters are invovled :) \"Take Your Daughter to Work Day\" episode really displays why \"The Office\" is so great.
  • Wow, wow, wow and oh yeah wow.

    After the last disappointing episode, they came back in full force with this one. Probably will always be one of my favorites. Ryan is starting to develop into a great character. His comments about Kelly and Stanley wer priceless. When Stanely went off on him I just laughed hysterically. The comedy in this one was great.
    "Mr. Poop" was great, everytime he called him that I laughed harder.

    There have been a couple times I have really felt bad for Michael. This was one of them. Even as a child he had no friends. He is a lonely guy. They showed a whole new side when he bonded with Toby's daughter.

    The Michael/Pam show has kind of tkane a back seat. Were it used to be one of the main story lines, since the weddingh date was announced things have gone down hill. The past couple episodes had some great endings. Jim gong to Australia days before the wedding (means he still wants her), and Pam seeming jealous of Jim's date (means she feels for him). I always go back to the Dundies. Watch the epsiode and look how Pam is checking out Jim. I still hope they hook up.

    I can't believe we have to wait another 2 weeks before the next episode and then month until another. Why the crazy schedule?
  • Good episode with wonderful moments for each character.

    I'm a newcomer to this series, but I have to say that this episode was so funny and made me fall in love with each of the characters in that office. Every character had a great moment, which is a credit to the great writing by Mindy Kaling. There are too many moments to name them all but the ones that stood out were: Stanley yelling at Ryan for "sniffing" around his daughter, Ryan's priceless reactions (one to the yelling and the other to Kelly's dream of having babies), Angela smiling at Dwight after he insulted Meredith's son and her subtle plea for Dwight to be the father of her children, Jim connecting with Abby, Pam finally connecting with one child (and I swore that Meredith's son only spoke to her after Jim asked him too, but I'm glad I was wrong), and poor poor Michael, that video was one of the most hilariously awkward and heart breaking scenes on the show, but I'm glad his obnoxious side was toned down. My one problem is the jealous/hurt looks Pam was giving Jim when he told Kevin he had a date and then when he left for the date, since she's the one that has the control to fix the situation, but hopefully that means she will eventually come around to her senses and choose Jim over Roy.
  • The somewhat low score is not a reflection of the episode, more of a reflection of the scoring system used on this website.

    A 10/10 should be used for a show or episode that would be considered a classic. Something that will be remembered decades from now. We all should remember when Sammy Davis Jr. visited Archie Bunker, or when Lucy was stomping grapes. But is anyone going to remember Take your kids to work day? I mean I really enjoyed the episode, it was one of the better episodes this season. More and more Dwight is taking over as my favorite character on the show (previously held my Michael). And also more proof that this version is superior to the BBC version. A all-time classic? No. But there is numbers between 2 and 9 that should be used as well when doing these rankings.
  • Flat out funny!

    Once again the American version of The Office has proven that it can go toe to toe with the British version! And before anyone rips me apart for that let me tell you all that i LOVE the British version and always have! However, what we saw last night was a show that has competely hit its stride and can be placed among the top 3 or 4 comedies on tv today! Michael Scott is a wondefrul character who has the ability to make you laugh and cry in the same scene! I really can not wait for any new episodes of this show!
  • A routine office day is changed when children come to Dunder Mifflin for "Take Your Daughter to Work Day."

    This was a good episode. I only wish it were an hour long instead of just thirty minutes. Could have seen more with each character. Like with Ryan and the young girl or more of Dwight. I suppose that is what happens when you have a lot of great characters: they never seem to get enough air time.
  • Another Mindy Kaling masterpiece

    Maybe "masterpiece" is too strong, but she continues to amaze me with her episodes. She has a real handle on embarrassing office behavior, and obviously doesn't mind poking fun at her character.

    The episode had a really nice balance of humor and pathos, and added even more depth to the characters. For example, who knew Creed had only four toes on one of his feet?

    And what a performance from Edward R. Meow!

    Good choices on casting the kids - they were very natural and funny.

    And well played on the Jim/Pam relationship - he continues to make moves to separate himself romatically, and she continues to be ambivalent.

    Well done, as always!