The Office

Season 6 Episode 14

The Banker

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on NBC
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When the prospective buyer of Dunder Mifflin sends a banker to the Scranton branch to do due diligence, it sets off a wave of reminiscing about the various events the employees have been involved in.

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  • So it has come to this

    There has been a lot of hate on this episode so much that some call this the worst episode ever. Others call it the end of the start of the end for this series. I disagree with both of those statements. This is not the worst episode but certainly in the top ten. The start of the end was much sooner. What was lost in this episode were the clips themselves. They were all good and reminds us that this show was great and funny on a consistent basis. However you take away the clips this episode would be just short on poor. A clip show episodes are good for other TV shows (especially the Simpsons) but not this show. I think clips are only good in they are only a part of an episode. I realized that the person who would play the banker would not be exciting but he could've been at least not as boring. Perhaps it was a foreshadowing of things to come for another character to come later. I agree with Pam that I am not on board with the new Stanley. I also didn't like how Michael went way to overboard on selling the place to the banker. Two things I did like were the song at the end. It was played on another episode but this time it was better. I also liked that you got to see the whole Lazy Scranton video.moreless
  • 614

    It's a clip show guys, deal with it. This was actually a very touching episode of The Office. Don't blame the writers, blame the network that chose to air this episode after the long break and not air another episode after this one. It's NBC's fault, not the show's fault.

    All these bad ratings are undeserved, this episode is probably the most under appreciated episode of The Office, this was a look back on six years. Some years better than others but still it was a nice look back on all the good times that The Office has had.

    Not to mention this episode was edited beautifully, and it really gave us a sense of emotion, if you have a problem when this episode was aired, don't judge the episode based on that. Yes, it was a clip show with new material, I'd like to add, but it was touching, funny and just a good episode of The Office.moreless
  • clip show

    well the office has officially called it quits and released a clip show episode. i hate these kinds of episodes, its bassically the writers wanted some lounge time so they think to themselves and say hey, why dont u screw over our viewers and just throw some clips togethor and this season cannot afford it cuz i think most ppl agree with me, this season is mediocre at best. after being off for over a month i expected to see an actual story episode, especcially after the amazing secret santa episode that had viewers wanting to see if the new buyers would be a jerk or not and if any1 would be fired, but no, you get to watch what you have seen already. the only storytelling this episode does is have a funny opening where michael says lady gaga is a drag queen and the hilarious robot voiced by dwight and then a man working for the buyers questions just asks questions about the company fueling the clip show. this is not what we want after a 40 something day hiatus, very very lazy office writers, plz do better next time. (no i did not steal this review from tkpanda, i am him)moreless
  • Some great attempts until now

    So after a long break, the show comes back with a story line that the office is very wealthy and doing great complete with computron. They hire a fake Stanley and announce Pam as an international sales woman... everything else in this episode is completely disappointing.

    Playing the clips is really just filler and after the Christmas episode brought back my faith in the writers of this show and the story lines, it gets broken down again with this reminiscent episode. I do think that there will be a lot of people that won't follow this show after this season if it doesn't end as it started.moreless
  • Very interesting and touching.

    I just don't understand how can this episode be so hated!

    It isn't a classic 'office' episode but if you really love the characters and the relationships between them, you have to enjoy this clip episode!

    It joins the greatest moments on the show, it shows the beginning of pam and jim's relationship and its evolution, the weird and funny things that dwight does, the tough times. Beyond that, it's an episode that later, when this series is eventually cancelled, it will be really good to remember old times.

    This is an episode really made for the true fans. And I'm sorry, but if you think it's boring, you definitely do not understand the concept of this show.moreless

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