The Office

Season 1 Episode 4

The Alliance

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2005 on NBC

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  • Dwight and Jim form a team

    This episode shows why the Office is (was) a great series. A 3rd straight funny episode with little or no drop off from the previous episode. The jokes that Jim plays on Dwight are always funny and better when he involves Pam. This time not only Pam involved but this joke was stretched out. Both Jim and Pam did a great job with Dwight. The fact that he never found out was also funny. In this episode, you get to see another side of Michael. This time it's making an event (in this case Meredith's birthday) more about him without realizing it. Even though the ending had some tension, Dwight as a blonde is just so good.
  • Overall great but it could have been funnier

    I thought that this was an overall great episode of "The Office". It wasn't my favorite episode and it also wasn't the funniest episode but it was overall great even though this episode could have been funnier. Dwight forming an alliance with Jim to fight the downsizing was pretty funny. Michael trying to come up with something funny for Meredith was pretty good also. I thought it was very funny when Jim put Dwight in the box and then Jim leaves Dwight behind who is inside the box. Eh, some of the parts in this episode were boring and my score was low because there were some parts that were very boring. I did laugh when everyone is at the office for Meredith's birthday party and Michael tells the jokes he has about Meredith which are the jokes that she is old and all that. The very end of the episode when Jim pranked Dwight to dye his hair was very funny though. Overall, this episode could have been funnier but it was overall great. 8/10
  • Dwight forms an alliance with Jim after hearing more downsizing rumours, while Michael tries to come up with the funniest message to write on Meredith's very early birthday card.

    This episode was my favourite in Season 1, and is a classic. I have always loved the scenes between Dwight and Jim and this is a fine example of their rivalry, but in a different light.

    The scene where Dwight gets into the box is absolutely hilarious, just as all of Pam's overracting is, which leads Dwight to believe that she is coming up with a scheme. Meredith's birthday party is also a very funny scene, with a very funny scenario surrounding it. The birthday card that Meredith got from the group made me laugh, as did Michael's many jokes that he considered putting in the card. I also loved the scene where Michael found out that he had not only donated $25 to Oscar, but $25 a mile for his nephew's walkathon.

    All in all, a classic episode that will be remembered as one of the best.
  • I totally loved this one!

    Because of the down-sizing, Dwight wants to form an alliance with Jim. Jim decides to accept it and he and Pam use it to screw with Dwight. As a morale booster, Michael plans a surprise birthday party for Meredith. He offends her though when he is trying to be funny. Oscar asks Michael to donate money to a charity. It's a Walk-a-thon, but Michael doens't know that. He donates $25 per mile. Dwight gets back at Jim by getting Roy to come to the office. Roy catches Jim and Pam together laughing.

    This episode was so great! Dwight was super-duper funny! I loved it when he went in and came out of the box! The deleted scenes were funny too! This episode was so funny! I give it a 10!
  • This made me an ally to the show

    It's a typical day in The Office and the threat of downsizing affects Michael and Dwight in different ways; Michael wants to throw a brithday party for one of his employees to boost the group morale while Dwight wants to form an alliance to stay protected, pity he chose to do it with the unreliable Jim.

    This episode is a prime example of how the theme of downsizing was intricle to the first season and both plots in this episode stem from it. It's because of this, the first season is bleak in tone. The two plots are very detached and neither involve the other one and despite what is taught in most chemistry classes; a horrible reaction is not caused. The nonstop funniness is what makes this episode a winner and the goldmine of fun that both of the storylines promise.

    What's great is the key to the show's humor is in the writing, few of the jokes (in the first season anyway) rely on slapstick or verbal timing to be funny, it's all about the script. The character of Michael is furthur explored in this episode and as well as the birthday plot; two minor sub - plots are thrown in to aid the Fantastic Voyage of Scott, it's confirmed that not only is he a jerk, which was established firmly in the previous episodes but he is an ignorant and cruel one and with the talented Carrell highlighting those traits so acutely, it's almost like watching a movie villain. Had the character not been drastically overhauled before the second season, it's likely the role would be given to someone else.

    In regards to the alliance; we're never really sure if we're meant to rally behind Jim's pranking of Dwight or whether we're meant to be on Dwight's side despite his fascism but his odd victory over Jim at the end is a triumph for the nerd in everyone. The Alliance is one of the few gems in the patchy first season and is the first sign of the future sensation that the show becomes.
  • One of the better episodes of Season 1

    For me, Season 1 is split into two sections: one that has classic episodes that fit in with the rest of the show and one section that has alright episodes that don't work as well. This is one of the episodes in the first section.

    Perhaps I'm a bit harsh on the early episodes, but I really believe that The Office hit its stride in Season 2 and 3 (even parts of Season 4). These were the best episodes and had some of the greatest moments. However, Season 1 does have some great moments. Seeing Dwight on camera with dyed blond hair was AWESOME, and just a peek at the kind of character Dwight would become in the future episodes. Also, Michael attempting to come up with a joke for Merideth's birthday was hilarious. HIs little "Mary had a little lamb" joke was a great line, and one that I remember the most three years after seeing it for the first time.

    I think the thing about Season 1 was the supporting characters really weren't included as much. There wasn't as much use of Creed or Oscar, Kevin, Angela or Stanley. That's why I give Season 1 so much criticism. It's not that it's bad; it just wasn't the same as its later seasons.

    Nevertheless, this was definitely one of the better episodes from this season.
  • 104

    Definitely one of the best episodes of season 1, if not the best. This episode is completely underrated and deserves a better rating. Dwight & Jim were genius, their plot was absolutely hysterical.

    What was so amazing about this episode was how everything tied together so perfectly. From Oscar's son's walkathon to Meredith's birthday all revolving around the alliance that Jim & Dwight made up, it was hilarious. Jim pranking Dwight is classic on the Office, which was the main focus of this episode.

    Michael insulting Meredith, Pam in on the prank, Roy coming out of nowhere in the end and accusing Jim of making a move on Pam. Just an amazing episode all around, watch this episodes. You even get to see Dwight dye his hair blond!
  • Jim and Dwight

    I having only recently been watching the Office on Netflix and this is the first episode where I really got I a since of some of the characters. This is especially true of Jim and Dwight.

    Dwight's crazy scheme to start an alliance with Jim in order to keep their jobs in the event of a corporate downsizing attack. Jim going along with the alliance in order to play with Dwight's mind was so funny.

    I also really enjoyed Pam in this episode as she helped Jim in his scheme and also as she tried to make the fake birthday party a success.

    The character of Michael is so awful that sometimes it is painful to watch. But he does seem to try hard. This episode really gave me a sense of the characters that the previous episodes haven't.
  • In this episode, Michael is trying to boost morale, so he has a birthday party for Meredith. Dwight asks Jim to form an alliance, and Oscar is petitioning for money for his nephew's Walk-A-Thon.

    This is a pretty clever episode, although not my favorite. The best thing that happens in this entire episode is the hand-waving done by Michael while describing "Oscar's...Nephew's...Walk-A-Thon". Classic. There is another classic Michael moment when he is asked to choose a type of cake for the party. (Mint Chocolate Chip). Then he tries to get Meredith to eat it, even though she is allergic to milk. Pam is great in the wearhouse talking on the phone for the "alliance meeting". I will never forget Dwight wrapped up in the box. Jim also signals to the warehouse workers to take the box.
  • The employees throw a birthday party for Meredith, Jim and Dwight form an alliance, and it is revealed that the color green is "whorish". What's not to like?

    "The Alliance" is the fourth episode of the first season of The Office. Overall, it is not my favorite episode of the first season; it is still, however, extremely funny. This episode centers around two things: one is the planning and execution of Meredith's birthday party, even though her birthday is a month away, and Jim forming an alliance with Dwight against possible downsizing. The funniest part of this episode came from that second plot point; Jim's interactions with Dwight are always hilarious. This episode did have quite a few laughs in it, just like every episode of The Office. I enjoyed - and who wouldn't? - seeing both Dwight being put into a box and breaking out of the box. Watching Michael trying to come up with the perfect line for Meredith's birthday card was also pretty funny. My favorite line from this episode, though, would definitely have to be when Angela says, "I think green is kind of whorish". Who knew? I also enjoyed hearing Jim tell Pam that him and Dwight, "…might build a fort." One part of the episode that I did not particularly enjoy was watching Oscar get very angry at Michael for not reading the full details of the Walk-a-thon. Other than that, this episode was wonderful, and featured great acting, as usual. Though it may not be the best episode of season one, it is still a great episode, and I recommend it to everyone. 9.7/10.
  • Dwight and Jim set up and "alliance." Wow. It just doesn't get much better than that.

    This is probably one of my favorites of the first season, even though there were only six. I mean, come on, it does not get much better to see Jim put Dwight in a box willingly. And then Jim leaves. Absolutely hilarious. I could watch this show over and over again and still probably never get tired of it. Okay, so if you never watched this episode, go right now to the video store and pick up the season and watch it now!!! If you never even watched the show... there may be something wrong with you and you have to go watch it asap.
  • While relatively funny, seems like they were too much like the Brit version. And this ep is a great example of that.

    I'll be starting out every season one review with this:

    Don't get me wrong. I love The Office. I think it's one of the funniest shows on TV right now. It's clever, quick, interesting, with characters. I feel you can really relate to some characters, while also feeling like you know some personality types in real life. That said....

    I think this episode was ok. Dwight getting tricked by Jim has been consistently so far the highlight of the show. However, this ep just was too unoriginal - which feels weird to say given that I think the whole concept of this show is pretty fresh. It just didn't have all I was hoping for in an Office episode.
  • Classic episode, best of the season and one of the best episodes overall.

    I love Dwight and Jim, and this episode had a great combination of both. Dwight fears downsizing so he decides to form an alliance with Jim. In the subplot, Michael wants to have a birthday party for Meredith even though her birthday is a month away. Also, Oscar gets Michael to donate money to a charity for his nephew. This is one of my favorite episodes. Dwight + Jim = love. I loved how Dwight was so gullible and trusting of Jim while Jim was just in the alliance to figure out more ways to trick Dwight. One of the funniest parts of this episode is when Jim convinces Dwight to go down to the warehouse and hide in a box. It is also hilarious to see Dwight breaking out of the box. Then at the end when Dwight finds out that Jim was just tricking him, he was still convinced by Jim to bleach his hair to go undercover.

    The subplot is hilarious as well. Here is one of the funniest quotes about Meredith:

    Michael: I need something kind of embarrasing, you know for fun, inside?
    Dwight: She had a hysterectomy.
    Michael: Which one is that again?
    Dwight It's where they remove the uterus.
    Michael: Oh, God. Dwight, NO! I'm trying to write something funny here. What am I going to do with a removed uterus?
    Dwight: It could be kind of funny.

    It's also funny how Michael thinks his joke about Meredith is great, while it is really just an offensive comment about her age. Near the end of the episode, Michael donates money to Oscar's charity. It's a walkathon, and he donates $25. However, he does not know that it is $25 per mile. His reaction is classic. He ends up paying several hundred dollars. Here's another good quote:

    Michael: When I retire, I don't want to just move to some island somewhere. I want to be the guy who gives it all back. I want it to be like, 'Hey... who donated that hospital wing that's saving so many lives?' 'I don't know. It was anonymous.' 'Well, guess what. It was Michael Scott.' 'But how do you know? It was anonymous.' [pause] 'Because I'm him.'

    Seriously, don't miss this episode. If you only want to watch one season 1 episode, choose this one!
  • The greatness of The Office continues.

    This is another great episode with a ton of very funny moments. I felt that this episode did a very good job of continuing to development each of the characters, especially the secondary characters. I thought that Michael's interaction with Oscar was especially funny. I absolutely loved the whole Jim and Dwight alliance storyline. I thought that John Krasinski did an outstanding job in this episode. Jenna Fischer also did an amazing job in this episode. I loved all of the Jim and Pam scenes in this episode. They were all really great. They are a real testiment to the amazing chemistry that John and Jenna have. All in all, this was a great episode.
  • Another great instalment here!

    Haha - another classic Jim & Dwight related episode here! This one really gets you laughing at the many different things that Jim & Pam make Dwight do. Such as hide in a box in the warehouse, dye his hair white and move to a different state! The hilarious expression on Daryl’s face as Dwight punches himself out of the box is classic!

    The sub-story in this is throwing a party for Meredith (even though her birthday is not for another month). I thought Angela was great in this episode (as she always - how could she not be??!!??) and Michael trying to come up with a good birthday joke.

    However the funniest thing in this episode was Ryan saying at the end to Toby that it is actually his birthday today!

    All in all another great episode of a great series!
  • How would believe that Dwight would finish with blond hair ?

    What a good episode. First, Dwight trusted Jim and formed an alliance. Jim said Dwight that others were formed alliances too and Dwight started freaking. I found really funny the idea that Jim had to make Dwight spying other 'alliances'. LoL. He put him in a box and close it with tape. That was my personnal favourite sequence. Mike had also a good idea with his party but his jokes was not a good one. LoL. He always needs to do stupid things. And at the end, Jim convinced Dwight to get his hair blond. This is my favourite episode up to now for sure.
  • great

    This episode is exactly why I love the ofice. the things that pam and Jim get dwight to do in this episode are hilariouse. When Dwight came out of that box and Mr. Rogers was staring at him, it was clasic it was clasic. Micheal was funny as usual. I love how he gets merideth a cake and he knows she\'s alergic to dairy foods and he tells pam to get mint choclate chip and says this partys not all about Merideth. The end is maybe the best office ending. When they show dwight with his dide blond hair.I recomend you to watch this episode.
  • The world's best boss seeks to be the world's funniest boss while Jim and Dwight do the unthinkable: form an alliance!

    With downsizing looming, Dwight seeks to secure his position at Dunder Mifflin. Who would be a plausible partner? Jim Halper.
    As rumors of downsizing circulates the office, Michael has a stroke of genious: an office birthday party to improve morale. Too bad there is no person in this month that has a birthday. No worries, the office will celebrate the next person in line: "threat neutralized".

    This episode explores Dwight's insecurities and obsession with performance at the office. It's a great contrast to Jim as he treats downsizing as an excuse to set forth a hilarious office prank. And who does Jim share his creative plan with? Why his favorite person in the world: Pam. This episode begins to display Jim's and Pam's comfortable yet awkward relationship.
    In the mean time, Michael Scott is not stressing over downsizing or calming the troops down, he is determined to find the best joke for the birthday person.

    Classic episode.